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1. The Left will finally be blamed for the misery they have created. Trump’s Tweet ripped the mask off of the masters of misery who have taken billions of tax dollars and squandered them through corruption. Every major city in America that is controlled by Democrats is a run-down smoldering wreckage of human tragedy. There is so much violence and addiction that the people imprisoned in cities like Baltimore could justify seeking asylum in the United States.

No longer can the architects of identity politics hide behind false charges of racism. The victims in the inner city now know it is not white privilege that has been keeping them down. They are finding out that the money was sent, but it never got to them, because of Democrat politicians presiding over them like slum lords.

And the leftist misery is not merely limited to the inner city. Never have this many high school and college students been this drug addicted or suicidal. Their death spiral is directly tied to the values instilled in them by activist educators and administrators who cajoled them into experimenting with drugs, gender fluidity, and atheism.

The result was not an enlightened generation as promised, but an entire generation of catatonic, burned out empty shells. Where youthful hope and aspirations should have lived, their teachers injected only darkness and cynicism. Where confidence should have blossomed, instead liberal indoctrination brought crippling fear that drove them to embrace socialism.

When I stand in the tent and call our young people to give their lives to Jesus, I don’t have to spend time convincing them of their need for God. The Leftists have done the damage that now drives them to Christ.  Many other preachers are seeing the same thing.

2. A massive number of believers will force denominations and mega-churches to quit playing games and start winning souls. Thousands tell me they feel insulted by the diluted feel-good sermons that are lathered on them every Sunday. These believers are also sick of carnal Christians who delight in all this fast-food-faith and superficiality.

Watch out! There is a growing core of believers who have separated themselves from the world and are determined to only know Jesus. They are discovering the power and joy of God’s grace in a dark time. They will force desperately needed changes in church life.

 3. Revivals come in dark and evil times, not in good times. Hurricanes are caused by nature filling a vacuum. The Left doesn’t realize it yet, but they have created a generational vacuum. They starved our youth of the presence of God, and by doing so, they did not destroy the need for God—they made the hunger more acute.

The rampant hate for God you see among the young people in America can be misleading.  This can bring great hope to those of you who have children who are running from God. Just be aware that after you start declaring a miracle over them, they often get worse, but don’t be fooled:  remember Saul of Tarsus’ condition just before his violent conversion.  By faith, paint a mental portrait of your child serving God.  Hold it in your spirit and trust in the inevitable, supernatural intervention of God!

The greatest promise for that is found in Joel 2:28 “And it shall come to pass afterward that I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh; your sons and your daughters shall prophesy…”  Not only does that apply to a worldwide harvest of souls, but I am convinced it is our children who will be reaping the harvest!

4. Prophecy will Trump Policy. Pun intended. Donald Trump is an example of what I am saying.  Policy said he wouldn’t win. Prophecy said he would. Every generation is guided by two forces: Policy and Prophecy. Policy is the law and the edicts of man. Prophecy always swallows policy.   Christmas is a vivid example.  No doubt Caesar Augustus felt sovereign over the earth when he ordered the world to be registered.  His policy seemed to force Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem.  But policy was simply serving prophecy…namely, “But you, Bethlehem Ephrathah, though you are little among the thousands of Judah, yet out of you shall come forth to Me the One Who is to be Ruler in Israel, Whose goings forth are from of old, from everlasting.” (Micah 5:2)

True prophecy is a bulldozer that overrules the plans of Satan and man.  Prophecy is the WORD that will prevail when all the dust settles and the smoke clears.  The mad ravings of society will bow down before the purposes of God.

The bulldozer of prophecy is not moved by the mad railings of potentates and tyrants.  It is impervious to weather, economic downturns, and persecution.  The treads of prophecy roll over the plans of men and the intentions of armies—as well as the highest threats of mankind. Prophecy is the fire that cannot be snuffed out.   Isaiah 40: 8 declares, “The grass withers and the flowers fade, but the word of our God stands forever.”

5. One of the most powerful forces in the church is Grandma. Satan fears her because she prays like no one else. She’ll keep praying and bombard heaven when even the most avid intercessor has tossed in the towel. Grandma shakes hell. Nothing can come between her and her grand-babies.  The devil may think he has an unbreakable hold on a young person, but no devil in hell, no drug on earth, no seductress, cult leader or gangster is safe from her praying.  Chains break when grandma gets to work. And there are millions of them across America praying right now.

Here is a picture of my wife’s mom and dad. Mike and Dorothy are the most amazing soul winners I have ever known. Her father, Mike, is still going strong at 95, and her mom, Dorothy, is in heaven. Dorothy was not only a soul winner, she was the most powerful intercessor MMM has ever had. She would seek God, often through the night. She prayed all of her grandchildren into the Kingdom. When she prayed it was so intense it felt like worlds colliding. My wife, Mechelle, has inherited that same power in prayer from her mom. Satan fears grandma!

In conclusion, I have never been so thrilled to leave the danger of the Christian preaching circuit and to find my way to the safety of the ghetto.  You and I are getting in position to receive the great American harvest. It is beginning in California and burning its way east! Glory to God!



  1. Michael Druckenmiller Sr

    #5 you don’t have to be a Grandma, as long as you are willing to pray like one!

    I remember my Grandmother praying. They were resident managers at a funeral home and she would go out in the home and find a place to pray and her prayers would fill the building as she exhausted herself in prayer.

    • Candy Filkins

      I love this.I am now a grandma and yes it’s very important to me that my grand babies know Jesus.Sooo I PRAY ALOT

  2. soljerblue

    I was told long ago that all men do God’s will either as His child or His tool.

    • Carolina

      Strong and powerful word Mario!!! This gets right to the point and right at the heart of prophecy’s purpose. The prayer of Faith coupled with the word of prophecy brings forth heaven’s desire.
      I remember my grandparents like it was yesterday, grandpa is gone now for 20 years and grandma (who held my heart so carefully) is in heaven for 17 years, they said that my grandparents were of “The GREAT generation” and I say, that is why PR-Trump is here to… “Make America Great Again!”
      Soljerblue, what a revealing phrase!?

  3. Shoshanna

    While praying for your upcoming meetings in Fresno this is what I saw. A spiritual volcano is erupting I saw red hot lava flowing from that meeting towards San Diego. What’s exciting me is that when lava cools it leaves a firm foundation to build on covering forever what was once there.

  4. mackeysback

    Watch out! There is a growing core of believers who have separated themselves to just know Jesus. They are discovering the power and joy of God’s grace in a dark time. They will force desperately needed changes in church life.

  5. fired up in Him

    God’s greatest work the world has ever seen, is being forged in the fire, like the blacksmith.

    • mackeysback

      Yes everything and every one “MUST” be tested by FIRE. And He is that FIRE Amen

  6. Mark Stripling, Ransomed Ministries

    The Soviet Union spent decades in an attempt to deny God’s existance, destroy Chritianity and force society to embrace atheism and communism. But no one could stop the grandmas from telling their loved ones, “Let me tell you about this Jesus, whom we know and love, who is God’s son and the only savior of the world.” The most powerful political leadership, the most evil police force, and a powerful military presence could not match the millions of Grandmas on their knees before God. One of my cousins was a missionary to Holland at the time the iron curtain fell. He sent me a piece of the Berlin wall, which he and thousands of others tore down and destroyed for the glory of God. Great revival fire now burns since the early 90’s where communism once flourished. God and grandmas prevailed! Do not mess with either one!

    • mackeysback

      Dear brother Mark….As I was taking in your words I was taken to brother AWTozers experience with a communist proponent in his day that begs we listen here to what the Mind of Christ alone is saying as I copy:

      Evangelism: Early Church Methods
      Now the multitude of those who believed were of one heart and one soul; (Mind of Christ) neither did anyone say that any of the things he possessed was his own, but they had all things in common. And with great power the apostles gave witness to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus. And great grace was upon them all.—Acts 4:32-33

      A friend of mine went to see a man who was the head of a local (socialist) communist cell in a local communist (socialist) headquarters where they send out literature. The communist (socialist) said, “Come in, Reverend, and sit down.” He went in and sat. “Now, we’re (socialists) communists,” he said, “you know that, and you’re a minister. Of course, we’re miles “Worlds” apart. But,” he said, “I want to tell you something. We learned our technique from your book of Acts.” He said, “We learned how to Win and Conquer from your book of Acts.” And he said, “You who believe the Bible have thrown overboard the methods “Witness” of the early primitive church and we who don’t believe it have adopted them and they’re working.”

      What was this (witness) method? It’s a very simple “Witness” of the early primitive church. It was to go witness, give everything to the Lord and give up all to God and bear your own cross, and take the consequences. The result was in the first hundred years of the primitive Christian church the whole known world was being evangelized.

  7. Jeff M

    Good article.

    This comment pertains to the danger of the Christian preacher circuit but may be out of place so please moderate accordingly. It has just been on my mind this week.

    It is actually some kind of a prophecy for TD Jakes that is a few years old that I never gave to him because going to Texas wasn’t happening at the time and I mostly forgot about it.

    I had a random dream where God gave me a prophecy for TD Jakes (I haven’t watched a TD Jakes sermon in maybe 20 years). I will try and relate it as best as I can. I went to his church offices in Texas and there was a security detail in the hall outside of his office. Somehow I was able to get through the security detail without having to physically dispatch the body guards and I walked into his office.

    Once I was in the office he somehow recognized me and I sat down and we started talking. I told him the prophecy from God which was simply that “you are a workaholic and your ministry is your idol. “ We then talked some more and it came up that man-made church was going to be destroyed. He asked me whether his church was going to be destroyed. I told him I did not know because I don’t know. I can unequivocally say God is planning to scorched earth on the man-made catholic and protestant church at some point, but I don’t know specifics like that.

    I had mostly forgotten about that prophecy and it was pretty random that I even received it. I was thinking this week that maybe there is more than one way to get past his security detail and into his office. Hopefully it is not stale and I don’t think it has reached an expiration date. Maybe he asked God to judge him or those were questions in his heart. I am aware that he wrote a book called “Naked and Unashamed”. He can accept it or reject it, but If I were him I would want to know.

    • Bobbie

      Jeff M. Note about message to T.D. Jakes. Have those “peculiar” friends that if given messages they deliver whether it be getting on a Plane, Train, Bus, Automobile to deliver and it’s interesting to watch it play out. Believe timing is everything. You can USPS (regular Letter, Priority or Overnight, Certified Letter and signed that received; Pre-paid Postcard is BEST), Fed-Ex, UPS, have a Carrier and or someone who lives in Texas deliver it or pray for that divine appointment and you might meet him in Public somewhere. Majority of Preachers/Churches have interceptor secretaries or administration assistant’s, it’s the Ezekiel item, deliver the message NOT responsible for what they do with and watch God take of. An elderly battle-axe warrior maiden intercessor keeps reiterating Acts 5:29. Personally, I would type it to fit a USPS pre-paid postcard and send it (create a list of other leaders it should go to for accountability Matthew 18:15-17 unless it was the Dave Wilkerson example*)!
      Note: Friends call tell you, they have seen I Chronicles 10:1-14 play out EVEN with interceptor secretaries and “Report Church Abuse List” has that list. Art Katz says in one of is written works believe the “Prophetic Call” and his “Apostolic Foundations” as Homeless Prophet used to say regarding this Book: “blows the hell out of the church”.

      Mackey is back, Roger and all those. IT’S SO NICE, WONDERFUL TO SEE SPIRITUAL MEN SAYING AND DOING SOMETHING AND FULL OF THE WORD, FINALLY NOT just the praying grandma’s! Can all us meet at MM meeting and go fellowship? I’ve been praying for Men of God to take their place and say “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH” and we are NOT going to allow satanism and evil prevail, not at all! Matthew 10:28!

      *Dave Wilkerson put out a monthly newsletter and in one of those letters he had flown into someone’s office and confronted them on their sins, didn’t name; Dave walked out Matthew 18:15-17! This would be a scary place to be, we’re being dealt with by God to deal with our stuff and then when we don’t, he sends those and believe me I’ve had my own personal slaps upside the head (i’m hanging on to my stupid I have rights, or oughts, or unforgiveness or malice or hatred, gossip, bitterness or whatever dealing with 6 Things God Hates and 7 is an abomination unto him-no kidding; been there, done that and bought the T-Shirt). Thank God for friends who “iron sharpens iron” and loves enough to tell the Truth, live in Truth and keep on the straight and narrow Matthew 7:13-14! Think about ALL the examples that God took public in the News, Media, because we didn’t deal with our stuff that he had to send people and if we reject then it makes world wide news and we are seeing and hearing that. “Dream Come True” by James Ryle wow, those examples as all those in the Bible!

      • Jeff M

        Thank you Bobby. I will explore those options. I would want to do it in a way to make sure he receives it.

        It could be a timing thing as well like you say which is the conclusion I originally came to back when I had the dream. Maybe it is still premature on my part and the opportunity just hasn’t presented itself, but the more I think about it I don’t know really know why God would give me something so far ahead of time like that. If at some point I were able to have the security detail step aside and just walk into his office like that why wouldn’t he just tell me at least somewhat contemporaneously to the time I should be delivering it? I had mostly forgotten about it all together but started thinking about it again this week.

  8. Roger Culwell

    Amen, Time to wake up out of our slumber, souls are going to hell while we lie back and take it easy, you try to wake the church up and they scream with insults, because they like there comfort zone, they don’t want to fight in prayer , much less say something, to upset the fb or Twitter patrol, afraid to go to fb or twitter jail, when real souls are going to hell, they accuse me of creating problems, everything I have said is true and going on right now, I am just trying to make some see we are to stand against evil, for us not standing is why evil has prevailed, whoever heard of a war we don’t fight in, we are in a war of good and evil, and we are losing, because we will not fight, or preach the truth if we think it will offend anyone, sorry but the word offends, I don’t know if we don’t wake up, and do our job many people will perish, so good thear the young people have a hunger for they shall find, because it takes a hunger and some just don’t have that any more, Lord feed us who are hungry, for we so long for you, wake us up so we will do what you have called us to do. Be Blessed

  9. Gloria


  10. kingskid48

    I love this word. Thank you, Pastor Mario. We have the more sure word of Prophecy, and the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of Prophecy. We can’t lose.

  11. Mary Callahan

    Amazing message really motivational ! Praise God ! Lovin’it ❤️?️

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  12. angie glemba

    Great piece, Mario. I heard a report some years back about the Democrat party having been Started by the slave owners. It made a lot of sense. Perhaps you could investigate that…I did not know where to look to get the info. “The truth will out “ was an old adage my mother used to tell me and Praise God it is coming to pass.!! Praising God for the harvest of souls in CA!! Go God Go!!!!!! Blessings with love, Angie

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  13. 4hiskingdomhere

    Good Word for our youth. So much in my prayers, yes my own grandchildren. The Lord always keeps me encouraged concerning my family no matter what the situation. “But the Word of the Lord stands forever”. Counting on it!

  14. Patsy Autry

    Wonderful to hear and read these good comments…as for our children and the Liberal schools and professors, they have ruined almost an entire generation…we must rally and help them…have had concerns for years and praying about what to do…herein is the answer.. as for praying grandmothers…is so true, is so overwhelming as to what their steady prayers do for their children and grandchildren…is food for their souls and for their futures…

  15. Betty Gercken

    WOW…Words of encouragement! So reassuring that there are people who know the problems we as a country are facing. And, someone who has a way of spreading the Good News. We all must pray and work toward healing this country.



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