But, I am not a prophet

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No, I am not a prophet. I am something else. God ordered me to warn the American churches of an impending disaster—to rebuke rampant immorality, the sin of abandoning the Word of God, and political hypocrisy. God ordered me to expose the tyranny of the Left and wake up as many drowsy Christians as possible.

Ironically, few criticized me when I preached against gang violence, poverty, heroin, and crystal meth. But they attack me for exposing the worst gang and the most addictive narcotic: Leftist Socialism.

But I am not a prophet! Amos said, “I am not really one of the prophets. I do not come from a family of prophets. I am just a herdsman and a fruit picker. But the Lord took me from caring for the flocks and told me, “Go and prophesy to my people Israel.”” -Amos 7:14

I was just minding my own business, winning souls. Leading addicts, gang bangers, and students to Jesus is my life. Only my wife and a few very near to me know the price I’ve paid. I have lost friends. I have been banned from some churches. And no wonder!

This blog put a spotlight on a hideous, hidden condition. Churches were tacitly approving abortion, same sex marriage, and many other leftist Democrat views in order to hold on to their members.

When you consider the content of the blog, it is a miracle that it has spread to six million readers. It preaches a message that few ever get in church anymore. It breaks every axiom of social media. Instead of using video—a far more effective means of attracting an audience—I was limited to the written word. There is no natural way to explain its expanding influence, except God. However, it is here to warn!

If I am not a prophet, then what is my office and my gift? I am an Evangelist! That is all I want to do−to see mass revival, with signs and wonders. I have never stopped winning souls! I will never stop winning souls!

Someone else was supposed to take this mantle that weighs so heavily on me. They were supposed to prophesy against the evil threatening our nation. The Lord revealed to me that He had called another minister to do this job, but that individual was unwilling to lose their reputation and to stand in the gap for America. I was not God’s first choice for this!

Now I must issue a fresh warning.

Because of the wide-spread sickness in the American church, that was demonstrated in the mid-term elections, pastors who were nothing more that hired guns (bought and paid for by the likes of George Soros) are bringing down the judgment of God. Because millions of so-called Christians voted for the Democrat Party, because they sat in churches, hearing murky messages urging them to vote for leftists, we almost saw Hillary Clinton come to power. These pastors are the proverbial wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Those false ministers who form covenants with darkness are muzzled by the fear of not being ‘politically correct.’ They can’t condemn abortion or the destruction of marriage. They are silent concerning the threat posed by radical Islam and the anti-God violence in America. As a consequence they are facing an even more grave danger—they have grieved the Holy Spirit.

The ideas and values that created America are almost gone. That makes the carnal church special villains in the eyes of God. Ananias and Sapphira were not struck dead simply because of their crime—it was also because of when they committed it. They did it in a strategic time when many miracles were taking place and the church needed to be reminded that they served a holy God.

Amos was not a prophet, per se, but he was recruited by the Lord to expose the rogue altars that corrupt priests had built to replace the altar God had told Moses to erect. They introduced superstitions that were outside the word of God.  Amos told them “tear them down, or God will!”

Amos 3:13 says, “Hear and testify against the house of Jacob,” says the Lord God, the God of hosts, 14 “that in the day I punish Israel for their transgressions, I will also visit destruction on the altars of Bethel; and the horns of the altar shall be cut off and fall to the ground. 15 I will destroy the winter house along with the summer house; the houses of ivory shall perish, and the great houses shall have an end, says the Lord.”

Can this mean that lavish centers of worship can suddenly disappear?  Can we afford to assume they cannot? Two years after Amos prophesied concerning the sin of Israel, an earthquake destroyed everything the prophecy of Amos had targeted.

But Isaiah said, “Tell the righteous it shall be well with them.”  This is the hour for the remnant who love God, and who seek His face, to feel comforted.  You will be spared.

In fact, at this moment, heaven is releasing power for miracles, words of prophetic might, and great resources to do the work of God.  Those who have kept their integrity and who have perhaps labored in obscurity, not seeing any results, will receive great power and see great numbers of converts.

For the rest, there remains an ominous warning: In your carnality, you are one of the greatest threats to freedom.  You are aiding and abetting the destruction of a great miracle—the miracle of liberty that came from our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution.

Someday soon, all I say will be confirmed. I will then be released from this prophetic mandate, because I am not a prophet. I am an Evangelist.

But know this, that if the church will not rise up and speak, God will bring natural disasters against us in judgment. Disasters such as we are seeing, even now: flood, fire, plague, earthquakes, famine, and rampant crime, in order to wake us up and turn us back to Him. It is His gracious mercy. God wants to spare America from self-destruction.

Matthew Henry said something chilling in his commentary on Amos: “If men will not destroy idolatrous altars, God will, and those with them that had them in veneration.”


  1. Jon Kevin Skaggs

    Dear Brother Mario, Hi brother, my name is Kevin Skaggs and I’ve been reading your posts for quite some time now. I just read the one you sent tonight and I have something to say regarding it. I had believed for a long time that I was not a prophet either. I talked to the Lord Jesus about that subject and He told me this clearly: “All a prophet really is is a person who tells others about Me.” “These are the true prophets now.”

    He also started teaching me many other things that I did not know or understand. Things like: He told me this in His own voice too, “When I said seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven, what I meant was to go out and seek an save the lost because THAT is my Kingdom, the people.” He said that people usually think that God meant to read the Bible, pray, and go to church, but He said that when people do those things that they are seeking God, not the Kingdom. He also told me that He, Jesus Himself, is the true first church.

    The Catholics think that their “religion” was created by Jesus and that they are the original church, but that is false. Their religion was created about 300 years after Jesus time. He said that “if a person wants religion they need to understand that it has nothing to do with “salvation” ” He told me that our bodies are the temples of the Lord and a temple is a Church. And the Lord Jesus is the first one.

    Well anyway, as far as us having some kind of religious title, He said don’t take those. He would not even allow a man once to put the religious title of “Good Master” on Him. He would not accept it! Since that was the case I was wondering what to call myself and He told me plainly: “You are a mobile sermon.” He has taught me many other things also, but I won’t try to list them all here. Anyway, take care, and may the Lord Jesus richly bless you!

    • Bob Dooley

      The Apostle Paul called himself an apostle in his letters. Ephesians 4:11 And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers;
      12 For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ:

      • mackeysback

        Yes brother Bob, The Lords body of Apostles Prophets pastors teachers and evangelists are still at work in the body it’s just that today from what we See Spiritually they are very very Few as our Lord said. So while the fields are ripe and getting riper to harvest the Inward reality of Spiritual Words are still very few so we earnestly Pray dear Lord Jesus Send workers Lord into those fields to plant the eternal Seed and water it so the Souls of humanity which is that field can receive of this eternal Gospel of our Father so the Indwelling Spirit can transform those souls who have “Received’ Him giving them the POWER needed to be r=transformed into His image which is Eternal Life Amen and Come Lord Jesus we say come and keep coming Lord until you FULLY Manifest your Presence of the Fathers Glory in us who belong to you Amen

    • mackeysback

      Dear brother Jon, your heart is in to me a very very good as in Gods Good place. Yes the Gospel of our God is simple and your message above speaks to it plainly. May the Living Jesus who speaks to us and In us continue to speak to you and through you as “LIGHT” in your soul as He is coming to be Glorified in Her which is His body called the Church Amen

      • Jon Kevin Skaggs

        Thank you brother, and you as well!

    • Lindy

      Hi brother, I agree with all you say including that we are the prophets to our nation(s) proclaiming the Good News. However, in Ephesians 4:11 there is the defined (definite) ministry of a prophet who is used for the edifying of the saints. Now, if ALL the saints were prophets, then why would God have a specially called out ministry of a prophet?
      There is a sense in which we ALL are evangelists, teachers and prophets etc., but there is a specific ministry which God has called to edify (build up) the saints.
      A prophet in my view )of the Ephesians 4:11) is one who hears from God about the direction of the church and the will of God for that church, he is used to “keep the church on the course God wants it to be” so it doesn’t get side-tracked. He/she sees and hears and knows oftentimes exactly what is going on in the lives of certain ones in the church.
      I totally agree with you about seeking the Kingdom of God meaning getting souls saved (adding to the Kingdom) and I liked and agree with the distinction you made about seeking God for ourselves, and seeking the Lost.
      Have you ever prayed in tongues?
      If not I would say (as I do to all) ask Jesus for this and believe Him for it and you will find it very edifying (as says in I Corinths. 14: 2 & 4.)
      You will find a notable difference in your life.
      After you pray, open your mouth and begin to worship Him, soon there will be another tongue take over, let it go, don’t quench it or doubt it, let it flow.

      Go for it my brother.

  2. Angie

    If I took out the word, America and replaced it with the word Australia, we are an exact carbon copy of the States. God even , graciously, gave us a return of our, born again, Prime Minister at our recent May election. By his own words, “it was a miracle, “ that he was returned as the night before the election the radical left was meant to get in with a landslide. We too have a small window of opportunity under this Prime Minister to see the Church wake up, be a voice and to work with our leader to take back the ground that the socialist left have taken.

  3. Donna

    You are 100% correct Mario and we absolutely completely agree with all of your articles… you speak our very heart and there are more of us out here trying to convey the very same things and wake the church up… it is not a time for compromise. Where are those who will stand and boldly proclaim the true word of God and stand against the evil of our day?

  4. Carolina

    Thank you Mario, I understand the strong edict you have from heaven.
    These Amos passages have always offered me insight, isn’t it revealing, in relationship to what you’ve said here today, at Amos chapter 3:10 and11, where the Prophet says, “But they do not know how to do what is right,” declares the LORD, “these who hoard up violence and devastation in their citadels.” Therefore, thus says the Lord GOD, “An enemy, even one surrounding the land, Will pull down your strength from you And your citadels will be looted.”

    Interestingly the 2 words that stand out are citadels and devastation.
    In Hebrew the word for citadels means buildings of high notice visually, and the word for devastation in Hebrew is Shod, meaning violence and havoc as in literally (Social sin). So these leaders and people Amos was prophesying to had the same problem within their visually well known city houses as the churches do today including the Social sinfulness.
    Thanks again for being faithful to your call.

    • mackeysback

      Oh yes, dear Sister as I was taking in your Living Words I was reminded of another Citadel where “DESTRUCTION” was to be revealed not that long after Jesus uttered these words in Matthew 23:37 “Jerusalem, O Jerusalem, you who kill the prophets and stone those who are sent to you! How often have I wanted to gather · your children together as a hen gathers · her chicks under her wings, but you were not willing! Sad but true and today we can See that that Jerusalem was a type of the global Babylonian church system we See on a massive scale who sit on then own High places professing righteousness when at the “Core” or Citadel of their Inner Most being “destruction” is sounding an ALARM!! WAKEUP Jerusalem Above you who is to be the Mother of us all?? Yes beloved Ones there is another Jerusalem a Glorious Hidden City “Citadel” where the King of Glory indwells a people that at the core “Citadel” of their being as is their very own Souls He dwells in by and through His Spirit bring only Peace-joy and a righteousness that can only be procured “in” Him alone. To many idols in the citadel of the Living God that “MUST” be cast out of especially those calling themselves Christians as the Jews of old were overrun and destroyed in 70 AD it’s a New day a God the Living God is doing something altogether different that even if I told you saith the Lord the masses of professors (Christians in name only) wouldn’t believe it sadly to say Amen

  5. Shoshanna M Zimmerman

    Mario, Sunday night was my first experience of sitting under a ministry like you have been warning us about. He is a very nice man, very friendly and seems to care about everyone, so that’s why I didn’t expect the message he brought. He said, “because of Jesus was baptized, by John, into the baptism of repentance, we need only to repent once coming into the kingdom.” He had something different about Holiness but I didn’t understand him. I believe he was saying that was old covenant. All I know is I felt horrible and so confused and I am never going back.

    • mackeysback

      Yes, another wolf at the core of his being only dressing up outwardly in his carnal religious flesh as a sheep or shepherd. A LIAR and he speaks out from the Father of Lies. Repentance is a Gift from the Father that leads one’s soul to our Jesus so the process of working out one’s own Salvation can Spiritually begin Within One’s own Soul. And as we develop God will require more from each vessel that He alone is forming His Son in as we will continue to REPENT if need be to Him turning away from the natural lusts and desires of this world as our souls put on the Lord Jesus Christ as He comes and continues to come to be Manifested (seen) as is the Glory of the Father in the souls of His body as the Spirit of the Head of His Church Amen

  6. Roland Ledoux

    Reblogged this on FOR THE LOVE OF GOD and commented:
    Here is another GREAT message from the Mario Murillo ministry that we NEED to as the Body of Christ to take seriously. Please pray along with me for the things this Minister is revealing! You do NOT have to agree 100% all the time with any preacher, BUT you better KNOW the mind and heart of God, if you choose to ignore the obvious warnings of the Holy Spirit!!

  7. hebecker8

    Good morning!
    I look forward to your daily email… what a tremendous blessing it is to know we are not alone… God is speaking, He is with us! Thank you for your obedience to His will! May His blessings continue to be with you, your loved ones and the work of your hands.

  8. Patrticia Folkvord

    Amen, Mario Murillo, amen.

  9. Mark Stripling, Ransomed Ministries

    God bless, Mario! Thanks for continuing to speak from the Holy Spirit to the churches of our generation. When you see the condition of the church today, and when you study in depth the letters to the churches in Revelation, the similarities are sobering, and frightening!

  10. DAVID

    Dear friends of the Faith. I believe without a doubt, most churches are out of order. I can only imagine the correct order to start with is the realization of a correct foundation. By example, Jesus said if you do not understand the parable of the sower how then shall you understand any other parable. Possibly checking the spirit behind motivation and actions might help in the progress. Prophets of old called fire down and destroyed people. Apostles asking Jesus to call fire down, yet He says you don’t know what manner of spirit you are of. As a reference, the book Spirit-soul and body by Andrew Wommack is a great start in the direction of understanding the subject. We can only pray that the hireling pastor(s) and those who do not preach the Gospel of Peace, the correct, precise, knowledge of Him, be helped. Mario is a voice to this Nation, and the signs, wonders, and miracles follow him. I thank God we have him on our side.

  11. pat gonsalves

    is mario murillo speaking in temecula on saturday at the healing n miracle service? ? great message pat

    • mariomurilloministries

      We are not scheduled there at this time. God bless you MMM

  12. Ellie

    Finally. Someone that speaks the truth. Thank you brother Mario!

  13. Lindy

    I LOVE you brother Murillo! Continue to speak truth brother, whatever and whoever opposes you; God will stand with you in it.

  14. D Williams

    Thank you for bringing confirmation and encouragement to many.God bless you Mario.

  15. Pamela Ferguson

    Thank you for sounding the alarm to the slumbering lukewarm church. I came to your meetings in CA years ago and am so blessed that you have remained true to the gospel message. Be strong and continue to raise the alarm! *Pamela Ferguson*

    On Wed, Jun 19, 2019 at 12:25 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “No, I am not a prophet. I am something > else. God ordered me to warn the American churches of an impending > disaster—to rebuke rampant immorality, the sin of abandoning the Word of > God, and political hypocrisy. God ordered me to expose the tyranny of the > Le” >

  16. Noel

    I appreciate all rebuke, correction, and training in rightousness that brother Mario delivers straight from the Word of God. Take heart! Your words are not falling on deaf ears! The Spirit of God is still convicting and stirring souls to take action against all manner of unrightousness and spiritual apathy.
    The very fact this blog has reached six million readers should be a sign that the people of God are searching for reality and are wanting to be the church again!

  17. Bobbie

    Friends, we have been asking leaders to set aside their dead methods, dead programs, dead formulas and FAST, PRAY AND REPENT, AND TO SPEAK, TEACH AND PRAY THE BIBLE. See our Leaders as TOTALLY fruitless they have been more like their father the devil instead of true shepherds. Majority have been wolves, hirelings, hucksters, con-men/women, con-artist, false teachers, liars, false shepherds, snake oil salesmen selling out to mammon, control, power and abuse and all kinds of licentiousness.
    God doesn’t get any money but the prostituting and the whoring of his name and who he is and there will be a day of reckoning. These evil leaders have NO Fear of the Lord, therefore NO Wisdom=Proverbs 9:10. Church Leaders have been warned hardcore 3/2000 and ongoing, there has been no change, no true repentance. For those who were sent to correct, these evil leaders have been praying for those to die and cursing with cancer instead of examining their own life and enquirying of the Lord. IT HAS NOT BEEN ABOUT PEOPLE whatsoever, these evil hirelings have been narcissistic and consumed with self, self-serving. Matthew 23:1-39 & Luke 11:37-54. Obviously they don’t think what happened to Herod (Luke 2:all) and King Saul in Chronicles and King Nebechadnezzer; that they couldn’t be put to death for lying and stealing the Glory that belongs to God. Learned NOTHING in all my years in church but guilt, condemnation, criticism, belittling, berating such horrific abuse and GOD knows and sees all. Leaders have been more like John 10:10 they have behaved more like their father the devil. Jeremiah 23:all, Ezekiel 34:all; Ezekiel 9:6, Matthew 11:12. A lot of Pastors/churches sold out; Google if they are Luciferian, or Masons (Masonic). If, false churches are NOT doing Charity, Social, Humanity, Education the majority are Carnal, Flesh, Man which is all witchcraft. Where’s Holiness, Righteousness, Repentance, Prayer, Humility rather than PREYING on the people. I Peter 4:17. Majority of these leaders have been spiritual vampires and spiritual cannibals and been murdering prophetic voices that have been sent to deliver the message. Ezekiel 33:all. 1 John 2:27, Romans 13:8. Praying for armies of Jehu’s as it wasn’t Elijah that slew Jezebel and also Armies of Apostolics and Armies of Prophetics. Daniel 2:22, 1 Cor 4:5

    • Lindy

      We have to leave our bad experiences behind and forgive those ministers who may have mistreated us sister. They need prayer. There is a bit too much scathing and bitterness in your comment: >>”See our Leaders as TOTALLY fruitless they have been more like their father the devil instead of true shepherds. Majority have been wolves, hirelings, hucksters, con-men/women, con-artist, false teachers, liars, false shepherds, snake oil salesmen selling out to mammon, control, power and abuse and all kinds of licentiousness..”<<
      We are so close to the return of the Lord and we will stand before Him for every word we say, and to call them all of their father the devil among names is getting beyond the boundaries.
      We may think sometimes we have holy, righteous indignation toward those who pollute the Gospel and the holy calling of the ministry, and it is right to have holy indignation; but I say in love to you, we also need to watch our OWN spirit that we do not fall into the trap of judgmentalism and condemnation.
      We all here on Murillos' Ministries blogs (most anyway) are acquainted with the sort of preachers you are talking about. Let God do His job – HE will judge them and call them to account.
      I am glad you said "the majority" and not "all;" however, only the Lord knows how many are of that group.
      Let go of any wrong anger and realize that God has it! He sees; He knows – better than we do.
      I had a very abusive pastor (physically and in every way: shouting, false accusing from the pulpit, and other weird things like demanding people to record conversations where there were more than 2 gathered for fellowship and turn the recording to him to examine, you got forcibly dragged into his office and railed on if more than the 5 minutes late which he allowed, and on and on,) I eventually left (I was young or would not have put up with it so long;) and the Lord dealt with me to pray for him. I have done every so often since, and I realize that God was protecting MY heart from bitterness and anger by having me to pray for this brother. He revealed a few things about him to me whilst in prayer for him which softened me considerably.
      I also found out a few years later from two friends of mine (ministers) that he approached them for deliverance; so he knew he had problems.
      I hope you won't take offense, I really felt the Lord wanting me to share these things; I know you are a godly woman and we desire to walk in all pleasing unto the Lord and to walk in love.
      God bless you!

      • James Welsh

        To Linda, Very well said. The biggest element missing in the church is love and the most powerful, For God so loved the world, He gave his only begotten son! Be blessed, big time!

  18. Francisco

    You need the amens for sure, and the Lord is pleased you do not let the adoration, adulation, veneration puff you up and make you proud. A broken and contrite heart is not despised.

    • Lindy

      Dear brother, I don’t believe ANY one adores, adulates or venerates brother Murillo! I think you should simply have said it is right that he doesn’t let the PRAISE puff him up or make you proud. I think brother Murillo knows he is nothing in himself and it is because of this the Lord is able to use him.
      I knew a powerful international evangelist who had been in ministry 50 years, he carefully guarded his heart from pride (satan knows that that is the quickest way to overthrow a ministry) and when people cheered and clapped as he walked up to the platform, he would turn around genuinely cross and tell everyone to stop it at once! He had had an experience where a thought of pride entered him on the platform once (he shared one time) and God immediately shut down the anpinting on him, he stood before all – powerless. He went home and repented of the thought sincerely and the anointing was back on him again.
      If only saints realised what they do to a person in ministry when they praise them up!
      It is good to offer sincere encouragement and thanks to th eminister, because there is more sacrifice made to minister than anyone knows.
      But I take your point, yes, I think brother Murillo has done the right thing by the Lord and by the ministry given him to remain humble.

  19. Ava Hall

    Thank-you brother. We agree and desire the same things. Transformed lives by the power of God.We keep marching. Jon and Ava Rochester, Mn.

    • Francisco

      Bless you, Ava

    • mackeysback

      Amen “Transformation” of ones very own Soul(s) is what’s so desperately needed as is the body of our Living Jesus Bless you in your pursuit of that High calling Amen

    • Noel

      Shout out to Jon and Ava in Rochester, MN. I grew up in Faribault. Keep on growing in and serving our blessed Lord and Saviour!

  20. Frank Mack

    Lindy, that was helpful to enlarge on Francisco’s post. We all need to be reminded that anointed ministers are flesh and blood like the rest of us, and how easy it is to lift up man. No flesh should glory in God’s Presence. My brother Mario has warned folks about this in the past concerning that word veneration. If a highly anointed and gifted minister is made more in the eyes of man than he should be and is praised, he or she could be removed from the scene. Mario went on to state that God is a Jealous God. It’s good to bring this up as a reminder to all of us.

    • mackeysback

      Yes dear brother and sisters this as spoken is the admonishing we All need as coming from His Holy Ones\. Thank you for your attentive soul in Seeing what the Spirit is speaking to all of His offspring today Peace….

    • Lindy

      Thanks. Yes and pride is a trap we all have to wrestle with at times, whether we are greatly used or with some – not at all! It is quite often BECAUSE a person is a “nothing” as the I Cor verse says) that God uses them! I Corinthians 1: 27 – 29 says He even uses the vile, the nobodies, the foolish etc. – so that NO flesh should glory in His Presence!
      But just because one is any or all of those things does not mean they will not struggle against pride occasionally, because we ALL still have a fallen nature that wars against the beautiful, humble Spirit of God in us.
      Our first calling is to be like Jesus (I feel a bit chatty this morning brother, so allow me, before I set out the door! 🙂
      We are all called to be conformed to the image of the Son of God.
      God desires to see His own image in us.
      I recall once fasting on ‘water only’ for quite a length of time (years ago) to be activated in the gifts of healings. I knew I had a few issues in me and needed healing badly in my spirit, but I was zealous to be used more in healings. I remember staggering toward my bed (that was all I could do on the fast, I was so weak I had to crawl sometimes, I had a long-running health problem) and on the way to the bed I heard the clear “audible” (it likely wasn’t audible, but very clear) voice of my God, He said, “It is more important to be like Jesus than to do the works He did.”
      Well, I had heard such in the past and kind of mentally agreed; but to hear it from God, it stopped me in my tracks.
      How soon I forget this and go dancing off to help others when I am in (sometimes) a greater need myself!
      What a high and noble calling to be called to be conformed into His own image!
      “I shall be satisfied when I awake in Your image,” Job said.
      Yes, that will be completion! Rest!

  21. Anne

    Dear brother, my spirit bears witness to this word and I perceive that you are a true prophet called by God to bring a warning to America and the lukewarm and dare I say, apostate church who once, a beacon of light to all the world has slowly succumbed to progressive liberals and the immorality that their ungodly agendas have thrust upon this nation. I thank God you were willing to accept the mantle that you were offered to expose the cold hard facts to a backsliden church to wake us up even in the midst of much opposition. Thank you sir for your courage and may God bless you!

    • Carolina

      AMEN Anne!??…As I understand it Mario Murillo doesn’t ‘identify’ with being called or tagged a Prophet but he certainly has the gift of Prophecy doesn’t he!
      I agree with you also regarding what you wrote here, “the apostate church who once was a beacon of light to all the world has slowly succumbed,” and I would add to that statement that its compromise made with the immorality of the modern morality “idea” of morality, thrust that compromised church culture headlong into acute ineffectiveness as pertains to heaven, Godliness and eternal consequences.

  22. Bobbie

    Lindy: Are you a Pastor or a Pastors wife? You cannot Justify it, excuse it, explain it away, sugar coat it the condition of our Society and World, Nation; the whole blame lies at the door of the Church. Obviously you haven’t read or seen Leonard Ravenhill who wrote “Why Revival Tarries and America is Too Young to Die, Sodom had No Bible and his other writes. Also, his 1-27-1991 message on the internet as well as others “end times” (was there to HEAR it go wonderful)!
    If, people were reading their Bibles and judging and weighing by such they would NOT be in what they think is the Church. Number of years ago I asked Apostolic and Prophetic Intercessors for their Books on Prayer, hadn’t heard much of any of the Authors because Prayer isn’t important in the false church/leaders but sucking out their brains, time (which you cannot get back) and money to build their kingdom’s, their empires, their dynasty’s as God does NOT get any money but the prostituting and the whoring of his name and who he is NOT to mention their lack of helping Fatherless, Widows, Orphans, Poor, Homeless, Single Parents and their family and building strong families. What does the present Church/Leaders truly build? Did you know satanic, luciferian regimes are funding churches and pastors (list in a Book) and unfortunately they are selling out as we can see by their lack of fruit which people (sheeple) are NOT being fruit inspectors and they are fruitless for the most part. Order all, any churches 501c3 report and see what own and worth (one they turn into the IRS, not the one they give the public) and what truly doing with the money. You might be young and be boppin’ through life with rose colored glasses on and wake up when elderly and realized you lived your life through and for someone else! Mario, you are a Prophetic Evangelist. We met in Anaheim years ago, called you about a year ago. ALWAYS RESEARCH A MATTER: Google: “Does Benny Hinn Deserve More Consideration than Jesus by cultnews and read the comments along with 12 Reasons Why Millennials are over the Church by Sam Easton and Why Young People Aren’t in Church by Jeff Crippen and Exploiting the Need to Belong”: Matthew 7:13-14! There is Correction, Rebuke, Judging Righteous Judgment! “Troublemakers in the Church” by David Wilkerson 1988, redone 6/2007. Learned absolutely NOTHING in all my years in church, gifts, callings and talents not brought out in anyone.
    P.S. There’s lot’s of Books, articles on Church Abuse.

    • mackeysback

      You sound as if you are describing the Anti-Christ that Paul wrote was to Come and John said that that spirit was already here at work in the body of Christ attempting to seduce them away from pure undefiled religion that does take in the orphans and those who are “TRUE” widows indeed(s) That god of this world has blinded the Minds of those people calling themselves Christians and why so? because they didn’t Love the All of the truth so as to See their very own Souls delivered but took pleasure in His Name “ENTERTAINING” Mixture and absolute ‘DISOBEDIENCE” no matter how they dresses it in His Name and God the only Living God can we not See has given them over to this “Lie” that they believe even absolutely even as they profess His Name…. Amen!!

    • Lindy

      >>” You cannot sugar coat it, justify it, excuse it, explain it away, the condition of our Society and World, Nation; the whole blame lies at the door of the Church. “<<
      I NO where sugar coated, justified, explained away or excused ANY thing Bobbie!
      Where did you get that?
      I believe that your own experiences however, have coloured the way you view ministry: the majority of it is false you say. They are all of their father the devil and are a about ten more scathing names you gave them. Maybe some ARE: (the majority? I don't know.)

      Where did I get the idea you view ministers through your own lens of experience?
      You said that in "ALL the years you were in church, ALL you got was guilt, criticism, condemnation and horrific abuse," if that was ALL you received, I can understand why you feel the way you do.
      But I wonder why you stayed so long there.
      My point was NOT about the fact that there are hucksters and so on in the church, it was more concern (for you) about your attitude. One can speak the truth but through a spirit of bitterness. Genuine concern.
      I agree otherwise with much of what you say.
      One thing you said intrigues me, that "satanic/luciferian regimes are funding churches."
      Where did you learn this Bobbie? I would love to check it out for myself. Thanks.
      I will not say anymore with you on the subject, if you feel it is your call to heap condemnation and criticism on the ministers whom you deem to be unworthy (and yes, we all know there are such) then I will say no more.
      God bless you.

      • Lindy

        BOBBIE: I am closing off all notifications from Mario Murillos posts, so just be aware if you wanted to reply to my reply to you. I wasn’t being facetious when I said “if you feel it is your call to heap condemnation and (so on)..” Perhaps it needs saying of some, I don’t know. I wish you all the best sister. God bless you! Lindy

        • Mark James

          May the Living eternal God dearest sister Lindy Open upward into Him the Life of your very own Soul which is and is to be His bride His Temple His Holy Place as He alone is worthy of her because He is the Most Holy of All. Amen. As you and many know this verse that there is NO condemnation to any and all those who would walk their souls life in Him who is the Spirit and NOT the eternal religious man of never being able to conquer and Overcome the err to live in sin, Sin is a mocker and will always prevail in the souls of those who entertain False Wisdom False knowledge False sings and wonders (miracles) as the lower god of this worldly sensual realm that is at work in the flesh of human activity is god until we Pass Over “NOW” and our souls no longer come under his authority because His Life-Giving eternal Spirit who is “JESUS” is NOW not later Abiding “IN” us as we continually are developing Within as we are constantly and eagerly Awaiting His Presence coming to us and in us from heaven “Within” where Christ is and is Coming Come Lord Jesus Come….Amen

  23. bobbie

    P.S. Arthur Katz (Art, Aaron, Arthur Aaron) also wrote some of the best on Apostolic Foundations, Prophetic Call; Reality the Hope of Glory, True Fellowship etc. Early 2000 researching how many Churches in each State and then started to do County (too much work at the time), demographics. Someone gave me # of articles to read: “100 Year Violence Comparison Survey, Good Old Club or Network, Generation of the Dragon Slayers…” interesting synopsis of our Society vs. role of the Church to and for the people and it’s impact on Nation/World. Example: California has over 6,000 churches that’s a lot of lies and perversion over that State and was questioning, give me one church that was changing it’s City for God like talked about in the Gospels or Bible as a whole, truly serving and helping people as States are dealing with sobering crisis like Ohio, Virginia etc.

    Derek Prince woke me up to the Pentecostal Cult sitting in and then hearing YEARS, decades of horrific true stories of abuses in the Church researching Church Exiters, Church Brainwashing, Brainwashing for Dummies. Church Abuse, Definition of Cult, Cults etc. Someone even asked me if thought the church was MKUltra infiltrated and then there is a great education in reading by Teachers. Not to mention, “Ten Lies the Church Tells Women/Lies Men Believe” basis, based on my former Cult. Hearing YEARS, decades of people true war stories of Church Abuse and a lot of Churchites, religiousites woke up in 2008 crisis as losing Jobs, Houses they went to their Churches for help after tithing and attending for years and got absolutely NO HELP for those who woke up and saw the false church/false leaders for what they really were written about in Revelations 18:4. Read about the over 60 year cover-up of horrific Homosexual, Pedophile, Child Molestation of the “assassins of god” in regards to Hillsong by Donald Elley and other great Authors like William Lobdell and Austin Miles, Jackie Alnor etc.
    Read about Alex Grenier, Sovereign Grace Movement, Richard Rossi, Jeremiah Candler, Boze Herrington, Bethany Deaton, Beth Cavete, Caris Adel, as reading over 120 hours on that regime, majority of those Blogs, Post got deleted exposing corruption. Not to mention in work, travels it was a drop in the bucket of hideous abuses to people=humanity. Heard about five different single parents in Los Angeles, Orange County, CA leaving Churches and killing themselves due to wrong advice, or “Jesus Camp”, David Wegner’s DVD on “False Prophet” of major name (like so many types like that) that is robbing the true people who want to help and serve people you can order DVD’s from Trinity Foundation in Dallas, TX. Thieves by Trey Smith. Believe “New Life” Radio Broadcast by Minirith, Meier/Meyer Group people have told me horrific stories of abuse people will put up due to “exploiting the need to belong” by Stephen Parsons.
    Look at Susan Forward, Herb Goldberg, Dr. Laura, Victoria Secunda, David Elkund, Karyl McBride, David Shurter, Brice Taylor, “Runaway Girl” by C. Phelps, Franklin Cover-up and so many writes on that genre Churches/Pastoral role in that condition of our society which is Malachi 4:5&6 call.

    Per your 1st response. I was a stupid christian very sorry to say and worse self-righteous to boot, wake up call was interesting (6 Things God Hates and 7 is abomination Unto Him). Young and stupid and didn’t research a matter and wanted to believe the best in and for church leadership. Was questioning though, that all movements/regimes sat in NEVER went through the Bible completely once and would NOT have ever from birth to death except Calvary Chapel but then their fruit or the lack thereof is interesting of living the God of the Bible (just read all those horror stories). When you deal with humanity in a lot of forms whether it be child prostitution, child trafficking, child slavery, SRA’s, child abuse in general or the death and dying, homeless, poor, downtrodden, widow, single parents and their children etc., majority have their “violently killed in the church” stories or work abuse “snakes in suits; workplace bully”. While Battle Hymn by John Scura/Dane Phillips and The Marketing of Evil, How Evil Works etc., by David Kupelian; Plague- Judy Mikovits, Our Stolen Future by Theo Colburn, Seeds of Deception-Jeff Smith, Behold a Pale Horse by Milton William (Bill) Cooper, Franklin Cover-Up-John DeCamp, He Came to Set the Captives Free by Dr. Rebecca Brown. People tell me of other reads, articles by Aaron Russo and Dr. James Wardner etc., or DVD’s like “Waiting for Superman”; Lord, Save Us From Your Followers by Dan Merchant and Seth Andrews. We are all God’s Children no matter what age. 2 Thessalonians 2:9-11. Note their Books, articles, U-Tube Video’s whatever format for teaching.

    Note: Lindy: Just now read your 9:09 a.m. response. Also, don’t assume!

    How would you like to be stood up in a Church and called a donkey’s ass for wanting to leave your husband who was molesting the children and or something worse would happen to your children if you did not take back your husband who was molesting the kids (drop in the bucket of true stories like this as in so many read above or Leah Remini’s “Troublemaker”; Ungodly Fear-Stephen Parsons. Or, you’re going to hell if you don’t take back your husband who is molesting the kids, or you must be doing something wrong for him to abuse you and or you’re backslidden for not wanting to stay in an alcoholic, drug related marriage etc., (NONE got help). Or, a whole church of boys molested and parents run out of the church when wanted accountability and counseling which they did NOT get for their children. Or, letting over 15 different individuals die because they needed help with the warfare raging on every side and did NOT get it when asked for help in the Church. NOTHING to what have heard and or read of people’s true stories. Worse, we would have all been treated the same, so why are people tithing and attending and putting their derriere in the seat, for what?

    Go start asking help for Homeless for your Churches to build Housing, Shelters, helps, job skills, feeding and clothing of and ask to see their 501c3 Report, ask who funded your Churches/Pastors to the unth degree follow the money trail and why the no help but preying on the people instead of Praying for and or helping, serving. LIVING TRULY CHRISTIAN and not religious. Those who have nothing, give out of their nothing.
    Heard over 350 heads of Church Leadership “Handbook of Denominations” and ‘Report Church Abuse List’ which David Wilkerson was #1 when alive heard all the true stories for years. David Wilkerson even did # of message (maybe books) addressing, one was “a message to the assemblies of God, sadly unheeded”!
    People are the Church, NOT buildings and “Jezebel, is always at war with you”, John Paul Jackson, Noel Alexander, Tim Davis did the best Tape Teaching and Steve Sampson and Francis Frangipane (Three Battlegrounds) best on Jezebel ever heard other than Leonard Ravenhill. Then there is “Gatekeepers of His Glory”, 4-16-1998 by Jill Austin.

    Go to spiritualsoundingboard.com lot’s of true stories on church/pastoral abuse so many sites, better yet go talk with her like the so many mentioned (she has her Book List etc.,). Better yet, met a young man somewhere on Blog that was homeless asking for help so gave him a list of Churches/Names all over the Country and ask for help and he reached out to numerous entities and NO HELP TO DATE as well as so many other people. Told this young man to write a Book about his interesting journey of these big names and pastors/churches across the USA. Know many people who have not gotten help for those who have asked.

    How about famous name “I’m not called to take care of the Fatherless, Widow, Homeless only called to Healing and Evangelism” as he makes Dateline for his corruption and other entities and he still has following and tithers; how did he cut those verses out of the Bible for lack of helping people? Nothing gives it away more, than lifestyle. Called over 40 Christian entities for help housing, education for a young 36 year old homeless woman, help, education, shelter and over 60 years later absolutely zip, nada, nothing in the way of helps. Done beating this subject to death, no pun intended. “Losing My Religion and Don’t Call Me Brother” were excellent reads. along with “People in Glass Houses-Tanya Levin” and David Bercot and “Salvation for Sale” by G. Straub. What about, “How Benny Hinn became our Wacky Neighbor” by John Bloom.

    If, you know of Home, or someone who can live LOVE, Christlikeness and not judge this young woman, please let me know. Do not want her abused in a so called christian ministry or wrong home, rules with NO LOVE for those wanting and needing to be grafted into a Family! You ought to hear the stories that come out of the Dream Center, oh my goodness. People talk about their Churches, their pastors, their abusive Church Ministry experiences; everyone has their true stories. Also, that young man is still seeking help and saw wonderful well written articles that he exposed names and corruption in the false churches/leaders totally get removed, want a copy; will have him send to you via Mario Murillo! In the Documentary Movie “sweetwater”, it would have been wonderful to know the agency that helped a young woman get on her feet, educated for a life skill and truly lived the Gospel and Christlikeness! Heard there was survey sent out year 2000 addressing all these and more, False Church/Leaders are more Apostate than ever! I John 2:27; Romans 13:8-9, 2 Thessalonians 2:9-11.

    Happy reading, researching. Make sure you read all the comments of articles, U-Tubes etc., The young women, one horrible wretched ministry told me ‘they only wanted perfect people, no mentally ill’, NOT Jesus Christ attributes at all, form of hitlerism only wanting perfect people who will only bring $ into their coffers and their agenda. Told this wretched, blind, naked ministry how about a little love goes a long way, love and acceptance and compassion. Debbie, Nancy, Mark, Ron, Donna, Doug, Perry, Sam, Aaron, Danny, Rick, Theresa, plus ask for help and did not get and they’re all deceased very sorry to say. Tried to help, hardcore and didn’t get it. WE WOULD HAVE ALL BEEN TREATED THE SAME.
    Note: Just read this article on this Blog, came to mind. Timing is everything. One of my running theme’s is get unbrainwashed and think for yourself and always research a matter. “As the Church goes, so goes the World”, if the World is corrupt it’s because the Church is; very much so and we are seeing that!

  24. Bobbie

    P.S. Lindy, go to David Wilkerson’s website and watch Paul Crouch Sr., and Benny Hinn; if wasn’t removed, cursing people and or damning people to hell that come up against their ministry and then click on more video’s regarding their fruit or lack thereof like all the Los Angeles Times Articles. One Video one of them mentions that they were taking $ that was donated to them by people and giving it to the Vatican. People still attend his crusades.

    To answer your question: Google any name or Pastor or Church ask if Luciferian as big name in certain came up, knew that from 1998 as many others.
    One of the books mentioned above: “the very man who brought him to Jesus was a satanist”, yes he was. I’m going to make you research, but then we all should be judging his fruit as well as, them all. Amazing, how many people know who they are. People are waking up, NOT soon enough. Someone told me crying that someone she admired for many years horrific U-Tube of him being exposed as Luciferian with # of articles. People are talking about Hucksters asking for $1,000 so lot’s of copy cats. Saw it, someone invited me to a meeting, it was so full of witchcraft that they can conjure up and make the anointing not to mention $1,000 whores in the Pulpit as they were quoting men said this and famous name said that and I wanted to stand up but C.Peter Wagner didn’t save us and I’m waiting for the Bible to go forth like rivers of living water. I’m surprise God didn’t kill everyone in the room including me for being there. Also, this meeting kept stressing everything was paid for but strongman of wanting everyone to give, couldn’t leave, make pledge for $1,000. What big name Pastor was going to build a Mall to himself? Why couldn’t he build Housing, Shelters and educational centers to improve the lives of people?

    Recently a widow woman told me her plight, needs help going to Dr., Dentist etc., needs help and only child in foreign country. She called her former Bible Study Group large at that been in movement/regime over 40 years and absolutely NO help, got “too busy” she’s only one example of scores; group she reached out to is retirement age. Trying to get her help also. Matthew 25:31-end comes to mind.

    Famous Dr., in City, offered to help woman’s son who was PTSD (involved in school shooting, took 13-16 bullets and lived to tell about it and needs help) and Dr. told her to ask for Churches to help her or put her up and she went to many churches and did NOT get any help, she got “you don’t go to our church, so can’t help you”. Went to many Churches and was refused help totally. # of them were over 10,000 in attendance; this Dr., found out and entire staff found out that so called Church/leadership don’t live the Gospel of Jesus Christ Son of the Living God. Even, when you take it public, people are so dumbed down and brainwashed, don’t mess with their little world or rock their boat. John Gatto-Dumbing Down Us; Dumbing Down Our Kids etc., by Charles Skyes. Obviously, none of these Business in the guise of Church have nothing to fear or their money won’t dry up and attendance will fade they are still in Business. People don’t see them as a wretched pyramid scheme taking your money buying Mansions, Boats, Planes, Ranches, Expensive Cars, Real Estate Owners in the guise of 501c3 (non-profit) not to mention all $ in Bank, Business here and overseas as well as Land, Property etc., What Church had $4 Billion in one Bank Account? That’s just one Church and they had numerous accounts (lost it all by the way and had to sale/sell the building). Who got all the money, land, property the assets where did it go that the people paid for? One major movement sold two buildings for 350 Million they never blessed the people who built their empire and yet they want your time/money to build their food pantry they won’t use their money.

    Trinity Foundation in Dallas, Tx has a lot on Ministries that will NOT be held accountable and abuses of money and excess lifestyle they can refer you to more Ministries. Also, read: “Onward, Christian Soldier” by William Lobdell, he also did 9/19-20/2004 expose on TBN, and a homosexual affair. Another article of stealing someone’s Book/manuscript and making it into a Movie. People told me and said there were lot’s of articles in Orange County Register also, along with Jackie Alnor’s interview of Grandaughter. James Lloyd wrote Books exposing Calvary Chapel lies and abuses of $. Also, Google: “Father, Son and Holy Rift” article in Los Angeles Times. Drop in the Bucket of research.

    Google: Abused by any name of Pastor and or Church
    Controversial Articles name of Pastor and or Church
    Scandal name of Pastor and or Church
    People’s Negative Feedback name of Pastor and or Church
    Is name of your Demonation (not miss-spelled) a Cult
    Name of Pastor Luciferian and or Church
    Name of Pastor/Church Mason, Masonic, Masonry
    Someone exposed that a lot of Famous Names in Christendom has Ghostwriters write their Books and or Best Sellers. # (number) of oversite ministries exposed big names in Christendom bilking the sheeple for $ (money) hire P.R. groups to delete and erase bad press and have seen that over and over and over. Blogs, Post, Comments get totally deleted unless you make a copy. You have your homework cut out for you! You can take the red pill and or the blue pill and as you research the rabbit hole gets deeper and interesting. Are you “a living epistle for all men to see and are you known in Hell”. Other than the Bible Leonard Ravenhill writes it best condition of our False Church/Leaders and Society! Enough is Enough in regards to false church/leaders. What Apostolic voice said ‘have nothing to do with the Charismatic Churches been infilterated and taken over by satanist and it’s on Internet Broadcast U-Tube sad to say it’s the majority of them! Can’t improve on “Why Revival Tarries and America is Too Young to Die” by Leonard Ravenhill.

    Also, you can tell people and unless and until they hear and see it for themselves or as one friend said “they haven’t been burned enough, if in the church”! Went to a brillant researcher and asked for a definition of a Cult and it all sounded like our current false church/false leaders! John 8:31-32! Reminded of Luke 14:all.
    Lindy, I’m moving off this one article you might be one of those Christians that will beat it to death and argue your right without knowing people by their hearts and spirit and knowing who people are and what called to while the church is playing dead church and Proverbs 9:10! “Troublemakers in the Church” by David Wilkerson. Is the Church/Leaders/People like Jesus Christ? Are they like God the Father? Are they Living, exemplifying LOVE? God is Judgment but he is also Holy, he is a Holy God. Psalms 27:4 and Numbers 6:24-26!

    • Mark James

      Jesus sternly “WARNED” us regarding All these FALSE messengers coming to us in His name but NOT the POWER of His crucified Life where the Power of His resurrection manifests as Glory. As I was taking in your words I was saying many Amens Amen!!

  25. BOBBIE

    Note: Lindy find someone you can pour out your heart like water and get you through your stuff, was led to David Wilkerson and believe me was brutal with him, as iron sharpens iron and he listened and got through stuff, he might NOT have agreed with me as didn’t always agree with him and TOLD him but that was uttermost LOVE! PLUS, he knew and feared God he wasn’t to me a huckster or charlatan he was Apostolic Father with a Prophetic Voice! Didn’t hide a thing from him, didn’t mince it and to do date he paid me my favorite compliment and GOD KNOWS oh yes he does! Maybe Mario is like that for you..or whomever God brings across your path! Believe me, Dave withstood foul, was out there and he loved me anyway!

    • Mark James

      Yes what a wonderful word of encouragement for her and to hold onto the truth as even we Love our enemies as I’m sure Dave had many just as His Lord and ours Amen

  26. Bobbie

    Lindy: Please go to any and all Pastors and or Christians and ask how many times they have read their Bible completely through in totality? Ask why aren’t they living it and why haven’t they helped or build Shelters for the Homeless etc.,

    • Rev James Welsh

      Bobbie, I am sorry that you have lived such a terrible life. You have obviously studied and devoted much time and effort to the demonic. I read the bible completely through by the time I was 11, I was born again shortly after that with an experience. I spent the next 30 years studying the bible and reading and going places to study some more. I was close to 40 before I had a real understanding of the Holy Sprit. I had a lot of knowledge but when I received the baptism of the Holy Sprit, everything changed. The word that I had been reading for years opened up for me. I was able to see connections that I never noticed. I don’t have any idea how many times I have read the bible through but it is a lot. That does not make me an expert. I love the Lord and have been in His presence. I am not talking about an anointing or a vision, I am talking about His manifested presence. There are no words to describe His presence.
      You talk about all the people that went to the church to try to get help and I wonder why they would turn to the church? The church did not say that they would meat all your needs. Jesus said that He will meet all your needs by Christ. Most people don’t believe that or when Jesus said, ask what you will and I will do it for you, only believe when you ask that you receive it. Most people are hoping that they will receive it and that is not the same thing. That is why we ask people to repeat the word of God that pertains to their situation. Faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of God. All you need is a small amount of faith and it will happen. Listen to your conversation and see how much doubt you and your friend talk. Now you know why you don’t have. Not a single church that you went to made you those promises. Jesus is the redeemer, not the pastor or any of the rest of the people in the church. I had a problem with giving everything away and, with one person in particular, the Lord told me to stop several times. The person was a user and new how to manipulate Christians into giving to him. Because of my bleeding heart and sympathy, I couldn’t say no. Sympathy is different than compassion. Then one day the Lord said to me, I died on the cross for him, not you. I got it that day, obedience is better than sacrifice. Now I always ask, what do you want me to do? Being lead by the sprit has changed my life dramatically. I am not judging you but I will say, look up. That is what the word says, look up or He will pass you by and you won’t even know it. Have faith in God only and you will never be disappointed. God is way more than enough. He has so much love for you that you cannot begin to understand it. Stop looking at the enemy and look to God so he can show Himself strong for you. Look how simple that He made it for us to come to Him. We did NOT have to have a big dowery to come to Him and be excepted in the kingdom as royalty. All you had to do was believe in you heart that Jesus died for us and was risen on the 3rd day and confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord. How much easer can you make it. Anyone and everyone could do that. They just need to hear the truth. You are not even responsible for that. The word says that the Holy Sprit draws them in! I am going to ask you to look up all the scriptures on love and ask you to read them every day and meditate on them over and over until you have a meeting with the Holy Sprit. Remember that He said that He will meet you were you are. May you be in health and prosper even as your sole prospers!

  27. Virgil Roberts

    Be encouraged Man of God because the Lord has your back and will confirm every word from your mouth with the power of the Holy Ghost! Plus your message is an excellent Word of God straight from the throne!

    ▪1st Corinthians 4:20 (kjv) For the kingdom of God is not in word, but in power.

    Pastor Virgil Roberts Wordscape Ministries/WDC

    On Wed, Jun 19, 2019, 3:34 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “No, I am not a prophet. I am something > else. God ordered me to warn the American churches of an impending > disaster—to rebuke rampant immorality, the sin of abandoning the Word of > God, and political hypocrisy. God ordered me to expose the tyranny of the > Le” >

  28. Bobbie

    Rev. James Welsh:
    This taught me, grew up in a religious Home and a very abusive religious Church Leadership, but NOT Christian. The entire Church and families were NOT healthy at all and that’s our fruit also. Thank you for “I’m sorry”. It would be nice if we would all live Christian, the Body of Christ does=individual people. People are the Church, NOT Buildings! Learning curve. Can you imagine if we brought out the BEST in people, gifts, callings, talents and what they’re great at instead of “being violently killed in the church, taken and sawn asunder”!



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