It is time for a new breed of Christian warrior

by | May 29, 2018 | Christianity Today | 7 comments

Day after day, I have written the burden of the Lord.  Often, the words have been directed at leaders.  The messages have targeted shallowness, compromise and hypocrisy.  They have accused leaders of gross negligence in the face of Satan’s assault on the church and the nation.

This time the message is for faithful warriors of God.  Something is burning within my soul.  Everything within me cries IT IS TIME FOR A NEW BREED OF CHRISTIAN WARRIOR.

Evil will soon feel their wrath and power.

Who are these people and what do they look like?  The Bible says God knows those who are His.  He knows who has remained true.  He knows who has been rejected for refusing to conform to the counterfeits.  God made them misfits to fit into a special order.

Jehovah has reserved hidden wisdom for them.  Psalm 25:14 says, “The secret of the Lord is with those who fear Him, And He will show them His covenant.”  In this message I want to encourage you and fire you up for the secret work of Jesus in this hour.

A visit to the throne of God

You want to become a part of this new breed?  You must begin with a visit to the throne of God.  It is here…and only here, that you can be equipped for the amazing task ahead.  Not only is this visit possible it is mandatory—it is scriptural.

Ephesians 2: 6 says “and raised us up together, and made us sit together in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus…”

What do you see from this vantage point?  You see that Satan has as much chance against God as an amoeba has surviving on the surface of the sun.  But what else do you see?

You see that all the vile railings of our culture are not—in any way—a threat to the purposes of the almighty.  He knows the hollow arguments of the haters.  He is not moved by the mental monopoly of fake news and leftist social media.  He saw it all coming and prepared the response.

The Lord of the universe is not poor.  He has pooled untold wealth to transfer it into the hands of trusted, proven, purified vessels whose only passion is to obey.  Jesus saw the future and uttered an explosive prayer: PRAY THE LORD OF THE HARVEST TO SEND WORKERS INTO THE HARVEST.

Notice He did not say ministers, or celebrities.  He said workers.  Many want the titles, attention, and rewards…but they don’t want to do the work.  A special core is rising that burns white hot with passion win lost souls and heal the sick.  They are hidden now but soon they will shine like the sun.

Learning to ask for big and mighty things.

Those who are called to this new breed of spiritual warfare will ask and receive things that prior generations could not imagine.  Simply put, we are talking about awesome things!

To become the askers, they need to be, they will be tested severely in order to come forth as gold.  Their claims will not be elementary claims for personal pleasure but for massive changes in the culture.  They will exploit demons, they will strip principalities of power and authority.

Learn the truth of the slingshot. 

They will be hurt, wounded and brought to the brink of despair before their breakthrough.  In their pain and agony, they will cry out why—why am I being pulled away from my promise?  Why does each day take me further and further away from what you promised me?

God is deliberately building up the tension—the frustration—the fire to act…and at just the right moment, He will release you.

I don’t need to ask if you are a part of this new breed of warrior—nothing else explains you.

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  1. Maria L.CruzP.

    I preached this on Sunday. Only a few can bear to hear it.
    Today in our intercessory we prayed for you. Again.
    I had a dream about you and the Tent in Fresno.
    God allowed me to see something in my dream before I got to the tent.
    And it was confirmed when I got
    I was severely attacked in 2013, and you gave me a RIGHT ON word in Fairfield.Helped systain me through this trial!
    TODAY…prayed for SF.
    Ev/Pstr. Maria L.

  2. Evan. Roger Culwell

    big amen

  3. Carolina

    VICTORY Mario… in Jesus Name!

  4. Ruth Wierenga

    Just discovered you recently and have been so encouraged. Our nation of Canada is under the same Satanic rule as so many nations but your words encourage me to press on to believe for Righteousness and Truth to come forth. Thank you for being faithful to what God shows you.

  5. Cathy K

    We are ministering in the Philippines and have followed you for more years than I can remember but is this going to be webcast? I looked on the registration form and I didn’t see that it was going to be but I may have missed it. Please, please, please tell me it is going to be web cast. If it is do I need to sign up or is there going to be an archive or something since there is a 16 hour difference. I know your busy so please forgive me for emailing you. Hugs and blessing Cathy Kuntz >

    • mariomurilloministries

      Thank you Cathy for the work you are doing for Jesus. We will be showing the meetings in Houston at our website after the meetings each night. They will remain at our site. God bless you!

  6. Charles Nettleton

    I was raised in a church of the word, spirit did not come into it. There are several churches of the word (smallc intended, where the Spirit is not there is no life). At my conversion the local vicar Roy C of E could not get his head round how I was saved. He knew where I had come from and knew they didn’t take prisoners as far as the word went.
    Before I met Jesus I was called ‘satan’s spawn’ and other things, but you see, even when no where near being saved I took part of the prayer that Solomon made when the Temple was dedicated and turned it back to God as He himself answered, and there I first saw Jesus, I didn’t understand it but the experience has stayed with me.
    Now there is what the Church has done with the word. Everything or most things wrong with Church were introduced when the ”Roman empire” made Christianity it’s main or only religion. These misconceptions or wrong directions were based on what the temples did pre Christianity.
    The Christians of the fourth century always lived in fear of being killed untill one day everything changed, and here is the one bit that confuses the heck out of me, the Church picked up the mantle of killing in Jesus name.
    From there everything has been an up hill battle for the Spirit, saints feast days???? Christmas??? even the name ”mass”??? and how come we have ”Easter” from the goddess of verility ”Estroth”????. Now to put the cat amongst the pigieons how about the resurection! why do we not preach the resurrection? and why do we keep to the Greek religious lie that we ”go to heaven or hell when we die”, Yes there is a lake of burning flame prepaired for satan and its minions and where all life that does not believe in Jesus will end up in, but heaven is a total man construct, I look forward to planting a vine and sitting under its shade while watching sheep and lambs jump over a lion in a field on this earth.
    I know God wants to move in this earth, I know God has wanted to move, but when we take from stories and make them gospel how?



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