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California’s ruling party does not appear to be breathing the same air as you and I. Their air supply must be pumped in from some parallel universe. It is apparently a toxic mix of the smug detached silliness of Justin Trudeau of Canada, who rejects out of hand any suggestion that his policies are wrong, and the leftist loony logic of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who thinks we are putting illegal aliens into Nazi-like concentration camps on our southern border.

Governor Gavin Newsom actually believes California works, even as he officially presides over America’s first ever Third World Country.

California was once the most scenic place on earth with its mountains, world class beaches, and an astounding Central Valley. But, beyond that, California was a vibrant economy that fostered the greatest middle class in all of America.  The roads, bridges, and infrastructure were once amazing. Their educational system was the envy of the world.  California was once the proof of the American Dream.

Today, with the help of Newsom and other progressives, California is being pushed to the brink of disaster. Tucker Carlson said, “Now the State of California is known for a very different set of images: Needles and feces in the street, a dying middle class, the country’s highest poverty rate, policies that prioritize illegal aliens over ailing American citizens. California is still a symbol. But today it’s a symbol of everything that’s going wrong with this country.”

Gavin Newsom is cheer leading a statewide meltdown while the state officials bask in inexcusable denial.

Again I quote Tucker Carlson, “For Gov. Gavin Newsom, California is humming along nicely, apparently, and he now says the Republican Party is heading into the waste bin of history saying, “America in 2019 is California in the 1990s. The xenophobia, the nativism, the fear of the other, scapegoating, talking down or past people. The hysteria. And so we’re not going to put up with that. We’re going to push back.” Newsom ended by saying, “What we’re doing is working. I think Democrats are winning right now.”

“Apparently, somebody forgot to remind the governor that 40 percent of his state’s population lives near poverty. And then, having among the highest taxes in the country and cost of living isn’t exactly giving them a leg up. And there’s this: On July 1, California drivers will pay six more cents a gallon for gas taxes. That’s on top of the 12 cents last year. And that’s on top of already having the highest gas prices in the country. It doesn’t appear drivers are winning.”

The L.A. Times tried to put a spin on people evacuating California. Their headline reads, “Who moves to California? The wealthier and better educated, mostly.”  Then in a line of breathtaking smugness and elitism, they slander those who leave the state: “The state attracts a steady stream of college graduates, especially from the East Coast, even as many less-educated residents move to neighboring states.” Get it? If you leave it’s because you are less educated.

How can they not see who is really flooding into California?  State officials welcome back many who committed crimes in the U.S. These violent offenders may get better medical benefits than the American citizens who are the victims of crimes they perpetrate daily.

But there is a much darker motive behind the spin. Of course some wealthy people are attracted to Banana Republics because of the availability of slave labor. Silicon Valley is a quantum of hypocrisy. It is a region of ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots,’ with nothing in between.

Tech giants toy with people’s privacy and punish opposing views, all the while patting themselves on back for being “woke” to human rights. They even force American citizens to train the foreigners who will take their jobs. You want Socialism? Well here it is, brother. Welcome to Venezuela by the Bay.

Then, there is the Central Valley which is setting records for addiction, violence, and despair. You should walk with me through neighborhood after neighborhood−you will not believe this is America. Here are the true ‘huddled masses’−they are cowering in horror because drug gangs have completely taken over. Cities in the Valley have a program that pays gang members not to shoot each other. That is called total surrender.  Nevertheless, God is able to do the unimaginable…even here.

I am a prisoner of hope to the dream God gave me of a River of Healing running straight down the Central Valley of California. I have to stand by what I know is the word of God!  It will take far, far more than one ministry to turn the tide. All I know is my assignment.

Isaiah 43:19 says, “Behold, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs forth; do you not perceive and know it and will you not give heed to it? I will even make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.”

Why do I believe that God will do a miracle in California? Because He told me He would. And, at this point, with all the villains who are running her into the ground, He is the only one who can save her.


  1. david pasquariello


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  2. Evang Roger Culwell

    amen; only a God called people moving under the power of the Holy Spirit, will turn Ca. and the rest of the world and the Church around, 12 men turned the world up side down, I think there’s a few more of us than that, why are we not doing the same, same bible, Same Holy Spirit, same God, but wheres the Holy Spirit and our Godly drive? 226 million claiming to be Christian in this nation, I think we got a lot of Great pretender’s, if they really were half that many Christian’s, America and the Church wouldn’t be in the shape its in, God has know grandchildren, only children, Lets be all that we can be for God, our nation and the next generation depends on it, I don’t like phonies or fake, lets be real on fire children of God, pray and seek Gods face, and fight for all this Evang. on the front lines, fervent prayer that makes a difference, souls depend on it, some can’t do much they feel, do you know your fervent prayer is just powerful where ever you may be, there’s no distance in prayer, our prayers and giving is the most important thing we can do for our men and women on the front line. Be Blessed

    • Lindy

      >>” fervent prayer that makes a difference, souls depend on it.”<<


      • ghostofdurocher

        Lets pray the Calif. entertainment centers….better known as the Calif. megachurch….is transformed into Azusa street Holy Ghost chapels!

  3. Lindy

    >>”Why do I believe that God will do a miracle in California? Because He told me He would…He is the only one who can save her.”<<
    How marvellous that God has His eye on that place that has deliberately been destroyed by enemies in power in America (democrats.)
    Yes, and even those gangs, MS13 and 18th Street (think I got the names of the two most prominent right) can be saved. God is doing something big in saving those guys in jails in their own countries, I saw it on You Tube a few months ago.

    I have watched from afar off here in NZ, with sadness and horror at the deliberate destruction of California, I am so glad God has a plan and willing workers such as you Mario.
    I am praying for my own nation, we have many of the same rotten problems USA and California in particular have, but I also pray for other nations such as yours.
    I believe your vision (not that it would matter to you) but I will pray for your ministry and the people of California. God bless you brother.

    • Kim

      I am a lifelong resident of California. It is getting worse all the time. I am praying that God will save California. I have considered moving but haven’t felt God has released us yet. If Mario is right, I hope God moves sooner than later!

  4. ghostofdurocher

    Remember how then mayor of SF Newsom stood up in complete rebellion against then governor Arnie S. to further the gay marriage cause? You reap what you sow and I believe it will all come back to haunt Newsom like a jilted lover bent on revenge. Lets not forget how a corrupt Calif judge overturned a publicly held election result again helping the gay marriage debacle. There may be corruption in the Calif. oil business, pray all price gouging tactics will be exposed and fervent heat is applied to the derriere of these Calif. democrats to take action.

  5. With you

    Amen Mario, God says it, & we receive it, & act on it totally depending on His Spirit, awed by what He alone can do…

    • Desertstream

      That’s right, With you. Does everyone know what’s wrong by now and what needs to be done from a thousand voices of the righteous every day? What’s wrong and what we need. Does anyone have the goods to put the answer in gear today and finally do something? Mario Murillo Ministries is a good active solution.

      • Lindy

        Yes I do. We should each earnestly seek the Lord Jesus till we hear from Him about our part in the Harvest and what HE would have us to do – then do it.

  6. Carolina

    “If you forgive the sins of any, their sins have been forgiven them; if you retain the sins of any, they have been retained.” John 20:23
    Across this American landscape, we (as disciples of Christ Jesus) must forgive the sins of California as a state, if we who live in other American states “(retain) or hold on to” what they have done to CA, we will drag that same sinful affliction like a dead carcass into our other states…and that sin will become a part of us.
    We must “let it go!” in understanding that forgiveness is the power of God to lead people to repentance and help to heal this nation and CA.
    ‘Please’ do not misunderstand my comment, I’m not saying we should let that sinful affliction stand or excuse it, I am saying (what Christ said) we are to forgive lest the retained sin defile the entire country. AP-Paul reminded us, “For the Joy set before Him (Christ) endured the cross despising the shame”…and Joshua taught us…’The Joy of The Lord is our strength!’

    • Lindy

      Carolina: >>”we (as disciples of Christ Jesus) must forgive the sins of California as a state, if we who live in other American states..”<<
      What planet are you on? No one is holding anything against the people, Mario and others are simply desperate to turn California back into a habitable place and more especially, to save the poor homeless, gang members and addicts that live there in huge numbers.
      Where is there even a suggestion of holding sins against anyone? Pointing out the problems is not "retaining their sins" in fact, the whole idea of the crusade is to win these souls and help them.
      God bless.

      • Carolina

        Lindy I tried to make it very clear when I also wrote in my post,” ‘Please’ do not misunderstand my comment, I’m not saying we should let that sinful affliction stand or excuse it, I am saying (what Christ said) we are to forgive lest the retained sin defile the entire country.”
        Lindy, this a powers & principalities spiritual warfare issue.
        The planet I live on is the same as everyone else does and I might add that statement you made to me lacked the graciousness in Christ that is so essential to wisdom and understanding with one another in The Body of Christ?
        What you do not know is that I live in an adjoining state to California here in the USA and there are hundreds of thousands of my state citizens that are very perplexed and worried that California’s people are forced to transfer to my state, as they bail from their own state due to its current conditions. This is occurring because of the downfall of CA leadership in rightly caring for their own citizens and our state doesn’t desire to have the overwhelming influx, this they speak about often with fear. As many other American states do also.
        As to Mario Murillo, I’ve been a supporter, donor and follower of dear Mario & his ministry for 40 years and on going and I am quite sure because of his spiritual dimension that he understands exactly what I was imparted to write in his blog due to all his travels and all the other states here in the USA who are distraught over what CA is bringing across state lines into the rest of our nation. Forgiveness coupled with understanding is always the key to a restorative work of God, refer to The Lord’s ‘Our Father’ Prayer for further insight.

        • Lindy

          Oh wait! I see where you are coming from: the people of your state (and perhaps others in USA) may need to forgive those who are problematic in California who are responsible for pushing others into your state (and others.) Gottit.
          I can see how that might be a possibility with some.
          When I replied to you a few hours ago sister, it was about 3 am here, I was very tired: normally I reach for my Bible in the night if I awake but I put the net on instead. I had been woken by a car that crashed through the two electric fences on my property and had taken down concrete posts! Then he got someone in the night with a tractor and trailer to try and try to move it, but there it remains, smashed up in the paddock outside my window. It was a bit distracting, along with the lack of sleep..
          He leapt out unharmed though.
          I gave him the Gospel and let him know that he has to be ready to meet God at any time, that God loves him and spared his life etc.
          I had a similar occurance years ago with a young lady who drove her car into a ditch outside the property I lived on then, it was a golden time of sharing with her in the house and praying for her.

          I look forward to the day sister when we will know one another even as we are known by the Lord, there will be no room for misunderstandings on anyones part.
          Typed words do not convey the intents of the person so well, and there is no facial expression to discern by. God bless

          • Carolina

            Lindy, so sorry to read about the car accident that happened where you live.
            Yes, you “got it” when you wrote…”I see where you are coming from: the people of your state (and perhaps others in USA) may need to forgive those who are problematic in California who are responsible for pushing others into your state (and others.) Gottit.”…
            Excellent assessment.
            As well Lindy, my take on this impartation my husband & I were given that day regarding forgiving the “sins” and not retaining them on this national issue. We understood that as Christ’s disciples and glorious church Body, we have His power which Jesus promised would be with us, to forgive the sins of others or to retain them. The greek the word used for retain in John 20:23 context means…
            “to hold on to something” or “to let it go” or release it”, we understood that if we all can release and let go of the sins that the elite left leadership in Calif., perpetrated upon the general citizens of that state, that this would help within all the other states many Californians have fled to for refuge. In order to help guard the hearts and minds of Christians all over this nation in order to help them embrace with love and sharing the gospel, to those who come to them & have suffered under the leftist siege of policies & tyranny in California.
            It’s really a great opportunity!?
            As to the usual bloggers on Mario’s site, the fact that they’re following Mario’s blog and statements reveals they’re already filled with hope for Calif & the USA.

    • Lindy

      I just now read your reply to MY reply! :-/ 🙂
      Yes, I fully understand what the word retain means in its fullest context, and I fully agree with you and your husband regards this matter of letting go of these sins and also, of using the situation as an opportunity to reach others for the Gospel.

      There is no need to be sorry about the car accident on my property, I am so glad he “dropped by!”
      It was a total miracle that he not only lived, after knocking out a heavy gate post and all the fence of it, but taking down two (not one!) long electric fences and 30 concrete posts (most heavy wooden,) where the concrete posts were smashed up, exposing the two thick steel rods in each of them, then landing abruptly in a far paddock – upright! Leaping out unscathed!
      All that was missing, was he should have said, “Bond! James Bond!”
      I don’t believe a stuntsman could have performed it honestly!
      The Lord spared him!
      Not only that but he kind of flew over a deep ditch before crashing down the big gate post and subsequent fences. Had he landed in the ditch, it could have been very nasty indeed!
      He is about 25 years old totally unsaved, (knew nothing of the Lord) and was willing to hear about how the Lord saved his life and he needed to repent etc. He also accepted a Bible and prayer.
      He was very much “sobered” by the situation (he hadnt been drinking though) and nodding his head in agreement as I shared.
      I am so glad he dropped by! Despite the trouble and expense it caused him in fixing the mess.
      Be blessed.

      • kingskid48

        Well, if I can peep up here, with my two cents, I live in California and I really would appreciate not being lumped in with those who are destroying the state. There are many extremely hard working, Conservatives and Christians here who are working late into their seventies and eighties-I’m not exaggerating-trying to do what’s right, hold onto what is theirs, protect their families, and do all that they can to try to save the state and keep it from collapsing completely. This is something new-being told we must be, “forgiven”, for taking part in ruining the state-we aren’t, and I object to that idea fully and completely. Usually, we’re being derided for NOT leaving the state-now we’re being told we’re in need of forgiveness. How about we just accept the fact that there are two sides to this mess, and we need your prayers, not your condemnation.

  7. Ron Giovanetti

    Yesssssss we are agreeing ?

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    • Kim

      Thank you. I am tired of being lumped in with those who are destroying the state. I live in a small town in Northern California and did not vote for any of these clowns such as Newsom.
      I’m sick of the generalizations. Some of us are good people who love the Lord and are trying to survive in this mess.

  8. Desertstream

    It’s now the rich and well to do and the poor who are their servants. The middle class is dwindling. A former acquaintance in real estate business in LA moved to my state to escape the gang threat. And some of my best friends have been Californians. We have the answer in the good news of Jesus. So little time left to reach them, but reach them we must.

  9. Desertstream

    Please let all who want to make comments know what the guide lines are at this blog. Thanks

  10. Frank Mack

    I thought of Rev. 20:15 and a sense of urgency to witness and lead as many as can be reached to our Lord: “And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.” A great Evangelist once cried out to the Lord, “Give me souls or I perish.” The heart of a true Evangelist beats for souls. And all of us want be a witness and help some one into Christ. We can do our part for Mario’s call as well, and join hands in intercession for his mission to California. One day we will rejoice together and be rewarded for our praying, fasting, giving, and encouraging words. God’s Blessings on all who keep that committment.

  11. free73735

    Good word! Ur right, only Jesus can do this and he will. Imo this applies to America as a whole also. Just a quick note “what I am not saying.” It won’t be a magic trick he has up his sleeve. It will take much work, (this includes prayer) & effort on our part. Important to find ur niche & do it well. Additional verse from 2nd Chronicles 14:11 AMPC; ….Asa cried to the Lord his God, O Lord there is none besides You to help, & it makes no difference to You whether the one You help is mighty or powerless. Help us, O Lord our God! For we rely on You, & we go against this multitude in Your name. O Lord, You are our God; let no man prevail against you!

    • Carolina

      AMEN free73735!!
      The Bible & history teaches us from 2 Chronicles 15: as also historic records that King Asa’s attitude, zeal and dependence on The Lord his God and God’s ways, provided the greatest restoration effort in recorded history during the reign of King Asa.

      • Lindy

        I do not see where sins are being retained in this whole issue..you seem to feel that they are.
        So we will just have to disagree on that, that’s okay.
        You say I lack “graciousness” sister, then you add a question mark as though not sure..well, I may say things in a straightforward way to try and bring it into focus, that’s all.
        I never mean offense.
        I felt that you were getting a bit too ethereal or over-spiritualising the matter.
        But I can well imagine the people (yourself included) being concerned about the problem being pushed over into your state.
        Congrats to you for supporting this ministry for all those years.
        I certainly join with you in your prayers for California and the situation there.
        Sometimes the problems seem so overwhelming one feels like one is bailing out a sinking boat with a thimble; but it is not so! God is able to turn any situation around no matter how bad it looks and I believe your/our prayers make a difference.
        Brother Mario said that it will take more than just his ministry to fulfill the vision, so lets pray labourers into that particular part of the Harvest. Amen.

  12. Jeanie Ruprecht

    Just got to this…

    I’ve lived in California for over 40 years. My husband and I had a business, but year after year things would get stolen…anything that wasn’t locked down…finally they stole our work vehicle TWICE! Stole all the equipment.
    We had finally had enough…As much as we loved our the beautiful mountains, the church, our friends, family and neighbors — we pulled up roots and left to Florida!
    We are now enjoying our life on the Treasure Coast and the crime rate is much, much lower. We even found a great church too.
    I will always love California…but it was time to go. The politics of the Left have ruined this once beautiful state…

  13. Beverly

    So encouraging. I pray I am a part of restoration that God is all about. It is exciting to see God at work with the impossible. God Bless you Mario.

  14. kingskid48

    Pastor Mario, you are so right. The elitists-tech giant people, along with democrat legislators at state and federal level-own the state. They (legislators) have accumulated massive wealth , many of them at the taxpayers’ expense, they have disdain for the working, middle, class, who are mostly Conservative, and along with their Hollywood and media friends, have deceived themselves into thinking they are establishing the liberal Utopia of which they have always dreamed. They know that we will never have another conservative governor in this state, and , outside of a miracle, they are right. Hollywood “morals” are taking over the schools in this state. What they are now teaching the kids at all levels is nothing short of pornography. There may be some teachers who will refuse to teach it, if they can, but parents will not be allowed to opt out. In fact, our tax dollars are being used to block parents’ out completely. This is openly discussed and planned in school board meetings. The kids at all ages will be able to leave the school grounds and go get abortions and the school will NOT notify the parents. They are pushing all gender-confusion issues to the max, and pornographic materials are being used at all levels, along with graphic instructions on all kinds of sex. Sadly, this is not exaggeration. If anyone doubts this, please go to informedparents.org. Please don’t think your kids will escape this nightmare. Every intention exists to push this across America.

    • mariomurilloministries

      And how such wealth can spawn so much homelessness is stunning. 54,000 in Los Angeles alone.

      • jim

        We Californians, while being very proud of our state, wish too that the homeless population were not as great. But why not sometime focus on the many, many groups, both NGO’s and governmental entities, that are working both to assist the homeless and to reduce the homeless population, instead of your appalling denigration of California by referring to the state as a third world country. You know that’s not true. You know that New York City has over 60,000 homeless men, women and children; yet you choose to focus your negative energy on Los Angeles and on California as a whole. You say that California was once an amazing economy, yet you continue to ignore the fact that were it a country, it would be about the 6th strongest in the world, recently surpassing the U.K. and just one behind Germany. Why not pour some of the money that your donors send to you into helping the homeless situation in California, rather than pouring your vitriol on to the state. Where is your application of the love of our God? Tone down your acerbic rhetoric and ramp up your generosity.




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