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It does not matter if you live in California or not.  They have brought the fight to us and we can’t run from it.  In this message I am going to explain exactly what is going on and the direct action we must take.

For those who don’t know yet, California Assembly Bill 2943 passed and has been sent to the State Senate for final approval.  Jerry Brown has already said he would sign it into law if the Senate approves it.

This is a terrible law.  First it is designed to punish those who believe the Bible’s teaching on sexual sins. The advocates of anti-Christian policies worded this bill as harmlessly as possible but its punitive nature came through loud and clear.  Read the wording:

It will prohibit resources concerning treatment or ministry in order to reduce or eliminate same sex attraction or gender dysphoria. Essentially, conferences, counseling, teaching, books, or publications, where money is exchanged for the resource, would be prohibited.

There is no way around the intention here. I said this in as an earlier post: “No exchange of money can be allowed for a book that suggests recovery from same sex attraction or gender dysphoria?  No conference can do so either?  Oh wait, the Bible does that.  And oh, yeah a Bible Conference will do that.  This is no slippery slope.  This is the cliff.”

The immediate impact would be on any event where money is exchanged that teaches deliverance from sexual sin.  But it gets worse.

It is a threshold law.  That means it opens the door to further laws that seek to shut down the Christian moral opinion altogether.  Herod used this method.  In Acts 12:1,2 it says, “Now about that time Herod the king stretched out his hand to harass some from the church. Then he killed James the brother of John with the sword. 3 And because he saw that it pleased the Jews. he proceeded further to seize Peter also. ”

Do you see what’s happening here? California legislators are testing the pulse of the public.  They want to see, to what degree, they can inject their radical anti-Christian and yes, anti-American views into law.

Sacramento knows full well their new law violates the constitution.  They already broke federal law and violated the constitution with their sanctuary policy.  California state government sees itself as a separate nation not beholden to the Constitution.

The next logical step is to make a viewpoint illegal.  It would be against the law to teach or sell Bibles. Churches that held to Biblical morality could be closed.  Christians who stated their convictions would be fired, marginalized and even jailed.  What we have here is the dawn of state-sponsored persecution of Christians.  But it gets even worse than that.

What we have here is the dawn of American state-sponsored persecution of Christians.

Radical political activists and politicians across America are watching CA/B 2943 very closely.  When I said it is a threshold law, I also mean it is a model for similar laws across America.

To say we need to nip this in the bud is the understatement of the century.  How do we do this?  We begin by standing and fighting for California.  It means we must be willing to face a firestorm of criticism.  That is a small price to pay for protecting our children, grandchildren and our constitution.  But we must find the will to fight.

That will to fight must first be found in the prophetic.  Let me explain.  Today I read that Yellowstone Park sits on a super volcano that is 44 miles across. If it erupted, it would be thousands of times larger than Mt Saint Helens.  Ash would cover the entire U.S.

California, and Los Angeles specially sit on top of a spiritual super volcano.  It is breathtaking to list the ministries that have been born in Los Angeles.  Here is but a short list: Azusa Street, Billy Graham, Aimee Semple Mcpherson, Kathryn Kuhlman, Calvary Chapel, Youth with a Mission, Full Gospel Businessmen, TBN, and Melodyland where I was ordained.  Movement upon movement has ignited here and touched the world.

If the super volcano of the legacy of revival in California were to erupt it would cover the nation.

All over California outbreaks of holy fire are beginning to be seen.  Thousands of pastors and preachers have not bowed the knee to Baal.

What is needed now is anointing for political activism.  Not politics as usual but a spirit like Daniel to bring wisdom, conviction and influence to pagan culture.  Consider how immoral Babylon was.  Consider that Daniel began as a slave and was used by God to bring legislation and godly counsel to Babylon.  California is no worse than Babylon.

Let’s cry out to God for a spiritual eruption—for the will to fight—for a national flood of prayer for California. Amen.


If you live near Stockton attend Firepower.  It’s free but you must register.  Click here to register now.



  1. Carolina

    Mario and Believers,
    I was listening to Dr Albert Mohler (President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) yesterday, and he sees this new legislation in CA just as You do Mario as a gateway law for Christian persecution tactics, also as a 3 pronged attack made by the “Post Constitution leftists”, using simultaneously the faith (Pentecostal) of Mike Pompao as a weapon against him in order to not approve him into Sec of State, as well as to all branches of the military another attack on the Southern Baptist Convention & Seminary, who ordains most all military Chaplins & has for many decades, with the left now claiming that they (the SBTS) can no longer be the institution that does the ordaining because of their basic Christian teachings regarding marriage and homosexuality. Mohler says these leftists & Dems, all claim that this attitude from a biblical perspective is against the law as it is legislated today.

  2. Sandra Landis

    Leave us Christians alone …let us do the good Lords work in peace …you have no right at all to interfere. .we are not causing any one any harm ..its the opposite are taking Christians rights away from them …who are you ? Big bunch of Nazis and commies …God is watching and listening He knows everything ..hes got your number …I wouldnt want to be in your shoes on judgement day ..

    • mariomurilloministries

      Sandra, I know you aren’t talking about me…right? LOL

  3. Raymond R Martinez

    Let us all Start with 2 Chronicles 7:14..
    if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land. Our Land is being attacked..A War has been Declared..Exodus 15:3..”The LORD is a warrior; The LORD is His name.
    Sad But Very True..A War has been Declared Since the Spirit of Jezebel did not win the White House. The Deep State, The Establishment, The Left, The Liberals, The Dems, The Corrupt, The Deceitful, All want to Dethrone Our Commander In Chief and All Conservative ideology, any of his Supporters who want to #MAGA, and take back our Country so they can finish Destroying it and bring in their Godless Socialist Agenda..They continue to want to Muzzle the Church at the Pulpit..People need to Wake Up to this and Find their Voice, Fire up the Phones, Launch Emails to Legislators, Mobilize the Protest Marches, and Charge Long and Hard to Protect our Nation at the Voting Polls made available to only Citizens of the United States..

  4. Kim Denner

    Christians must rise up now !!!! Thanks for exposing this satanic attack.

  5. Aaron

    Im in so cal pastoring a group of young converts who are in the fight for there lives mostly couples with lots of kids.

    What a different world from when i got saved, its crazy.

    One out of 10 couples come in the church married.
    I confront that issue with tact and compassion and we have Jesus wedings incorperated right into our church services.
    Everyone is shacking up on welfare having kids from multiple partners many with backgrounds of bisexuality.
    So much insecurity and rejection.
    I have to preach basic moral values because its rare that any one comes in with any understanding of Gods standards.
    I am old school.
    Ive lost some folks at times
    But the true converts are like sponges.
    They love truth even when it hurts.


      As in the Latter days, we are Here & the End Times are Standing at the Door Knocking. We need ALL the Bible Believing & Teaching Churches to Come together and on their Knees Praying to a Prayer Answering God in Unity SEEKING the Face of God.

      • Robert Aquino

        Thank you Pastor, to STAND on the TRUTH!
        All for JESUS!

        Let us get out on our comfort zone this is now battle between good and evil!
        Christain who firmly believed in JESUS let us standout for the truth of His Word as we fight the good fight of faith.
        We must face this tyoe of scenario in our life “put down the last card of Satan in US of A and let the Banner of JESUS CHRIST IS LORD may echoed to all ears and heart of the American people in all races of the world.
        Let the body of Christ gather and make vigil and pray let 2Chro7:14 be manifeated.

  6. Charlie Glenn

    Thank you, Mario. It’s not in Texas, yet, but none of us will escape the encroaching Leftist/globalist/Orwellian agenda. Where are our pastors? Rafael Cruz teaches about the activism of black-robed soldiers (preachers) in Revolutionary War and how they knew it was their duty to preach the truth. Thank you, Mario, for your courage.

  7. David Larson

    Islam condemns homosexual behavior. How do you thing Muslims will react to this law? They’re not as “nicey, nice” as Christians to those who defame their religion. You might use the Middle East as an example of what CA. legislators can expect from the Muslim Brotherhood. I would be very careful if I were a CA legislator voting for this law.

    • Aaron

      They would be afraid to enforce it with muslims.

  8. Elizabeth M Sotomil

    Arise church, put the plague of perversion to stop thru intercession!!

    • Rose Mary Davis

      Yes we must pray and have been praying, but now we must stand and become a voice by calling, e-mailing, faxing our Legislators. Faith and ACTION!

  9. Margi Coulson

    Yes so true. Lots of times,when tragic or very evil things happen, we pray only & do nothing. We are active participants w/God. He will do His part through us by answering our prayers to what
    we must do also. Prayers, faith & action as part of His instructions. Ask Him what He wants you to do in this situation. HE will act but we need to do our part too. We are the warriors of God’s army, ready prepared & listening for instructions from the Commander-in-Chief. God bless & continue the fight in the Lord. This battle belongs to the Lord. Amen. He is listening. God bless again.

  10. Karin L Crawford

    Thank you for bringing this to our awareness. A few thoughts bubble up as I’m praying:
    – Jesus asked us to love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us. How has God been leading you to pray? How do we love and show love to them? What comes to mind is blessing, freedom from what binds, even meeting with those who are behind this in order to bless them in person. Jesus loves them and died for them too. How we respond could make a difference in some coming to know Jesus, to want to know Him.

    – third party testimonials are more powerful than speaking about myself. Speak out on behalf of Muslims, and ask them to speak out on our behalf

    – make sure we’re submitted to God and not making the same mistake of putting ideology above God. Ideology is a strong counterfeit God in our culture, with devastating consequences, including despising belittling those who believe differently. If this doesn’t make sense, listen here to a message on counterfeit God’s by Tim Keller:

    – keep the conversation about the 2nd Amendment and constitutional foundation, and don’t whine, complain or atrack. Work hard to defend our constitution. It’s laws like these that caused our forefathers to sacrifice everything to move here and found this country.

    Pray, love, make sure God is our first love, speak out about our constitution and on behalf of Muslims, Jews and othees who will be affected.

  11. Pastor David French

    What did you think would happen when the Church has stepped aside and allowed wickedness abound in our country for the past 30 or so years! Most of the Church has become Seeker Friendly and Seeker Sensitive by being soft on sin and big on prosperity and blessings! We have allowed the world to come into the Church because far too many pastors treat their Church like a business and have designed programs and an atmosphere within the Church to draw a crowd instead of making True Disciples for Christ. I hear popular Church Leaders say they are making Church for the Un-Churched and there is no such thing as a Church for the Un-Churched. The Church includes only for those who are saved through the blood of Jesus Christ and have repented of their sins and love the truth of God’s Holy Word! Much of the Church today is deceived through relative truth rather than the Absolute Truth of God’s Word and people who call themselves Christians are living lawless. While we have been playing Church we have not stood against the onslaught of the wickedness that has come from the Democratic Liberal Left!

    The Apostle Paul prophesied and warned us this would happen in 2 Timothy 4:3-4 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers; 4 and they will turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to fables.

    At this very moment a multitude of True Christians are being persecuted and suffer everyday in Islamic and Communist Controlled Countries. They are imprisoned, beaten, killed and their church buildings are burnt to the ground. Their faith puts the faith of American Christians to shame! Does your pastor talk about these persecuted Christians? Does he mention that they are being killed for their faith in Jesus Christ? Most likely not. Instead most preachers talk about us having our Best Life Now and Financial Prosperity because we live in America and we think that we are special and God owes us blessing. Well the time has come for the Church in America to suffer persecution because most of the Church has become lukewarm. The Church in America resembles the Laodicea Church much more than the Philadelphia Church in Revelation Chapter 3. Persecution is coming to the Church in America because this is the only way to separate the Wheat from the Tares!

    Jesus made it clear in Matthew 24:9 Then they will deliver you up to tribulation and kill you, and you will be hated by all nations for My name’s sake.” All nations also includes the United States of America.

    Wake up and repent! Stop listening to the False Prophets and Teachers on TBN, Day Star and the Word of Faith who tell you Jesus died to give you blessings in this life! Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal truth to you so you are no longer deceived by the Bless Me prophets who have made millions of dollars off of deceived people. Jesus Christ is return only for a Church that is spotless and loves Him and His word and is faithful to witnessing for His glory even in the midst of persecution!

  12. Kathy Crook

    Also, beware of 501c3 registration for non-profits…all non-profits linked together with anything from Christian, to wicken, therefore linked together…do you want to be linked? I think not. Also, if you register as 501c3 and want to withdraw, they can take all assets from you organization…the day is coming when your tithes will not be tax deductible, might as well cut off 501c3 and really give to God, trust Him!
    Pray for our country…
    I would like to suggest reading “Trump Prophecies” by Mark Taylor, exciting as we see things unfold, God is in this time with us.
    Blessings to you all!



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