Apathy has come at the worst possible time

by | Apr 23, 2018 | Christianity Today | 28 comments

On the eve of the most dangerous law ever written against California believers—shocking silence has fallen on the church here.  Look on Facebook.  They are not even talking about it.  Do you see a groundswell of action?  Are state senators being flooded with calls and emails?  Did your mega church even say anything about it yesterday?  I am guessing nothing was said.

Don’t tell me I am writing too many warnings about this.  Paul said in Acts 21: 31 “Therefore watch, and remember that for three years I did not cease to warn everyone night and day with tears.”  Like Paul, I am not going to stop warning you.

Others claim I am overstating the threat.  If anything, I am understating the danger.  Those who are not alarmed have either not read the law or they refuse to believe their eyes.  So here goes again:

California Assembly Bill 2943 passed and has been sent to the State Senate for final approval.  Jerry Brown has already said he would sign it into law if the Senate approves it.  If he does it will be a point of no return.

Here is what the new law would do:  It will prohibit resources concerning treatment or ministry in order to reduce or eliminate same sex attraction or gender dysphoria. Essentially, conferences, counseling, teaching, books, or publications, where money is exchanged for the resource, would be prohibited.  This is dangerous.

Fully enforced, this law would ban the sale of Bibles in California.  Moreover, this law is a gateway law—it will lead to even more laws that persecute Christian faith.

The Body of Christ, in the Golden State is in a do or die situation.  Please don’t bend Bible verses out of context so you can bury your head in the sand.  If you believe it can’t happen here, you are not only part of the problem, you are denying what Christians in other countries suffer.  Other nations have had moments when the simple use of democracy would have prevented the loss of their freedoms.

Is there still hope to turn this crisis around?  The answer is clear:  there is only hope if we take action.  Here is what I am asking you to do right now.

Understand the danger of this law and why you oppose it.  This is vital so you can make sense to State Senators.  You already see how California flouted the Constitution with their sanctuary law.  This new law openly violates freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

Use social media to get Christians in California to email and call their state senator.  Even if you don’t live in California you can still contact those you do know. And you can pray.  At the end of this blog you will see a link to contact the State Senate.   Again, use your social media accounts to broadcast this urgent threat to the church.  Share this blog with as many as possible.

My final words are to all voting age Christians in California: it is time to put aside every excuse.  Don’t delay!  I am not exaggerating…Assembly Bill 2943 that will lead to banning the Bible in California.  WE MUST ACT BEFORE THURSDAY.

Again, when you email or call your Senator be firm but polite. Tell them you will be voting in the next election and that you will be campaigning for politicians who reflect your values.

Use this link to find your state Senator.  http://senate.ca.gov/senators


  1. Dr. Michael J. Cox, PhD, Computer Science, Polytechnic University

    It is important to know the truth because I am a supporter of you and our Lord. Where does it specify in the bill that the sale of Bibles is banned Please point out specific text. Many of these legislators in California are not on the up and up and just like many congress men and women are only worried about themselves, but we need to be truthful about this serious concern. Snopes.com which I normally find as reliable states it is false to assume this legislation bans the sale of bibles, Please provide details, I wound up our bible study yesterday to contact their Senators right away, Please confirm text that bans Bible sales, appreciate your support of our Lord

    • mariomurilloministries

      You trust Snopes? Snopes famously fact checked Babylon Bee—a satirical Christian website that said CNN has a giant washing machine to spin news—Snopes wanted us all to know it wasn’t true.
      The bill states clearly that when money is exchanged for material that tries to convert anyone in the LGBTQ community it will be prohibited. Moreover, no event where money is exchanged for instruction of same will be allowed. How does that not open the door to banning Bibles or even services where the subject is preached and offerings are received?

      • Dr. Michael J. Cox, PhD, Computer Science, Polytechnic University

        Your reply states the following:
        The bill states clearly that when money is exchanged for material that tries to convert anyone in the LGBTQ community it will be prohibited. Moreover, no event where money is exchanged for instruction of same will be allowed. How does that not open the door to banning Bibles or even services where the subject is preached and offerings are received? While I support methodologies to assist people to leave their homosexual leanings, feelings or overt acts, I still cannot see how these words, specifically ban bibles you need to do what the Lord asked speak the Truth do these words ban bibles? Please prove what you say THANK YOU

        • mariomurilloministries

          I never said the bill bans Bibles, I said it will lead to it. You misquoted me. I said and clearly showed how this gateway law will, in my opinion lead to banning Bibles. If you want to wait till there is a ban that is your choice. I can’t help you beyond what I have said.

      • Kim Denner

        Snopes is a fact checker that only supports the lies of the left, completely unreliable !
        Mario, I have been campaigning against this Bill on Facebook. I also have been talking to pastors that I know.
        I posted and reposted the web site SaveCalifornia.com so that people could learn about the anti God bills that up coming and learn how to take action.
        The principal of the Christian school my grandchildren attend, when I told him about the Anti God bills that are being passed in California said, “We are a Christian school they can’t do that to us.”
        I told him, but they are doing it to you.
        Wake Up Church, Wake Up !!!!!

    • maria amarillas

      YES IT IS TRUE. The wording is the exact thing the enemy and the state want to entangle you in or to bring confusion to. The enemy will never come in his true form or else nobody would believe it he deceives and he is deceiving everyone with this bill by not stating in the word Bible. Just the very fact that in Section 1 reads:Contemporary science recognizes that being lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender is part of the natural spectrum of human identity and is not a disease, disorder, or illness goes against our beliefs but then to add this, which is stated in the begining of the bill: The following unfair methods of competition and unfair or deceptive acts or practices undertaken by any person in a transaction intended to result or that results in the sale or lease of goods or services to any consumer are unlawful didn’t contain any truth. But unfortunately brother this is where we need to use our gift in Discerning of the spirits it is clear California is in the spiritual war! But God is for us! We need to engage.

      • Carolina

        SO CORRECT maria amarillis!
        And isn’t it revealing also that the global medical & scientific community at large can find absolutely NO homosexual genome/chromosome within the DNA genetic structure of any human beings even though they’ve re-searched and re-searched for it tells the biblical story of The Truth.
        For the CA bill 2943, to “insist” that deciding to become a member of the LBGTQ subculture “is part of the natural spectrum of human identity and is not a disease, disorder, or illness…” and then to frame it as if…”Contemporary science recognizes,” this as a fact!… is ludicrous and manipulative for any & all to see, perceive and understand. As Apostle Paul so eloquently understood & said in Romans chapter 1:24,
        “Therefore God delivered them over to degrading passions. For even their females exchanged natural sexual intercourse for what is unnatural. The males in the same way also left natural sexual intercourse with females and and were inflamed in their lust for one another.”

        Romans chapter one reveals the unashamed Truth about a very ancient problem. If we leave it up to California civil leadership working in lockstep with far too many other such thinkers, then we’ll end up clear back thousands of years regressed into the revived Roman Empire, heathen and godless in all its ways.

  2. Carolina

    Mario, I hear You!…I’m doing what I can, am forwarding this blog to any & all of my circle of influence and minister friends from my local area which is not in CA but our state is right next to it.
    I will also write another email letter to President Trump at The White House, they’ve been very gracious & responsive to me since the week after Donald Trump got there. I’ve been communicating with Donald J Trump via email & letters since 1989. Our President DT helped me & my brother in our business endeavors way back in the late 80’s.
    I also placed this video regarding CA on my Vimeo ministry website, I hope that helps.?

    • Nancy

      America is becoming Sodom and Gomorrah!! Jesus said, it will be like the days of Noah. Marrying and being given in marriage.” I always wondered why He said particularly that? I believe it has to do with our present state of “love is love’ and the openness of marrying whoever you want ,it’s all” good”
      This is where we are headed folks. We are THERE. Mario is right. APATHY in the Church is paramount. Unfortunately we’ve become sooo comfortable and blessed that we’ve lost our sight! Fat and happy I call it. The Church may well need to suffer quite a bit to be purified. Do what we can!! Yes we need to! But, prepare for the fire. We need it as well, I dare say.
      I sit in an ecumenical Bible study and sad to say, I find myself “argueing” with a lady about her words “sin is sin” concerning homosexuality and marriage thereof. And that “boycotting” is such a strong word!! IN A BIBLE STUDY!! Defending SIN. This discourages me Mario! The Church is worldly! It saddens me terribly. Where are the believers standing up and the PREACHERS ?? Not too aftaid to call it what it is! PRAYER is our hope and answer.

      • Joan Richards

        Your words and observation are precisely what the Bible says we are going to experience in the last days and America is no exception to the prophecy, that in the last days, bad will call good and good will call bad, many Christians are going to be killed for righteousness sake, some will even be thrown in prison,, and if you go through the scripture you will see many things that are happening in the world is of no surprise to me, but you know whats bothering me the most! is what we do as a church from the leaders, down to the so-called body of Christ. One command God asked of the body of Christ is to love one another so the world will know that we belong to Him, do we do that? think about that! there is more strife, envy, bitterness more hatred and the list goes on and on, with the ungodly things that are happening in the Church so what do we expect? do we-we expect to handle the unjust world that’s coming against when we ourselves are walking in disobedience! Can Satan cast out Satan? of course not, Why? because he knows he cannot stand alone until we realized that we are one body in Christ we will have to fight our battles alone! All I can do is to fervently pray for the unity of the body of Christ so we can stand together in the unity of the Holy Spirit. As a Minister let me encourage you, that keep your eyes on Jesus the author and the finisher of your faith. God is Sovereign and what He allows is for His purpose and Glory. I know many people will disagree with my message, but that’s ok. God is in control in the warfare.

  3. Lisa Hernandez

    I am sharing and contacting my so called representative in the 29th district.

  4. Patti Seymour killham

    My attempts to email failed. Tried several times.

    • Laura Wedemeyer

      Push forward in the Spirit and pick up your phone.

  5. Aaron

    I contacted and did as you instructed i sent this blog article out to a bunch of contacts.

      • Aaron

        Im so discouraged about the apathy i sense especialy from bretheren, its very sad.
        I think a lot of pastors are just lazy.

        Its not only about this issue either its rare to find a sense of urgancy in leaders.

        The only ones I know that do seem to be mocked and ignored or spoken evil of.
        You are a blessing.

  6. JoAnn McIntosh

    Standing with you and just sent opposing this bill to my state senator Ed Herrnandez West Covina.

  7. Laura

    I have been posting and encouraging people to stand, as believers, against this.
    But you are right.
    Seems it’s fallen a deaf ear.
    The sifting has begun.

  8. David W Gray

    That could be because I know at least one pastor has apparently been swayed by this: https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/california-bible-ban/#.WtyjfHKK1Dw.facebook

    This is my response to this pastor:

    Question: Have you read the bill?

    Question: Do you really want to trust Snopes?

    I, as one who recognizes the same patterns by the socialist liberal progressive lawmakers in California, see the same methodical steps that have been used against law-abiding gun owners, like myself, who support the Second Amendment.

    As correctly stated in Snopes, Senate Bill 1172 was passed and signed into law in 2012. This was just the first “inch.” Assembly Bill 2943 now waiting in the Senate is the “yard.” What will be next?

    If California’s Shepherds don’t wake up from apparent gross apathy, maybe even negligence, then I say shame, shame on them. That is my honest belief, like or not.

    God, help us!

  9. Judy Haga


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  10. Barbara

    Like the Koran not A hate book.

    • Aaron

      It will prob have an exclusion for them.

  11. megagenius

    If you think Assembly Bill 2943 does not have hidden agendas, then you are being deceived. The herd never changes society. (Just go along to get along). It is the thinking, courageous individuals that change society. It does not take a lot of brains to see the obvious evil in this Assembly Bill 2943. They want to set a precedent in order to use this Bill as leverage to silence ANY voice they deem inappropriate to protect their haven of immorality and perversion. MARIO MURILLO IS CORRECT. HE IS BOLDLY SPEAKING OUT BECAUSE HE CARES ABOUT WHAT REALLY MATTERS. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

    • Carolina


  12. David Larson

    Mario, I’m sorry to report, but most Christians simply aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed. And those that think they are, like Dr. Polytechnic U., can’t draw a line from point A to point B in this demonic legislation to see that it is meant to silence Christians, practicing Jews and Muslims. By the way Dr., that’s a “straight” line in case you weren’t sure about it. No need for brothers to argue, that’s just what Satan wants, but when is the last time you saw a degree confer anything but acheivement to a level in a certain field. Degrees do not confer wisdom or insight. This legislative bill in CA. is the Christians “Kristallnacht”. Edmund Burke said”Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.” Mario, I don’t think you have to tell Christians to be polite. Christians are generally polite p_ssies. That’s one spiritual reason they are bullied. I doubt there are many CA. Legislators that don’t have their eye on higher office, and this is a time to remind those senators what a powerful voting block the Christian community can be. We elected a president who is not worried about being polite. But he is effective. My wife(who is a straight woman) and I stand with you and all militant believers to bring down this vicious homosexual spirit in prayer and agreement and we do so in love for the LGBTQ community.

    • Aaron

      Im wondering if Dr Frasier Crane will be pitting in his two cents on here next.

  13. Laura Wedemeyer

    Are there any Christians in California organizing even ONE march or protest at the State Capitol that anyone knows of? If not, why not? We know how to be peaceable, but we should not be SILENT.

  14. kingskid48

    I found my senator online and emailed him. It just takes a few minutes. Please do this and tell them your concerns about this dangerous bill. And then email all the info here to your circle of influence. Make sure your pastor is aware. Our church is active in waking people up but we do not have much time. And pray against this horrible bill. Ask God to stop it dead in its tracks. Wake up Christians, do you really want to live in a state where it is illegal to sell a Bible?



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