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Trump’s Tweet was not racist, but Nancy Pelosi’s statement was. She said that Trump was trying to make America white again. That is a patently racist remark. Only the Left gets away with making a racist remark while voting at the same time to condemn a Tweet that was not racist. Are you still there?
Trump should not back down from his Tweet about ‘the Squad.’ The Republican members of the House should not vote to condemn Trump. Trump is right to offer the Squad a return to their home country if they hate America.
Millions agree with this sentiment.  Millions of us feel that politicians who have been rescued from horrendous situations and who then call America evil—those who spout anti-Semitic taunts, and whose home nation is ten times worse—should consider going home.   The President correctly pointed out that if you are indeed a crusader against poverty, injustice, and oppression, the nation you fled is a prime candidate for your crusade.
Ilhan Omar said “I’m embarrassed and ashamed to live in this hypocrisy.” Okay then: why is she here?
Americans know ingratitude, arrogance, and ignorance when they see it. They see the Squad as flat out liars, who have zero good to say about America.
If there is racism in this at all, it comes from this Squad of politicians. In their bubble, the white male is the axis of all evil.  How is that not racist? We have the impossibly ironic and insanely amusing situation of people who have made undeniably racist remarks being seen as victims of racism.
Mark Levin said, “Her lack of gratitude and appreciation for America is repulsive. It’s no wonder why the media, such as the NY Times, love these provocative Congresswomen and it stems from their abysmal failure to the American people on their coverage of the Holocaust. Later, Pastor John Hagee’s comments that America is slipping away from Godliness toward self-dealing and secular humanism, which is contrary to the principles of our founding. Finally, Speaker Nancy Pelosi was accused of racism, was defended by Trump, and fired back labeling him a racist today.”

Nancy Pelosi is now possibly the most desperate politician in American history. She is flailing from one extreme to another in a blind search for a magic bullet with which to destroy Trump. She swung from correcting the very Squad she now defends, to attacking it, all within a 24 hour news cycle.

Here is what Nancy’s actions tell us: One day, she worries that alienating the Squad will offend Progressives. The next day she worries that the real America isn’t at all what left-wing news and social media say it is.

But she knows even more. She knows socialism is a bust. She knows millions are weary of political correctness. She destroys innocent reputations and calls for silly boycotts of even the most innocent companies and products. Americans are sick of the Left portraying everything they don’t like as being racist and Nazi.

Americans are outraged and nauseated by flag burnings and by athletes like Megan Rapinoe who make it ‘all about them.’

Americans see how Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram and YouTube insult our intelligence every day.  Zuckerberg and Dorsey claim they are not biased against conservatives and Christians, even as they ban more and more content on a daily basis.  They really do think you are stupid, which proves they are stupid.

Nancy Pelosi pulls the dumbest stunt yet, to get the House to formally condemn Trump’s Tweet as racist.  Not one Republican had better vote for this—not one.  It is a trap.

If there is one truth today it is this: You never apologize to the Left. Apologies open the door for them to lie and use it against you later. Trump learned this early on.

A vote to condemn Trump is a false flag. It’s a silly trap like asking the question, “Do you still beat your wife?” If you vote to condemn Trump you are admitting he is a racist.  If you don’t vote to condemn him, you are a racist.

It is a stunt born out of Nancy Pelosi’s panic and desperation.  And, speaking as a Spirit-filled believer—it is demonic.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, (R-Calif.), said in a news conference Tuesday morning that he did not believe Trump’s Tweets were racist.  I quote him: “I believe this is about ideology; this is about socialism versus freedom.”  McCarthy added that it was at a news conference on Monday, as the congresswomen responded to the President, that they “talked more about impeachment than anything else.”

He went on to say, “This is more from their base, it’s about politics, and it’s unfortunate.  We should get back to the business of America.” Amen, brother!


  1. Roger Culwell

    What the President said I been saying for year’s, if that makes me a racist so be it, but the only racist here are the one’s spewing racism out of there mouth, Pure Evil Demonic powers at work, who want only to destroy the President and this nation there action and mouth prove who and what they are, Good people don’t won’t other’s dead because they don’t agree with them, we fought on foriegn soul to defend this nation, even giving our life, but now the foreign enemy is here, and must be destroyed on common ground, we fight in the Spirit, but if push comes to shove they are a pure evil as bad or worse than Hitler ever was, and they must be stopped, they have told there people to attack and stop us at any cost, there raging in anger and hate, we are christian’s but we still are to fight for this land, with what ever means to keep it, if they try to take over, they must be met with natural force, this country was dedicated to God and we do defend her, just as if we are on foreign soul, we do not allow them to take this nation, what there doing is trying to over throw our President and it must be stopped, and some of us will give our life for this country against this coup.

    • Roger Culwell

      The race card seems to be the one they can try to do the most damage with, their sexual assault card didn’t work, there Slander card didn’t work, there Russian card didn’t work, they’re running out of card’s, but they saw the race one caused the most uproar

    • Carolina

      YES Mario and I’m asking why & what in this world or any other would any Republican have felt the need to vote against Donald Trump for?!
      Racist comments?? How ridiculous can anyone get. They’ve reduced an important term “racism” into drivel and pap.
      As well, Telling those who despise this nation that they can leave it or go back to where they came from “if” they’re so unhappy with America is PURE common sense. But Racism it is NOT.
      I say to all these American legislative neophytes, LEARN the English language first and foremost then LEARN something correctly about our Constitution and History. Otherwise keep quiet until you do.

      • Roger Culwell

        Big amen sis. We need to flood fb and Twitter with these three word’s LET’EM GO BACK, to show them all who we stand for and back, and we feel the same way too. Be Blessed sis.

      • Marie

        I agree Carolina! I have always said, if you’re not happy, I pray you get to go home soon! I said that to a girl here in Alabama with her hubbies in college years ago! She got mad after complaining incessantly about being here! Others retire here or move here for various reasons! You can find faults if you’re looking for them or make them up! GOD BLESS you! I love people, but I am and have been sick of political correctness!

        • Carolina

          Yes Marie it is good to agree!?

    • ReeRee

      Yes, Roger, I agree! I love someone’s quote years ago, for evil to win, good only has to do nothing! GOD never left His children helpless! Many times He fought their battles or caused confusion in the enemies camp, as I believe He is doing now! PRAISE OR ALMIGHTY ADONAI AND JESUS AND HOLY SPIRIT! GLORY!

      • Roger Culwell

        Thank’s sis, too many soldiers, lie in the ground over this great nation to just give it up to a bunch of pure demonic creature’s reprobate’s, to many Christians have drank the Love kool-aid, just pray and love them, no theres a time we fight, if it was foreign soul we would, no different they just snuck in here, Trojan Horse deal, and now we must fo what ever it take’s to save this nation, if christians won’t do it in the voting booth, then the Americans who really love this land will, they will not over throw our President, we don’t allow our homes to be invaded by murder’s and rapist, and we will not allow our country to be taken over by them. Be Blessed

      • Carolina

        Absolutely Ree Ree, and Roger Culwell,
        Further – it is a witness to me that this is a ‘trap’ laid by PR-Trump’s words used in order to expose the backward dastardly scheme of the socialistic Democrat party. Along with those who actually believe the hype that the “Squad girls,” Ms Pelosi, & the media are promoting they are all walking right into this ‘trap,’ looking weak and unqualified while simultaneously clucking together even more acting like whining women who have hurt feelings ? rather than a noble ability to manage their emotions, overcome, and GET THE JOB DONE! At the same time, they are also revealing their copious scheme to impeach the President “WE the people” elected and they do it at all cost. Oh how it will cost them.
        They will lose the 20/20 election on every level because though these kind ‘think’ in their finite limited humanistic minds that they know how the American public ‘really’ feels & that we’re stupid?… they haven’t got a clue and don’t care to understand it anyway . All this is beside the obvious that these people are anything BUT American patriots.

        • Roger Culwell

          Amen Carolina, There controlled by pure evil spirit’s that you can’t get through to, I tried for 10 months and they will not hear or see what is right in front of them or the fact’s, they are programmed by the enemy, and will not change, there brainwashed against this country, we fell asleep and the enemy snuck in, and now we must fight. Be Blessed

  2. Daniel Hutto

    You are exactly right, a conservative cannot say anything with out it being called racist. The liberal left have been handed over to a depraved mind and cannot see the truth. So therefore they have believed the lie. According to Romans chapter one.

    • Carolina

      Mario & Bloggers, here’s the transcript of what PR-Trump actually said at his press conference and it is just as clear and truthful as Mario’s words today…

      Below is a transcript of President Trumps remarks:

      Thank you very much. Appreciate it. Okay. Do you have any questions on how well our manufacturing business is doing, press? The press–well, that’s a lot of press. Look.


      Who were you talking about in your tweet about going back to their home (INAUDIBLE)?


      Well I don’t mention–I didn’t mention names and I didn’t do that but I will tell you with our country and I think everybody in this audience these are great manufacturers, great workers in our audience too, they brought a lot of their workers here if you are not happy here then you can leave. As far as I am concerned if you hate our country–


      –if you’re not happy here you can leave. That is what I say all of the time. That’s what I said in a Tweet which I guess some people think is controversial, a lot of people love it by the way. A lot of people love it but if you are not happy in the U.S. if you are complaining all of the time very simply you can leave. You can leave right now. Come back if you want, don’t come back, that’s okay, too. But if you are not happy you can leave.



      (INAUDIBLE) is that true?


      Wow, that’s just a very racist statement somebody that would say that. So Speaker Pelosi said make America white again. Let me tell you that’s a very racist–that’s a very racist statement. I’m surprised she would say that. John go ahead.




      Well, they are very unhappy. I am watching them, all they do is complain so all I’m saying is if they want to leave they can leave, John. They can leave. I mean I look at the one, I look at Omar I don’t know I never met her. I hear the way she talks about Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda has killed many of Americans. She said you can hold your chest out, you can–when I think of America, when I think of Al Qaeda I can hold my chest out. When she talked about the World Trade Center being knocked down some people. You remember the famous some people.

      These are people that in my opinion hate our country. Now you can say what you want but get a list of all of the statements they have made and all I’m saying that if they are not happy here they can leave. They can leave and you know what I’m sure that there will be many people that won’t miss them. But they have to love–they have to love our country. They are congress people and I never used in the names but these are people – my quiet, quiet, quiet. Quiet. Quiet. Quiet. These are people that if they don’t like it here they can leave and I would be–I don’t know who’s going to miss them but I guess some people will. One of them is polling–one of them is polling and–one of them is polling at 8 percent. One of them is polling at 8 percent. So when I hear people speaking about how wonderful Al Qaida is, when I hear people talking about some people some people with the World Trade Center some people–no, not some people. Much more than some people. When I hear the statements that they have made and in one case you have somebody that comes from Somalia which is a failed government, a failed state who love Somalia who ultimately came here and now is a Congresswoman who is never happy, says horrible things about Israel, hates Israel, hates Jews. Hates Jews. It’s very simple and if the Democrats want to wrap their bows around this group of four people. One of them kept Amazon out of New York. Tens of thousands of jobs would have been a great thing and she kept Amazon from going. Would have been a good deal, I mean, could he have made it better? Maybe. But tens of thousands of jobs and New York has not been the same since that happened. It’s really hurt New York and New York City. Amazon was getting together was going to relocate a major section of their business to New York she kept them out. It was a terrible thing she did, a terrible thing she did.

      So, here’s a story–here’s a story. I see them complaining. They’re complaining constantly. I watched Lindsey Graham today on FOX and Friends talking about the same subject and frankly, even stronger than what I’m saying. He’s saying they’re Communists. I’m saying–I’m saying that they’re Socialists definitely as to whether or not they’re Communists, I would think they might be. But this isn’t what our country is about. Nevertheless, they’re free to leave if they want. And if they want to leave that’s fine. And if they want to stay that’s fine. But the people have to know…


  3. kingskid48

    Thank you, Pastor Mario. How right you are. All of this nonsense is being demon-driven..satan is the author of confusion and right now, he’s having a heyday with the media and leftist politicians. Also, sadly, some spineless republicans who don’t know enough to keep their yaps shut. We need to remember their names. I am so proud of President Trump for remaining steadfast and unflustered by all the idiocy from the left. Let them continue to make fools of themselves. Democrats will regret defending these mindless harpies when this is all over.

  4. kinthenorthwest

    TY Mario–I re-posted you article on FB, another forum and twitter with everyone loves your article.

      • kinthenorthwest

        I have been posting many of your articles around the internet…TY
        May we meet someday…

  5. Pat Aulston

    This is a difficult issue Agree that if someone hates America they should go and live somewhere else! love you brother Mario and all your helpers!!!!

  6. Cynthia Miller

    You Mario Marillo are exactly right

    You speak the truth incredibly well. You say it like it is. Thank you for voicing the very words of God.

    Someone needs to stand for truth today, & you are that one.

  7. Harvey Wampler

    Thanks Mario, you are simply stating what most of us are thinking! God bless your anointing and boldness!

  8. joshua perahia

    The nut jobs who accuse our awesome president of being a racist are nothing but traitors, liars, cheats, wicked hedonists, sponges, bums, tyrants, users, accusers(the name for Satan in the Bible), Communists, lazy parasites who demand free everything so they can live a life of party’s-drinking-sleeping all day-hanging out at friends homes-& never working for a living. I know people who I have thrown out of my life who became these actual BUMS & PARASITES I am referring to, & this behavior is becoming rampant in the USA for this current generation. Yes…they are called “SNOWFLAKES”. So…these same lazy loser scumbags deserve to be punished with the loss of their place in life….& a dead future. Instead….these people demand that the Federal Government pays their way from this Obama delusion of entitlement. Cradle to Grave government dependence. I first noticed this new American attribute while I was touring with my Rock band overseas. I noticed where my own band mates demanded I give them my writers royalties & share my songs incredible royalties that came to incredible amounts of money. I tolerated giving them my advances that came to $300,000 till I noticed they really thought they deserved my money & were not even grateful for those monies. They were all entitlement minded. I became furious with this thievery & fired them all. No….our president is being ravaged by a nation of low life parasites and it is ugly.

  9. parrillaturi

    Thank you, Mario. Well said. Funny. Before he ran for the presidency, President Trump was not viewed as a racist, but as soon as he became the nominee, he was labeled as one. These pundits are angry, and demonized. Their plans, which they thought were hidden, did not pan out. Nothing will be hidden from God. He knew what Obama, Hillary, and the rest of the traitors were planning, and He thwarted their evil plans. They think they are fighting Trump, but in actuality, they are going against God, and His plans for this nation. God and the church will prevail. These pundits are heading for a rude awakening. Blessings.

    • Francisco

      Right… they are only hurting themselves and their country.

  10. david larson

    Mario, thank you for once again writing what needs to be written, and doing so from a position of strength and knowledge, not fear and kowtowing as many in politics do. Your insight is refreshing, please keep the blogs coming. They are a life jacket in the putrid sea of insanity pouring from DC.

  11. Noel

    This is about Patriotism and not Racism. The current Democratic controlled House is doing nothing for the American people. Their obsession is to block everything the President is trying to do for the good of the country. They must go in 2020 and may true Patriots represent the real Americans that still love this country and its founding principles based upon the eternal Word of God!

  12. Francisco

    Bulletin: Now they are labeling President Trump a Fascist as of mid afternoon July 18th.

    • Francisco

      To follow up, this was found on the Fox News website, Mario. Surely there is coming a climax to this continuing feud. It just can’t go on like this. At times in the past there have been crisis events that would shift attention away.

  13. Carolina

    To further complicate matters Mr Chuck Schumer mouthed off today calling PR-Trump names all over again and saying that the good people of North Carolina are harboring “the worst” in themselves by responding at the MAGA rally last evening when chanting “send her back!” As Ms Omar earlier today further stuck her foot in the trap by just being herself speaking arrogantly while grimacing against the American President calling him names, slandering his validity and ours… I’ve never witnessed such hellacious shenanigans by Washington DC elected employees in my life!!? And I’m pretty old.

    • katamanti61

      Yes so sad! I am so sick of constant hatred towards our President! He is not perfect but the left wing liberal communist media ARE creating constant divisiveness! Very sad!

    • Desertstream

      Carolina, it’s never been this way. And I wonder sometimes if there are a few democrats who aren’t totally against the President, but who are posturing in order to keep their voter base happy. Also, I would like to contact Lindy if you can somehow help me?



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