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by | Aug 9, 2019 | Christianity Today | 2 comments

THE SECRET ABOUT RENO NEVADA IS OUT! Those who attended our World Convention with Perry Stone remember. They remember how an army no one really knew about formed with a deep  burning for revival, signs and wonders, and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.   We knew this army couldn’t stop or be contained in a convention. This had to continue.  So, on Sunday September 8th at 6 PM, at Faith Alive, it will continue!
In fact, I believe it will increase. I believe we will see an even deeper level of God’s Glory and power.
You can join me and on-fire believers from Reno, Sparks, and Carson City for a mighty night of miracles. That’s not all!  The worship team that led worship at the World Convention will be back with us for this night. This night might sound like a reunion of the convention, but it is actually a continuation!

This is the perfect setting to bring those who need Christ because there will be a direct word with confirming signs that will demonstrate the reality of Christ. It is also the right atmosphere for believers, pastors and leaders to be encouraged, strengthened, and receive greater power.
Bring those who need healing in their body. We know Jesus will be present through the power of the Holy Spirit to make you or someone you love completely whole!
I will be returning to Reno after an amazing tour of the East Coast that includes a guest appearance on It’s Supernatural with Sid Roth, and speaking at Lance Wallnau’s Extreme Dream Convention at the Trump Conference center in Washington D.C.  I know I will have exciting news for you!
But here’s the most urgent part of my message to you: Two things will decide the size of our impact: prayer and personally bringing people.
Christians have evangelized for thousands of years.  In that time, knowledge and technology has exploded.  Yet, these two forces remain omnipotent.

Mark 6: 55 says, “they ran through that whole surrounding region and began to carry about on beds those who were sick to wherever they heard He was.” That last phrase says it all!
On this night, here will be wonderful music, powerful messages and surprises.  But, the greatest reason to bring people is because we know Jesus will be there.
The moment you step inside Faith Alive, the music, the message, the presence of God will release your faith to receive something amazing. Come and bring someone you love.
Remember.  All seats are free.  We start at 6 PM on Sunday.  Let’s us pray for those you are bringing for healing or deliverance.  Call us at 775 238 3473
This all adds up to one inescapable conclusion: you don’t want to miss this night! Circle the date. Make your plans not only to come but to bring someone who needs a miracle. See you there!

P.S. I am also preaching at 10 AM at Faith Alive. I welcome you if this is your church home or if you are looking for a church home. Thank you for being faithful to your church. MM


  1. rtbauska

    This will be another fire set in hearts of His watchmen seeking a nation after repentance.
    Ruach HaKodesh is stirring powerful, broken prayer for the perishing and prodigal in these United States of America.
    Come see the workings of Gods great LOVE for all flesh.
    We must give of His blessing to us to this ministry of salvation for all.

  2. petergatekeeper

    To God be all Glory and Honor I am Amazed how the grace and mercy of God have carried me all these days of my life. He has Blessed me beyond measure He has given me salvation in Christ Jesus Holy Spirit as a teacher I am eternally grateful. From this place a wife who I could not earn in the love and faithfulness that flows from the throne of Gods Love. Four incredible children and 2 foster kids with a bonus sisters that come along. Many others who for some reason call call me Papa Peter who I have had the Honor of ministering too. In all this I am eternally grateful. Yet in the midst of all I have had one constant companion who has grown in influence that I really have no desire in knowing. The pain that dwells in my body I don’t know what life without him would be like. From head to the souls of my feet it’s a constant now, burning, gut wrenching at times, time consuming, dulling my thoughts a tiredness that does not leave me. Bouts of anger or agitation and yes self pity at times like trimming on a cake. Thoughts of I cannot see past this or where does my hope come from. Them glimmers of light flicker as I think of stories testimonies how redemption, healing and deliverance have transformed lives. Then I think again of those who did not overcome and who am I that I should be Loved. So as the pain has increased a constant burning and agitation I think upon His Holy WordHis Righteous Love and I can only Praise His Name. Jesus you still are Lord over all. If I ever have redemption from this pain or not I still will Praise Your Name. So with a smile on my face to mask the pain I face a new day for there is no other Name from which any can be Saved. Sent from my iPad




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