Trump didn’t make the world more dangerous…Obama did. Here’s why it matters.

by | Aug 3, 2018 | Christianity Today | 8 comments

Critics falsely accuse Trump of making the world more dangerous.  The truth is, it was Obama—with his foreign policy of weakness and capitulation—that intensified international tensions.
Obama continually gave things away, getting nothing in return but contempt for America.
Trump on the other hand—by refusing to accept anything but victory—defused the danger level of the world.
He brought North Korea and South Korea together!  Yes, there is much to iron out with N.K. but there is no doubt that our president moved the situation further than all of his predecessors.   And, Trump offered nothing to North Korea.
Obama’s weak approach is the bane of liberal thinking.  Underneath, is the belief that victory is not possible. The best they can hope for is a tenuous treaty.  Nothing is settled.  The undercurrent of defeatism ran through all his policies…he found a half-cure for everything.
Tragically, the church learned Obama’s way of making things more dangerous.  The trend in church is to get people to like us better.   Ironically, it only made them hate us more.
Arthur Matthews was an amazing man.  Decades before American Pastors began imitating Obama apology tours, Matthew saw it coming:
“Old Testament examples of prayer at work portray most dramatically for us the believer’s authority over all the power of God’s enemies.  There is a finality that will not be gainsaid in the way the superior strength of alien armies is disposed of as God’s servants. This finality is not seen in the political bargaining that characterizes our day.  Compromises are made, peace treaties are signed, and the peacemakers move to other danger spots; but the fighting still goes on.  Are we allowing our disillusionment with the world’s acclaimed peacemakers to influence our thinking on spiritual warfare?  Are we really convinced our call is to spiritual welfare and peace through victory?”
It’s almost as if he is asking, “are you acting like Obama with the things of God?”

Christian leaders need to examine themselves for this hypocrisy.   Ask yourself, “have I condemned Obama’s defeatist approach while practicing my own version of it?”
Another examination should center around outcomes.  If the intended goal of the “user friendly church” was to reduce hostility, then why—under their watch—has hostility towards Christians, and laws banning religious freedoms increased dramatically?
They didn’t hate us like this when we preached boldly.  It is possible they instinctively felt contempt for our compromise?  They respectfully disagreed back then, but are repulsed by us now.
Nowhere is this defeatism more glaring, than in the attitude of the church at large, towards prayer and revival.
They don’t really believe prayer and revival can change our world.  They don’t pray as if prayer had power to change society.  They don’t preach revival because they can’t imagine it happening to their people. They see their congregations as coddled masses not willing to pay the price for revival.
Trump shows us that peace through victory means calling someone’s bluff.  Trump did that to Iran when they threatened us with end of the world if we walked away from that hideous agreement Obama made.  It was all talk.
Christians leaders must learn to do that with Satan.  Call his bluff.  Tell him he’s the defeated one!  Behave like Jesus won on the Cross.  Christian leaders must do that with culture.  Call the bluff of all those experts who insist we must alter our message to change society.
Listen again to Arthur Matthews: “In any situation where Satan dominates and threatens, God looks for a man through whom he may declare war on the enemy.  He purposes that through this man Satan be served notice to back up, pack up, and clear out.”

Peace through victory calls the devil’s bluff on the biggest level.  It declares that the Earth can still be enveloped by a massive act of God.
By holding to a policy of peace through victory, Trump has already seen results no one could have imagined.  It is time for Christian leaders to repent of their defeatism and embrace the power of prayer to make tangible changes in the hearts of men and women and to impact world events.
Arthur Matthew said, “It is the man who prays who exercises supremacy even over international situations.  Men are going to have to acknowledge the peace will not be brought through politicians, but through the intercessor who has learned to wage spiritual warfare and wins peace over the principalities and powers in high places.”
P.S  Pray for our president.


  1. Michael A Druckenmiller Sr

    Amen, and Amen!

    Gone is the spring in our steps as we enter church…

    Gone are the early Integrity songs of “Making War in The Heavenlies.”

    Gone are the songs about “Let’s go Take This City”…

    Instead we have vapid, let’s feel warm and fuzzy make every one love us songs…

    We were called as Warriors in Our Lord’s Army, I am tired of being relegated as a rear echelon pew warmer…

    But, when I take a stand I am called a critic, a naysayer a rebel against God’s Order…

  2. Lonnie Hardy

    Thank you Mario, the failed lead from behind policies of the last administration left the entire world in chaos. The Church has so swallowed the be fair play nice mantra that we puke out pablum that even the play nice generation won’t swallow. Truth is Truth! Watering truth down doesn’t make it easier to digest, it only makes it like warm. We need a reformation.. we need revival.. until the church stands up society hasn’t got a prayer for survival. Remnant it’s time to arise and shine!

  3. Carolina

    Interesting Mario that your article brought up Obama. Just this morning hubby & I were verifying how Barack Obama acted against the mainline issues of this country’s people’s concerns no matter what color or race they were. We understand that Mr Obama was never really interested in continuing the Sovereignty of this nation but in radically transforming it into another ‘kind’ of country and government because of his predisposed University think tank days when his attitudes against this nation were formulated along his other radical comrades from the “Weather Underground era” of ideas. Coupled with Mr Obamas childhood musings regarding his natural Father’s ideas, he formulated a disdain for western civilization as “colonial” based, hating the very idea of the founding framers of this country and their ideas. Evidenced by his declaration to “fundamentally” change America once and for all. The dreams of his father were Mr Obama’s dreams and had no relationship to this country’s dreams goals or ambitions,
    COMPLETELY opposite to current President Donald J Trump.

  4. Mark Stripling, Ransomed Ministries

    The story of David returning the Ark to Israel relates to man’s attitude toward God. The Ark, representing God’s presence and glory among men, had been out of place for years. David said, “We need to return it to it’s place, that we can begin to enquire of God and give Him His place among us. “We will usher in a new day of God’s presence.” As they began to move the ark, great celebration, worship, and praise was going on, but God was having none of it. The plan to move it on a “new cart” was admirable, but wrong. (No king was ever transported on a cart pulled by oxen, yet it was OK for God???) Churches today seem to feel that God needs to be brought into the church in a new cart, that somehow God must be rebranded and remade for a new generation. Remove the crosses and “religious symbols,” disguise Him some way, don’t risk someone being offended. God has become old fashioned, and needs our help. The ox stumbled along the way. We stumble when we try to change God’s way and His word. Some don’t like the cross and the blood, some don’t like the Bible itself, some reject the idea of a devil and hell, many want absolutely nothing required of them, (legalism), and most want a Sunday morning only experience where somehow they get magically filled with all they need until next Sunday morning.. Uzza means “strength.” Uzza thought the ark was about to go down, that somehow God needed the “strength” of man to steady Him and keep Him upright, and it cost him his life. God never needs our strength to remain upright. Strong man or not, no one was to touch God’s glory. David was upset by this unreal turn of events.. “Leave it where it is.” Later David discovered why he died. God had ordered only one way to transport the ark. Only the Levites were to move it, and only with staves through the rings, and carried on their shoulders. Uzza, however ignorant and innocent he may have been, had absolutely no right to touch the ark. He found that the wages of sin is still death. The new cart, the new way, may have found displeasure in the eyes of God, who says “I am the Lord, and I change not.” David found that no matter how sharp we may think we are, how innovative we have become, how new age we may be, that the old paths must remain as they are if we are to remain spiritually alive. God does not need to be modernized, helped by strong men, or brought before the world in a new way. When they returned to bring the ark the next time, it was done according to God’s command, and this move, done God’s way, brought success. Sorry this is so long, but I am sick of this “new cart” attitude in the church today. “I AM THAT I AM” says it all. The old paths, the eternal truths, are still the right way.

    • Michael A Druckenmiller Sr

      Amen! I hear you brother, I am have been saying this for years…

      Worship has become a carnival… How I miss and long for just standing in awe at daddy’d presence…

      David, knew (after some study) how to bring the Ark of His Presence into the congregation.

      Been there, done that, miss that…

  5. Roger Culwell

    Big amen preach it brother, This and only this will defeat the power’s of darkness, satan is only that little bully in school who taunted you every day in every way, until you gave him, a five fold finger and thumb resolution, and that is all that work’s with the enemy, or either give him your milk money or lunch money to please him for a moment or two, but in the end it’s a five fold finger and thumb resolution that he will understand! Jesus defeated on the cross and he gave us the power and authority to do the same, but we are not willing to take uo our cross, deny our self and follow him, Paul told us the weapon’s of our warfare, are not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong hold’s, he told us of our Armor, and he told us our weapon’s and how to fight, but we cower down just like Obama, and allow devil’s to run over us, BUT I REFUSE EVEN UNTO DEATH, when I came over in to the full gospel believe and received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost and found out I was supposed to fight, I had been doing it the best I could for year’s but didn’t really know how, I was Babtist until about thirty five and God started showing me thing’s and blowing the Babtist out of me, the religion, and I moved into the full Gospel and started learning, I was Deacon, in the FWB, on the board, of the church and on the finance commity of the Org. in charge of the FWB, I left all to clean toilet’s, in a cbigger church, Full Gospel just so I could learn to fight the enemy and get closer to God, I had not yet been told to preach, a year later I would be, but I started noticing when I went into store’s people were trying to hide there face from me by turning there head or looking straight down, or covering there eye’s but they would in no way make eye contact, and I kept looking thinking what is this about, and as I got to them, they would try to peak up at me in which time they would turn the head a way real quick, but I saw a cloud over there eye’s and new with out any one telling me demon possession, they were afraid of me, and that is what we have lost they are not afraid of us any more as a church, there afraid of certian people who they see with the power, but not the church as a body we have compromised and disempowered the body of Christ trying to please people and gain popularity, trying to gain a crowd and the demon’s are not scared any more, if we have the power Jesus left they want try to run over us they will flee,, but they don’t have to face us face to face they do it on here and social media where most can’t see in there eye’s or far enough away they can’t do any thing, you can’t cast out on here they can hide, you can stir them up and maybe cast out a weak one but not a strong one, sadly the enemy control’s these air way’s, and you only cause trouble trying to cast out on here, but there is no excuse for the church in person in person, we are letting the bulley’s have there way and it’s past time we stop, and only a prayer praying, Word reading, Holy Ghost filled, worshipper suited up in his armor, with his weapon’s in hand, with sword drawn, will defeat this devil’s, some one who will stand there ground and not back down or join in with this passive church of people we have today. we need the power back in the church. God Bless keep preaching it brother

  6. Tony Cisneros



    Truthfully, Honestly, Sincerely Yours And Faithfully Recorded & Submitted,

    Brother Tony (Lopez) Cisneros



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