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Except for a few Republicans with convictions, there really is no difference between Democrats and Republicans in Congress.

You saw Republicans pass an obscene budget—fully funding Planned Parenthood.  They gave Democrats almost everything they wanted, punishing Trump in the process. There are Republicans in the deep state.  And the deep state is not so deep.

Washington looks like there are two distinct world views colliding.  But conservative and liberal are mostly labels for show.  There is something deeper going one here.

Why is Trump so hated by both parties?  They don’t hate him because of Stormy Daniels, or because they think he is a racist, or because of his tweets.  It is a much darker motivation.

God used my devotions and reading of John 11—the story of Lazarus—to fully open my eyes.  When this understanding came to me, my burden for our president intensified.  I knew I had to write this to you so that we could agree together for his safety and for this evil to be exposed.

See if you see anything illuminating in these verses:

John 11: 45 Then many of the Jews who had come to Mary, and had seen the things Jesus did, believed in Him. 46 But some of them went away to the Pharisees and told them the things Jesus did. 47 Then the chief priests and the Pharisees gathered a council and said, “What shall we do? For this Man works many signs. 48 If we let Him alone like this, everyone will believe in Him, and the Romans will come and take away both our place and nation.”  Do you see it?

Notice this phrase: “the Romans will come and take away both our place and nation.”  Their first concern was for their place, not the nation.  That is exactly what is happening in Washington.  They are more concerned about keeping their place than helping the nation.

That dear friend, is what both Democrats and Republicans are doing—they are fighting to keep their place.  Not just in Congress but at the FBI, IRS and many other power centers.  All of these groups wanted Hillary to win, because she was the queen of the swamp.

Right now you have the proof.  Jeff Sessions has the power to end the witch hunt against Trump but he won’t.  Mueller’s abuse of power could be called into account but he won’t be.  Hillary should be in jail.  Obama and his cohorts should be indicted.  None of it happens because the politicians must keep their place.

Trump wants to do what works and what is best for America regardless of what side it offends and threatens.  It’s called pragmatism.  What enrages them is that it’s working.  He is winning, and winning, and they are sick of his winning.

Once upon a time, a famous preacher and a famous atheist agreed to hold debates across the country.  They didn’t tell the audience it was just a money making scheme.  They publicly attacked each—took offerings for their causes—and at the end of the night they split the take.  That is also what is happening in Washington.

-Barack Obama was given the Nobel Peace Prize for no reason.  Now Trump has brought North and South Korea together.  Do you think he will get the Nobel Prize for brokering the most amazing peace since Teddy Roosevelt?  Never.  Not even his own party will campaign for that.

Unemployment is at 3.9%.  It is the lowest among blacks and Latinos in recent memory.  His approval among likely voters is 51%.  Do you think Trump will be praised?  Never.

If you as a Christian can’t see the victories Trump is handing the church to have our voices heard, then you are blind.  The next miracle is to get our government back and and see true revival.  Trump is a bridge to all of that.  The hand of God is upon him.

It is time to bombard heaven for the deep state to be exposed.  We need to seek God like never before for special protection on Trump, Melania, the children, and the faithful few left in our government.  Ask big. Ask now

Ephesians 3: 20  “Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, 21 to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen.”


  1. Jim McKelvey

    Praise be to God for saving our country!

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  2. Evan. Roger Culwell

    Big amen I am on a board and they ask me if I had any advice for him, and I told them just about what you just said and told them we need to pray over what you just said, to expose the deep state to pray for his protection, early yesterday morning, so this was conformation, THANK’S that I told them the right thing, and to surround him with people who pray and hear from God. God Bless

  3. S Young

    Thank you for your article. I would suggest that you Follow Q-Anon (on Facebook) there is a lot more going on that many do not know about. Those in power (the good guys) do know…but the web is so tangled…it really is an act of God in the undoing.

  4. Sandra Douglas

    Praise God for your trumpeting the truth ….the status of the attempted sabotage aimed at the heralds of the Lords appointed and exposing the camouflaging going on under various guises and distractions that continue the dumbing down of our great nation with contrived fear driven untruths.
    We must pray continually for Wisdom and protection for our President as watchmen on the Wall and with thanksgiving for Divine blessing of daily sustenance and truth as we take the high ground …we are united in Jesus Name of one accord in prayer and praise …

    • Martha Susan Cloer

      Amen! I am so grateful for you folks who are speaking out positively behind our President whom I believe God chose “for such a time as this!” Our President, The Honorable Mr. Donald Trump, has a great ability to bring our nation closer than it has been in years. And it is happening! He loves The Lord God, (in case you did not know that.), And ALL things will continue to become what we desire, by faith!! Keep The Faith, those of you who are reading this.

  5. Carolina

    Mario & Friends,
    They seek to “depose” Donald Trump in everyway they can. To “put him down,” to “lay him aside,”to place,” him back outside their contrived bounds of power. The very idea of Donald J Trump inside their hidden agenda corridors sends shrieking chills through their brittle spines. Clearly Mr. Trump was a profound NO NO to the far left agenda, a tall, Caucasian Blonde all American male of mature years, who made his wealth and gained power by sheer tenacity and endless hard work. A top graduate with honors from one of their top flight universities, a self made billionaire who has had and can have anything he wants anytime he desires…this is TABOO for people driven by the spirit of poverty (which they are) and who insist on only their concept of a so-called “moral world view.” Those attributes alone were bad enough for the liberals to go to pieces over, but for Donald Trump to become the 45th US President elected by well over 60 million people – to the leftist this was catastrophic. That’s why FBI agent Peter Strzok kept texting about the ‘alternative plan to the unthinkable!’
    To make matters even more divesting to their deep dark cause, President Donald Trump has a heart for religious freedom, he believes in ‘God Almighty’ as he likes to call our heavenly Father. Trump desires to help the ministerial efforts of any and all who preach, teach and have faith particularly in Jesus Christ. Whew!… that’s enough to create a permanent melt down of all the witchcraft workers in WA-DC. The irony of it all is directly from Christ Jesus The King.

    • Mike Chubick

      The love of money is the root of all evil. Consequently a deep void between the idolatry and righteousness. And the rich man answers roughly. The loss of place is the identity of power. Jesus was tempted but answered according to righteousness of His identity. We must know our identity and our helper to wisely maintain His cause and the lasting benefits and not an inheritance easily gotten therefore easily lost.

  6. John L Escalante

    Amazing insight. Thank you Holy Spirit!

  7. Aaron

    To JSB
    Don’t include “me” in your”WE”

    We did not elect a pastor we elected a president.
    Im calling you out on this as a christian.
    The alternitive to trump was Hillary Clinton a marxist and a baby killer!

    You better thank God trump is in office instead of hillary clinton what she would be doing through executive order would make your skin crawl.
    The big issue i see is the lack of logic and understanding of a bigger picture on your part JSB.

    The globalists have infiltrated both sides of our two party system.
    Trump is in opposition to the Globalist agenda.
    The councel of foriegn relations the and other new world order groups have been placing there workers into our social political system for years and the church has negected its cival duity for years because of its apathy i personaly am not hiding in a cave waiting for jesus to return as the thess did “we are called to occupy”

    What trump did years ago with women does not suprise anyone give me a break.
    It was Sin,but he has also reached out to christians are you forgetting that?
    Are placing judgment on someone that you dont personaly know and has denied alligations?

    To accuse Mario of idolizing Trump is also an indicator of were your heart is.
    Dont try to say you did not accuse Mario of that through an argument of symantics to back out, a high place in the heart is a shot at idolotry.
    This is why we are in the mess we have here in california because people who say they are christian wont take radicle stands behind leaders that are standing for rightousness.
    Leaders come on the scene that are willing to take shots and hits for our freedoms and people run to there political correctness to hide like the cowards.
    I did not vote for trump because I thought he was a swell guy.
    I did so because i dont believe in marxist socialism and that is were this nation was heading under a clinton presidency.
    So lets just do like the lutherans did in germany as the nazis were on the move right?
    Bonnhoffer stood when his bretheran sat there in there apethy.
    I applaud Mario for his stand thank God for it!!!

  8. Keith Graham

    JSB – I think you would be complaining even if Jesus was President. You are focused on problems – not the solutions God is providing. Unity is a commanded blessing and it seems you are focused on diluting that unity. Trump is getting the results that so many of us have been praying about. Lets put our energy into what we can agree about. Keith

    • Aaron

      My comments to jsb got deleted.

      • Aaron

        Probibly should have kept it to myself.

  9. Judy Haga

    AMEN……Yes ….Trump is Gods man!!!!

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  10. Aaron

    Now thinking about it, without jsb’s comments being there mine realy are kind of irrelevant
    Because i was sranding against the comments he made toward mario.

  11. kingskid48

    This is what I’ve been saying also, that the swamp hate him because he is threatening their positions. They are willing to see America fall just so they can stay in power. This is all democrats, except just a very few who have a conscience, and a lot of republicans. I agree with everything that Mario said and I thank God he is willing to sound the alarm so loudly and clearly.

  12. D. Retsof

    My prayer is that more of God’s people will surround our president with warfare prayers. Don’t forget Mario Murillo and his family….He fears no foe!!

  13. Bob Dooley

    We need to elect ‘average Joe’ ‘everyman’ non-politicians, as many as possible, to replace as many Secret Society politicians as possible. There are enough Secret Society politicians and officials in place that they felt bold enough now to show their true colors, their true agenda, thinking they were rooted in deeply enough now that they could do not be overthrown, but God just laughs. Satan is a dog who’s leash is only as long as God allows.

    • Deborah Pitsch

      Bob…what a great analogy! I find peace and security in seeing the hand of God moving right now in the US, in Israel, and the world. God does WHAT He wants, HOW He wants, WHEN He wants. We can be on board or we can be left behind. Our choice.

  14. Ernest White

    With all due respect, I to am a Christian, Righteousness exalted a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people. Israel wanted a King, God gave them what they wanted: King Saul: Could it be that God gave America what she wanted to show her how far she has strayed from him? Righteous exalted a nation, but SIN is a reproach to any people.

    • mariomurilloministries

      Ah Ernest, you think maybe that was Obama? He was the Saul (Alinsky) presidency.

  15. David Larson

    It’s never been said better or been truer than what you’ve written in this piece. Thank you Mario for exposing what needs to be exposed. I called on all Christians, who are true Christians, not just in words only, to join with us in exposing the deep state. Pray for truth and reality in our news media, and pray confusion on all those who would seek the distruction of our country for “their” place and “their” nation .

  16. Susan Losh

    In Jesus Name, protect our Nation, Our President, let everything that is hidden come to light, but most of all let this Nation become as one. You made our great nation and I know you can do this again. Keep those of us that support your Servant safe. Amen

  17. Richard L

    Why did President Trump sign a budget that fully funds Planned Parenthood?

    The “Joint Statement of President Donald J. Trump and Chairman Kim Jong” said Kim Jung-Un reaffirmed “the April 27, 2018 Panmunjom Declaration”. What is the Panmunjom Declaration?

    Continuing to pray for the President His Family, congress, and all our elected officials.




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