Time to leave

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It is clear that, as the madness spreads and the church just wrings its hands, it is time for the eagles to leave the turkey-yard.  You know who you are, you who are an eagle.  There’s a fire inside you that you can’t put out.  You are ruined for ‘Church-As-Usual-Incorporated.’

For too long you’ve been told to be a good little birdie.  “Don’t ruffle any feathers!” But you just can’t stomach the stale kernels they toss to you.  You must have fresh meat.  All around you, the turkeys peck at the ground.  But all you can see are the clouds and the sky, where you know you belong.

You long to be home, where the glory is.  Your place is alongside the heroes of faith that changed the course of nations.  “Survival-mode” teaching sickens you.  The idea that tepid happiness is the goal enrages you.

You made the mistake of looking at old youtube.com videos.  You saw Oral Roberts.  You saw Kathryn Kuhlman.  You saw Smith Wigglesworth.  You jumped up and screamed, “But, where are the miracles today!?”

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You made the mistake of listening to old preaching tapes, where you heard men and women preaching holy fire!  They didn’t do monologues. They didn’t do stand-up comedy. They pulled the pin out of Bible verses, and flung them like a grenade to explode into the souls of their audience.  You heard people sobbing at the altars.  You heard them linger until something real and lasting transformed them.

Then something really painful happened to you…you looked at your generation. You saw the national cancer of wickedness.  You saw the insane brainwashing.  You saw the limp-wristed tactics of the church.

You became like David as he stared at the paralyzed army of Israel, cowering before a defiant Goliath.


So, now that you realize that the ‘SOMEBODY’ IS YOU, it is too late for you. The die is cast.  You’ve gone too far to turn back.  You now know too much.  You feel like you should leave before you hurt someone…

You remember the verse, “They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles.” (Isaiah 40:31).

Prayer is your escape from the prison yard of compromise and mediocrity. We’re not talking about the ‘gobble-gobble prayers’ you heard in the yard—we’re talking about falling before God and waiting upon Him until you come forth as pure gold.

What are we talking about?  We are talking about prayer that heaven can’t resist, and hell can’t stand. The kind of prayer that breaks the grip of ancient demonic strongholds.  Prayer that causes students begin to weep on campus, even though they do not know why.  Prayer that fills people with the Holy Spirit. Prayer that removes fear, and installs unshakable courage to tell a generation the genuine Good News: the mighty Gospel—which is the unapologetic, undeniable, unstoppable power of God!

Eagles dare while turkeys stare!

Eagles are born out of prayer. They spring forth from the hand of God, fully convinced of their destiny and their goal.  Let mistaken millennials protest against the AR-15.  You take hold of John 17:15, “My prayer is not that you take them out of the world, but that you protect them from the evil one.”  That is your battle cry!  You don’t want out.  You know the Lord Jesus will keep you from the evil one! You are ready to soar into any nest of evil and destroy the works of the devil.

Where eagles gather, power is present.  Where eagles gather, the deep purposes of Almighty God are revealed.  Where eagles gather, there’s no self-pity, no encounter sessions, and no hiding in your ‘safe-space.’  When turkeys are transformed into eagles, they are equipped, they are ignited, and they are fitted for war.

Eagles must have a challenge.  They yearn for a cause that will summon up all of their strength, talent, and time.  They want something they can easily imagine doing for the rest of their lives.

It’s time for you to fly out of the turkey yard, and never look back!



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  1. Sandra Douglas

    Oh so very rich and resounding a clarion call to come away from the complacency and mediocrity ….into and unto our true calling ……engaging with the Word in hand snd our Spirits ignited for our Kingdom purpose!
    Love this Eagle Eye View from Heaven !
    God bless you mightily ….carry on!!!

    • Bob Moyer

      I am an Eagle. I have written 7 Published Prophetic Books about the Glory, Miracles and Revivals of Holy Spirit Fire all over America! I have studied the Healing Evangelists . The desk and chair that I write my books were purchased from Marvin and Olive Ford, who are Christian writers. Marvin even had a life after death experience in heaven and wrote the book Ultimate Connection.and described Heaven. My new Books are 1. His Radiant Glory 2. Explosive Prayer. 3. Restoring Tabernacle of David 4. Outpouring of Healing 5. Jesus’ Blood is a Shield. 6. Latter Rains of Glory 7. Survival Revival. My husband Bob has 2 Books 1. Bulldog Faith and Keys to Faith. We are no longer in the turkey yard.

      • Lindy

        That’s nice, but what have you done in the way of fulfilling the commandment of the Lord to preach the Gospel, cast out demons and heal the sick? Surely it is more important to be doing these things (which all believers are commanded to do,) than just write about others doing them, isn’t it?
        Not saying they aren’t great books, maybe they are, (I don’t know) but we are ALL needed out there in the harvest where the lost are. Perhaps you have been doing both though?
        If you are hands on people I might be interested in reading your books. God bless.

      • Francisco

        Thank you for writing such wonderful books to inspire us!

    • Melisza

      I have bern shown I am anEagle. Soar Eagles of Christ Soar on the Wings of the Almightiees feathers….Psalms 91….I am the Lords Warrior…..

  2. Evang Roger Culwell

    Amen, we must be ready for battle and doing battle while we wait for him to give the charge, we are warriors and watchman, while others sleep there 8 hours we sleep 3 or 4 at times and awake to the battle and fight, while most every one else sleeps his warriors are fighting and pulling down strongholds, for we know nothing is given to us, that didn’t cost Jesus plenty, and if we keep what he gave us, power authority blessings, we must also pay a price for, we have allowed the enemy to still it all, and we must take it back, you don’t keep freedom by surrendering to the enemy, you keep freedom by fighting, and we as a church have laid down our sword, and took off our armor, the Lord has something big in store and we must wait on him for that plan, but we must keep fighting the battles as we wait on him, we can’t let the enemy bully us any more, we know who we are in Christ Jesus, and some of us refuse to take anything less, that what he said was our’s, the turkeys settle for what’s on the ground and passive but the Eagles dare, they see through the eye’s of the Lord, they rightfully divide the word, and they attack from a high place, with weapons that are not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds, they can’t be bought, there not for sale, they don’t compromise, they stand true to the word of God, and the Lord Jesus Christ, they have been tried by the fire, and proven true evil make them angery and sick, so they follow the voice of the precious Holy Spirit and fight against all app. of evil, the enemy has had his reign long enough on this earth as a bully and tyrant, walking all over Gods people and it’s time we take to the air in Spiritual warfare and take back what he has stolen from us, and it’s a intense battle, but in order to get and keep what Jesus promised us we must engage in the battle with intense warfare, salvaton is free, but eveything else we get will cost us, [ even salvation wasn’t free to Christ, he paid an awful price for us ro even have that] what so many don’t understand is what we don’t fight for satan takes back, thats why we must pay a price, the anointing isn’t free, it cost, look at some one who has agreat anointing on them, and you will find out they have been through hell to get it, we are losing this country because we stopped fighting for it, they told us Jesus did it all we don’t have to do any thing, Jesus did do it all, and then he said if you want to be my disciples take up your cross and follow me,[ die to self, you die on a cross, ] we need to die to our will and arise to the Fathers will, go to where Eagles dare, up above in spiritual warfare, and that secret place with the Lord, we must be prepared for what he is about to do, I had a vision yesterday morning early, [ we were fishing in boats with or families, and it was a long way to the other side, and every one had to prepare and make sure they had every thing they needed to make it a cross, and one boat broke down, and the guy was laughing asking me if I had gas and I said no, I just have enough for us to make it, and he just kept joking and laughing, and I said your not going to make it because you didn’t prepare for the journey, and you keep laughing man this is not funny, and it ended. so many are not prepared and there just playing around, and the time is coming, when some will be left behind, because they did not prepare] I hear from the Lord and I will move when he say’s he is doing some things right now, we need not to get weary remember the upper room so many left when they should have kept praying, and the missed it, we don’t won’t to miss it, and this last great move is his call, remember all this mess we have in the church claiming it is of God and it’s pure demonic, this has to be taken care of, we must pray as pastors and leaders and ask him to reveal to us any demonic that has came in, as a prophet or leader trying to run the church, he showed me a bunch of faces yesterday, and to pray that they be bound, so we must do our part, fight in warfare watch and pray and ask that any of this be revealed, and don’t allow any one in your pulpit that you don’t pray about hard, even if they have been there before, these people are in so deep leadership you wouldn’t believe it, I see some of them going to your meetings and speaking, and there pure evil, Lord give us discerning of Spirits, and expose the evil, we want a pure bride for you, allow the Eagles to sore and point out the evil and expose it. Great word be blessed

    • mackeysback

      Yes as I was taking in your words I was reminded about those 10 virgins who were waiting for their Lord to cross as you say to the other side of the lake. The “5” FOOLISH Virgins which denotes the soul’s lack of preparation which is the Anointing which is the FIRE called the baptism of the POWER of the Indwelling Christ WITHIN each vessel (soul) as they are to be joined to only Him. Brethren it’s NOT just good enough to believe in God as in Jesus as the DEMONS believe that do they not? Yes, they do and they also know who we are as they did with Paul when the exorcists attempted to cast them out of an extremely possessed soul WITHOUT the POWER which is the Baptism of the Indwelling Spirit to do so. Remember that the Apostle Paul Trumpeted that in his 1st letter to the Corinthians 4:20 that the Kingdom of OUR God is NOT a matter of talk (words, tongues, etc, NO NO NO! but of POWER. Jesus speaks to us saying if you are believing INTO me then wait in your own Upper room which denotes ones own Soul which is to become Gods Holy Place where the POWER Presents Himself called the Anointing so we can them and only then Go forth into the world and proclaim the great News of our own Freedom to all of this creation until He fully manifests His Presence within every soul as in our own and Comes Amen

      • Evang Roger Culwell

        Yes amen me to, I thought of them, Believe is far more than we think according to the hebrew, I had to search it out, because like you said the demons fear and tremble because they believe, only problem people don’t fear God any more so sad, [ but believe means to long after, to cherish, to follow with desire, to be a part of, not the way we use it today, we use it today all most as oh I heard of him, but its far more to than that, RELATIONSHIP with him, we must be filled with him. we must know him not just know about him, we must know him and follow him. Bless You

        • mackeysback

          Yes it’s an intimate “ENGAGEMENT” a Knowing Him experientially so the two being Ones own Soul or bride can become ONE Spirit as is our God “Hear of Israel” our God is One Undivided Spirit where the soul and Spirit are that One body whereas ours are in the processes of being made One as the body headless is Joined to its head even our Jesus Amen. Yes and I John saw the souls of those “BEHEADED” Not literally but Spiritual under the Alter of His cross saying as we do how long of Lord before you take complete vengeance on “ALL” our own personal enemies where that last enemy called the spiritual DEATH state of ones own Soul shall be joined likened to a marriage to Her Head even our Lord Amen.

    • Linds

      Evan Roger. That was really good!

      • Evang Roger Culwell

        Thank you.

  3. Evang Roger Culwell

    Listen closely, because he just told some of us where to go, but it might be different than what most think, just listen to the Lord, because there many different areas God needs a mighty work done, like in this nation, and government, so make sure he tells you where to go, and not man, man has a habit of trying to do it his way, and in his timing, just make sure it’s the Lords call and not mans, and its his direction you follow, but he told me a couple weeks ago, so he may just be telling you to.

    • mackeysback

      Yes Amen ERC He alone is to be our teacher and guide as we who are in reality His Body as in ONE SOUL made up of many members to be uniquely joined to the Lord who is the Spirit Amen

    • Lindy

      Yes, I agree. Thanks for sharing that post.

      • Lindy

        I meant Yes, I agree..to ROGER CULWELL.

  4. Patricia Folkord.

    I shared the blog about “Where is the Holy Spirit?” I stirred up a nest in our little town. How does one break the “traditions of man?”

    Thank you your messages.

  5. mackeysback

    When His followers (disciples) asked Him where He would appear or His “Manifested” Coming would be? He replied wherever the carcass is that is where the EAGLES will be gathering? The writer to the Hebrews tells us to NOT forsake Our Gathering together as is the practice of some but gather as even here on these blogs “ESPECIALLY” as you can See that Spiritual eternal and Glorious Day coming neigh as in appearing as we grow UPWARD into Him as He appears in us as in His body of souls set apart in and by His ever-increasing Spirit Amen?

  6. Paula

    AMENAnd AMEN I just watched Paul and Jan’s classics. They were singing dancing, jumping why because souls were being saved. Not asking for money just rejoicing for the souls that were being saved. I thought dear God where is this today? Today we can’t decide if we are to be saved. I recently heard a well know preacher say Billy Gram did it all wrong. Dear God help us.

  7. Mark Stripling, Ransomed Ministries

    Satan has captured much of the church today. Some are outright reprobate, embracing wickedness. Too many once vibrant, fiery, Pentecostal churches have grown fireless, prayerless, and cold. Some, like the Laodicean church, are saying “We are good, we don’t need a thing,” as demons are at home roosting in the rafters overseeing the compromised congregation and pastor. What really hurts me is this: the communities in which these churches exist are filled with lost and hurting souls, sexual immorality, abortions, drug and alcohol addictions, hopeless teens committing suicide, broken homes and people, people turning to the occult, homosexuals and lesbians who need anointed deliverance, and a nation and world that needs prayer desperately. And those churches should be filled with people shouting to their cities and towns, “We have the answer here! Jesus is Lord, only He can set you free. You can find Him and Holy Ghost anointing here! Come be healed and set free!” But “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” My wife and I are determined that we will not live our final years rusting out. When our bodies go down to the grave someday, we are going down with a trail of smoke behind us from Holy Ghost Flames of Fire still burning brightly within our souls. God give us a Holy Ghost revival!

    • mackeysback

      As I was taking in your words about the homeless and extremely destitute sinners be they drug and or alcohol attics of dire situations when God spoke in fact “TRUMPETED” LOUDLY into my soul how about all the so-called good people (souls)!!!! You know the ones who seem to function credibly eating well drinking well and taking in all kinds of “Pleasurable” activities??? You/we need to STOP making distinctions which are Coming from that tree of good and evil as it’s ALL A LIE and they must be done away with in Christ All of us/them Amen.

      • Mark Stripling, Ransomed Ministries

        You may have missed this one. I live in a community of many wealthy business owners/professionals. Quite a few are millionaires, and many of them and their children are bound by alcohol and drugs, with plenty of money to have all they want. As a volunteer EMT, I respond to the calls of suicide/attempted suicide, and millionaires passed out drunk. My wife and I also minister to prisoners monthly in 3 day prison crusades. We minister in residential drug and alcohol recovery facilities where we see folks from all walks of life who fell to addictions. Satan makes no distinction between wealthy lost folks and destitute lost folks. God also opened up a door for us to have weekly Bible study with a group of the folks who live in our community. After 2 and a half years of teaching Christ, praying for revival, and speaking out about religion without relationship (and I must confess to being ready to give up), for the last 4 months we have finally begun to see people repent of sin, receive Christ as Saviour, and begin to walk in relationship. Not real sure about your comment about lies coming from a tree of good and evil.

    • Lindy

      >>”those churches should be filled with people shouting to their cities and towns, “We have the answer here! Jesus is Lord, only He can set you free. You can find Him and Holy Ghost anointing here! Come be healed and set free!” But “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”<<

      That is what grieves me too.
      Knowing that there are people dying for want of the Bread of Life outside the doors of the churches, and the churches within barely feeding themselves properly, let alone reaching out to the lost who are desperate. I gave up long ago trying to rouse churches I visited to out reaching to the lost. I realized that many of them were in the state of the proverb: "A little slumber, a little folding of the hands to sleep and so shall your poverty come as a no-mad wandering looking for food, or as a hired soldier out of work."
      It only takes a LITTLE slacking off of prayer and seeking Gods' face to end up with – NOTHING!
      And it is because they have nothing, that they have no desire to give.
      Moreover, because they took tongues out of the Baptism of the Holy Ghost and left it up for grabs, very few even in so called Pentecostal churches have the Holy Ghost, and without the Holy Ghost, there is no real love and concern for the lost and no power to witness.

      • mackeysback

        It is as you say Lindy very few even in so-called Pentecostal churches have the Holy Ghost, and without the Holy Ghost, there is NO real love and concern for the lost and NO POWER to witness.

      • Mark Stripling, Ransomed Ministries

        Amen. “For my peolle have committed two evils, they have forsaken me, the fountain of living waters, and hewed out cisterns for themselves, broken cisterns that can hold no water.” Jeremiah 2:13. God bless, keep the fires burning and the living water flowing!!

    • Noel

      Truth, brother! Thank you for your inspirational posts. They are breathing life into me. A turkey in the yard? I compare my experience to a dead, dry bone in the blistering sun on a parched desert floor. The prophet Ezekiel could not even answer the LORD’s question. “Son of man, Can these bones live?”
      What kind of God can exhibit such restorative power and mercy to a people in exile taken captive for their self-willed ways? What kind of God could still offer hope in a foreign land and the promise of return with a new heart and a new spirit.

      • Lindy

        The ONLY God, Noel – Jesus! He did it for me.
        As I recall in that chapter, the dry bones not only lived, but came together and formed a great army!

      • Noel

        Praise His Name forever! Yes, He will have His army and He will have His bride no matter how the enemy rages in these last days!

        • mackeysback

          Yes, He will. Hallelujah and Amen

    • Lindy

      I just read of your ministry (you and your wife) what a marvellous ministry!!
      What a marvellous opportunity!!
      God bless you and encourage you continually, to speak boldly to these poor souls.
      I am so glad you hung in there when it looked like nothing was happening!
      Yes I DO recall your lovely post about people repenting and needing Christians to reach out to them and nowhere to put them!!
      Kind of like the disciples at sea and the net was breaking it was so full of fish, they cried out for help. They had help come: it is my prayer you both will too.

      Don’t mind brother mackey, he has probably read Rick Joyners book or article about the distinction between the Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and how it is the Tree of Life we all need. But you are already ministering from the Tree of Life (Jesus)!
      He is always inter-weaving the good and evil and tree of life thing in his posts.
      It is true that the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil comes from one tree and it is the tree of life we all need, but sometimes he gets a bit overboard in his zeal.

      • mackeysback

        Not so dear One. My Zeal can only proceed from the Indwelling Spirit of Life that speaks in me as is Christ Jesus my Lord or I just shut up and say nothing. If we are to speak may it always be by the Anointing of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus? And if you can’t understand what’s being said don’t cast your lack of wisdom upon those words just ask the Lord for “Spiritual Insight” and He will give it I am sure of that. Today God is moving again likened to the privative church of the 1st century and many things He speaks through His Anointed body are Yes Hard to understand but as it was then it is today that many scoffs at these revelations bringing in destruction upon their own soul as we just need to realize He died for us so we who are in His body can and should only speak when and if He is willing Amen and blessings to you “ALL” In Him alone even our Jesus

  8. Jill Vaughn

    Amen!!! Out on the road still to see this come to pass. This morning in prayer I’m having the old dreams and visions for the USA. I see that everything has come to pass but the horde from the South climbing into houses Joel 2:1-11. I’m hearing for the USA-REPENT. I have been saying that. I am seeing this in the Spirit again Joel 2:12-17. I am hearing again about the shaking. I am hearing from the Lord His desire to show mercy to the USA. I have been weeping over the sins of the nation and its brokenness. So much on my heart in prayer…all day long and even night. God will have His Way.

    • Reo

      Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Pres. Trump would declare a ‘National Day of Repentance’?!! ????
      (Read Mark Taylor’s ‘Prayer of Repentance’)

      • Lindy

        REO: A national day of repentance would be wonderful!
        But I just had another thought: repent to WHOM?
        Now that we live in a pluralistic society, you would have Sikhs, Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, etc..all praying to their own god!
        And this is exactly what the Catholic church (Vatican) is pulling together right now: a “we’re all one big happy family, and we all serve the same god, regardless of our beliefs!”
        A national day of repentance would play right into their hands!

  9. Jon Freese

    Fasting and prayer brings power down from heaven that otherwise wont happen. Remember the time the disciples asked the Lord,”why could we not cast it out of him” Jesus said because of your unbelief and this kind does not come out except with prayer and fasting. Prayer and fasting together clears out doubt and unbelief which plagues us all through our flesh,but when we pay the price to push away our plates and sweets and tv’s and golf and sports and fishing and all other entertainment and seek the face of God through prayer and fasting God cannot restrain himself long for he begins to see his Sons character being developed in us and Kaboom the power begins to flow to heal the sick, cast out demons raise the dead and heal all who are oppressed of the devil Mathew 17:21 Mark 9:29 Acts 10:38 Father forgive us for our apathy and familiarity and touch us all with the spirit of Elijah that will seek you above all else and be led to fly like Eagles and follow the Lamb wheresoever he goes!

    • mackeysback

      Yes, Amen brother. For me, the Golf clubs went 1st and then many other Idols but the Inward Idols can be the most deceptive as in social networking or sports entertainment as with myself as well as all the fox news or CNN and the other “MEDIUMS” All those so-called good things coming from the same tree of deadly knowledge Amen

    • Lindy

      You are so right, it is fasting coupled with prayer needed to do the work. The dreaded “f” word!
      I used to be pretty good at it, but my health is such now that I have to have a little of something each day or I faint.
      But if we each find from the Lord how to fast, we can do it.
      I am thankful to be alive, I have been near death 13 y.o., saved in the nick of time (a rare heart disease); cancer three times – one of which I claimed healing for and surgery for that one was cancelled; numerous other long operations on my body, to save my life.
      I was literally dead at age 21 and being wheeled ot the morgue, but a nurse massaged my heart and revived me.
      Car accidents and many other things I won’t bore you with.
      But suffice to say, I am still in the land of the living and getting ready for another round in the arena, after i move address.
      My health concerns are no biggie, and I am able to fast.
      And my point is, if I can, you all can! Those of you who don’t already.
      I’m not crack-hot at it, but I do it.
      I long to be closer to Jesus, that is my first desire in fasting.
      The rest can flow out of that closeness.

      • mackeysback

        Oh dear One’s to fast the true fast in the Spirit to “deliver” my soul from earthly passions be they no more of the evil variety but of what the world calls good when we know or ought to that God alone is good and to do His will is the fast most definitely needed by my soul to deliver Her from all those lusts of this world that can only produce that death state of our Inner Most being where our Jesus as the commander of all His heavenly host is leading us into the “REAL” land of our Living brothers and sisters as we must follow after Him taking up our most painful cross to follow is my at this time most earnest prayer for our souls to prosper in Him as He will then come to be glorified Within her as is His bride as my soul is that bride to be Fully Him as He appears WITHIN Her Amen

      • Carolina

        I am reminded of this that Isaiah spoke thousands of years ago about fasting and physical depravation. Then I am drawn to what Jesus told His disciples and the people, “Come to Me all you who are heavy laden and I will give you rest…For I am meek and humble… learn of Me for My yoke is not heavy and My burden is light…”
        (Isaiah 58:3-7) asked the Jews this question and God responded to them…
        Why have we fasted if you are not aware of it? Why have we inflicted pain on ourselves if you don’t pay attention?
        Don’t you see that on the days you fast, you do what you want to do? You mistreat all your workers. 4 Don’t you see that when you fast, you quarrel and fight and beat your workers? The way you fast today keeps you from being heard in heaven. 5 Is this the kind of fasting I have chosen? Should people humble themselves for only a day? ‘Is fasting just bowing your head like a cattail and making your bed from sackcloth and ashes?’ Is this what you call fasting? Is this an acceptable day to the LORD? 6 This is the kind of fasting I have chosen: Loosen the chains of wickedness, untie the straps of the yoke, let the oppressed go free, and break every yoke. 7 Share your food with the hungry, take the poor and homeless into your house, and cover them with clothes when you see them naked. Don’t refuse to help your relatives.

        I am reminded today of far too many who don’t even help or speak to their own relatives who desperately need basics, food, clothing and encouragement, yet these same will “tithe” that money that could help their relatives to a church house!? And I’m reminded of all the books, CD’s, DVD’s, Pod casts, devotionals etc., that are marketed in order to teach people about going hungry (fasting) things they should instinctively know from God’s Holy Spirit about fasting & prayer, even that which Isaiah thousands of years ago addressed.
        No the Truth is PERSONAL, up close & PERSONAL “that” is the relationship that God in Christ requires, by believing, following and The indwelling which Christ produces. There is no magic formula or outward religious apparatus that evokes God’s touch and hearing, there is only CHRIST The King and Him glorified in all and by all. GRACE is The heavenly Father’s ultimate gift of POWER to them who believe. It is a GIFT lest any boasting of outward physical offerings or manifestations would dare be suggested. The real Normal Christian life IS a lifetime of Fasting from the heart…casting away the world, carnality, the stirring of the flesh and its egocentric results with all its cruel offers that entice.
        May we all grow closer, deeper and with enrichment in Christ inheritance to His Saints now?

        • mackeysback

          Amen Amen Amen and bless the Lord as you have spoken well my sister a true Spiritual daughter of Abrahamic Seed and that Seed is Christ. I am so blessed to both SEE and Hear Inwardly your heavenly Spiritual Wisdom of His Living Word which is and can only be Christ dear Sister as He is “IN” You Amen!

          • Carolina

            Amen co-laborer in Christ Jesus ?
            Over a decade ago I was genuinely enhanced in my journey in Christ by reading a gentleman’s work that I greatly admire Watchman Nee, for anyone who hasn’t read his efforts in our Lord (and if you haven’t) I suggest 3 of his marvelous extrapolations for further growth, (1)”The Holy Spirit and Reality, (a fine witness to the Reality of the universal bride like church, The Kingdom, and Holy Spirit’s operation within) (2)”Sit, Walk, Stand,” (a wonderful extrapolation regarding Paul’s letter to the Ephesians) and Nee’s most well known, “The Normal Christian Life.” Nee’s work Can be purchased on AMAZON.
            All good reads for edification. Those who know Nee’s work understand that he most probably lived the most modern day sacrificial life since the 1st century church disciples did. Some 20 years in Communist Chinese labor prison camps for being a Chinese Christian.

          • mackeysback

            Yes, I came into contact with our precious brother Watchman Nee about ten yrs ago thru a Sister who gathered with a body of many who said they followed after his teachings. I was directed to Emanna.com which is a daily website where you can receive some at times good spiritual manna from as I did today as I would point you to this site although NOT All are spot on as many voices are doing the writings and they never tell you who it might be but we/you can always tell when it is the Watchmans writings because they are Enlightening in nature and NOT coming from the mind and or will of man Amen. Another site I Highly recommend is Marketstreetfellowship.com where you will find many of the Enlightened writings of the early Friends movement who became the original Quakers like Issac Penington whom I highly recommend as well as his son on law William Penn and many other who were severely persecuted in England in the late 15 hundreds through the 1600s and many migrated to America as I’m sure you realized from William Penn who bought Pennsylvania settling there for a while before returning to England and dying there. These early Quakers were On FIRE for the Living Jesus as the Christ Himself was the only Seed of life that these precious souls would bow to. Todays Quakers are NOT and I emphasize not to be thought of as adhering to the early followers of this groundbreaking SPIRITUAL MOVEMENT as it wasn’t long before that counterfeit Anti-Christ SPIRIT Infiltrated this body killing it with the teachings or leaven of man’s opinions “INSTEAD OF CHRIST” You will be so very Blessed I sure of that dear sister when you come upon the indwelling Spirit of our Jesus that you will discover in these living words sent down to us today in Jesus Name. May He alone continue to bless you with His Presence alone strengthening you with that eternal everlasting POWER In your Inner Man where He Himself will Fully appear In YOU as in Jesus Amen

  10. kingskid48

    Praying that God will put this hunger in my grandchildren’s hearts. Thank you, Pastor Mario.

  11. Pam Young

    I can’t be there , But I totally agree Mario ! Praying ? and interceding for you and our nation ❤️?❤️?

    Sent from my iPhone


  12. Lindy

    I honestly thought, “How many MORE ways can brother Murillo find to tell us we are better than the others?!” when I saw this blog.
    But its not about that, it’s telling us how to pray!
    He offers practical instruction for those who desire to leave the mediocrity so many have settled for and to DO something for God! My apologies for what I thought brother Murillo – if you read this. I agree about the prayer (may the Lord help me do it! I am due for it again.)

    I would also add to practical instruction to those of you who are keeping yourselves filled with the Holy Ghost and frustrated at not being called or asked to DO anything.
    Don’t wait to be asked – they will NEVER ask you, or they will wait till the fire has gone out of you and decide that you are “mature” enough (so over-ripe you smell!) to do something in church.
    Fast and pray and wait on God for directions as to where He would have you work (what town etc.) Be prepared if need be to sell up and move.
    Make sure it is God.
    Then pray over the town he leads you to and pray for the right people to connect with.
    If there aren’t any – just go ahead. (Labourers are few.)
    Design a tract to give out and to invite to your meetings – yes, YOUR meetings.
    Hire a hall. Invite everyone to come and see who the Lord brings.
    Then share the blessed Gospel, lay hands on the sick and cast out demons.
    Just DO it!
    Keep in prayer and evangelism and God will fill your hall each week with the people He wants to.
    He will even bring on board one or two to help you set up the hall, preach occasionally, do altar work, home visitation and home Bible studies with the people you get.
    Don’t be afraid – just DO it.
    Its not about you and me – its about them!
    You may not be an evangelist, but we are ALL called to share the Gospel and do the Mark 16: 16-19 thing. ALL.
    You will never find a better opportunity than hiring a hall.
    You will be amazed at what the Lord can and will do through you.

    • Mark Stripling, Ransomed Ministries

      Lindy, a man with proven evangelistic ministry over many decades, used in the gifts and right on in words of knowledge, was told by his pastor several months ago that he felt he should step back from ministry and just attend church for a while. No ministering to anyone during church services or in external evangelistic meetings. For 9 months he has tried to submit to his pastor’s will. I struggle with why his pastor has asked him to refrain from his calling to evangelistic ministry. There are no issues in his life that would disqualify him for ministry. I pray that his pastor is not jealous of this man’s anointing, because his prayers for others are so specific to their need that only the Holy Ghost could have revealed how to pray. A person would think that God would want this anointing unleashed on the powers of darkness that afflict humanity.

      • Lindy

        God bless his heart! It is a big thing to override the will of a pastor to do the will of God, especially when one has a sensitive conscience toward the Lord and desires to obey Him. The fear of stepping out of line, will keep people humbled and submitted to a pastor who may be legitimately their pastor, yet giving false counsel.
        It is possibly jealousy..one never knows. I’ve seen a lot of that in ministry.
        I was on a pastoral team for years in a Pentecostal church and witnessed it firsthand.
        It shocked and grieved me. I eventually left and spent months in prayer before my next move.
        I think of a marvellous Scottish woman in the late 60’s who got saved in her late thirties I think (wish I could recall her name; (Isobel?) the little book she wrote is “Arise and Reap!”)
        She left a well-paid job and alcoholism and suicidal thoughts behind after she got saved.
        Marvellously transformed!
        She was only in the Pentecostal Church 6 weeks when God told her to leave and start a work in the Philippines. She was so scared: what would her church and pastor think? her boss? her mother?
        She sought him earnestly on it then sold her beautiful home and belongings dirt cheap (so she could obey quickly;) everyone said she was mad. The pastor called her forward in church and said, that although she was mistaken, that God would not send her forth to the harvest with no training and little knowledge of the Word, that they loved her anyway and she was welcome back when it failed! She was humiliated but bore it in good grace.
        She was devouring the Word from the beginning and in prayer all the time.
        She did not know the language and arrived in the searing heat not knowing where to go.
        God had set it all up.
        In short, she was used to climb a very steep, dangerous mountain and go down into the crater where head-hunters were who had never heard the Gospel. Very savage and very sickly.
        She preached through a Philippino interpreter who came with her and they all repented, she laid hands on them all and demons came out and diseases including lameness, blindness etc was healed. She set it up that they should be visited by a church to help them further.
        She started many works and always with signs following. Thousands were saved through her.
        Meanwhile she devoured the Bible and good teaching in churches in the Philippines.
        If this woman had “obeyed them that have the rule over you” (without consulting the Chief Shepherd) none of this would have happened. Her pastor was dead against it.

        And that is where your friends problem lies: he is first and foremost accountable to the Chief Shepherd.
        There should never be a man or woman of God who can directly rule our lives – we must be ruled by the Holy Ghost. The Chief Shepherd: Jesus. A pastor is not the Holy Ghost for us.
        Ideally they give godly advice and are (in my experience) generally right..but not always.

        I missed my calling to start a work a great many years ago, because I was told, “You can’t possibly be called to start a work or the pastor would know you are, God would have told him.”
        It broke my heart and in my doubt and fear, gave way to that lie of the devil.
        Years later, I broke free to follow the Lord (I came out of a heavily, pastor-controlled church which I was in for my first eight years: much good in it but it put in me a fear of disobeying “them that have the rule over you” to the point where I stayed and stagnated for years.)
        But I eventually did break free (encouraged by prophecies from five pastors in one meeting who had never met me and told me God was calling me to start a church in the town I was in, etc.
        So I did. (they had told me what I had been doing in that town and other things about me which only the Lord could have known.)
        That was my first one.

        Tell your friend to break free of that false fear of disobeying “them that have the rule over you” to hear from God clearly for himself.
        Tell him to ask the pastor WHY he gave that advice.
        If his own spirit is not concurring with the advice (assuming he is a godly man who wants only the Lords’ will) then he is following the will of man and not God. It is that simple.

  13. Scott Campbell

    One morning they passed the fig tree that had dried up from the roots which Jesus cursed. It was withered away.

    Peter brought it to the Lord’s remembrance.
    Jesus answered and said, “Have faith in God”.

    Jesus then went on to say,
    “Whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he says shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he says”.

    We have to believe what WE say.

    Jesus also said, “Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.”

    Jesus added, “Verily I say unto you, If ye have faith, and doubt not, ye shall not only do this which is done to the fig tree, but also if ye shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; it shall be done.”

    What prevents one from believing?

    – doubting in one’s heart those things which you say.

    You must believe those things which YOU say will come to pass…

    If you are not receiving in this Biblical manner, WHAT prompts your desire to believe what YOU say may be in the way?


    Matthew 17:20
    And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.

  14. Scott Campbell

    I would also like to add, concerning Matt. 17:20 (and vs. 21)
    There are five keys here to answered prayer for the impossible: the “who”, the “how”, the “what”, the “when”, and the “where”.

    WHO? “Ye”.
    HOW? “shall say”, (audible)
    WHAT? “This mountain”, be specific; don’t use a shotgun approach, name the specifics.
    WHEN? “Remove hence” meaning, hence=enthen, defined as “time or space” -“from here to there” according to the Exhausted STRONGS.
    (This may not show up in simple Strong’s phone Apps) but the Exhausted STRONGS shows hence is used for enthen: a term concerning “a time” or span of space.
    Many Christians usually don’t place any time factor on their faith declarations ( ye shall say).
    Such can only please God. If anything isn’t according to His will He won’t answer any way, but if a faith decree is according to His will it will be answered as you say in your asking. Of course you must abide in Christ to be fruitful. Goes with saying. But I wanted to make that clear. I am Holy Ghost filled and an transformed in the spirit of my mind daily and all along the way otherwise I wouldn’t be alive; just been through so much: multiply shot and stabbed; Aorta dissected; major stroke causing a brain bleeding; resporitory failure from a lung blood blot; a pulmonary embolism; aortic and pulmonary heart values damage: regurgitate. And presently I am still in recovery, going through extractions from poisons ingested from carberator cleaner last year. That alone has put me through 15 months of sufferage. I couldn’t make it with Jesus and answered prayers for the impossible. My left kidney had failed and shrunk years ago, but just this Jan. 2019, I have received from answered prayer a creative new kidney I didn’t have since 2003.
    I completely lost that kidney because of Aorta hemmoraging.
    But now I have Medical records showing this creative miracle

    WHERE? “to yonder place”.
    If you’re not certain where to command something to go tell the demon, or element, or what ever, where IT CAN’T GO.

    This is what the LORD has shown me, when YOU
    “shall say unto this mountain”
    He is speaking about speaking to the elements that be.
    A mountain is mostly earth, mass, and whatever else but it’s an element. Mark writes about casting the mountain into the sea: water, an element also.
    Jesus rebuked many demon spirits and cast them out, “spirit” is an element also, along with fire and air. There are five major elements.

    John 5:36
    But I have greater witness than that of John: for the works which the Father hath given me to finish, the same works that I do, bear witness of me, that the Father hath sent me.

    John 14:12-14
    Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.
    [13] And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.
    [14] If ye shall ask any thing in my name, I will do it.

    ONE MORE NOTE RE. Matt. 17:21;
    Matthew 17:20 is all about FAITH, even if it is the size of a mustard seed…
    All of Matt. 17:21 concerning faith for the impossible coming by prayer and fasting, is an inserted verse – the whole verse is a 9999 addition the translators added “for clarification”, and this is ONLY seen in the EXHAUSTED STRONG’S.

    Some Bible versions do show this.

    Man’s attempts to simplify God’s Word too often complicates the simple truth.
    I pray daily and fast regularly to cruicify the flesh and to live and walk in the SPIRIT as He desires, so I am not against either, just saying, the whole scene was simply about FAITH, and not doubting in your heart – not about how often one prays and fasts.
    As Jesus answered and said, “Have faith in God”.

    • Scott Campbell

      “I couldn’t make it WITHOUT Jesus”..

      Please excuse, I’ve had to overcome cognitive damage also. (Three times)

    • Lindy

      Scott Campbell: So you got all those injuries preaching in Afghanistan or somewhere like that?
      Or, from hanging with the wrong crowd?
      Well, hope you get well.
      Be careful to only hang out with those who love Jesus.
      But if you got those injuries preaching outside a mosque in Pakistan – way to go!

  15. free73735

    Reblogged this on free73735 and commented:

  16. Lindy

    MACKEYSBACK: I had posted that for Mark, but of course we may all answer posts.
    I do not find anything in your posts so deep and hard to understand brother – nothing.
    I merely tried to help Mark because he was confused about you saying what you did with regard his ministry.
    I fully concur with what Rick Joyner taught regards the Two Trees In the Garden, but I do believe it was a bit of an over-reach what you said in reply to Mark of Ransomed Ministries.
    No biggie.
    It isn’t even a criticism – just an observation. No offense intended at all.

    I certainly do not believe I will burn in hell for it as you seem to imply: >>”He speaks through His Anointed body are Yes Hard to understand but as it was then it is today that many scoffs at these revelations bringing in destruction upon their own soul “<< So where am for Mark for that matter scoffing? I had already said in the post to Mark I agreed with R. Joyners revelation, so where am I scoffing it?? I think you need to take a deep breath and move on.

    I cannot disable the reply button as you did, so I merely ask you to drop it and move on.
    God bless.




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