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Satan is stealing young people who have been raised in strong Christian families.  I get letters that are gut-wrenching. They are from parents whose child has been blinded by the enemy. They write, “I am so confused and stunned. I don’t understand how this could have happened. They denounce God, and nothing I say gets through to them.”

This is a crushing heartache. Especially to the remnant who have kept their love for God fervent in this dark and evil time. What is going on?

Last night, the voice of the Lord came to me. This blog is the result of His message to me. He told me to comfort you. He told me about a miracle He holds in reserve for you and your child.

Proverbs 11:21 promises you this:

You can be very sure the evil man will not go unpunished forever. And you can also be very sure God will rescue the children of the godly.

God Himself will activate a rescue mission.   The seed of the righteous will be redeemed by an appointment with God.  He has set a time for His power to come upon them.

Here’s what you need to know right now:

This crisis happened because of Satan.   You can’t waste time punishing yourself or searching for a root cause for their rebellion. The reason it happened, despite your best efforts and a Christian upbringing, is not a mystery. This is the work of Satan. The Bible tells us that the god of this world has blinded these young ones. (2 Corinthians 4:4) The devil has stolen their faith and continues to shut out the light.

This is an important starting point. Realizing how this happened releases you from guilt, and allows you to fight back effectively.

David Wilkerson said, “It doesn’t do any good for a parent to try to look deeper for a reason behind it.  It’s all the work of Satan.  He wants to keep that child bound, confused, and in sin.  The problem goes way beyond counseling, preaching, or parenting strategies.  It’s going to take a miracle, plain and simple.”

What you have sown into them is greater than the power of the devil, and it will prevail. God has set a time for His power to come upon them.

Your child has been attacked unfairly. They will also be blessed ‘unfairly.’  When Jesus announced His ministry and read from Isaiah, He finished by declaring the year of God’s favor.  There is no way around it—favor is favoritism.  This is how God’s favor falls out: just as you have been unfairly attacked, so shall you be highly favored.  Your child will be impacted by that favor.

You and God are now partners in the salvation of your child.  We must take our stand in the Spirit. That is where this evil originates, and that is where it will be destroyed. Our battle is in the supernatural. It will demand a presence of God in your life such as you have never known. But it will be worth every sacrifice. You must believe that the manifest presence of Jesus will make Satan powerless against your loved one.

Remember our awesome God and hold up your child before Him.  Hold in your mind a picture of that child serving God.  Keep that portrait vivid in your spirit.

Yes, they often get worse when you start declaring a miracle, but don’t be fooled.  Remember how rebellious Saul of Tarsus was, right up to the moment of his violent conversion.  Trust in the inevitable and supernatural intervention of God.

Nehemiah 4:14: And I looked, and arose and said to the nobles, to the leaders, and to the rest of the people, “Do not be afraid of them. Remember the Lord, great and awesome, and fight for your brethren, your sons, your daughters, your wives, and your houses.”

Do not lose heart! These current conditions remind me of those that existed right before the Jesus Movement swept California and we saw the hardest cases in the youth culture saved and delivered.  They too had abandoned their parents’ faith.  They went into extreme immorality and showed no sign of turning back.  Then they encountered the power of God.

Lift up your eyes all around, and behold: They all gather together, they come to you; your sons shall come from afar, and your daughters shall be nursed at your side. –Isaiah 60:4

The greatest promise is Joel 2:28:

And it shall come to pass afterward that I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh; your sons and your daughters shall prophesy.

That is the promise of God for a worldwide harvest of souls, and I am convinced it is our children who will be the harvesters!


  1. Mark Stripling, Ransomed Ministries

    Thank you Mario, for sharing this. Please, Heavenly Father, intervene in the lives of ministry children who are in need of salvation!! Let it be so, in Jesus name!

  2. Nancy L

    In reading your message, I wonder why people are not taught Spiritual Warfare , then they could take the authority given to parents by God and save themselves a long road of doubt and wondering about their children. They could even begin to teach their children how to do Spiritual Warfare for themselves. Praying for their children may take time, but God/Jesus will answer their prayers.

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    • Lindy

      I was wondering the same thing Sharon. There are times when we need to supplicate and intercede to God for the person, but if we are led by the Holy Ghost in our praying we will know when to speak Gods’ Word about the person (our child) aloud and when to command satan and his mob to be bound in them.
      Otherwise we give in to pitiful whining. I have done the latter as well.
      I believe however, tears in fervent prayer is heard by God.
      But many of us pray in FEAR, not in faith.
      If we claim Gods’ promises for our child and say them aloud and believe God in our prayers for the child, He will act.

  3. Brianna


  4. Sheila

    Mario, may God Himself bless you & your family beyond anything you have ever known… I am screaming Yes Lord Yes… Amen we partner with You Lord God Almighty…

  5. Sharron

    Spot on Mario! Needed this because all 3- of my adult daughters are deep in sin and rebellion. I’ve wept, prayed, & suffered greatly, knowing time is short.

    Thanks Many Mario!

  6. Donna

    You have no idea, Mr Murillo, how very much this blog is needed. My heart has been literally torn in pieces. But, through your words, through Christ, my hope is being renewed. May God richly bless your ministry. Elaine

  7. Dennis

    Very encouraging article for those of us who are believing for our prodigals to come home. Blessings upon you and your ministry.

    • Sandra Stockton





    • Rose Thompson

      This is a timely Word from the LORD. I’ve been praying for my son and so broken over him and what the Enemy has tried to steal from our family, my sons life. I know beyond any shadow of doubt there is a great Call from God on his life to preach the Gospel! The enemy has tried to literally kill him with addiction, guns, witchcraft. All kinds of evil thing. The power of the BLOOD OF JESUS IS STRONGER! Although my flesh is weak and I fail my Lord many times due to sadness n falling into worry instead of Faith for a little while, God’s Grace to forgive me has been so overwhelming. It’s been a process of about 15 years learning to lay my son at HIS feet n leaving him to the Lord and realizing that God is his RIGHTFUL PARENT!
      I truly needed your Word from God last night ?. My son had turned himself back over which meant going back to face his own consequences. I truly believe that it’s a beginning to a new LIFE in Christ! Please keep him lifted up in your prayers!

  9. Lindy

    I have only had one child, a son he was taken from me forcibly at birth after I refused an abortion. I did not know my rights then. I was not promiscuous, I was suffering suicidal depression (and unsaved) and when someone at work propositioned me, because he was a nice person I thought it might lift my spirits a bit if I agreed.
    Well, I just felt unclean and ashamed and never dreamed I would be pregnant.
    I ran away from home to another town and went through a hell that would take too long here to tell. But I got beaten up by my dad and thrown out of home.
    I longed to keep the baby. He grew up knowing I was his mother. is, I am in a dilemma I wept buckets over him for many years, for his salvation especially.
    Now he is grown up, wealthy and has 2 children of his own, he hates me.
    He let me know it and doesn’t want contact with me.
    I eventually quit praying for him about six months ago, other than the odd sporadic little prayer.
    But twice during those decades of grief and tears, Jesus suddenly spoke to me!
    He filled me and my room with His Light and said to cheer up that Rob will be saved! Twice. Very real! Right in the midst of tears.

    Now, here it is: I want him saved, but only as much as I want anyone else saved: he hates me and I feel betrayed by that. I know deep down I still care about him, but not like before. Now, my fear is that if I don’t love him more, or enough, that God will not save him because I barely pray for him now, I just cannot bear the pain that goes with caring. Besides, I have come to realise that he is self-centered and cold and it makes me not care anymore.
    Then I would be guilty if he goes to hell.
    But I cannot go back to the deep caring and deep hurt I lived with all those years: I just can’ literally drove me crazy. I have had heaps of breakdowns (none that I got treated for, I don’t believe in the medical profession especially for matters of the heart and mind, I think only Jesus can heal those,) where I would weep for days and smash things and get angry at him (without him knowing of course, as we never see each other) then repent and weep again.
    I LIKE not caring as much as I used to: I have not had my sanity regards him for decades.
    I cannot find a middle ground.
    Am I guilty if he goes to hell because I cannot love him enough to properly intercede? (“Faith works through love.”)
    What to do?
    No one will answer me I know, but perhaps someone might pray into this situation? Please pray for Rob that he be saved.
    He was taught about Jesus as a little boy and loved the Lord but when he was 14 that was all taken away from him. His “grandparents” taught him eastern philosophies and rejection of the Bible and Christ.
    Then he looked into those things then he decided on materialism.
    That’s briefly his journey if anyone might pray for him.
    I’m done.

    Well, we each have our own burdens to bear.

    • kingskid48

      You can’t carry the burden, Lindy. Release it into Jesus’ hands. I will be praying for you, and for Rob.

      • Lindy

        Thank you for your prayers. I am ok since I quit caring as much KK, as I said, I am only concerned for his salvation. Thanks for praying for him. <3

    • Reo

      Lindy, I’m praying for you that God would intervene in your situation and heal your heart and soul. Your grief is too heavy a burden for you to bear! I’m in agreement with kingskid: release him to God (easier said than done, I know!) Our Abba knew Rob way before you did & has been his Father from the beginning. As parents, we can only do what we can do. I’ve seen awful parents whose children turn out great & I’ve seen great parents whose kids turn out awful! Continue in prayer, being strengthened by His might, pulling down strongholds and the spirit of deception over him, and as Mario said: picture him as already saved & redeemed! It is so difficult to look past our circumstances, but that’s where faith comes in: “For we walk by faith & not by sight!” Don’t look at the storm swirling around you, but keep your eyes on Jesus, the Author and Perfector of our faith! (Read about Peter walking on water: Matt 14) Focus on your own heart attitude before the Lord and He will work out the details! (He is a God of details!)
      Blessings to you!

      • Lindy

        Thank you for all your words Reo. That’s it though I am ok now since I quit caring about him as much. Appreciate your comments. <3

      • Lindy

        My concern in the post was that I quit caring about him after all those years of heart break.
        I am not hurting over him at all any more.
        I am done with him.
        But thanks for caring. I am glad someone prayed for him because I don’t have it in me to anymore. I felt worried about that when I posted regards him, about not caring much at all for him anymore, but I don’t now, God understands.
        I believe I do not have long left to live anyway, I have to clean up my rental and sell off things.
        I also need to pray through some stuff and get ready to go.
        God bless.

        • Helen

          I too have been rejected by both my children for so long now that I feel like I have quit loving them. That scares me for myself. I too do not pray much for them anymore— years w/o results is too weary. These young people have no love or respect for their parents….even tho they know we are living on borrowed time.

          • Lindy

            >>” That scares me for myself. I too do not pray much for them anymore.<<" That is exactly what my post was about! It scares me for MYSELF! It bothers me at times that I no longer love him. I went into a bit of detail surrounding the circumstances of his birth etc only so people would know that I DID at one time care – for decades!! But when I came to see (and I really mean "see") for the first time, that he has always been about himself. He never gave a stuff when I told him I committed suicide after they took him off me (I was revived on way to the morgue by a nurse.)
            He has let me know from the get go that I mean nothing to him. He has always been cold, touchy and rejecting. I kept wooing, thinking if I showed more love he would soften.
            I eventually moved town because I could not take the cruelty of his treatment toward me (I won't go into it.)
            But when I found out that he was lying about me to my older brother (whom he knew I just adored!) and had turned him against me: flat out lying! That was when I closed my heart to him. I am ok with him now (I never see him of course) but I mean inside myself; I aren't so mad at him anymore and I repent if I ever feel that way. I still want what is best for him salvation.
            I brought him into this world and Lord Jesus – please save Him. Thank You Lord.

  10. kingskid48

    I am believing God for my grandchildren to find who they are in Christ and to be His mighty warriors and mightily used of Him.

  11. Kim Barrett

    I told my friend, have we not done warfare over our children, the answer is yes. Knowing God will answer in his good time. We’ve been standing on the promises, praise God! Thank you for sharing Mario, very encouraging, confirmation, & amen to the word it will not return void!

  12. Aaron

    Powerful encouragment!
    You are a blessing sir.
    I hope it was ok that I shared some of your articles with Francis Swaggart and suggested to her to have you as an interview on her program?

  13. Aaron

    Over the years God has used you so many times to reignite the fire in my life, even in times when you were battling.
    Times I wanted to just quit, go buy a camper and go live on some isolated beach with my dog.
    I thank you for not giving up.
    I hope they have you on the air.
    You share so many of the same convictions.

  14. Helen Louise Ruch

    Thank you for writing this encouraging word. I wept as I read it. My two grown children want nothing to do with me and my daughter poisons my 3 grandsons against me. It breaks my heart all the time. Sometimes I feel like life is not worth living because of longing for a relationship with them. I have been through a lot of heartache and physical pain in my 77 years, but I feel like I am going to be one of those that will be healing the sick. My heart breaks with compassion for the sick at times and I know it is God’s love moving thru me for them. Keep the encouraging words coming. They are life to us.

  15. Dorothy Hall

    Dear Mario, in 1992 I was healed from cancer and migraine headaches! Today I’m 72 and have never had a reoccurrence. You were in Decatur, Alabama and called me out in a service to be healed by a word from God. Today as you gave this word you have delivered to us about our children is coming straight to us from God! Listen! I have two daughters away from God! Heart breaking! One has MS and won’t speak to us. The other living the hippie lifestyle in Arizona. Thank you for this message from God.

  16. Joseph Celona Ywam

    Dear Mario, Thank you for the word you gave. We have struggled many years . Our son loved going to Sunday school when we based in Japan. He prayed for the sick and he they recovered. Gave out tracks but when we came to NZ he changed gave up his faith but we have been holding on. I traveled the world doing spiritual warfare and related things while living in Japan. I believe the harvesters within the largest move of God since the time of Jesus walking the earth will be those youth who ran away from God will.They will be moving mountains in the near future



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