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As you know, there is a lot of talk about paying for the sins of slavery and racism. On the face of it, reparations sound right, until you dig a little deeper and find out the true beliefs of those who are calling for reparations. You will see it is not about justice—it is about the total eradication of America as we know it.

Ta-Nehisi Coates is a journalist who is one of the primary voices pushing for reparations.  He just appeared before Congress to demand them. The trouble is he believes America is irredeemable.

In his article entitled, The Call For Reparations Isn’t About Justice, It’s About Power, John Daniel Davidson helps us see the true nature of Mr. Coates proposals:  “Ta-Nehisi Coates Believes America Is Irredeemable. To him, America was from the beginning a regime based on injustice and theft and violence. His 2014 Atlantic cover story on reparations is not so much an argument for reparations as an argument against America.”

Then Davidson quotes Coates: “America begins in black plunder and white democracy, two features that are not contradictory but complementary.”

Davidson concludes, “Another way of expressing this is to say that America is irredeemable, and that in order for justice to prevail, the regime itself must be destroyed—violently, if necessary.”

Ta-Nehishi Coates’ violent solution was confirmed in a 2017 podcast. The host, Ezra Klein asked Coates what he thought justice would look like for black Americans. Klein wrote: “When he (Coates) tries to describe the events that would erase America’s wealth gap that would see the end of white supremacy, his thoughts flicker to the French Revolution, to the executions and the terror.”

Coates told him, “It’s very easy for me to see myself being contemporary with processes that might make for an equal world, more equality, and maybe the complete abolition of race as a construct, and being horrified by the process, maybe even attacking the process. I think these things don’t tend to happen peacefully.”

In other words, justice would come with blood.

Reparations are about seizing power. They are not suing for damages; they are hoping to topple a way of life. The same thing goes for all the progressives. Each policy is a stepping stone toward erasing America. Flood the population, censor patriots, and assassinate character. By all means possible, attack and chip away at freedom.

A combination of equality and justice is the Trojan horse that their violent intentions rode in on.

Keep a bottle of Pepto handy when you watch the first Democratic debate. The candidates will try to out-left each other. They will compete to point out everything that is wrong with America. They won’t admit that they believe we need to set aside the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution—they won’t admit that they believe America is irredeemable—but nothing else explains the rhetoric they spew. All of them believe America must be removed.

How else can Democrat candidates get away with having zero ideas, zero solutions, and zero plans? It is because they appeal to those who hate America. Why waste time repairing something you believe can’t be fixed and must be done away with? Why not just keep feeding the blood lust of your base?

Do you seriously believe they hate Trump for his past or for his viewpoints? He is guilty of finding America fixable. “Make America Great Again” is a declaration of war to a Left that wants an America they believe to be irredeemable, to go away.

My greatest frustration with modern Christians is that against the backdrop of history, they are too slow to understand the approach of danger. They don’t have the stomach to finally grasp what the Left has now become—insurgents and revolutionaries. And they must be regarded as such.

Sherlock Holmes said, “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.” It is impossible for so much venom and hatred for America to be a matter of mere political opinion. It is impossible for social media to ban anyone with opposing opinions so blatantly. It is impossible for the Democrat candidates to spout so many crazy ideas, unless they are appealing to a mindset that hates America.  No matter how improbable you may find their desire to eradicate your freedom—their actions and proposals for the future of America have eliminated all doubt, and it must be the truth.






  1. kristymctee

    I eagerly read your blog daily, Brother Mario. You cut through the fog.

    When I was a child, I wondered, “What would a moth do if he was in the middle of the light?” In the same vein, what does a Democrat do when big societal problems are being solved? He MAKES UP MORE PROBLEMS so he can go on peddling victimhood and grievance. For instance, the sweeping remake of our economy and way of life called “The Green New Deal” is a response to an imaginary problem. Carbon dioxide is not killing the planet. It is no threat. Climate change ideology is the Devil’s minefield, set to explode if God uses “natural” disasters as warnings of judgement, which He says in scripture is His prerogative. God and only God controls the wind, the rain, the oceans.

    Notice how Democrats in this election cycle are marching under the banner of college loan forgiveness, medicare for all, increased abortions, and reparations? While willfully obstructing solutions to our REAL threats – an out of control border, soaring national debt, homelessness in our cities? It’s because they know they will need those problems to survive till the 2020 election, so they are assured of an ample supply of grievance. Woe to them if the Trump administration makes meaningful progress on any of America’s real problems – as Trump already has. His successes are an existential threat to them. Which is the clearest indication that they don’t really care about us.

    • Lindy

      >>” It’s because they know they will need those problems to survive till the 2020 election, so they are assured of an ample supply of grievance. “<<
      You said that so succinctly!
      Spot on!
      "An ample supply of grievance (to win the election.)"

      Praying President Trump wins!
      All nations need him to win – he is like the boy in the story who had his finger in the dam keeping the whole town (world) from being flooded.
      Lets pray he keeps his finger there another term.

  2. Carolina

    The Democrats have a a mental disorder even beyond the obvious Trump-Derangement syndrome, they are clearly a culture of death and hypocrisy as well.
    While they dillydally at doing their elected job in Congress, they instead conjure up schemes to save the foreign children brought by invading parents to our southern border, as the Dems also march placard in hand, with vehement hate filled rhetoric, to demand abortion on demand of new born citizens called American infants! Who in their right mind could be that out of touch with reality? Save the foreign children who just arrived with unlawful entry, and kill the natural born American children, right on the birthing table after delivery…pretty insane isn’t it?
    The rigid dichotomy of such mental inanity is staggering to the healthy minded.
    The only answer to such a dilemma within the American political landscape is, for those of us who have good mental health, coupled with our developed spiritual dimension, to ignore “that collective group of mentally diseased” and continue to fight for what is right and correct for this nation as long as we are enabled to.
    America doesn’t need to be fundamentally changed, but the Democrats do.

  3. Evang Roger Culwell

    The only America that can’t be saved, is an America that will not pray, and a people back and support all the evil and abomination as they do, that bring all kinds of curses upon this land, there only prayer for now should be for repentance, to even try and destroy this nation is going against the very hand of God, this nation was dedicated to God and founded upon him, Why do you think we can relate to the punishment Israel received if we disobey God, because this nation belongs to him, and if we pray like we should, there is no way any body could ever take us out of the hand of God, but us by stopping what he commands us to do in his word, [nothing can take us out of the hand of God, not principality, powers anything, but us our self by our sins, only we can keep us from going to heaven, by our sins and disobedience, ] and only America can destroy America, by us not obeying God, as Israel is Gods so are we I don’t care how many devils try to tale over, as long as we pray and do our job stand and fight, God will not forsake us, but when we stop doing our job, look for what Israel got to happen here, and it will because we stopped doing what we were suppose to do, and then God will stop backing and protecting us, We best let sleeping dogs lie, the past is in the past, and Gods not a God of the past, we better be looking ahead, and around us, for pure evil has come in because we left holes in the wall, by forsaken our watch, as watchman on the walls, we have a voice with a shout [ shouting makes demons tremble] we have armor, we have a sword, [ the word] we have a vote, we have prayer, we have angels to call upon, very powerful weapons that cannot be beat, with our God backing us, we just need to get the bakbone and boldness to use them, or we will lose, this nation our church our rights, our freedom, everything we hold dear, and that party has more than proven they want to destroy this nation, just look at all the evil they stand for, I mentioned some above, but don’t be fooled it is creeping deep into the other party too, thats why we must pray and fast before voting for any one, so much evil in politics both sides, its just on side has completely flipped, but we can only trust God as who to vote for, not our own knowledge or any one else, because God could say vote for an indepent, and if God says it I will do it, I don’t care what he or she looks or smells like, the thing is do what Lord says, His Precious Holy Spirit never lead us wrong, if it is actually his Holy Spirit, a lot of deceptive spirits and memicing spirits trying to fool people, one way to know is all they ever show or tell you is bad about some one, if it is theres a good chance your being duped, we have come to a time, when the real people of the true living God are going to have to become the people of the true living God, that one whole party is run by deceptive, controling, evil sspirits, who are able to do mind control, make them see illusions instead of truth, and some even in the church who follow these imposters are under the same deceptive spirits, we must become warriors of the true living God Yahweh, and do some manifesting into the sond of God, for it is written as many as received him he gave power to become the sons of God, everything in this nation is depending on the Church of the living God Yahweh to turn it around, only we have the power over evil to do it, thats why we can’t be passive and just sit and watch as evil prevails, for if evil prevails, we the Church allowed, [ what you bind on earth{ what you stop, I will stop} but what you allow I will allow, what you loose, if you allow evils spirits to be loosed as they are doing in schools now, on our children as young as 4, if you allow that I will allow it, that means we must take a stand and fight to stop it, because I know it makes some made, but God left us in control of some things down here, we can stop this mess if we fight and fast and pray and stand, the problem is we bought there tolerence lie, the people of God never tolerate evil, thats what allows evil to prevail, why do we think God made us a mighty army, we just have to train and become it, we are not whimps if we know our word and who we are in Christ Jesus, he left us instructions, on how to become this mighty army its all in the book, but some how most only see the love side, not the side that cleared the temple, our tough us to become a mighty army, you don’t need an army if you don’t fight, you surrender to any one who desides they want to push you around, but the word tells us how to fight, so we must do some fighting that evil has prevailed to a point, it wants to kill and destroy, and if we don’t fight be not deceived it will destroy everything. Be Blessed

  4. Becky

    If your doctrine says it’s only supposed to get worse and you continue to speak that out, it becomes truth in your spirit. Life and death are in the power of the tongue. I’ve said it once and will continue to say it ; Christians are so busy looking to leave they have forgotten to occupy! They have settled for being defeated, instead of being victorious. Where is the victory in saying, “Oh Jesus, we need rescued!”?

    Did He or did He not give us what we need to overcome the devil? The gates of hell WILL NOT PREVAIL! Christians, so many, have become beta males and females, instead of the mighty warriors they are called to be!

    If these foul demon possessed people come after you, will you fight? Or let them murder you and rape you daughters and sons?!

  5. kingskid48

    It isn’t a matter of “doctrine” that determines whether it’s going to get darker or not. Scripture says it’s going to get darker, but those who know God will shine brighter and win souls, if indeed, we remain focused on Him. That is not doomsday thinking or preaching, it is what the Bible says. We kid ourselves if we don’t prepare our spirits for the Evil Day, which we are told will come. Whether the Church will still be her to see that day, is a matter of debate. Prophecy experts of all stripes, and much more learned than myself, disagree on the timing, but there has to be a Rapture. And looking forward to the Rapture is not escapism or feeling defeated. There is a special crown promised for those who, “love His appearing”. But we are also clearly told to be making use of our talents, and working for Him until that time comes, and those who are just sitting and waiting will regret that they did nothing to try to affect the dying culture around them. However…I know many hundreds of Christians and I don’t know anyone who thinks they should do that-just sit and let the world fall apart without trying to save souls-maybe they can only get a soul saved here and there, but they’re witnessing and telling people the truth. I’ve never ceased to be amazed at the constant attack on those who study Bible Prophecy and talk about His Return, and I refuse to be made to feel guilty for looking forward to that Glorious Day. But in the meantime, I have many unsaved friends and relatives for whom I pray constantly, and I am politically aware-almost too much sometimes-and fighting in every way I can to try to save this state and our country. As far as reparations-that’s one of the most ridiculous ideas to ever come down the liberal pike. Those liberals pushing for it are just trying to buy more votes. I had not looked at it as a means to destroy America, and this is staggering in its implications. But it fits with the constant and obvious drive by liberals, and those who are funding them, to flood America with illegals from all over the world and bring the country to its knees. Democrats are not willing to take care of the First Responders or vets, but want to give massive amounts of money to people who have never had to deal with slavery, which ended 150 years ago. No surprise, but appalling nonetheless.

    • Lindy

      To Kingskid48: My heart concurs with every word you wrote: you wrote it for myself too. The only thing that matters is keeping saved and reaching out to save as many as we can before we either die of natural causes or be raptured.
      The only thing I would disagree with is that there are (sadly,) quite a number of Christians here in New Zealand (and in USA so I’ve learned) who really don’t care about the unsaved and say “Oh that’s not my calling.”Or some other excuse.
      But I believe that while we need to be aware of whats going on around us and fight on our knees, we also need to go out and share the Gospel.

    • Lindy

      PS I should add, I too am looking for the Glorious Day of His Appearing!!
      I believe it will be within the next 10 – 20 years..I may be wrong, but its what I believe.
      If I die before then, I will die expecting the Rapture: not as an escape from the wicked as the sister suggested, but yes, I confess as a rest from the wicked: but more: a Home with God!
      I do not feel I have done enough yet though, I look forward to being used some more by Him before I go. I would not be at Home, among heroes of the Faith, among those who have lived daily in fervent service, those who put their lives on the line daily to preach: in my country among Christians I am regarded as “pretty radical” because I share the Word with strangers and lead them to the Lord and baptize them occasionally, but up there, they would look at me with pity I believe; I would be pitiful alongside those noble souls.
      In Heaven there are people with scars on their bodies – true warriors who “loved no their lives unto death.”

  6. Jean MacLaren


  7. Mark Stripling, Ransomed Ministries

    I had a dream last night that I will share, and remember, God said “the old men will dream dreams!” I saw families in huddled in groups, lying on their faces, paralyzed, and afraid to look up. They were whispering to themselves saying, “Don’t say anything against them, don’t let them hear you say one critical word, or they will get us.” Terrified. Everything had been taken from them, no more cars, no flying, no personal homes, living in government created apartments. Leftist ideology had taken over the world, and they dare not speak against it. Suddenly I saw Donald Trump rise up from among them, standing alone, and he said “I’m not having any more of this, I’m not having any more of this, Who is with me? Who is with me?” Afterwards I woke up. I have wondered today if he is the only world leader who stands between sanity and a leftist takeover and the ruin it would bring.

    • Evang Roger Culwell

      Amen, we will.

  8. Lindy

    We have the same situation here in New Zealand with the Maoris (its everywhere on the globe at present,) our governments (at least the last three I know of – possibly more, but I was overseas and out of touch,) have thrown billions of dollars at the “poor, mistreated Maori” for decades. They just keep crying “more” “more.” They make ridiculous claims that this mountain and that national park, and so on and on, are all “tapu” (sacred to Maori,) and the government subserviently hands them over, along with billions of cash. The only thing is that any injustices (and that is a moot point) happened over 150 years ago here, and the first settlers gave the Maori “The Treaty of Waitangi,” where they are given equal rights etc as the pakeha (white Europeans – British.)
    All was well for over a hundred years until a few activists re-wrote our history, and instead of the truth, that many Maori gladly sold their land to the early settlers in exchange for horses, rifles, guns and blankets, (mostly because it is gorse and one cannot grow anything on it,) now, they are whining that the white man stole it off them!!
    My great grandfather Lord Pennyfather a general in the army of Queen Victorias was sent over to New Zealand with a contingent of soldiers to settle those Maoris who were killing people. (Before the white settlers, they were killing each other off and eating each other; now days they eat Kentucky Fried – and how!) There is so much more one could say.
    The fact is most Maori are now intermarried with the Pakehas yet even if they only have a smidgen of Maori, they identify as Maori! Why? Because it is lucrative.
    There are many (many) terrific Maori in our country, but most crime is committed by them, they have the highest unemployment, highest obesity rate (along with the Polynesians who live here) and overall, mainly contribute nothing.
    Our new socialist (Labour) Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern says that the history books need to be re-written for the schools!! Where is she going to get the information? Heresay? it will be made up, we based history on facts when I was a young school girl.
    Does any of what I am saying sound familiar to you?
    Look at what has been going on in South Africa,a complete take-over of the Dutch farmers homes and farms and the people left shot dead by the natives. The survivors were fleeing to the airports to get out of South Africa with only the clothes on their back! They even had to flee to Russia in many cases..just any country who would have them.
    This is being played out in other areas of the world too..the Aboriginal of Australia, does have some genuine grievances, but the answer is not to throw money at people, nor to kill off the descendants.
    This is a Globalist ploy – not only an American problem.
    It is a means (one of many they are strategising,) to bankrupt Governments.
    Once all the governments are bankrupt, they will be forced to pool their resources in global government (at least that is the strategy behind it all.)
    But we each need to deal with it in our own turf.



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