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In the next few years, you will see social media virtually ban all preaching. Not only that, but there will be a concerted effort to marginalize the church in ways you never imagined. Does that mean that Bible-based Christianity is over in America? Absolutely not! You watch: God will come out of nowhere to meet this threat.

Remember I told you this…a new kind of Christian leader will soon appear. They will not fit any present mold. They will be the catalysts. They will usher in the next great awakening.

A few of them will be in pulpits. More of them will be in politics, business, science, law, entertainment, music, or a thousand other fields of endeavor.  They will not introduce subjects—they will introduce eras.  


No one will be able to buy them off or get them to change the subject. They will operate on a disquieting plane of holiness and consecration. I believe A. W. Tozer was describing them when he said, “They serve God and mankind from motives too high to be understood by the rank and file of religious retainers who today shuttle in and out of the sanctuary.”

Today they suffer. Their agony is what happens when worlds collide. They see their destiny. It’s big and dangerous. A part of them glories in the potential to know God intimately and represent Him bravely. They see themselves rebuking kings, tyrants, and warmongers. They see themselves commanding the transfer of the wealth of the wicked into the control of the righteous. (Is. 60:5)

 God is warring to save America. You must find your assignment in that war. But how can we know our assignment?

The secret to finding your assignment is your heart. God speaks to the heart and then the heart must control the mind. Today, many spirit-filled believers are unwittingly involved in New Age practices. They relate to God as if He were some kind of ‘force’ rather than a Person.

They think that audacity and confidence will unlock gifts, authority, and direction. They speak of “activating gifts” as if there was a formula to supernatural manifestations. My friend, it comes through brokenness, not arrogance. The ‘force’ is a farce.

The gifts and anointing of the Holy Spirit always come through relationship. Sorry, but Christianity has always been, and always will be, family owned and operated. So then how can we know our assignment?

Your assignment in the Army of God is your individual expression and extension of Christ’s destruction of the works of the devil. You are a destroyer of the works of the devil. God will give you a way to do it that is unique to you.

Until that gets through to you—until you admit and agree to those terms—God will remain silent about your assignment.

Because the situation today in America is an impossible one, only one kind of person will make a difference now. They must be armed with divine certainty. They must own an unshakable, bone-deep conviction that they have been chosen for this task.

Without this, we have zero hope of removing the bloody talons of Satan from the throat of our nation. Without it, we are doomed to another embarrassing misfire, pawned off as revival.

Next, you must face the fact that very few believers are supposed to be teachers, preachers, or pastors (see James 3:1). For too long, we have listened to the voice of God through a filter. In the past, whenever God has moved someone to serve Him, we have assumed it meant ‘ministry.’

This assumption of ministry has sent many Christians to Bible College who didn’t belong there. Worse yet, it has filled pulpits with people who should have never been ordained. This reminds me of why President Woodrow Wilson once said, “One of the proofs of the divinity of the Gospel is the preaching it has survived.”

This filtered view of service is one big reason the church lost influence in our nation. God tried to send people into education, law, medicine, business, art, media, and yes, even politics−but instead, we herded them into “Christian service.”

You see it in the Bible. You see it in the stories of heroes of faith throughout history who altered the course of their generation. At the dawn of their mission, God infused them with incontestable certainty.

This certainty plays a critical role in their survival. Think of it like the escape velocity of a rocket. Escape velocity is one of the biggest challenges of space travel. In order for a rocket to break free of the Earth’s gravitational force it must reach a speed of seven miles per second. That’s 25,000 miles per hour!

Evil convulses at the approach of a new vessel of God. Hell instantly puts chosen ones on a hit list. The child of God must be blasted by divine certainty into a trajectory that will escape the pull of devils, the seduction of fame, withering criticism, and the dark night of the soul that comes to all who are called of God.

From his death bed, John Wesley wrote his last letter to William Wilberforce to encourage him as he fought in Parliament to abolish slavery in England. In this letter, Wesley confirms the urgency of divine certainty: “Unless God has raised you up for this very thing, you will be worn out by the opposition of men and devils. But if God be for you, who can be against you?  Are all of them together stronger than God? O be not weary of well doing! Go on, in the name of God and in the power of his might…”

Understand this child of God! The same Spirit that is awakening a passion and direction in you is doing the same thing to millions more. Soon an army will emerge that will invade every area of our culture.

Today it is sporadic fire, here and there, but soon the prophetic core of God will obey and embrace their assignment. They will come together in a chorus of victory that will be unlike anything we have ever seen.

Never forget, Christianity will survive without America−but America will not survive without Christianity.



  1. wolfgangandmueller8545

    Thank you for this word. Please pray that God will fill us with His Spirit, for wisdom, discernment, service, and dying to self.

  2. Evang Roger Culwell

    Big amen well said, brother God Bless Praying, a remnant is preparing for war. to do the will of there Father!

  3. kingskid48

    After taking part in discussions today with people who work at schools, regarding the infiltration of gender-confusion into every level of education, and also into every day life, we realize that normalcy is disappearing from our great country. We are at the precipice, right on the edge, of going over the cliff and crashing into a million pieces as a nation. If there is not a nation-wide movement of Almighty God, America is going to disappear from among the nations of the world as any kind of leader. We don’t just have division, we have perverted hatred, especially on one side of the political/cultural spectrum, that is growing into an obscene, hideous monster. Middle-age and older people, who one would think would know better with advanced years on them, attack teenagers who stand for traditional marriage the life of the unborn. And not just verbal attacks-as vile as those verbal attacks are-adults are physically attacking kids who stand up for righteousness and calling for others to attack them also. This is not the normal disagreement of opposing political or cultural views. The hatred on the left is reaching demonic levels, and the bizarre things they clamor and scream for are seeping into everyday life of normal citizens. If HR5 should pass the senate, we will see an America we do not recognize. It is time for the warriors to begin to arise.

    • Michael

      Well said! And a sign of the times. Scary and yet for me it provokes a sigh of relief knowing the final outcome of it all! This America that you describe has been prophesied to me back in 1976. As Mario said in his message, our jobs in God’s army will be revealed to us in our own unique way. We cannot stop Biblical prophesy from fulfilling itself. We can only be sober and vigilant.

  4. A Modern Day Deborah

    “Today they suffer. Their agony is what happens when worlds collide. They see their destiny. It’s big and dangerous. A part of them glories in the potential to know God intimately and represent Him bravely. They see themselves rebuking kings, tyrants, and warmongers. They see themselves commanding the transfer of the wealth of the wicked into the control of the righteous. (Is. 60:5)”

    ” My friend, it comes through brokenness, not arrogance.”

    Thank you for this confirming word.

    Earlier I told my husband that am TIRED of the breaking, the pressing, the crushing, the bruising… it’s been brutal. Like you said, “the dark night of the soul.” I’ve been through days so dark it tries my soul. Felt pain in places I didn’t know I could hurt. Seen days so dark I never thought I would ever see light again. THE COST! THE COST! THE COST!!! OH HOW THE ANOINTING COST!!! It cost to be chosen ??

  5. Mark Stripling, Ransomed Ministries

    Kingskid, The evidence is 100 per cent. The left has become the party and tool of Hell. Death by assisted suicide, the murder of babies in or out of the womb, perversion, and every evil work. Half of our nation has embraced demons and darkness. Those of us who believe must stand fully armored, and having done all, stand therefore. Be vocal in testimony of Christ and right, boldly confront lies and evil, and pray as never before. God is moving. We are seeing it. An anointing is available for the darkness we face today. God bless.

    • Lindy

      That is encouraging. I am in New Zealand and our government slavishly adopts every destructive policy the US has (as did the previous two governments.)
      Yet even I was shocked to see that in California they are teaching pedophilia to High School students! It goes under the deceitful title of “sexual orientation.” There is a bit of a hue and cry from parents against it, however, it is going ahead. Meanwhile, the UN changed the whole thing regards pedophilia calling it child attraction or some such thing.
      They are normalizing it as a pre-cursor to legalizng it.
      The children are not safe.
      As soon as they are born they are vaccinated with poisons including Hep B virus and other deadly things (I won’t go into the whole issue of vaccinations here) if they make it past the early vax’s they wind up in kindergarten where they are visited by transgenders who read them same sex stories; then they are observed carefully to see if they play with the right toys; if a boy picks up a doll his parents are notified, the health authorities are notified, he is taken to a psychologist then a doctor and his genitals cut off and he is put on hormone therapy – yes, even at age three. Likewise, if a girl picks up a toy truck.
      If they make it past that, they have filth most parents don’t know is being taught, rammed down their throats, till they go to university. Then begins the Marxist brainwashing and so on.
      My point in all of this is we need to stand in the gap for babies and children. They are not only attacked in the womb (or out of it as in abortion when born – Oh I felt terrible typing those words!! it is so grievous!) but right from go to woe.
      They are trailed by the devil to make sure they are physically and spiritually sick.

      For a child to escape these things they need strong dedicated parents: to start with they need to be born under the grid without the government knowing that is, and raised at home by a godly mother and father.
      If I were young and starting a family that is exactly what I would do.
      I would not care if he/she missed out on the public education system. I would raise them to be happy, healthy. whole individuals who knew the Word and knew their God. Not forcing God onto them but lovingly leading them.
      I know there will be many who disagree and will perhaps cite Moses as an example, but remember, his early years, he was raised by a godly mother before being given to Egypt.

      Please stand in the gap for the children my brothers and sisters.

      • Sid

        Lindy, I also live in NZ and wholeheartedly agree with your comments.
        Our politicians are taking our country on the road to perdition and the average kiwi seems happy to go along for the ride not knowing or even caring about their eventual destination.
        Unfortunately I believe that NZ, just like the USA, has the wicked politicians that we deserve.
        Proverbs 8:36 “all they that hate me love death.”
        Our wicked Prime Minister is “hell bent” on legalizing the murder of the unborn, legalizing drugs, legalizing euthanasia, LGBTQRST, you name it. They are the government of death.
        The previous government wasn’t much better.
        Our Prime Minister is also frantically trying to import as many islamists as she can and even had the temerity to open our parliament with a satanic muslim prayer, after banning the name of Jesus.
        That upset me so much that I marched down our main street with a banner clearly stating my opposition to that traitorous act of our parliament.
        We must however keep pushing back against the forces of darkness and the article that Mario has just written I believe was Holy Spirit inspired.
        “Greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world.”
        Thank you Mario.

        • Lindy

          Certainly. A US (supreme?) court ruled recently that SIDS is caused by vaccinations! I have it on my facebook.
          Bill Gates said that vaccinations are the way forward to world population control (he was speaking to a group of professionals.) I had to back track and listen 4 times to be sure of what I heard!
          He got thrown out of India by their government a few years ago for killing, paralysing and maiming thousands of school kids (northern India think it was) with his “free vaccines” that he came over to India with. Btw: they were loaded with sterilizing chemicals too, in case the kids survived.
          But the Globalists have a world population agenda (hence promoting abortions, vaccines, euthanasia, homosexuality (the latter have a short life span and plus they don’t mate) etc.
          They (Globalists)are open about it now I notice, and I believe it is because they have almost reached their goal of global government.
          We could say much of all the foul toxins, but the mercury in the vaccines is causing autism: it, plus aluminum goes straight past the blood brain barrier and damages the brain. An adult can only barely handle 50gms of mercury and they are loading each vax with 250 gms for babies and kids in each vaccine!
          So much more isn’t there, that one could/should say.
          How can God let this carnage go on much longer? The devastation of beautiful babies and children made in His own image and the heartbreak of parents!
          I don’t believe He WILL allow it to go on much longer.
          Would you care to join me and a few ladies this weekend Sid, in prayer and fasting against mandatory vaccinations? It may not be a suitable time for you..but if you can manage even one day, that would be good.
          We are doing sat, sun & mon of fasting and crying out mightily to God to stop the mandatory vaccines. If I had faith I would do it against vaccines period!
          Maybe I will have that faith later? I hope so. But it is planned destruction.
          My mind went to the Jews of Esthers time they too were planned for destruction, and three days of fasting ended that and turned it against the ones who planned it! I only thought of it two days ago and have a couple lined up: I will have to try and get a few more. I felt like the Lord said “twenty” when I asked!
          Been away willl have to try and round up some folk to join in.
          One round of prayer and fasting may only dent the surface, but perhaps we will get into a regular thing of it..hoping so.


          They “own” the media (the media at every level are paid whores regards vaccinations..the media bosses of the corporations are paid by the elite and the orders are filtered down from the bosses to their managers, to their editors and journalists.) BUT GOD!

        • Lindy

          Sorry missed your reply button: I left another reply for you on this site too.

        • Lindy

          Wow! just saw your other post! You are a Kiwi! Are you from Destiny? Brian Tamaki led a minor revolt against the Government for daring to have the shahada and an islamic prayer sounded across the country. He was the only one to “man up!” A single but loud voice of protest. Yes, this govt. has ramped up the immigration by thousands each month, from Islamic countries. None of whom are checked for terrorist links.
          Don’t you love Mario Murillo? he is a real man of God a man for the times we are in. I wonder if we have men and women like him in NZ? Certainly not with the usefulness he has: thousands saved and healed!
          I will support Tamaki’s Coalition Party in the elections with prayer and a vote.
          Do you know if it is illegal to hold an Open Air meeting, where you share the Gospel over a microphone to people? I cannot find out. Good for you marching against the Government imposing Islam on NZ!
          I am in Hauraki Plains where are you?
          Did you know that it is illegal to share the Gospel with a Moslem in NZ?
          I have an article on my FB, of a news item where the NZ Police are searching for the culprit who put a Christian Tract in a Moslems mail box. They got forensics and have his finger prints and he/she will be charged.
          I have a box full of the same tracts in my bedroom! I give them out when I go downtown. I only had two of the same ones he gave out because I did think that Jack Chick was rather rude in the picture he did of the Moslems on the front of it: made them look pretty backward and feral. But the tract itself is very good and not insulting, only the cover. But its a crime to share the Gospel here brother.
          Lets pray and go forth.

      • Sid

        Lindy. I meant to add.
        You are so right on the vaccination subject. Vaccinations are cursed tools of Satan.
        I don’t believe many people realize that diploid cells from the fetus’s of aborted babies are in many of these vaccinations. MMR being one of these.
        How could it not be a cursed act to inject aborted fetal cells into your children.
        That’s not even to mention all the other wicked junk they put into the vial which causes all kinds of sickness and even death.
        We surely live in wicked times. I believe vaccinations are one of Satan’s master tools.

  6. William Baldwin

    Mario, I have read your blog for about a year. The last two, and especially this one demands another response. Without a doubt, the Spirit of God continues to fine-tune your insights revealing God’s strategies for revealing His kingdom on earth. It’s my hope your readers will read this one with great care, dissecting and mining truth from each sentence and paragraph. I have been in church ministry for over 40 years, and like you, I’m convinced that in the coming years God’s most courageous and significant leaders will not find their place in church pulpits, but in community, politics, and public sectors of life. Keep pressing on! Your two-edged sword becomes sharper each week!

    • Jana D.

      Amen. Well said.

    • mariomurilloministries

      William, Thank you for your thoughtful comments about the blog. They truly encourage. -Mario


      To hear another in the Ministry confirm that which many have been called to witness, is a greater Blessing then you can possibly imagine! a Full Hearty Amen!!

  7. Barbara Partee

    This message needs to be heralded. There are still too many Christians with Pacifiers in their mouths not asking questions, not seeking God in greater depth. Large numbers going through the motions ending up in grand disobedience. They are neither Hot or Cold. Weak, untrained without the ability to Stand against Spiritual Storms. Controlled by every Wind of Doctrine & leveled by their own emotions. Sheperdless, abandoned sheep that are wrapped in Apathy. AWAKEN, THE GREAT AWAKENING HAS ARRIVED. God is calling for Spiritual Warriors that choose to bring forth His Kingdom of Holiness & Righteousness. Justice & His Judgement will rule The Lands Nations Wide. Choose Light or Darkness. The Grey areas are deadly. Hidden things revealed. It’s a time to be Honest & a Time to Honor God. Humble yourselves under The Mighty of God

    • Surfcourier

      Yes, Barbara.. And the cell device has become huge pacifier for many

  8. Eric Morgan


  9. Sally Bohart

    Very True,
    Thanks so much!

  10. Lindy

    SID: Oh and the fetuses! It is incredible! They sell the aborted babies to pharmaceutical companies who use them for their vaccines! No, not just “small amounts!” as some say – large amounts! When I think on this and the other ingredients in the vaccines, it seems to me it is likely concocted by luciferians (satanists) in the elite. Now this is kind of wild: but my thoughts are this: with satanists and witches, they often need body parts to put spells on people.
    They will tell you to get a fingernail clipping and some hair of the person you want to hex. I know, because a lady I know did that before she got saved.
    She wanted a man who kept ignoring her. He utterly rejected her.
    She somehow managed get some hair from him and even deceived him into giving a nail clipping (forget how she did that!) and she did the spell that night. The next time he saw her, she said, he ran across the road, all eager and fluttery toward her and wanted her to go out with him. Ironically, as soon as he wanted her, she lost interest.
    I know those “love potions” work. They are demonic and they anger God. Anyhow, here’s my point: just suppose the fact that so many have the body parts of aborted babies in them, gives these satanists more power in their hexes against the human race? Don’t think it only ends in vaccines! It is in many food products too – heaps! I was posted a list of foods and drinks with fetus cells in them yesterday by a FB friend.
    I think it could be so that the spells they make against the people of the world (the globalist satanists) work better.
    I am an evangelist: I believe in the power of the Gospel..I have seen it work!
    I am not being a fatalist here: no weapon formed against Gods kids shall prosper! I have started and run a church where a good number got saved, delivered, baptized & Spirit filled and was on a ministerial team in a Pentecostal church for years prior. I love Jesus and I totally believe His power is much greater: but it will take us using the weapons we have: His Name, prayer and fasting. I am louzy at fasting as my health is bad, but I can do it better than I have told myself and I am so grieved over this Sid, I will give it more.
    You got me going when you mentioned vaccines! Thats why this is so long!

    • Sid

      Lindy. A mate of mine called Tony and I are doing a presentation on abortion at the New Beginnings Church in Rotorua on Sunday at 10.00am. The service is at Malfroy School.
      It’s our very first presentation and our organisation, which is in it’s infancy is called the NZ Salt and Light Brigade. We’re a small group of believers who have had a guts full and are beginning to fight back against the principalities and powers that are wreaking havoc in our nation.
      We believe that much of their power emanates from the innocent blood that has been shed in our country since abortion became so prevalent. It’s a spiritual battle.
      The numbers are staggering. Around 500,000 innocent lives sacrificed in NZ alone.
      You’re most welcome to attend if you can but if you can’t we would appreciate your prayer that we will convey God’s truth on this vital matter.
      Bless you.

      • Lindy

        I’d like very much to be there but I can’t. Yes I will pray.
        There is something I feel to warn you Sid. While there are critical issues in our country (and around the world) and they need to be spoken out on (as you and your friends are doing,) we must remember that our command is to “preach the Gospel to every person.”
        We DO need attention drawn to abortion and vaccinations etc., but our first priority must always be the salvation of people.
        They are going into hell in greater numbers even than the babies being aborted…we need to be activists against that.
        As you know (and probably are doing) Jesus commands us to share the gospel.
        Satan would love us to be distracted from that.
        Horrific as abortion is, at least the poor little souls go to Heaven.
        Most of those who die daily in our nation do not.
        Jesus said, “Few shall be saved.”
        Also, the battle must be won in prayer and fasting before it can be won through physical means.
        Maybe some folk have already prevailed in this area in NZ though?
        I know I have gone into an area and shared the Gospel with people and it was easy, not too much opposition and people were open. I knew in my heart (and found out later) that there had been people consistently praying and fasting for the souls of that town.
        Another town and my rented house was shot at, pipe bombed several times, I had lots of death threats, yet the souls God gave me were so willing and got saved as soon as they heard the Gospel, baptized and Spirit-filled. I believe though that in that town there had been prayer and fasting going on, but the devil was just annoyed at me and tried to run me out of town.
        I didn’t go anywhere as I knew the Lord called me there.
        You and your mates will do well to pray with fasting if you haven’t been doing that already.
        I am so pleased for what you intend to do.
        Please keep in touch with me I would love to hear from you now and then:

  11. Anna Jungert

    Ecumenicalism is slithering through the church and being embraced as unity. Stadium Christianity is big, it is marketed as the New Jesus Movement, Revival, Reformation, Renewal and a host of other new age names. It has become the deep state in the church and all who speak against this evil are labeled judgmental. It is deadly and full of deceit and false doctrine. It will grab all those that do not pursue the Word.

  12. desiree warriorgal

    When the Lord sends us, He will back us up. No fear, his divine protection will be with us. Keep your personal relationship with God intact. When he sends you out, He will go before you! Blessed be the name of the Lord!

    • Michael

      Amen to that Sister! Sometimes that No Fear attitude takes a little courage on our part! Thank you for the edifying encouragement! Be blessed and keep walking in your calling!

    • Queen Esther

      So true…

      Too often folks want to go on their own where…
      1. God did not send them
      2. They did not sit under the ministration of Yahweh to be prepared, trained and equipped.

      Yahweh will not send us unprepared to fight a battle He did not train us for.

      Sit. Be still. Learn and wait. When He’s done with us and ready, He’ll equipped us with the tools, provisions, resources, finances to go where He’ll send us.

      Too many hurry, come up ministers jumping before Yahweh and when they drop in hell they blaming God.

  13. Therese Bedard

    Thank you so very much for sharing God’s message with us.

  14. Butterfly n

    Sounds like Jesus is coming & what the 2 witnesses will minister !! I am looking up, listening for the trumpet to sound, telling others. Not looking for a new “minister” to come!! butterfly n

  15. danmart57

    Regarding “This filtered view of service is one big reason the church lost influence in our nation. God tried to send people into education, law, medicine, business, art, media, and yes, even politics−but instead, we herded them into “Christian service.”

    Absolutely true. The Christians are to be the influencers in every area of culture. We are to be thermostats, not thermometers.

    I am reminded of the ‘7-mountains of societal influence’ that Christians have been far too passive to exercise their prayers and godly influence.

    We should not be surprised that as a consequence, the world and the devil have taken over the ‘program’ because Christians have failed to act in their areas of influence.



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