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A trembling 19-year-old kid kneels by his bed in Santa Barbara and prays.  A pile of papers is on the floor beside him. They are why he prays so fervently.   This teenager will attempt to do what only attorneys should do.
He is filling out forms to become a ministry incorporated in California, and legally recognized by the IRS.  He is asking the Holy Spirit to direct each answer he places on those daunting legal forms.  Finally, he mails them.  And yeah, that was me.
It feels like a moment ago when I—still shaking with insecurity—dropped those forms into the mail box.  I remember choking back fear.  Had I just done something terribly wrong?  Had I opened myself up to federal prosecution?
Months passed.  Then there was a letter from the IRS. Have you ever gotten a letter that you were dying to open and yet terrified to open?  I stared at that envelope a long time.  It felt like a Christmas present from your worst enemy.
I took it somewhere private and slowly opened it.  I risked one eye.  I read it out loud.  We were approved by California and the Federal Government. Wow!  That was the beginning of Mario Murillo Ministries 50 years ago!
Thus began an astounding journey that can rival anything in the Book of Acts.  Nevertheless, through glory and storms  we stand today as a growing force for God.

This is cause for celebration and wow do we have the celebration for you.  July 4th through July 7th at New Life Church in Houston TX,  Mario Murillo Ministries will present a once-in-a-lifetime Spirit-filled Jubilee!  My special guests are Bill Johnson and Perry Stone.
I am proud and excited that these amazing vessels of God will join me to commemorate this historic milestone, and to launch a new era of signs and wonders evangelism.  There is no question the power of God will fall and new ministries will be born.  We will see an astonishing display of the power and glory of God.

Hold on, there is so much more.  Along with Bill Johnson and Perry Stone we will have the emerging voices of soul winning and revival:  Sean Smith, Brian Barcelona, and Isaiah Saldivar.  Not only that, Chris Burns will be leading worship in every session.
There is no doubt that you need to be there.  Even more important—because this Anniversary Celebration will fill up fast—you need to act now.  And get this…there is no charge for you and your group to attend.  However, you must register.  To register click on this link now.




  1. John L Escalante

    Congratulations Beloved. May the ministry of The Holy Spirit continue to manifest and excel in you and through You!

  2. Rosemary Zoucha

    Amazing, Mario! God bless you for your faithfulness to the Holy Spirit while He remains Faithful to you during your healing process and birthing of a new powerful writing ministry! God bless you, and your wife and family.

  3. kingskid48

    How wonderful, for God to give you the chutzpah to fill out those forms, and now to use you the way He does. You’re one of my favorite speaker/writers, as is Perry Stone. Go forward, Man of God!

  4. Carolina

    Mario, As I read your post, I looked also at the picture of the 3 of you seasoned veterans in The Spirit, Mario Murillo, Bill Johnson and Perry Stone… as I did I was reminded of several years ago when our King Jesus, used 3 seasoned vessels that were also meant for IMPACT on the Body of Christ at that time. Then it was Dr Mark Chironna, Kim Clement and Dr Lance Wallnau as they came together for the first of many gatherings they had together they called The FUSION. This gathering together of The Fusion I was somewhat involved with and eagerly watched as Holy Spirit used these three servants of the Kingdom at that time to make an anointed impactful difference for a short season here on earth.
    This you’re to do Mario in July with Bill & Perry has a similar stirring in my spirit, a “Deep Impact” will be made and it will be the first of many. Blessings upon you in Jesus Name.

  5. Brianna


  6. Paula Coronado

    So awesome! You, Pastor Bill, and Perry Stone! That is going to be epic for sure! Serious business with God! I remember going to a meeting when I was 20 years old with my mom, my two aunts, my husband in PHOENIX,AZ at Pastor Prices church for a TBN taping and Paul and Jan were there, along with you, Demond Wilson, and Betty Jean Robinson. It was the first time I’d heard you speak in a live meeting, although I used to watch you on TBN all the time. I’m 55 now and live in Redding,CA and attend Bethel. I never dreamed in a million years that you would be connected to the church I would attend or that I would end up living in CA. I’ve been in several meetings where you’ve spoken at Bethel. You’re Uncle Mario to all of us at Bethel. God is so good! I’ve always loved your messages of straight talk about the Gospel, and the tenacious way you preach with Fire, as well as your hate for the enemy! God bless you Mario! I so wish I could be there! Praying for God to make a way for me to come, and praying for your meetings in Texas. It will be epic! Happy 50th Anniversary!



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