Peace Through Victory

by | May 9, 2018 | Christianity Today | 11 comments

The lesson we learn from Trump’s dismantling of Iran’s blackmail is in a simple phrase: Peace through victory.
Look at his critics. They falsely accuse him of making the world more dangerous.  The truth is, Obama—with his foreign policy of weakness and capitulation—made the word dangerous.
Obama continually gave things away, got nothing in return, and increased contempt for America.
By refusing to accept nothing less than victory, Trump brought North Korea and South Korea together.   Trump offered nothing to North Korea to get this peace.
Arthur Matthews saw the future.  It is almost as if he saw Obama.  Look at what he wrote and pay special attention to a question he asks the church:
“Old Testament examples of prayer at work portray most dramatically for us the believer’s authority over all the power of God’s enemies.  There is a finality that will not be gainsaid in the way the superior strength of alien armies is disposed of as God’s servants.
This finality is not seen in the political bargaining that characterizes our day.  Compromises are made, peace treaties are signed, and the peacemakers move to other danger spots; but the fighting still goes on.  Are we allowing our disillusionment with the world’s acclaimed peacemakers to influence our thinking on spiritual warfare?  Are we really convinced our call is to spiritual welfare and peace through victory?”
Obama’s weak approach is the legacy of liberal thinking.  Victory is not possible. The best we can hope for is a tenuous treaty.  Nothing is settled.  The undercurrent of defeatism is in many liberal policies.  Liberalism seeks the half-cure for everything.

Christian leaders need to examine themselves for hypocrisy.  While condemning leftist ideology they unwittingly agree to its defeatism.
 Have we allowed Obama style defeatism to influence our approach to spiritual warfare?
Let’s look at examples in prayer and revival.  We don’t really believe they are forces that can change our world.  It shows in what we are saying and doing.  We really don’t lead prayer as if it had power to change society.  We don’t preach revival because we can’t image our people really being willing to pay the price.
Peace through victory always means calling someone’s bluff.  Trump did that to Iran.  Christians leaders must learn to do that to Satan.  Call his bluff.  Tell him he’s the defeated one!  Behave like Jesus won on the Cross.
Listen again to Arthur Matthews: “In any situation where Satan dominates and threatens, God looks for a man through whom he may declare war on the enemy.  He purposes that through this man Satan be served notice to back up, pack up, and clear out.”

The two greatest enemies of prayer and revival are the preachers who express their unbelief in one of two extremes:
-They are soft on sin because they don’t believe in the power of God to change sinners.  Their gospel is diluted down to the level they believe people will accept.
-They preach gloom and doom—not because they see it in the Book of Revelation—but because they can’t imagine a great revival in the last days.
Peace through victory calls the devil’s bluff on the biggest level.  It declares that the Earth can still be enveloped by a massive act of God.
By holding to a policy of peace through victory, Trump has already seen results no one could have imagined.  It is time for Christian leaders to repent of their defeatism and embrace the power of prayer to make tangible changes in the hearts of men and women and to impact world events.
Once again, Arthur Matthews: “It is the man who prays who exercises supremacy even over international situations.  Men are going to have to acknowledge the peace will not be brought through politicians, but through the intercessor who has learned to wage spiritual warfare and wins peace over the principalities and powers in high places.”


  1. James

    Wow right on point with this article.

  2. Sandy Juntunen

    I appreciate your messages so much. But I believe with all my heart that Obama never wanted any good deal or good outcome for America. The fruit of every decision he made was harmful to us and I truly feel he intended it. I think his whole purpose was to destroy from within. And I thank God for President Trump and continually pray for him.

  3. Ron Jones

    Mario, (Mathew 5:13) I’m going to start calling you Salty!

  4. D. Retsof

    I didn’t see it this way , but I definitely undergirded my Brother DT with prayers. Thx MM

  5. Suzanne Bonne'

    Absolutely agree!! Great message for the church.

  6. Anthony Yaklich

    Peace through victory. How simple yet profound. I’m on board!

  7. S. Cromley


  8. Carolina

    Nikao…to subdue, conquer, overcome, prevail, through conquest, the means of success – is VICTORY!
    “This is the victory that has conquered the world: our faith. And who is the one who conquers the world, but the one who believes that Jesus is The Son of God.”
    1 John 4:4, 5.
    Look out hell with all your minions…Our Lord Reigns supreme and His saints follow Him with the fire of the prayer of faith.

  9. barbara

    I am so grateful to God for hearing our prayers for a leader such as our President!

  10. Galveston

    I totally agree with the article.
    My main question is this; Where are the men and women of prayer going to come from as long as the Church allows the agents of Satan to educate (indoctrinate) our children?

  11. Mary Jo Hudson

    Thank God for courageous leaders who are willing to speak the truth to the church. God says “WE ARE MORE THAN CONQUERORS” in Christ Jesus, we must pray accordingly.




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