Burning down our house

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I don’t mention any names in this blog.  I wanted you to see—if you get to see—how extreme things have gotten.  Censorship is no longer just about what you say, it is about what they think you are saying.  Soon they will censor what they think you are thinking.  Consider yourself fortunate if this information is not blocked—or if you got to it before it was. 
I am about to talk to you villains who are burning down our house.  They are using lies and bankrupt ideas to set their fires.  I will use another vehicle that is new to me: I am going to direct this blog directly to the guilty.  I am going to rebuke them.  You may think that is unloving…maybe even unchristian.  That hits on why we have lost so many moral battles. 
To win them—we were told—we must be nice.  We couldn’t have been nicer.  We didn’t win them.  In fact, our niceness made them hate us more.  Love sometimes delivers a “thanks I needed that” message.  Occasionally, the truth should hurt…especially when a nation is at stake.
Wicked people have torched the truth and it’s your children’s future that’s on fire.  It’s time you realized that something truly dark is looming on the horizon. 
Is there hope?  There is great hope.  In fact, it was at a low ebb of faith like this that the Jesus movement exploded.
–Mario Murillo


You doused America with flammable lies.  Every room, every stairway, every doorway soaked in combustible falsehoods.  Then you struck the match.  Now the house is burning down.  A five-alarm fire.
Like crazed villagers, you scream “it is for the greater good” as you torch everything in your path.  History chases you pleading: “this has never worked, and it will never work.”  But do you listen?  Reason hunts you down and cries, “you will make the world worse than it was before.” But it doesn’t matter.

You’ll will enforce truth by lying?  You’ll conquer hate with what, new hate?
You’re attacking evil?  Please explain:  After you tell every lie, break every law—and evil not only survives but turns back on you—what truth or law will be left to protect you?  What love, justice, and mercy will be left to build that better world?
I hear some teens declare, “My parents are idiots so ban all the guns.”  Or, “if I can get an AR 15, what’s to stop me from getting a nuclear weapon?”  The entire military maybe?  All this money and attention is being thrown at you because you’re a pawn.  To them you’re no timeless warrior.  To them you’re the flavor of the month.  To them you’re 15 minutes are almost up.
Then there’s the older protesters. The revolution is going to usher in the better world?  Your claim to be “woke” feels more like a joke.  You are flush with hate.  Will you magically be fair—with justice for all—once you have the power?  Face it, you don’t want to end oppression.  You want to be the new oppressor.
You scream “by any means necessary!”  But do you know what is necessary?  Truth, justice, equality, and prosperity come from God—from honoring His Word.  We’ve reaffirmed it for thousands of years.  The only time it has ever gone right for America is when we’ve honored these self-evident truths.  But, does history matter to a mind high on mythical ideology or pot?
You claim science is on your side.  But it is science that refutes you. It is science that knows you falsified your research on gender, weather, and so many things in order to sell your agenda.
Insanity is when you keep doing the same thing over and over again hoping for a new result.  Hate is when you keep the same thing over and over again—even though you know it doesn’t work—because it hurts the right people.
You see nothing wrong with censorship.  You’re fine with rioters shutting down free speech.  You’re okay with sanitizing a religion of hate and twisting the golden words of the Carpenter of Nazareth into hate.
Then there are the sophisticated arsonists.  Governors, special counsels, media CEOs, late night comedians, Senators, all spouting the party line in robotic unison.  You spew the same mantras.  You claim the same sanctimonious ramparts.
“We must make America like California!”  Have you tried to educate a Christian child there?  Have you tried to run a small business there?  Have you tried to eat, sleep, breathe, or find shelter there?  Have you tried to get over the murder of your son, or daughter by someone who wasn’t supposed to be there?  Why would you wish California on the rest of America?

Next is the fire starter who got fired and decided to write a book.  It’s no revelation, it’s a pouty, whiny, rag filled with self-congratulation, half-truths and hate.  A thousand chimps on a thousand typewriters given eons of time could not create such a tower of self-pity and victimhood.
Then there’s you—the sore loser playing with matches.  The crashing bore who stayed at the party too long.  You would rather contaminate the narrative with your delusional entitlement, than let the nation move on.
Finally, there’s the arsonist who couldn’t leave power gracefully.  You were afforded the highest honor and you turned it into a tool to dismantle a nation.  You’re the angry tenant who trashes the apartment.  Only you go one better…you leave toadies in governmental sleeper cells to do your bidding.  You started all the fires you could to keep bringing down the nation.
To all of you comes a solemn warning.  America is not just a country.  There’s something deep in our soil. Something too deep for a Marxist to understand.  And if your hopes and dreams rest in bringing this nation down you just might end up fighting God Himself.  There are millions of people praying at this hour.  They don’t want your brand of country.  They don’t want angry values and hollow promises.  They want freedom.  They fear the Lord…and He watches over them.  You are trying to burn down our house just remember, its not just our house…it’s His.


  1. Evan. Roger Culwell

    Amen well said brother if there are 226 million Christian like they say we could easly turn this nation around, if they would grow a back bone, and cry out to the living God, but we still have some who will pray and use the most powerful weapon known to man PRAYER, be blessed

    • Sandra Douglas

      So good …..Truly a Watchman on the Wall and a clarion call to Arms for all the Christian world to take note, and heed and PRAY ….”If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face
      And turn from their wicked ways then I will hear from heaven, I will forgive their sins and I will heal their land”

      • John

        Yes a great message. Unfortunately those that need it most will either reject it or never see it. There are many that cry “conspiracy “. It actually is, but the obvious players are not leaders gone astray, oh they play a major role, but the mastermind that has gained control has been weaving this disastrous web for decades. It is Satan, whispering into the ears of the leaders, and those leaders acting on that voice. They may think the ideas are born out of their own devious imagination, but they are the well planned steps that have destroyed nations an brought down the mightiest of men. It’s easy for that voice to influence men set on the gaining power and oppressing others, but it even influences men of God in efforts to divert them, or province hate towards those that seek to destroy the foundations of their faith. All this seems so obvious to some while others do not even see it. It has come to a point where many Christians have sheltered themselves in their churches. They wait for Christ, praying for his swift return, rather than take up the sword, that is God’s word, to save those that can be saves. Prophecy tells us how the story plays out, so we can’t avoid the terrible fate that awaits the world. There are millions of Christians in our nation and the loudest voice is but a small percentage. Where is the voice of christians?

    • Dan Martinovich

      Well, it would help if they actually voted too don’t you think?

    • Maureen Newman

      Please look up Christian Union Day&Night!!! This is a Unified Prayer group that pledges to pray the entire month of May. Everyone is welcome and needed, turning to God to help this country fight this insane evil!!

  2. Carol Topham

    Amen, Praying for you, California and the nation. Now is not the time to soften our stand, we believers must be the Elijah’s of the day and not back down or give in to the bullies name callings and attempts to silence us or shame us into believing what they are saying, and see the lies that they are. Yes, “if my people” 2 Chronicles 7:14. Know what the Word says and live it like you believe it! Blessings to the Brethren of the faith!

    • Maureen Newman

      Amen!!! Check out Christian Union Day & Night!! The month of May is a prayer vigilance for Revival of our Country.

  3. John Escalante

    Deep thoughts that go right to the heart of the “Deep State”… I am praying that this article is read by those who have been addressed as the fire starters in America.

  4. John L Escalante

    Amazing and prophetic…

  5. rebeccamclendon

    He has a blog site with other articles…he IS brilliant. God has made him that way. Has just been healed of serious back issues too. I could sure use a little of that… 🙂

    Sent from my iPad


  6. kingskid48

    An amazing word. Thank you, Mario. This is why you are a true Watchman. Many blessings to you.

  7. Rosemary Zoucha

    Spoken as a true Intercessor for our times. Thank you, Mario, and thank God for your continued healing and the birthing of this holy blog ministry.

  8. Aaron

    I sent the link to this to a bunch of my contacts

  9. Mark Stripling

    Brilliant piece, Mario. Many Americans are fighting the good fight and earnestly contending for The Faith!! God bless you and continue your full healing.

  10. Suzanne Bonne'

    This is absolutely breathtaking to those who are tired of all this!! Thank you and God Bless you for having the courage to write this. I’ve been praying for you and am becoming a supporter.




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