Don’t Bash Kenneth Hagin’s teachings. They have power to cure racism in the inner city.

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 A middle school teacher rants to her students that the white man is responsible for everything that is wrong.  She even singles out white students in the class, telling them they’re responsible for what their ancestors did.
In New Orleans, a drive through restaurant adds a “white surcharge” because “there’s no way to fix white privilege except by charging white folk extra.”
What does it do to minority children when they are told they are victims?  How can anyone think it gives them motivation to try harder?  When you tell them all white people are evil, aren’t you teaching your child to be racist?
They end up feeling they only have two choices: A life of crime or dependency on government handouts.  Some will accuse me of taking complex problems of urban areas and giving simplistic solutions.  Need I remind you I was a Latino minority in the inner city?  I grew up in the violence, the poverty and the racism.
Some will challenge me to prove Brother Hagin’s word of faith is a key.  I will prove my point by asking one question—WHO IS YOUR SOURCE?

It was a central fact of Brother Hagin’s preaching…God is your source.  For the urban young person that means it’s not the government, not a drug, not crime—God is your source.
Some will say that kind of preaching is inappropriate for the inner city.  So I will tell you a story.  I was having dinner with a famous evangelist.  He had just returned from the Philippines.  “I couldn’t preach prosperity to them because they were so poor,” he told me.  I looked at him and asked, “Did you also not preach healing because they were too sick?”
We who are blessed, secretly think  God’s promise to prosper starts at the middle class level.  When you think about it—that’s silly.
If a child, any child, meets Jesus in power, they are a new creation.  Who are you or I to say they are not entitled to all of the same blessings we enjoy just because they are starting from a much lower circumstance?  “Whosoever will” does not stop at salvation. It applies to every level of our walk with God.
Again, Brother Hagin taught that God is your source.  But what does that do about racism?  We have already seen that racism will never end by getting back at the racist.  All that does is create a new racism.  The anger in urban areas is rooted in poverty and lack of opportunity.
So how does the word of faith kill racism at the root?  Because when you say that God is the source of your provision, you are also saying that Satan is the source of your lack.    That is when you stop blaming man—any man—for your lack.

The next thing that Brother Hagin taught was the authority of the Word of God over inner feelings and outward circumstances.  Today, too many Christians go by how they feel or by how things are going for them.  In the inner city that is even more intense.
Self-pity is the most potent drug in the inner city.  When the revelation that you are a redeemed child of God hits you—not matter what is happening or how you feel—you can conquer your surroundings.
Just because we don’t know how God will lead someone out of unspeakable addiction into victory—just because we don’t know how the jobs, education and opportunity will unfold—is not an excuse to hold back the entire Gospel!
I know there are those who have abused Kenneth Hagin’s teachings, (the fact is, everyone’s teaching has been abused) but that does not justify rejection of truth—truth that has the power to transform racism into love and poverty into prosperity.


  1. Jeff

    Hey Mario!
    Thanks again for your insight. I hope your doing well and I look forward to seeing what the Lord has in store for you and Mechelles future. Be Blessed on this Easter Day.

    • Bernadette Ellis Smith

      Amen & Amen!!

  2. Janet DeLay

    Brother Murillo, I so appreciate your teachings… Father Gods truths can and will set all of us free… we just need to shift our beliefs and negative influences and adopt the Word Of God coming into revelation of who Father God truly is… He gave us a savior Jesus Christ and the whole world became blessed with Salvation and the Holy Spirit came to help teach counsel and bring the revelation of the Word of God.
    Thank you for stepping out with strength and truth… I feel encouraged today.
    Janet DeLay

  3. John L Escalante


  4. James

    So true. GOD is my source in every avenue of my life. It is sad that people in third world countries and even in the inner city not taught theses truths.

  5. Aaron

    AA Allen taught the same stuff he still gets bashed.

  6. Carolina

    Racism is a choice, people choose how they’ll respond in every circumstance and situation on earth. The Lord God gave us free will made us in His image So everyone is equal in that way!… so that no-one may boast in their own human wisdom. Education & my journey in Christ taught me that there are vast amounts of radical racism within far too many ethnic groups of every nation & race. So much so that I have feared for my personal life when finding myself within some of those environments even if ministering. The absolute worst of these purveyors of racial tension are the progressive Democrat left. Because they’re hungover “still” some 85 years later, with an enduring spirit of racial disease due to the historical fact that they were the one’s who developed the hellish idea to use in America – Eugenics!
    And are still pushing that early 1900’s concept today by utilizing Abortion on demand tactics (Roe vs Wade) in a covert way to control breeding & population. Dems will NEVER acknowledge that because satan is utilizing them to continue this practice, on the unwitting. Younger people today mostly do not even know that the Republicans and Abraham Lincoln, freed America from slavery and freed the Black community to be treated with equality. Abraham Lincoln gave his life to that cause. It was the Democratic party that contained such prejudice & racism & still does, in my opinion it is a dark sickness that only Jesus Christ can deliver & heal.

  7. marblenecltr

    Reblogged this on necltr and commented:
    Be moderate in seeking prosperity unless it is to be used in ways approved by God. One can not love and serve both God and Mammon.

  8. ghostofdurocher

    Dear Mario: Seems to me amidst some of the strangeness that has overtaken the pentecostal church, an element of “elitism” has crept in.  It is not in a spirit of love for someone to bash a brother who walks into a church or ministry who is word of faith and not for example, AG pentecostal or with another affiliation. I can understand how certain pentecostal groups want to maintain their “distinctness” regarding belief, but it can be to an extreme.  Why dont we spend our time identifying false brethren invading the flock of God or spend our time investigating what some other purported christian groups actually believe that is blatantly unscriptural?Jerry

    • Aaron

      I think Mario has called out some folks for false manifestations and teachings.

  9. Mary Hinkle


  10. Joseph Tenorio

    racisim is from the pit of hell. it is hatred and murdering spirit. The term and origin has not changed however, the application today has become more controlling of those who are ill informed. I remember the class warfare of my home. We were raised democrats , and were told to vote that way because they were for the poor. at 18 when I was able to vote I voted for President Ronald Reagan. My grandmother was not happy, “Democrats are for the Poor! ” “No Nana”, I said they are for keeping you poor to control you. ” A middle school teacher rants to her students that the white man is responsible for everything that is wrong. She even singles out white students in the class, telling them they’re responsible for what their ancestors did.” SIN is the reason why everything is Wrong and God is the answer! The Lord Jesus Christ is still the only way, the only truth , and the only Life.

  11. Patrick Maiyo

    Such a good article. Thank you, Pastor Mario. It’s funny that some people who are anti-prosperity preaching actually live wealthy lives yet don’t want other people to do so.



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