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Jussie Smollett lied about the attack. Nicholas Sandmann, the much vilified high school student, did nothing wrong. The report ordered by the Left and carried out by Robert Mueller was all based on lies, and no evidence of Russian collusion was found. This trifecta of lies was well conceived. They were backed by a juggernaut of social media gods. Every Leftist celebrity tweeted their belief in all three of these fake news stories. Many still believe these lies. Why wouldn’t they? What does truth have to do with their agenda to bring down Donald Trump?

That we ever found out the truth is, in itself, a miracle of epic proportions. Never in history has there been a more powerful loom upon which to spin lies. They had the technology. They had unfettered control of every news agency and talk show. They had it all, except for one thing—God.

On January 23rd, I was awakened and felt compelled to write a blog. Never…and I mean never, have I fought the Holy Spirit so vigorously over a blog. I was ordered at that time to make a prediction that seemed foolish, if not insane−that these lies would all be suddenly exposed.

Try to remember what was happening. The Left was sprinting toward an ideological finish line. President Donald Trump was once again down for the count. The Left and the media were trying to blame the government shutdown on the President. Celebrities were suggesting that Nicholas Sandmann should receive a physical beating.

One writer for SNL offered to perform a sex act on the first man to punch the boy. We were told Mueller had the magic bullet to bring down Donald Trump. Mueller was churning out pseudo-evidence, left and right. Nancy Pelosi was trying to ban the State of the Union Address. The House was piling up one investigation after another, probing into every aspect of the President’s life. Then came the crowning glory−Jussie Smollett  fabricated a hate-crime, pretending that he had been attacked by Trump supporters.

The Left ran with all of this. They did a victory dance over a vanquished foe. The feigned outrage from Democrats outdid Jussie’s acting skills.

Nevertheless, I was ordered by the Lord to write these words: “God will allow lies to grow to such an extreme that it will soon nauseate Americans. The glorification of perversion, the bullying of children, and the parade of insane ideas, will fill the vat and sicken America. God will see to this. Not only this, but He will bring high profile liars to an end. He will do this right on time.  Again, child of God, hold on!

Mr. President, “Stand your ground!”” Donald Trump stood his ground. (Not because he read my blog. I have no reason to believe he did.) And then he gave the towering State of the Union Address that bumped his approval rate overnight: from 38% to 52%.

Notice the part about, “He will bring high profile liars to an end.” I can’t tell you how many people have commented on that, with disdain, and even some friends commented with sympathy, “I sure hope you’re right.” Now look at all the careers that are ending right before our eyes.

But this is not the end of it. Suddenly, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez showed the disastrous effects of her socialist politics. By rejecting the offer from Amazon.com, she destroyed thousands of jobs and stopped billions in wealth from coming to her constituents.

And why was McCabe suddenly forced to admit that there existed a ‘deep state’ within the F.B.I., designed to bring down the President?

What does all of this mean? It means that as the direct result of intercessors who have been praying, the hand of God has offered a ramp to revival. However, this is also the most dangerous moment I have ever seen for the American church.  Thus, I make a new prediction.

Hear me! In the eyes of God, the lukewarm American church is every bit as disgusting as the radical Left. The church is guilty of perverting the Truth, the Left is guilty of suffocating the truth.

The same act of God that exposed the lies that have come oozing out of the Left, will now expose false preachers, man-made empires, and doctrines of devils that are widely celebrated in the Body of Christ.

Hear me! The same God that is moving to save America by dismantling the deep state, will now turn His attention to the deep state within the American church that is draining it of her true purpose in this hour.

I solemnly warn you, celebrity preacher: Dismiss your fawning entourage. Break your ties with Oprah. Cleanse your house of the quasi-New Age doctrines that have filled your coffers with poisonous wealth. Your end-time doctrine has fooled you! You are not evangelizing the world, you are colonizing it. You closed the altar and opened the cocktail bar.

Wake up! Is your lavishly appointed empire a temple, discipling believers for Christ, or are you building your own tomb?  You have proven the power of marketing−you have not proven “what is that good, acceptable, and perfect will of God.” (Romans 12:2)

Break before God! Weep! Find the original spark of passion for Jesus from back in the dawn of your ministry. Do this now! You are almost out of time.


 Remember therefore from where you have fallen; repent and do the first works, or else I will come to you quickly and remove your lampstand from its place—unless you repent. – Rev. 2:5

If you do not take a stand against abortion, sexual perversion, drunkenness, and the spirit of Jezebel, God will also stop taking a stand against your enemies. The deadline is here!

Why are all these lies being exposed right now? Because the zero hour of awakening is here, and God is going to have a testimony! But, to the righteous core, both to the faithful pastor and to the diligent intercessor, come these mighty words of life:

“You will shine like the sun! Your enemies will be driven back. The funds needed to implement the purposes of God are being released! Your children will be carried back to you.  While many mourn and weep, you will see a bumper crop − even out of dry ground!”

I am speaking all of these words by the Spirit of God, so: Take heed!


  1. Jimmie Gill

    Thank you for being obedient to God. Jimmie Gill

  2. kingskid48

    If this doesn’t wake the lukewarm and compromising pastors, Pastor Mario, I don’t know what will. God bless you for your faithful boldness.

  3. Evang Roger Culwell

    Amen, I just heard a message last night, that explains a lot more about what some are doing, as I already experienced and seen a little of, about some who have allowed evils spirits in to boost their church growth, there mixing Afa. style demonic witchcraft, prophets, the third eye, mystic powers in with the church, promising prosperity, boosting church growth, for a price not going into it all, but from what the Lord has shown me and what I saw in the last few months, and experienced, I know it’s true, I know it is and they are coming against the preachers who stand for God and will not be moved, and who preach with the fire of the Holy Spirit, with there Afa. witch Dr. and their powers, to stop the and disempower the real church of the Living God Yahweh, they murder the ones who try and leave after they join them, but as the Church, WE MUST, pray like never before, I can hear things in the Spirit when I pray, and this has been a battle because the enemy doesn’t want to give up, Ca. and the attacks that come when praying for these towns here, we are in a fight for our lives and this nation, theses, devils have taken over this nation and the Church, and the Church leaders don’t mind, we will cut you up and chop you down to size, if you tell on us, we will cast you out we have the power, No God Still Rules and Reigns, and he will have his say, on what goes on in his house, some have just missed it, and the message I heard last night proves all this mystic crap going on in the Church with physic powers, the third eye, tells me a lot about what some have been saying, and it was bothering me, mixing those evil demonic powers in with the Church, abominations to the Lord, some have gotten so big in there own head they don’t need or want God, and we will never have Church unless his precious Holy Spirit is in control, the Lord had told me to expose these things, but I didn’t have much proof on it, except some started screaming as soon as I told one dream, a woman stood up and pointed her fingure in my face, and called me a false prophet, a liar among other things, and until that point I didn’t even know who she was, because she looked different in pictures in the past I had seen, but in the video she was dressed just like I seen in the vision and I knew who she was then, and she was selling drugs, and they were trying to kill me, and the message I heard last night brought a whole lot more to light, its far deeper than we think, these people offer saccrifices satan and other demons, and one woman offered me to satan, it was a horrible ordeal, and it came from them trying to take me out, we must be armed and trained for battle, I have fought all my life in the Church, but this is something the Church never fought before, and all these things being brought into the Church bro. Mario mentioned, is part of those prophets of baal or prophets who worship other Gods, with mystic powers, the third eye, mind reading, which they receive from thses demons, and thats what we are up against, the pure demonic, the strongest satan has, and we can’t soft ball any more, its time to get tough and run some devils out, I know if some have prayed like I have this week and before, you had some things come against you, oh by the way those things God promised that haven’t shown up yet, there holding them back, while they bless the ones following them, they cause delays and hinderiences on the people of God, we are in a knock down drag out war to save this nation and Gods Church, I was told not to put anything on Twitter right now, in a battle, with the enemy to take back what he has held back and taken from us all, don’t give up we must fight remember the word says, straight is the gate and narrow is the way, and there be few that find it, Mat 7:14, and that is so sad, but its all about them having a wonderful time, living a hollywood life style, that has taken us far from the ways of Christ, they allow sin, the bible don’t, and as for me I stand on what my bible say’s, some where they got so smart in there studies, they for got what DO means, and what DO NOT means, because there doing everything the bible says don’t do, We must take the Church back some have rejected the message God gave me 2Cor. 12:20-21 Sermon C. will not even except it, they rejected it, and would not put it up, and so have many others, why because they never stop accusing me day and night just look on T. one of the things mentioned in verse 20, slanders, accusers, gossip,s, its on the leaders, as they analyze and judge you, you can say the Lord told you something no he didn’t that don’t go with what I believe, I don’t care what you believe, I do as he say’s, ans many are missing it, and don’t have a clue why because the Holy Spirit is not leading them, and the Holy Spirits discernment is the only thing that will expose the evil in the Church today, and they want bro. Mario gone, and they want me gone, because we are bringing there follies and tricks and deception to light, and rebirthing his Holy Spirit back in the Church, and they want any one gone who is doing this. Be Blessed Brother

    • Evang Roger Culwell

      Oh and I forgot to add, the one in the video I mentioned, and many others live in Ca. it takes us fighting like crazy, but only God can do this, God fights what his true people stand against, and stand for in him, what we allow he will allow, but what we stop he will stop, but we must do our part, and then be sure God will do his, people can’t handle the truth of the word any more, because there so full of sin, and the word condemns sin, the Holy Spirit convicts, and we turn from it if we are of God 1 John 3, if we stay in sin, we are not his, its that simple!

    • cactusflower18

      You are so right Bro.! Have you ever read Evang. John Ramirez books, a former satanist who was saved after 25 yrs. of serving the devil? He now exposes the plots and strategies of the evil one, also; Steven Bancarz who came out of New Age. You can find both of these former practitioners on Youtube. They would concur with you wholeheartedly…..my armor is on and I fight! Thank you for sharing!

      • Evang Roger Culwell

        No Ma’am I haven’t, I need to check into some more on this, after what I have seen and heard, the Lord told me to expose it, and gave me a vision but I never experienced it until the last few months, there’s another message I need to listen to on this Apostle physic powers in the church, thank you for your input I will look into and something else just hit me, he mentioned these oils, they used, and that is sending off a warning to, thank you very much.

        • cactusflower18

          You are welcome Brother; let me know what you think. Both of these gentlemen are on Youtube and I think you will love to listen to their testimonies and what they have shared since then; blessings to you Brother Roger!

          • Evang Roger Culwell

            Blessings to you sis.

  4. Evelyn Forehand

    Mario, you used the word nauseated and sickened. The Lord spoke to my friend and said……The left will choke on their vomit.

    Praying for you in Arizona!

    Sent from my iPad


  5. Ida Alvarado Zamora

    <3 Amen.

  6. Cyndi Goodrich

    THANK YOU for sharing the heart of God with us and for crying LOUD to awaken this sleeping bride from her slumber and for calling the backslidden to repentance. We need more men of God like you Brother!

  7. Kim Barrett

    Thank you for sharing what Godput in your heart!

  8. Helen Ruch

    Once again Mario you are screaming from your heart for these people to come to God. Truth in every word you say.
    Thank you so much for being here for us.
    Praying for you everyday.
    Love, love, love you.

  9. Loree Wills

    Amen sir! You speak the truth! Thank you!

  10. Dave Thomas

    Thank you Mario,
    You have been a constant and strong voice of reason and hope in a dark place.

    God bless you for your faithfulness, and steadfast conversation on behalf of God, to bring America, and the Church into a greater understanding and expression in greater accord.

    God bless President Trump, and may the Lord add to His strong support of Donald Trump and supporters from heaven, the greatest number of people in allegiance on earth who have ever voted for a President or candidate in our history.

    I am praying that 40 Sovereign States will unite with the Lord in this and give to the Lord and His elect an overwhelming victory in super majority of the house and the senate, to bring our 3 Branches of Government pledged to Him and modeled after Him on earth, to a greater understanding and expression of Jesus in superior and supreme expression from heaven into greater accord and “more perfect union”!

    This will result to and from God’s sovereign answer to the praying Church, the greatest revival in history to be sustained until His appearing, by increase of the greater estate of the Church in the midst of all Nations for discipleship in the eternal, immutable, and ever increasing Isaiah 9:7 Kingdom of Jesus Christ Immortal, Amen!

    ~ Isaiah 33:22 “For the Lord (Jesus Immortal) is our judge, the Lord (Jesus Christ Immortal) is our lawgiver (by His Spirit), and the Lord (Ascended Immortal in His own resurrected Body) is our King (and qualifier of our President in Chief Executive Power);
    It is He (The Lord of Lord’s, and King of Kings, ever living enthroned in the New Jerusalem) who will save us.
    ~ Psalm 33:12

  11. Mark Stripling, Ransomed Ministries

    Some denominations have forsaken Christ. They embrace doctrines of demons and every evil work gladly. “Spirit-filled” churches have become wealthy, comfortable, have fallen asleep, and are compromised. They would do well to read Revelation 3:14-18 and Matthew 25, starting with verse 1. Too many pastors and churches are comfortable with compromise, and they might as well hang “do not disturb” signs on their doors when a true Holy Ghost filled evangelist comes for a service. God bless Mario, what you say will come to pass!

  12. cactusflower18

    Absolutely! I so agree and will stand my ground. I am willing in the day of His power! Thank you Bro. Mario for standing for the Truth!

  13. Jill Vaughn

    Praise God! The lies I also have been tackling in prayer led of the Spirit.

  14. Rick

    Yes, and there is so much more. The worship of Moloch is rampant and babies are being sacrificed just like in the time of the Old Testament. People in our government are guilty and blood sacrifices have become a common theme among the rich and powerful in government and in other governments across the globe. There is a cry for the appearance of the anti-Christ as satanic forces work behind the scenes to bring him forth. This nation and other nations have been under a spiritual attack of such proportions like never in world history. But then the Lord allowed for our President to step in and shut down their operations systematically and bring them to justice. Soon they will be exposed as many documents will be declassified and names will be brought to light that will shock the world.

    The churches of our nation have been allowing so much ungodliness to enter them and many foul pseudo ministers have been leading millions astray with false doctrines and teachings that appeal to the flesh and deny the Spirit. It has been a grief to me that we do not hear the words repent in the messages coming from the pulpit but rather sick and impotent messages of God wanting to fill our every desire and bless us. There is no fear of God in the body of Christ and so there is no preaching warning sinners to flee from the wrath to come. We have become weak and insipid and I believe that God is going to expose the hypocrites among us who refuse to repent and turn again to the faith they once embraced with their whole being. I have been praying that God would break us and call forth prophets who would cry out against the sins of God’s people like the prophets of old. We have many prophets for profit filling up churches and robbing God’s people and the world hears their messages and scorns Christians and Christianity, and rightly so, as we have become a mockery of what once was a glorious body of saints.

    I believe in my heart that the Lord is returning for a church without spot of wrinkle or any such thing as declared in scripture. Judgment must begin at the house of God before the preaching of the word can come with anointing and authority across the world and sweep in a revival that will bring the fear of God and the love of God as Jude declares and deliver our nation and many across the world from the dominion of the evil one and those who serve him. We will see a time of revival and peace once more in America. We cannot rest then no matter how good things might get because Satan never rests and the end times prophecies remaining will be fulfilled and the time of the anti-Christ will come as the scriptures predict it will. The price of freedom has always been eternal vigilance. We must return to being obedient to the command of God to “watch and pray” for ourselves as individuals and for our nation and our heritage as a people and for our children and grandchildren in every generation until the Lord brings time to an end and we are finally home with him forever.

    To God be all the glory, honor and praise now and forever. Amen!

    • cactusflower18

      Amen; it all will be uncovered and revealed, no matter what or who; praise the Lord for His wonderful mercy and for putting our duly beloved and elected President Donald J Trump! I totally agree with you Rick! Thank you for your comments.

  15. Noel

    Keep on speaking! Do not be silent! The true prophet always exposes sin! The true prophet always calls the people to repent and get a new heart and spirit. Yes, a fresh filling and outpouring of the Holy Spirit is the only answer to combat this age of compromise!

    “Your end-time doctrine has fooled you! You are not evangelizing the world, you are colonizing it!..


  16. Kathy Z Shotwell

    This is a right-on the mark message, love this ministry. Thank you Mario Murillo!!!!!!!!



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