A Christian student does not lose their Constitutional rights when they walk on campus. By Mario Murillo

by | May 23, 2018 | Christianity Today | 6 comments

Mentioning God or giving Jesus credit for one’s success in a graduation speech does not violate the establishment clause.  However, banning such speech clearly violates the constitution.  Enough is enough!  It is time to pay the price to end this madness.
It is insane that one or two people who claim to be offended can ban words from a speech.   It is crazy that Christian clubs are forced to either disband or elect non-Christian officers.  Someone’s hare-brained idea of “inclusivity” does not overrule the Bill of Rights.
But it is crazier than that.  Campuses are drowning in double standards.  Atheist clubs are not forced to elect Christian officers.  And do you think for one moment a speech would be banned or a club ostracized if Christian students claimed to be offended?
The fact is, the overwhelming majority of speech and practice restrictions target Christians and conservatives.  Even illegal immigrants have more rights on campus.
However, the most mind-boggling thing are the excuses Christian leaders use to justify their silence and inaction against something that is punishing the children in their congregations.

Timid leaders claim lawsuits would be a bad witness. 

If defending your civil rights is a bad witness, then Paul the Apostle was the worst.  Look carefully at these verses:
Acts 16: 37 But Paul said to them, “They have beaten us openly, uncondemned Romans, and have thrown us into prison. And now do they put us out secretly? No indeed! Let them come themselves and get us out.”  38 And the officers told these words to the magistrates, and they were afraid when they heard that they were Romans. 39 Then they came and pleaded with them and brought them out, and asked them to depart from the city.
Paul understood that these men were wrong and they needed to know they were wrong.  Isn’t that precisely what Gospel preaching should do?  Moreover, Paul knew the welfare of the Philippian church was involved.  Pastors need to have the heart of Paul for the modern church.
We also need to understand that such bold confrontation is not only right—it is necessary.  School administrators need to feel the heat of their illegal actions—that heat needs to be hotter than the hissy fits of a few atheists and God haters.
Not only this, but I am convinced God wants us to take up this cause.  Detrick Bonhoeffer said “silence in the face of evil, is itself evil.”

The final excuse is the money.  How can we afford this? 

Legal fees for such massive action will be exorbitant.  This is a hair-pulling excuse.  Parents are shelling out over $50,000 a year on tuition.  Multiply that times the number of Christian students are on campus and legal fees are a drop in the bucket.
And what about faith in our awesome heavenly Father?  He will supply all of our needs!
Besides, all we need are key victories that set precedents in the courts.
The real question is not what is the cost of taking action…the question is what is the cost of remaining silent?


  1. Tim yarnell

    How can we help

  2. Kay

    I believe you mean the term “precedent” for your court comment; which is not to be confused with your accurate use of “president” in your next sentence.

  3. Kathy

    Amen thanks for sharing truth..well said!

  4. Glen H. Kippel

    I don’t think it would take a lot of money to file suit and hold these peoples’ feet to the fire. There are organizations that could take these cases on for free. American Center for Law and Justice, Alliance Defending Freedom, Pacific Justice Institute are just three that I can think of right off the top of my head. I’m sure there are others. If one group’s case load is too full to take yours on, there are probably others. Let’s do it!

  5. Carolina

    There is no doubt Christian faith, values, doctrines and civil rights are under constant attack mode due to PRS-Obama and the depraved gains he & his previous administration and party made for 8 years. It is clear that too many mainstream “church culture” leaders have no stomach for taking an official stand to help Christian’s obtain civil, federal, or constitutional justice, no matter what a Believers age is, which is confirmed by Mario’s article & the very attitude of todays American educational campuses.
    It is criminal, that a parsed few words, made by any Godly driven person in this nation either young or old, is scrutinized and vilified by the puny tiny percentage of those who are radical and fundamentally not interested in everyone’s else’s rights…but only their own personal tastes and secularist leanings .
    We as Christian’s & Conservatives are being ruled by a very small minority in this nation and it is HIGH time we banned together to give these few rabble rousing constitution violaters a run for their money!




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