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I am about to relate to you the greatest intervention of God I have ever seen come to a hurting area. I pray to God you get to read this because, my friend, powerful people don’t want you to know what I am about to tell you.

Here are the names of men murdered in Stockton, a short time before we began ministering there:

Larry Ganner, 66, assaulted and killed April 26 in the 2300 block of E. Washington Street. A suspect has been arrested in relation to this case.

Alan Cazares, 23, was shot and killed April 26 in the 400 block of Delhi Avenue. A suspect has been arrested in relation to this case.

Open cases:

Mark Echeverria, 28, shot and killed April 28 near El Dorado Street and Hazelton Avenue.

Ronald Celestine, 34, shot and killed May 1 in the 5100 block of Holiday Drive.

Benny Lott, 34 shot and killed May 4 in the 5100 block of Holiday Drive.

Joshua Moorer, 26, was shot and killed May 18 in the 200 Block of E. Bianchi Road.

Andrew Molinares, 22, was shot and killed May 21 in the 3000 block of Monte Diablo Avenue.

A man was shot and killed May 22 near the intersection of Sierra Nevada Street and Poplar Street. His identity has not been confirmed.

Everett Johnson, 45, was shot and killed May 26 in the 8100 block of Palisades Drive.

Abdul Brown, 16, was shot and killed May 26 in the 600 block of E. Oak Street.

Robert Renteria, 21, was shot and killed May 28 on Northbound Interstate 5, north of the Charter Way exit. California Highway Patrol is in charge of this case.

This list does not include the killings that took place during the days of the tent meetings, because those statistics have not been released yet.  To put it mildly, the situation in Stockton is insane.  Officer Joseph Silva, a Stockton Police Department spokesperson stated: “This area has been hit hard, and we just had a homicide this week. Now we have five people shot. Enough is enough. We need to bring some type of relief to this area and (to) the police. We can’t do this alone.”

Violence is only one factor in the strangulation of this city. The other is homelessness. It has reached critical mass in the city. And they are at a total loss to know what to do about it.

Why do I tell you this? Because there are things you need to know.  First, you need to know we have placed our lives on the line.  Next, you need to see that it was a miracle anyone came out at night to the tent. People fear the violence. The homeless won’t leave their stuff for fear it will be stolen.

Finally, you need to see who the villains are: they are the Utopian Socialists that run this rogue state−and, they are in denial. California cities are disintegrating. I have zero doubt it has to do with their anti-God policies. They have destroyed the concept of family. They have oppressed pastors. They have burned tax money on lunatic projects. They are so far gone that just saying this may get me banned from social media.

No one had ever done a tent crusade in the park at Weber Point. We had to jump through more Government hoops than you can imagine. They charged us a massive amount in fees just to use a grass field.

Now you know what we were facing when we put up the tent and hoped for lost souls, addicts, and gang members to come hear the Gospel and receive divine healing in their bodies.

Because we hadn’t yet purchased lighted “exit” signs, the fire chief made us take the walls of the tent out, which made me angry because I felt this made us even more vulnerable to people in the park who might want to disrupt the meetings.

Opening night was the lowest attendance we’ve ever seen in our tent, but it was far bigger that we had a right to expect.  Satan served notice that he wanted us to leave.  He filled a man with rage who jumped to his feet during the service and began to slander me—calling me and the miracles fake, and telling the people that they should leave.

I was shocked at how the crowd, many of whom were not believers, rejected this outburst. They were hungry for hope. If Jesus was real, they were desperate to know it. Their hunger drew in the anointing. I was astounded at how unfazed the Holy Spirit was in a tent without walls in a dangerous park.

Suddenly, God turned the tables on the enemy−because there were no walls, the people in the park could see and hear everything. Instead of the dark invading the light, the light was piercing the darkness!

There were many miraculous healings. By the Holy Spirit, I asked a young woman to place her hands on her stomach. The Holy Spirit told me that a growth was vanishing. She pressed and pressed, searching for it, but the growth was gone.

What a joy to watch pain from diseases leave the poor who could not afford to languish in emergency wards.  Legs, hearts, lungs and so many afflicted areas of their bodies were healed!

On another night, I asked a mom to place her hand on her daughter’s spine. This was more significant that I could have ever imagined. The young lady had stage-four cancer and the mother blurted out that it had begun in her spine area. Coincidence? Not in a million years!

Every night the front would fill with lost souls repenting and turning their lives over to Jesus. It is awe-inspiring to see souls, totally free of pride, plunging into Christ!

I must give honor where honor is due. We asked worship teams from powerful churches to come and lead worship. We also invited spiritual generals from the region. First of all, I want to honor Bishop Steve Perea from Christian Worship Center in Manteca, who came to the tent regularly and did so much to help us. I also want to honor Verna Brown from Soul Harvest Church in Modesto, who was so supportive. Pastor Deborah Berteau from The House Modesto church brought an army of intercessors, without which we could not have done this.

I want to give extra special honor to Frank Saldana from Inner City Action in Stockton knows this city as few do. The efforts of both Frank and his teams are beyond heroic, and they were instrumental in our coming to Weber Point. Last, but not least, I also want to honor Kim Saldana who literally won the war to get us a permit to come to this strategic location.

Before we knew it, the curse over the park was broken, every seat was filled, and every life was getting a full dose of the power and love of Jesus.

I have never seen Satan fight so hard to hold on to people, nor have I ever seen God neutralize so much evil and despair under our tent, and replace it with His righteousness and joy!

Stockton was our Jericho. Stockton was our D-Day. Now it is on to Fresno, where a fresh war awaits us.

And we know that God will give us victory there, too!





  1. Evang Roger Culwell

    Amen praise God, I know the spiritual war was something else, but thank God for victory.

  2. Munteanu Pam

    Am so stoked to hear this good report – I pray for my American neighbours all the time – Mario you know we deal with the same issues with liberal evil agenda – Lord help – Bless you a thousand times for your bravery Deut 1-11 and to all the glorious team who helped As One

    Pam from Edmonton AB ??

  3. Kay Fisher

    May the next Jerico be even more times greater than this in the name of Master Messiah Jesus. Amen

  4. Carolina

    Mario and Team, I will hold you and your safety up in on going prayer before our GREAT Lord and King Jesus Christ. For it is people like you who are on the front lines, who dare to care enough to actually make a difference. America’s once beautiful California is an American tragedy and Mario you are ABSOLUTELY correct it is the civic political leadership that has dropped kicked the ball into satan’s court and they did it willingly with fervor. IF (and that’s a big if) they’d have placed even one iota of that same fervor & willingness into God’s way of doing things… California could have been a harbinger of the Might and Power of Christ and His Kingdom with His way of doing things. Instead its become a Harbinger of what ills can befall the rest of the American landscape with similar egregious elected leadership.
    Please pay attention America!?

  5. apriljulianne

    I praise God for you Mario—for your incredible love, bravery, integrity, tenacity and sacrifice. America desperately needs more leaders like you! May the Lord give you supernatural favor, strength, peace and joy throughout all these crusades! Also, please consider coming to Denver one day. It is also a city that’s fallen under the spell of “utopian socialist” evil. May God bless & protect you always. ??❤️

    • Thomas Craig

      I have been looking forward to the meetings in Denver (Lakewood) 6/12 – 6/14 with great expectation. All of my family is there and I am praying they will attend these meetings with me. I’ve been praying the Holy Spirit will draw them there and will show them what they need to see and experience to transform their lives, heal their bodies and call them into the Kingdom of God. Colorado has become California at a much higher elevation, but Satan is destroying that beautiful state also with progressive and socialist ideology. I am expecting a shaking from Heaven to reverberate throughout the state and beyond. Praise God for men and women like you, Mario who still believe, push back and fight against the gates of hell until they crumble under the weight of God’s Glory.

      • Bill Robinson

        thanks for the testimony BillRobinson

      • Ann

        What meetings are you referring to? I live in Denver and would like to know../

      • apriljulianne

        Thomas Craig thanks for the info! My family and I are moving from Orange County in CA to Denver this summer. I will be praying for your family’s freedom!! I’m so grateful Mario will be there in June, as Denver is also in tremendous need. California & Colorado are both in my prayers ??????

  6. Mark Stripling, Ransomed Ministries

    God continue to bring revival to California, and may it spread across our nation. God, please pour out your Spirit and power! Revive us again!

  7. She

    How GREAT is Our God!!!

  8. Linda

    Amen, let GOD ARISE AND HIS ENEMIES BE SCATTERED. HOLY SPIRIT is pouring out of HIS people. PRAISE JESUS. We declare Isaiah 60 happening all over our Country!
    Praying for you! BLESSINGS from above

  9. Me

    In prayer heard the word REPLENISH…

  10. Lindy

    Thank you for the report brother Murillo! What miracles God has wrought!!
    After learning of the situation in Stockton and the absolute chaos and despair of the place, it truly is marvelous that God has saved so many and healed so many!
    But that’s where God goes isn’t it? Where the darkness is deepest is where He desires to bring Light.
    God BLESS you brother! I could hug you!
    I am so thankful also for the team of intercessors and the worship groups and other helps who came to this great cause.
    I pray that Stockton will go from glory to glory and be transformed and become a city of righteousness to Gods’ Glory.
    I am so thrilled reading all you shared.
    I am also encouraged to hear the police dept admit that its too much for them that they need outside help! Well, the Lord brought that help far better than they could hope for.
    Thank you again!

  11. Sandra Pooley

    All praise, honor, and glory goes to our heavenly KING, The LORD JESUS CHRIST, Almighty God, Conqueror of Conquerors, Mighty in Battle who has won the war. He is now helping you with your prayer warriors who are doing the mop up operations. Mario, I thank God for you as you take to the battle field with JESUS as your CAPTAIN of the HOSTS OF HEAVEN. He is equipping His saints to tear down the walls of the enemy. May we help the police in every town in which we live and give them the extra hands, ears, and eyes to accomplish what they need to do. Bring them to their knees before ALMIGHTY GOD, their CREATOR, STRENGTH, AND RESOURCE. i pray the pastors and Godly men and women of STOCKTON will meet with these men and women of Stockton’s Police force and show them how to put on the armor of God with the fruit of the Spirit. FRESNO will be 7 times as glorious. Hallelujah! PTL! Our prayers are with you as is you MARCH INTO FRESNO. Tell us when to SHOUT AND WE WILL ALL SHOUT (out loud where we are) TOGETHER AND KEEP ON SHOUTING TO THE LORD (as He gives us utterance) GIVING HIM ALL THE HONOR AND GLORY. Amen and amen!

  12. Linda

    Praise you God for healings and miracles! Magnify your name in all the earth.

  13. Ron Giovanetti

    Yesssssss Glory to the King??????. We are waiting for you to come to Fresno. We live in Madera and have been interceding and laboring for the greatest outpouring ever seen in this land ✝️??. The LORD abundantly bless and overwhelm you and all with you in gracious power and protection ???

    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone

  14. Sandra Douglas

    Amazing …..God grant you His Favor magnified and multiplied in Jesus Name as His Kingdom is enlarged through His Perfect Will fulfilled wherever He sends you !

    Sent from my iPhone


  15. Christine H.

    What an Amazing outcome for all your hard work. Thank you for all your LOVE for our LORD + SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST. We so appreciate your deep investment spiritually in our beloved state of California. May it bring a tidal wave of REVIVAL in every community along Hywy. 99 corridor + beyond. We Love + Appreciate you + staff/friends …BLESSINGS ?

  16. kingskid48

    This is so thrilling and wonderful, Pastor Mario. But I had thought you were going to bring the tent to the Modesto-Turlock area. It is so needed here also. Please don’t write off the agricultural community. Praying for salvations, blessings, healings, and protection of you and all your crew and volunteers, also all attendees.

  17. cactusflower18

    He sure will, Hallelujah!!!! From glory to glory and faith to faith; sic em’ Holy Spirit!!!!!! Keep them devils on the run!!!!!
    Amen; what a wonderful testimony! NOTHING is impossible with our God!!!!

  18. Brad

    Making me think of Maria Woodworth Etter. God can & He will!!

    On Wed, Jun 5, 2019, 4:20 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “I am about to relate to you the greatest > intervention of God I have ever seen come to a hurting area. I pray to God > you get to read this because, my friend, powerful people don’t want you to > know what I am about to tell you. Here are the names of men m” >

  19. John

    Thank you for your ministry of encouragement. Jesus loves #Stockton and I believe a spiritual awakening has happened, and we shall see prayer meetings, and intercession like never before happening throughout the city.

  20. Charity Treick

    Praise God for what He has done in Stockton, CA and for what He is doing in other cities as well through your ministry!!?✝️ I once led worship for one of your crusades in the Los Angeles area, and attended another of your crusades in Clearlake, CA. Now I live in Stockton, MO and have been diagnosed with endometrial cancer and I am believing and trusting God for healing! I don’t know if you will be seeing this post or not, but if so I would be so thankful if you would pray for me for total, divine healing in Jesus name!! God bless you Mario!! I am praying for you and your ministry and for many salvations and healings to take place and increase in the mighty name of JESUS!! To HIM be all the glory!!!❤️✝️?

    • mariomurilloministries

      Charity, Jesus is beside you at this moment. I am praying for His miracle touch on your body and for cancer to vanish! -Mario

  21. Surfcourier

    “Satan served notice that he wanted us to leave. He filled a man with rage who jumped to his feet during the service and began to slander me – calling me and the miracles fake, and telling the people that they should leave.”

    I would not have been surprised had that man been struck by God and fallen dead under the tent. It is a serious thing to touch God’s Anointed, either by thoughts, words, or deeds. Mario was not only touched by those railing words, but Jesus Christ as well. This man showed utter disrespect and dishonor toward the man of God, the Presence of the Holy Spirit, The Lord Jesus, and the Heavenly Father Who was looking on. The Wonderful Works of God were blasphemed as fakery. This was a grievous sin against the Spirit of Christ and the Grace of God. And the audacity to tell the people they should vacate that hallowed ground.

    Little did that person know the whole episode was recorded against him and will be brought up and reviewed at his time of Judgement. I do pray he will find mercy and be granted repentance before too late. It is a fearful thing to fall into the Hands of the Living God. Jesus said the ones who received His disciples received Him as well. And the ones who received Him received His Father also.



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