One false move would be devastating. But I had to take this step of faith

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By Mario Murillo.  I have not preached since January 29th.   I could easily re-injure my spine and be out for several more months.  All I have to do is trip once.  Any slip, or fall, would throw me back to square one…or worse.   All this ran through my mind.
I could not fly on a jet.  I would have to lay across the back seat of a car for 439 miles to Las Vegas and another 439 miles back. 16 hours!  I must watch every move I made.  I would feel anxiety anytime we’d hit a bump or the car jerked.
Every moment I was away from home was a risk.  It had to be God.  Mechelle and I had to have a clear word from God to go.
There was a deep fire in me to go.  First of all, Satan had attacked me because we are  bringing the Gospel with signs and wonders to Las Vegas.
I knew that without a core of leaders backing us, we could not hope to do this outreach.  Not only this, but we had cancelled on them twice and I couldn’t bring myself to make them wait any longer.
Then that voice that has been unmistakable since the day I was called to preach said “go.”

We’ve all prayed prayers for travelling mercies before a trip.  You can imagine what ours was like.  I will not bore you with the details of the road.  I will only tell you that a palpable protection covered our trip.
Although, at one point the enemy tried to torture my mind.  He reminded me that many leaders might not show up because they weren’t sure I was even coming. “You’re putting your life in your hands to talk to a handful of people. You don’t even know how long you can minister.”
The day finally ended.  Safe in our hotel in Las Vegas I now prepared my heart to speak to whoever shows up.  What an amazing feeling the next day when they told me that over 90 pastors and leaders were ready to hear the Word of God.
They were beyond ready.  The pulled on the anointing.  I knelt on the floor.  I paced the room.  I sat in a chair on stage.  The point is that I was able to passionately cast the vision for Living Proof Las Vegas.  I ministered for over an hour!  A fired up army is born!
I got home safely.  I had no damage to my spine.  Now I know I will be ready for the tent when we begin a mighty crusade on Sunday Mother’s day May 13th until Friday the 18th.
Please pray for this crusade.  Please pray for the Mother’s day outreach especially.  We are using a new tactic.  Door to door in the inner city, we are giving away roses to every mom.  We are asking them to order their sons and daughters to come to the tent as their gift for Mother’s day.
All I can tell you is that the enemy suffered a great defeat.  Unity, faith and joy drenched us all in this meeting.  I would go so far as to say that I have never had a more powerful luncheon with leaders in 50 years of ministry.


  1. Evan. Roger Culwell

    Amen all way’s a good feeling to get one back on the enemy. ptl

    • Kathy

      Thanks for update! God’s Goodness And Mercy Will follow you all the days of your life?. …? for Las Vegas. Kathy and Fritz from Michigan

  2. Judy Haga


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  3. Carolina

    The Lord’s Hand of Grace, Mercy and Justice will be mighty upon this work Mario.
    Nothing profound is ever won victoriously without opposition.
    I am assured that heaven’s success is all over this crusade, in the Name of Jesus??
    Christ’s Love compels You.

  4. Susan Shiflett

    Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!! I am so proud of your dedication, courage, strength and complete willingness to go and obey our Savior! What you are planning to do on Mother’s Day made me cry! What an incredible vision, idea, to tell the moms to tell their kids to come to your meeting, for their Mother’s Day gift was so creative! Ohhh, may our precious Lord and Savior richly bless these meetings with hearts turning to Him, lives changed for Him, families restored and such love, mercy and forgiveness to flow through these precious people, and never stop! May the Lord bless your whole family and crew but most of all, may the Lord begin to restore your health, making you stronger physically, as if you were a powerful youth!! All for His honor and glory! Amen!!!

  5. Mark Stripling

    “No weapon formed against you shall prosper, and every tongue which rises up against you in judgement you shall condemn (including satanic threatenings, I believe, in Jesus name!), this is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is from me, says the Lord.”
    Isaiah 54:17.

  6. Laura Collins

    Thank you. My prayer is that my son won’t forget me on Mother’s day, otherwise I will be in Vegas comforting other mothers at the crusade. Please pray for me. I can’t take another year being alone on Mother’s day for no reason.

    • Dorrie

      My son (and only child) died of a sudden aneurysm many years ago, so I have spent a LOT of Mother’s Days without a child and no grand children. There is always a “reason,” Laura. Talk to Yahweh about it, then let GO of it and leave it in HIS hands. I’ve been PROFOUNDLY alone for 10 years, but HE knows and comforts me, He can and will comfort you as well.

  7. Dorrie

    I’m praying someone will lay hands on you and heal your back, pastor!! THAT is what needs to happen!

  8. Judy Pink

    Such an awesome victory! Now, for the power of God to overtake you and His healing Presence, like warm water, to flow through your body making you every whit whole! For His Kingdom!

  9. Janice Seaver

    The opposition of the enemy shows me he is the fearful one. He suspects that God’s plans for this outreach will surely plunder his evil kingdom. Our God rules and reigns over all. He will bring forth superabundantly a beautiful harvest for His glorious kingdom from your obedience and the prayers of His saints. Glory to God for all He is doing in our day!❤️

  10. Phyllis Falco

    Thank you Jesus , After you do the will of the Father. You shall receive the promise ,
    May it be so
    Love aSharons from aisrael

  11. Novella .. Butterfly n

    Praise God .. What I also see in this is: what the Apostle Paul said in : 2 Cor. 12 .. “..He said unto me, MY GRACE IS SUFFICIENT FOR THEE; for MY STRENGTH is made perfect in WEAKNESS… I will Glory in my infirmities, THAT THE POWER OF CHRIST MAY REST UPON ME. When I am weak, then am I strong…” “I HEAR GOD SAYING: ‘THE PEOPLE MUST SEE & KNOW IT IS NOT YOUR/man STRENGTH DOING THIS!!!, the ‘enabling Grace’, was from God!!!” Butterfly n




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