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MARIO MURILLO REPORTS: It is Sunday, August 11th at 5:30 P.M.  The church is surrounded in all directions by parked cars. As the sun began to set, the oppressive heat broke.  It is not just soothing, it feels like a sign. It feels like God has remembered Fresno. It feels like God is on the verge of breaking another kind of oppression.

Look at the faces. You will see a determination. You will see faith. There is great expectation! The sick have come to be healed. It is an emotional scene watching people tenderly assist family, friends and loved ones into the rapidly filling seats. Eyes gleam with their unspoken confession, “TONIGHT IS MY NIGHT!”

It’s now 5:50. The building is packed. Workers had to race to a nearby church to borrow extra chairs. We add almost 200 chairs, it’s still not enough. People are forced to stand against the walls. Now it’s a turn-away crowd. We start the meeting immediately.

Pastor A. J. Nunes stands up, and things bust open as he prays a thunderous prayer. Then the worship team begins their job of lifting us into the glories.  Chris Poe and his team from the Bridge of Marysville light up the crowd. The people are lost in worship. They sing with an intensity that is at once awe-inspiring and convicting.

Our original plan was for this night to be a taste of what they would experience in the tent, and to rally them to work with us to fill the tent.  God had other things in mind! This crowd—this power—this towering glory and presence of God far exceeds anything we could have planned.

This was not a ‘good meeting.’  What was happening was not limited to this one building. This was God falling on Fresno!

With each note that they sang, their faith grew. With each song, their passion for more of Jesus intensified.

Meanwhile, I am waiting on God to know when I should start preaching. I am torn. The people are getting power, life, and refreshing from the Lord. Years and years of prayers are being answered. Pastors are being drenched, and faith is reaching a fever pitch. How can I interrupt this?

The worship is doing exactly what Jesus said it would do. “And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.”  (John 12: 32). Those that came needing healing for their soul, watched their excuses die. They felt it, as the chains of addiction were being shattered. Their reluctance and resistance against the touch of God had vanished.

Finally, seeing their hunger and need for Christ, I knew it was time to preach. My message was entitled, “If you have to ask.”  In a nutshell, I said that California was not stolen by the devil, rather—the Church had given California away.

I said, “If you are a pastor and you have to ask why we must oppose the leftist agenda—if you are a believer and you have to ask God if you should seek revival—if you believe you have to ask before you speak out and challenge the devil’s hold on this State…then you are messed up.”

Now the miracles began to happen. I will never forget the blanket of power that came over me. It was no longer I who was ministering. It was as if I had ceased to exist or to have an opinion in this matter. Words were coming forth from me with power. People in the crowd were ordered to stand and then details only God knew were spoken to them, igniting faith for their healing. The Holy Spirit was pouring forth such a mighty river of life, truth and healing, that I was finding it difficult to keep up with Him.

After several were healed, I turned around and felt a demonic resistance behind me. I was standing before a woman and her husband. I knew she was being healed, but from what, at first, I could not determine. I was foggy from the evil that was opposing me. Then I knew! Witchcraft had dared to be here tonight to challenge the move of God. I warned the individual they had no power in this place. The resistance was obliterated and instantly I knew that the woman before me was battling cancer.  I knew there were multiple tumors…but mostly, I knew she was being healed. GLORY TO GOD!

I spun around and charged over to a young man far to my right. He was told to stand. He was told that his liver was diseased and Hepatitis C was ravaging his body. He thrust his arms in the air and gave a mighty roar that told everyone this was true. Then the power of God surged through his body.

I stormed across the church again, and the Lord brought me to a screeching halt next to a little lady. “You are a rascal,” I said to her. She smiled in agreement, and the crowd laughed. I could see the walker and the agony in her legs. I told her, “Being a rascal is going to help you tonight. I want you to wait and not get anyone’s permission. When the power of Jesus hits you, get up and walk, no matter what anyone else thinks.”

Miracle upon miracle came graciously from the throne of God.  It was staggering to see how long healing virtue flowed onto the people. Then I made the call for new life. All ages, races, and backgrounds filled the front.

I looked down and saw the lady I had called a rascal, standing there praying the sinner’s prayer. She was thrilled to be healed and out of pain, but infinitely more thrilled to receive Jesus.

What more could we have asked?

Let me add just one more thing. We instructed all who were at the altar to prepare to receive the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. A young man about 16 years old burst out in tongues—his heavenly language filling the whole building. Then, one after another, others joined him in receiving the Holy Spirit.

I solemnly warn you. This is only the beginning of the Nights of Glory that will soon be coming to Dinuba, Hanford, and Fresno.

Tomorrow I will be making the biggest announcement I have made in 20 years! So stand by!


  1. Lois Chelini

    How Awesome!!

    • Carol Thompson

      Praise The Most High God – JESUS . Thank you Holy Spirit . Thank you ABBA FATHER . —Before the mountains were born, before you gave birth to the earth and the world, from beginning to end, you are God. Psalm 90:2

  2. Thomas Craig

    Such a beautiful confirmation of what I prayed and believed would happen. It’s just a taste of what God has put into motion for CA and borders beyond.

  3. C Duggan Harrison Harrison

    Our God Reigns!!

    • megagenius


  4. nplindsey

    Thank you.

  5. Penny Sahm

    PRAISE GOD!!!!!

  6. Yvette

    God bless you, can´t wait to see what happens next.

  7. sonshineandrain

    Glory to our God most high!

  8. Greg Dean

    This is only the beginning. G-D is leading this. No you. No man has glory in this. G-D and G-D alone.

    This will lead to the body of the messiah, believers, seeing spiritual renaissance. That will then build to a spiritual revolution that goes across the nation, and the world, as unbelievers are touched.

    • megagenius


  9. Greg Dean

    The adversary has been pushing to completely change our culture. He is going after gun owners and individualism which is the foundation of our culture. However many have too great a trust in individualism and guns rather than G-D. You can fail. Guns can fail.

    But the long term goal of the adversary is to break evangelicals and Orthodox Jews. Break their faith. Replace them with Islam and with neo-pagan worship of Mother Earth (Ga’ia).

    G-D is defeating the works of the adversary.

  10. Karen sojka

    I so love reading these emails…God is certainly on the move and showing off His glory and power. I’m still believing for the same to break out on the East Coast!

  11. kingskid48

    This is so thrilling. It made me cry, to know that God is truly on the move in California. Because of Him, there is hope for California. Thank you for being His obedient servant, Pastor Mario.

  12. Awed

    Oh God, how great You are!!!

  13. Rev William (Bill) Nicolay

    It was a glorious night!

  14. Ron Giovanetti

    Yesssssss I was therew????????

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    • Bobbie

      Ron, LOL so encouraging. Thank you for commenting.

  15. Tracey M Allen

    Ive neen waiting to hear something like this for sooo long❤

  16. Tracy

    Praise JEHOVAH!!! Thank you for sharing this. May GOD open up every door for you in California as you are obedient to go forth in HIS might and anointing. Praying for you to have divine favor in every area and may all the financial resources you need flow freely.

  17. Becky Starks

    Praise God. We declare California will be transformed by the power of Holy Spirit ????????

  18. Mark Stripling, Ransomed Ministries

    Awesome report! To God be all glory, honor, and praise, through Jesus our Lord!!! We will continue to pray!

  19. Darlene W

    This is so awe inspiring and beautiful.Got emotional reading .God bless all these precious people.

  20. Tim Lukens

    Awesome brother! Continue! Be bold and courageous, led by the Holy Spirit!

  21. Roland Castillo


  22. Carolina

    Glory to God!!!?

  23. Kevan Prati

    What a report! What an awesome God!!

  24. Lois




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