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I admit it.  These blogs are designed to rebuke the unrighteous religious leader.  On the other hand, these posts are meant to encourage the righteous core.

But something deeper motivates me to write.   It’s because I believe despite all the darkness, perversion, division and violence, regardless of how low society has fallen, I believe with every atom of my being, an amazing act of God is on the horizon.

The American Church has seen a great falling away.  That falling away is almost complete. Now we will see a harvest beyond anything we can imagine.  The next outpourings of the Holy Spirit will begin in shocking locations and in unexpected ways.  Those outpourings will baffle believers, as much as they baffle  sinners.

I target shallowness, compromise, hypocrisy, and gross negligence.  I say it is gross negligence not only because of what they did, but because of when they did it.  As Satan unleashed his most destructive assault on the church, and the nation, they piddled around in false success leaving their post unguarded.  

On the other hand, this blog speaks to a special remnant who are restless.  They don’t fit anywhere.   They may not even understand why they have held to their integrity. But they have held it because of what is coming.

It will be simultaneously glorious and humiliating.  Glorious to a company of people who at this moment labor in obscurity.  Suddenly they will be raised up.  At the same time many who are popular preachers will suffer a great demotion.

The greatest harvest in the history of Christianity will be placed in the hands of special ones—faithful ones. Already they are being chosen.  Already they have an appointment with destiny that will bring them into an unimaginable nearness to Jesus.


Those who are called to this will ask and receive things that prior generations could not imagine.  We are talking about awesome things!

They may not know who they are.  They don’t have an inkling of what is about to overtake them.

The Lord is testing them in obscurity.  It’s the only way that yields a vessel that can be trusted with great power.  They have been rejected for refusing to conform to the counterfeits.  God made them misfits.  Because He knew what was coming.

God not only knew the insanity of today was coming—He took steps to prepare a special relationship that would produce special powers for His Children.

Jesus saw the future and uttered an explosive prayer: PRAY THE LORD OF THE HARVEST TO SEND WORKERS INTO THE HARVEST.  Notice He did not say ministers, or celebrities.  He said workers.  Many want the titles, attention, and rewards…but they don’t want to do the work.  A special core burns white hot with passion to win lost souls and heal the sick.  They are hidden now, but soon they will shine like the sun.

But there is another miracle awaiting this unique breed.  They will be allowed to see the world around them from the vantage point of the throne of God.  Ephesians 2: 6 says “and (He) raised us up together, and made us sit together in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus…”

What do you see from this vantage point?  You see that all the vile railings of our culture are not—in any way—a threat to the purposes of the Almighty.  He knows the hollow arguments of the haters.  He is not moved by the mental monopoly of fake news and Leftist social media.  He saw it all coming and prepared the response.

And that response has already begun in our crusades.  Altar calls that render the audience helpless before the power of God.  I have not seen this since the Jesus Movement!

The Lord of the universe is not poor.  He has pooled untold wealth to transfer it into the hands of trusted, proven, purified vessels whose only passion is to obey.

Finally, learn the truth of the slingshot. It may explain everything you are going through right now.

They are being hurt, wounded, and brought to the brink of despair before their breakthrough.  In their pain and agony they will cry out why—why am I being pulled away from my promise?  Why does each day take me further and further away from what You promised me, Lord?

Like a slingshot, God is deliberately building up the tension—the frustration—the fire to act…and at just the right moment, He will release you.   There is a great falling away coming and it will result in new voices and new anointing, leading to the greatest harvest of souls in history.




  1. Karen Staffieri

    Thank you!!

    • Susan McMullen

      Here I am, send me, Lord! I’m in the Word daily and seeking to serve Him!

      • Carolina

        Amen Susan McMullen, the word (Bible) of God is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path.??

    • georgemorales1158

      God has encouraged me to go out as a servent over the years. The blog this morning was a welcome to my spirit.
      Thank you my brother ?

      • Carolina

        Amen georgemorales1158!
        Going out as a servant with a servant’s heart in service to others is exactly what Christ HimSelf did everyday and in every way. THIS is what too many modern church culture attenders have eliminated from their thinking, that Christ Jesus (aka) God in the flesh, came as a servant, as a suffering servant, and according to His teaching and instructions that’s exactly what we who Believe and Follow are supposed to do & be also.♥️

  2. Roger Culwell

    Amen big diff. in what God want’s and some others want, it’s his business, he needs laborer’s some want titles, another just hit me on fb the attention is being taking off some, and the truth is coming to light, people are seeing some are making it all about them, instead of God, and man are they slinging trash and accusing, some of us just want to preach and teach what the Lord tell’s us too, funny I never knew doing as the Lord said and not man, would make you rebellious, and stubborn, ungodly, unruly, and oh so much more, what kind of people do we have, when listening to them, means more than listening to God, we seem to have a severe lack of submission to God, is what I see, funny we don’t bother the preachers who are preaching Gods true word, but I sure get a lot of other’s angry, I been training all my adult life for this, and had many mentor’s, but because I didn’t train under some, that makes me a devil to them, could it just be God didn’t want me messed up too, just a thought, I was getting invetations by the POB and I ask the Lord if he wanted me to be a part of them, and he said why would I want you to be apart of something I am trying to fix, [ I knew nothing about them at the time, was just about to find out] and I sure didn’t know the Church was messed up like it was, and all I did was what he told me, and they started screaming, he siad there not following me there following self, boy did I step my foot in a bear trap, sure didn’t know so many had stopped preaching the full gospel, he want’s his church back, and he will get it back, or some will be in trouble, he has a remnant a people who really love him, more than any thing, and want his will, and he will use whom he will, if they never been in church before, he is looking for a people who will preach and teach what he say’s, most today don’t even ask the Lord, what do you want me to give your people, they give their own intellectual view on what ever, I all ways ask Lord what do you want me to give them today, you know what they need I don’t, you see I don’t try to find out your sin, he know’s what it is, really it’s none of my business, I never use a gift for that he has showed me but it was to pray for them, unless he has already told them a bunch of time’s, then he could call your sin out, but he is looking for some obedent children who will do as he say’s, we think we have gotten so smart we don’t need the Holy Spirit to run the church, we think we can do it, and you can’t run the Spiritual in the natural, and Gods business is Spiritual, and can only be run by his precious Holy Spirit. Be Blessed

  3. Pat Harrison

    Right on! hallelujah the slingshot is about to be released! Thank you for this word!
    Pat Harrison, Sacramento ca.

  4. Lorraine

    Thank you so much for the encouragement… “church ” seems so dead…. i cannot stand the big worship bands that put on a show instead of communial singing…

  5. kristymctee

    Mario wrote, He is not moved by the mental monopoly of fake news and Leftist social media. He saw it all coming and prepared the response. One of my most respected Bible teachers, Dr Chuck Missler, used to say that the scriptures represent a “unified message system, built to anticipate hostile jamming.” The argument against every false doctrine the world is glued to right now is in there, even though those doctrines (such as global warming, gender fluidity, the “right” to an abortion, etc) that never previously existed, let alone thousands of years ago when the Bible was written! In other words, I can trust God that everything is going according to plan. Even if Facebook and Google censored our every word, even if the news media lies about everything (I suspect they do)! There is a reason He is called GOD ALMIGHTY!

  6. Frank Marciano

    I agree with you 100%, it’s gong to be a blast!

  7. Audrey Wright

    Thank you Mario for your strong anointed messages. Touches my heart and encourages me so much.

  8. Mark Stripling, Ransomed Ministries

    Matthew 16:5, “For whosoever shall save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it.” When we stop trying to make life all about us and surrender totally to finding and doing the will of God, no more personal ambitions and goals, to live is Christ, dead to self, then we find true life and purpose. The same word for “find” would be used to describe a miner leaving his home, leaving all he has behind, and investing all the money he has to travel to a place believed to have gold. Suddenly he finds a vein of gold and joyfully shouts “Eureka!” He has found it! All his sacrifice was worth it. He has found what he was looking for, and it has made him wealthy beyond imagination. This is “finding” (Greek word “eurisko”) the one true life and purpose that we were born for. To discover and to then live out the life God has for us is more fulfilling and means more than all the earthly riches we could ever accumulate. Thanks once again, Mario, for the encouraging word.

  9. Jen Gall

    Prayers for you and laborers to come forth in all that you are doing. I have donated to you and pray daily for your ministry. I was wondering what you thought of Wednesday’s , aug 21, True News that Rick Wiles said Trump’s impeachment can’t come soon enough. I think he and his team are reading into the comments Trump made about being the chosen one and they are dead wrong and taking it out of context. He said he was the chosen one for tacking China and how they are ripping of the USA not that’s he’s actually the chosen one, Jesus Christ. Would like your thoughts on this as I know you are in contact with their ministry in providing you tents, chairs, people etc. I agree 100% with all your blogs and emails regarding Trump and pray also for wisdom and protection for him. Thanks again for all you do!

  10. Marilyn Benoit

    Halalujah, keep preaching it and I will keep anticipating it, looking for Him every day. Blessings on you


    Awesome Word! Thanks for sharing.  Sometimes I feel that obscurity but I know I’m doing what God called me to and a great harvest is coming!

    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone

  12. Gregory A Dean

    It has been clear, since the late 1980s, that we would reach a point that nothing man could do, whether of government or religion, would make a difference. We have reached that point. Thus in such times G-D can move in ways that show his glory.

    We are at the beginnings of a spiritual revolution. First there will be a spiritual renaissance among believers but it will revolutionize our culture. It will be the 1st century alive in the 21st. All that the adversary has attempted over the last 2000 years will be pushed aside.

    The negative believers, the ones who want to be “special”, more holy, will be upset as they wanted a world that was ungodly. They wanted it to be that holiness was theirs and that they could look down on the world. In many ways they are just as bad as those who gave into the world.

    Yes, I understand that G-D has been preparing a large number of us. That we are isolated now but being trained. And that we are being led to see the world as G-D sees. At times it is a heavy load. But one learns to carry it. Those who are being trained are learning the Word in ways that most have not. They are being trained in the use of the nine manifestations of Holy Spirit. None of them will take credit but give it to G-D and G-D alone. Not sure of the number but these folks could be in the thousands.

    There is always hope.

  13. Gregory A Dean


    I see you as one of those who are preparing the way for G-D to move.

  14. Lisa

    Thank you for this message it’s really gave me the hope I need I have been totally abandoned by my Christian friends but I’m strong and I won’t back down I will smile in The darkness and forgive and love. Now my mission is to bring healing to the body in relationships I pray for all my friends who left me now. Blessing them and forgiving them bless you pastor ??

    • gglukens

      Blessed are you when they persecute you. You are a city set on a hill. Let your light shine in such a way that they will see your good works. Perhaps they will repent and know the truth.

  15. Darlene W

    He is coming soon.One has only to look at the headlines(not fake news)and see that sin is filling up in the world.The hidden things that are being revealed are heartbreaking and disgusting.I am encouraged by our brothers and sisters in Hong Kong,France,Italy etc. that desperately want democracy and are not afraid to take a stand for it.I am encouraged by our President and the good men around him ,their focus and fight is inspiring.It is really a fight between good and evil.And God’s sovereign hand is moving in all of this. I pray the church wakes up to what is going on in the world!

  16. gglukens

    Thank you, Mario. It is good to hear the encouragement. We are a peculiar people, a remnant standing firm. We experience just what you are saying. Those in the mainline don’t “get” us, but we stand firm in the full armor of God, and we pray–perfect prayer–in the Spirit.

  17. kingskid48

    This is a thrilling word. Thank you, Pastor Mario. I firmly believe we are going to see a huge harvest of souls. I can’t say that I believe everything will turn around and we will have a society like we did in the 50’s. I don’t see that lining up with Bible Prophecy. I believe we will see righteousness spread and those who are righteous will become more pure and bolder, at the same time that evil will progress to its soon fruition. There has to be a Rapture, a Tribulation, and a Millennium. Jesus will return when evil is approaching its peak and take His children Home. There will be a Tribulation period when evil is allowed to flourish. Those who had a nominal belief but did not prepare themselves for His Return and their lives were full of compromise will have to go through the Tribulation without receiving the Mark and falling for the antichrist. There will be some that make it through, as there will be mortals on the earth when we return with Him, and they will populate the earth during the Millennium. I’m not an expert and don’t believe that anyone has all the details perfect, not even Prophecy experts, but there are certain things in Scripture that are obvious as they can be and have to happen.

  18. Gil Zaragoza

    GLORY!!!!!!!!!!! Here am I Lord … SEND ME!! I am yours to command in Jesus’ Name!!!

  19. Marcus Curtis

    “On the other hand, this blog speaks to a special remnant who are restless. They don’t fit anywhere. ”

    Ok, that’s me and that is why I subscribed to this blog. I love the Lord and I am not giving up on him, but I feel as though the church has given up on me and cast me aside.

    What has happened to our local churches? It seems as though Worship has become nothing but a performance where no one can participate but the young people, and sermons are watered down self-help seminars with absolutely no anointing. Very little pray and no alter calls at all. It’s like a fast food place. Just drive through and get your spiritual food. they fill the building with smoke from fog machines while they shine the lights in your eyes. All the windows are covered up.

    Maybe a little background is required. Been going to church since the eighties and I have been a Christian a long time. I have poured myself into the study of God and his word. I am well equipt to defend it and nothing can damage my faith and belief in Jesus. I am well-grounded. In addition, I am a musician with a classical music background, but my services are no longer required as even the music has been dumbed down. It seems that only young people are allowed to perform it. Very little anointing in it.

    Worship is supposed to be directed toward the Living God and as we worship we encounter him. Instead, it seems as though it has turned into a concert as they entertain the congregation instead of worshipping God.

    Am I wrong in this? I have been to several churches just hoping to find one that has their priorities straight. The churches that seem to do things the old fashioned way with hymns seem to lack a certain anointing that I am familiar with. Am I expecting too much?

    I feel like I am in a traffic pattern and I am flying on hold being prevented from landing for some obscure reason that eludes me.

    You know its odd when a Blog ministers to you more than a church service.

    • Mark Stripling

      Marcus, my wife is a concert pianist and worship leader for decades. Today’s age twenty-something praise band “concerts” with little congregational participation, the fog machines, the blinding lights, and every so often a hand gets lifted up in worship while sipping coffee out of the other has made us feel that time has passed us by. Memories of the mighty presence of the anointing, tarrying around the alters, power falling, people seeking the Holy Spirit, people being saved, set free, healed……. God deliver us from entertainment and bring us back into “the presence.” Bless you, Marcus.

      • Marcus Curtis

        Thank You for your reply Mark, I have been just worshiping God in my little music room at my home just wondering when real worship will return to the local churches. I agree with you and my prayer is the same. God, please deliver us from the entertainment portion of the song service and bring us back into the life changing “presence”.


      I just miss singing together and clapping hands and all the lights are on…




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