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David Wilkerson predicted this emerging force: “God is revealing to all praying people that a glorious new work of the Spirit is about to break forth. God is going to shake everything that can be shaken. He will tear down the old political, backslidden, ecclesiastical system. He will disown the formal, super-church structure. He will chase out of His presence all those who are engaging in self-promoting ministries.”

These praying people he mentions will be the catalyst to these forceful changes.  They are frustrated, hungry, and their numbers are growing fast.  They are coalescing around certain truths: fasting, repentance, and holy surrender to Christ.

This force is the most underrated undercurrent in the church.  Even though it is largely overlooked, it has the firepower to change the church just as much as a youth awakening.  And look out when these two forces collide!

Many of these people were chased out of churches that were once fiery and Spirit-filled, but then went to a new format to attract outsiders.  A growing number of Christians feel their church is promoting programs that don’t impact them. Even programs that bring in large numbers don’t matter to them.  They believe only a move of God can save America now.

They believe we have no time to play games.  They are frustrated that their church is catering to the lukewarm members.  Most of all, they feel that they are being punished for wanting a move of God.

I want to direct my words to those leaders who are guilty of correcting members who yearn for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit.  You’ve got it totally backwards.  Those who are hungry for a move of God are the best thing that ever happened to your church.

If you have wounded the heart of even a single saint, it was a spectacular mistake.  They, and not the lukewarm, should be setting the tone for your church.

Somewhere, we got the idea—I believe it came from the pit of hell—that exuberant worship, preaching with the anointing and with conviction, fiery prayer meetings, and deliberate soul winning are the “old ways.”

For millions of disenfranchised Christians, these things are not ‘old ways’, but timeless ways. And, their hunger for them is intensifying even as the church grows colder.  Something will have to give!

Change has to come!

Again, David Wilkerson said, “I see it all over the nation today—disillusioned Christians searching for reality. The people in the pew are beginning to fast and pray. They are the ones who now weep between the porch and the altar. And, they are crying out for more depth and more of eternal values from the pulpit. If the minister of their church goes on in some egocentric way, pursuing expensive dreams, they will go out looking for a place where their deepest spiritual needs will be met.”

However, many mega-church pastors didn’t leave it there, they went even further.  They began to punish members who pursued holiness.  They call it a ‘religious spirit.’  These dear saints wonder, “Why would anyone punish a heart for wanting purity?  How can vessels chosen to uplift the righteous and equip the saints, instead, create a system that rewards carnality and shames holiness?”

Let’s be honest.   It’s not as if the modern church is exhausting itself on devotion and sacrifice.  But you’d sure think so by the way some ministers keep telling us to relax, and quit trying so hard, because, ‘Daddy is so pleased with us.’

Even when a congregation is a listless, flabby, biblically illiterate club of moody consumers, preachers will heap on them yet one more message of pampered entitlement.  It’s kind of like handing a diabetic a case of Snickers bars.

It has gotten so bad that Sundays have become a celebration of how much God lets you get away with.

These believers, who know there is more, are equally disappointed in the other extreme. Perhaps in reaction to the deadness, formality, and carnality, some have created churches that are highly emotional and have run completely off the map of scripture.

Satan seduced some into separating the Holy Spirit and the Bible—pitting them against each other.  The Bible not only predicted this deception—it exposed the motive behind it.

2 Timothy 4:3 “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers…”  What they can’t endure is the Bible.  They drop the God-card to fulfill their lusts, and then blame the Holy Spirit!

It began in small doses.  One preacher said, “Why do we trust a book? Did they have more of the Spirit than we have?”  Another preacher said, “We’re not supposed to worship a book.”

They will tell you they are trusting in the voice of the Spirit more than The Book.  What they are really hearing is their own voice…or worse.  They don’t deny the inerrancy of scripture: they simply claim direct revelation from God that is equal to the Bible.

If you have all Spirit, you blow up. If you have all Truth, you dry up. You need both!

Studying the Bible has become passé.  Many seek constant prophetic words, and trust these words without comparing them against scripture.

The Holy Spirit becomes “on demand.”  You’ve all seen internet ads where “prophets” will give you a daily word from the Lord.  Some even charge money to give you a prophetic word.

People blame all kinds of things on “leadings of the Holy Spirit.” “The Spirit told me I can leave my husband and children because He wants me to be happy.”  Scantily clad women in church claim, “You may not like the way I dress, but the Holy Spirit does.”  One preacher even compared the Spirit to smoking marijuana, and said, “I am toking the Ghost.”

The book of Daniel seems to divide those who live in the last days into two categories: Those who are corrupted by flattery and those who know their God.  The entire verse reads: “those who do wickedly against the covenant he shall corrupt with flattery; but the people who know their God shall be strong and carry out great exploits.” -Daniel 11:32

The people who know their God are repulsed by both extremes of compromise and emotionalism. They want exuberant worship, even intense worship directed at Christ. They don’t want an emotional binge that feels New Age, and that seems to be trying to reach an altered state.  They want to reach lost souls, but they want no part of an open-ended attraction program that never seems to lead souls into discipleship.  John Wimber called them ‘The Radical Middle.’

As I said before, their numbers are growing every day.  They are not rebellious, they are hungry. They are reaching out to God with great passion.  They are preachers who suddenly realize they have built a monstrosity for God, but they have neither worked with God, nor do they have a relationship with Him.

They are young people who came to church, only to find they didn’t fit any model. After years of increasing emptiness, one day they just collapsed before the Lord and begged for Biblical reality.

Others are finished with egocentric pastors with grandiose, expensive dreams, and carnal visions.  These members of the Radical Middle recognize that their pastors have been distracted—even derailed from their first love.   Those who are interested in becoming true disciples are abandoning ‘attraction- churches’—something revolutionary is happening inside them.

Deep, deep in my soul where the real knowing happens—I know God is doing something new.  God is finished with hirelings.  He is drawing a remnant out of corruption and into a special, supernatural nearness to Him.  They will empty themselves of everything. Every ambition will be burned out—except for one—to love and please the Lord Jesus Christ. They will change everything they are doing now, and begin to walk in the power of and for the glory of God Almighty!

And they will change everything!






  1. ghostofdurocher

    Wilkerson’s “The Vision” was very accurate, he also predicted a “church” would arise from roman catholicism. He called it “Super Church” which was nothing more than a religious social justice/social program oriented church. Forget about holiness and wanting more of God, that type of church has its own agenda.

    • Michelle

      I grew up in the Roman Catholic church & I can tell you that there is a “hunger” in the church. We have not been fed the Truth & many of us want more- more of God, more of the Word! Our eyes are being opened.

      Instead of stereotyping all of us, please pray for us! We want to be apart of this “move of God!” He is calling us all out “for such a time as this!” Praise God!

  2. Lindy

    It’s all true. I LOVE your descriptive words and phrases! I laugh when I read them then I feel sad, because I know its true and have encountered the same sad state of affairs myself many times over the years.
    I read a verse in Scripture that capped it all,” You have brought forth strange children unto Me.” God looks at them with pity I believe. But it is the “YOU” that is most telling! The Lord is speaking to the very sort of pastors and preachers brother Murillo mentioned in this article!
    He is saying (I would think), “What in the world are you feeding them? Because it sure doesn’t come out of MY Book!”
    Yes, we need the Holy Ghost (Spirit) and Truth. “Thy Word O Lord is truth.”
    The Word of God is like the rail track for the fast train. If the train has no tracks it spins out of control and crashes and leaves dead and injured bodies.

    I was in a Charismatic church as a visitor some time ago and there was a group of four young men, with long hair and skin tight, low-cut jeans (!!) who were belting out, “Jesus is the Rock and He rolls mah blues awa-y!” At the end of their sleazy performance, the assistant pastor asked me, “What did you think?” an expectant smile on his face.
    I said, “If I had had more of an anointing on me, I would have gone up and kicked them right where their music was coming out from!” (I think he knew which part of the anatomy I was referring to! His smile faded and he wandered off.)
    I was so grieved in my spirit that this could take place in a House of God, that I truly meant it.

    These kind of replies though can begin to sound like: “I thank God I am not as other men..!”
    I will add, I feel genuinely sorry for the young people especially, who are not taught correctly and who (some) even “got saved” on the internet. The internet is their only guide for instruction i righteousness.
    I’ve shared with some of them and mentored a 16 y.o. Mexican girl in Texas who came to the Lord through the internet and helped her into a church in her area where she was doing well.
    And I’ve helped a few others on the net, who had no one to lead them.

    I really am so grateful that I got saved before the internet and in a tough, no nonsense (well, the pastor was tough and no nonsense,) Pentecostal church where you were taught doctrine; holiness; evangelism and where the Holy Ghost was allowed free reign in the meetings.
    We had Bible study for half an hour before the morning service and of course, on Wednesday evenings as well. The preaching was Spirit filled, and people sometimes got filled with the Holy Ghost spontaneously during worship service. We had altar calls every service.
    Before our services the pastor would call forward all who needed healing then pray over them anointing them in oil in the name of Jesus and every time he did (in the year he was pastoring there before going overseas) they got healed! Every time! (Except one elderly lady who just needed the attention and was always up there to get that little bit of special attention, which no one begrudged her.) This was my first church experience and I believed that people would get healed if I laid hands on them and prayed and it works! He taught by example!
    Brothers and sisters, lets reach out to the people who do not know the Scriptures and mentor one or two each, and help them.

    • Susan Gough

      Amen! We must have grown up in the same church…..I miss it soooo much! I am so disillusioned with feel-good life lessons and social justice focused messages which aren’t even really messages…..what happened to the wonder-working power of the blood of the Lamb? What happened to ministry at church instead of “have a great day and go out and love your neighbor”? I don’t need another message on community and loving my neighbor as myself, I need power from on high who equips me to love my neighbor.

      • Lindy

        TO SUSAN GOUGH: Isn’t it “funny” that church was the same for you in USA as it was me when I lived in Australia (I am a New Zealander but got saved over there in 76 and stayed there several years!) Yes, the altar calls where needs were met. And isn’t it “funny” that they throw the same phrase around out here in NZ (no doubt in Oz too,) “have a great day and go out and love your neighbour!” None of them ever tell you HOW to love your neighbour either.
        What is the one greatest need your neighbour has? Salvation! If we are to love our neighbour as we love our own selves, as commanded, we should share the Gospel with them. I would rather have someone tell me about Jesus if I were unsaved than make me a casserole or mow my lawns; yet the leaders encourage us only to do these “good deeds” for our neighbours and they never ever mention sharing the Gospel anymore! The reason is, they are scared of making their church unpopular by the community getting upset with the church because of people talking about the Lord Jesus.
        They would cringe if even one person rang the church and complained.
        They would rather they all go to hell and maintain their status as a people-friendly church. I spoke recently to the pastor of a church I sometimes go to about this. He is always saying to do nice things for people – none of them ever are to do with getting the person saved.
        For my part, I had to learn how to pray through (remember that phrase?) and press in to Jesus to get my needs met, on my own at home alone. I would LOVE to be part of a church that ministered to my needs (counsel/prayer – both of which I badly need) and which had long seasons of prayer and encouraged outreach.
        Don’t worry Susan, you can make it with just Jesus – it’s just a lot tougher that’s all.
        But doable.

      • mackeysback

        Yes as I was taking in Lindy’s comments it took me to the Word I had received from our Lord while at rest in Him very very early this past week when He “LOUDLY” Trumpeted to me this word saying do you know Mark that it is much easier to be delivered from the evil part of the knowledge of the good and evil tree then it is from the so-called good part? My Soul pondered that word when I said yes Lord I believe I hear your voice speaking into my soul saying “Come out of Her” meaning: the false good part of the lying wisdom of both good and evil WHY YOU MAY BE ASKING! because No really good as in Gods good tree can produce both good and evil as it all a Lie that fallen man has been feeding his or her including my soul upon until we Die in Jesus allowing Him to mortify our carnal fleshly reasonings of good and evil. For me, the good was some of those deep-rooted lusts and desires of my old nature having rooted themselves there for over 60 yrs and they don’t come OUT easy but out they must come as Jesus said every plant or in my case pleasures must be rooted up and out is my earnest prayer so the real good we are doing is Gods Good as Sister says eating and feeding upon His will alone and Yes Loving our neighbor as we would ourselves presenting the Gospel of good news to them as Gods leads us Amen. Who is my/our neighbor(s) EVERYBODY our Father brings across our path be they good or evil as they are both dead as a result of being rooted to that same Lie God Help us Amen

  3. vrcorey

    Mario, please make the Reno convention available via video live plus recordings so many more can receive the blessings of the Lord. Happy to pay into your ministry this way. There is a revolution happening in the body of Christ… Hallelujah

    • Michelle

      Yes, live video would be nice….come to the east coast! I’ve heard Perry live several times here in OH & it would be great for you both to come here together.

  4. Norma Jean evans

    I agree with you, the truth is everything

  5. Noel

    Brother, I have only been following your posts for a couple months but they continue speaking directly to my spirit. What happened to the Pentecostal Church? You reference David Wilkerson numerous times and I will be honest. I began searching out his sermons on the Times Square Church website and Youtube about the same time I reconnected with your ministry. Thank you for reminding us all of the proven ancient paths! They will never lead us astray!

  6. Lindy

    My favourite line in this blog: “It has gotten so bad that Sundays have become a celebration of how much God lets you get away with.”

    That’s EXACTLY how it feels!

    You look around at some of the people whom you know are living far from God, drinking and living like the world, their arms raised to Heaven in worship, and others who are fighting with others all the time, slandering etc., others with short skirts and low cut tops and so on..
    ..all “one big happy family!” “God loves me just the way I am!” “No one is perfect!” “I can wear a bikini at a pool and still be a woman of God,”(one sister told me, I told her she is wrong.)

    Yes, it truly does feel like we are their to celebrate how much God let’s us get away with!
    Except He doesn’t, (as brother Murillo knows full well.)
    “The Lord is not slack concerning His promise but is long suffering toward us not willing that any should perish.”

  7. Mark Andrew James

    Deep, deep in my soul where the real knowing happens—I know God is doing something new. God is finished with hirelings. He is drawing a remnant out of corruption and into a special, supernatural nearness to Him. They will empty themselves of everything. Every ambition will be burned out—except for one—to love and please the Lord Jesus Christ. They will change everything they are doing now, and begin to walk in the power of and for the glory of God Almighty!

    And they will change everything! Yes this word I copy is for me whereas they say the rubber meets the road as so many souls have NO Spiritual Insight as to our Gods longing for the souls of humanity to be delivered by His Life-Giving Spirit Himself who is the Lord for the Lord is the Spirit and where the Spirit is one’s Soul must be also so the Lord Indwelling her as is His Holy place can TRANSFORM Her from a lowly body of glorious humility into the Body of His Glory so the Two become that One New creature truly and wholly body soul and Spirit as that One eternal Immortal Man as is His divine Image Amen

  8. Shoshanna M. Zimmerman

    I am so grateful for these articles and comments. I don’t fit in the church world anymore . l was saved in an Assembly of God church Jan 1st, 1971. I have seen the ups and downs of church fads coming and going. By ministers who made themselves very wealthy off of their doctrines. What we have now is the fruit from these ministries. In 2013, the Lord said to me “if you press in to by presents daily I will be more precious to you than gold”. I took him up on his gracious offer and changed my prayer life to what pleases the Lord. I am so glad I did.

    • mackeysback

      Yes, I also in 1971 and went from the Baptist on strict adherence to their doctrine to the Assembly of God full gospel “So they said” only to endure much hardship to finally after Coming out of that spiritual Babylon WITHIN my own soul He set us apart FULLY in Him on January 15th 2010 a 3am in the morning after a dark night. And yes the answer to a conquering Overcoming Life in Jesus is the giving upward of ones own soul so He not only enters Unvailing Himself because in Him there is NO VEIL Amen sister Amen

    • Lindy

      I wish we could edit our said “by presents”however, I believe you mean “My Presence.”
      I totally agree sister that that is main thing. Pressing through (past the cares of life, chores, problems) into the Presence of Jesus. Spending time in his Presence and singing to Him, waiting on Him, sharing with Him. Then after a good season of time with Him, letting Him guide our prayers to what He desires us to pray for.
      It is in His Presence that things happen: we come “alive unto Him” and are united with Him.



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