It’s time to tell you the most important thing I have learned since my injury

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Every day since my injury I have written an original blog.  It’s one way I make the devil pay for attacking me.  This the is one I have been waiting to post.  But there’s a catch.
The catch is not a lot of people read about this subject.  This should not surprise us. Since this is the most powerful way to stop Lucifer, he is trying to bury its very existence.  So, if no one wants to hear it, then what made me go ahead and write it?  You did.

I have been profoundly moved and encouraged by the growing hunger for the deep things of God in our readers.  So what is the most important thing?

To get our answer we must first reach a conclusion about America.  Arthur Matthew said, “The central influences of life are being taken over by men from the bottom levels of society in contrast to earlier generations. God’s authority in society is mediated from the top in the punishing of evil and the rewarding of good.  But when control is taken over by the men at the bottom, we may be sure that the devil is in it.”

Satan is behind the marches, the media bias, the deepening immorality.  The men from the bottom of levels have seized this moment to erase Judeo-Christian values.  All of it—taking the guns, destroying marriage, voter fraud, abortion, open borders, are just ploys to bring America under the control of demonic power.

Yes, I am a political conservative.  I comment on all those subjects. But I know that ultimately, I must deliver a direct blow to Satan and his minions, by the power of the Holy Spirit, or I will never see America set free.  The crisis is the church doesn’t know how to do this.
We wrestle not with flesh and blood but with principalities and powers.  Sadly, the church hardly wrestles at all.  You know that most Christians around you have no clue how to oppose or pray down the powers that control our culture.  I hope you want to learn how—because that my friend is the most important thing I have learned.

Many have come to rely on this blog for different reasons.  I am convinced that the greatest service this blog can provide is only now beginning to appear.

It came as I was angry and frustrated spending so much time on my back.  I felt helpless to doing anything important—I needed to get back in the battle.  The Holy Spirit said I could do the most important thing I have ever done—right here in this room.

I could remove demonic barriers.  I could disrupt evil plans from my room.  But strongholds and barriers are not removed by God’s omnipotence until the believer takes the initiative and stands his ground in the heavenly places to engage the powers of evil that are causing our national perversion—the forces that are causing all the misery in our culture. 

Those who can take their stand between heaven and hell and pray—not like we are praying now, but praying with the full realization of the Cross, and the victory Jesus won there.
Arthur Matthew describes it this way:  “they take their position in Christ in the heavenlies and wrestle with and withstand the powers of evil that are manipulating the willing puppets on the streets.”

The kind of resistance that drives Satan back—that cuts off the supply of his puppets here on earth—brings into confusion those who would do us harm, cannot be done arrogantly.

Listen to more of Matthews:
Such resistance against supernatural powers is not done boastfully or presumptuously, but humbly as befits those who realize that they have no might in themselves and t they owe everything to the grace and power of God. The exercise is not a call for self-advertisement as some would make it. It is the ordained function of those who are in Christ and, I think we should add, of those who are filled with the Spirit. God does not commission men not filled with the Spirit to fight his battles. Paul was filled with the Holy Spirit when he confronted Elymas the sorcerer and exposed the devil’s attack and defeated him (Acts 13:9). It is not to be passed over that the command to be filled with the Spirit comes in the context of the Christian’s walk on earth and his warfare in the heavenlies.

I am learning to cut off the devil’s power through prayer—prayer in a new and living way for America.  I believe that this is what you crave and together we can unleash this great power of prevailing prayer right now.


  1. Evan. Roger Culwell

    Big amen Brother amazing the same thing again, in my Spirit, and he showed me if we try in our strength we will fail, I was so frustrated the enemy was pushing and not stopping, even when I used the Lord name, and I said Lord I can’t fight him in my power, your power is the only thing that can stop him, nothing in me but Your Name and power, and I found as you said I was trying to do so much in my own power, and not his, and it will not work in this time, self has to be brought down, but thing’s changed as I said Lord I can’t do this, he is just a bully walking all over me now, what use to work don’t work now, the only power I have is in you Lord you stop him, to much arrogance today we have to humble our selve’s for sure.

  2. Evan. Roger Culwell

    I want to share one more thing on this, a few year’s ago as an asst. pastor, I was casting out devil’s, out of a woman, I had fasted 3 day’s and prayed and all of them still would not come out I got so weak I couldn’t hardly get up out of the floor, and my voice was gone, I said Lord what’s wrong I got nothing left, my voice is gone, I can’t even hardly get out of the floor, and he said GOOD NOW I CAN WORK TELL IT ONE MORE TIME TO COME OUT, AND I DID AND HER WHOLE COUNTANENCE CHANGED SHE WAS DELIVERED, we try to much in our own strength. God Bless Brother Mario.

    • Lynn Curtiss Gibson

      That’s awesome Brother! Thank you for that word!

      God’s blessings!

      • Wm. F. Albert

        Aman! Less of ourselves and more of JESUS CHRIST by HIS NAME, BLOOD and HOLY SPIRIT!

  3. Joan Bowe

    Amen and amen! It has taken a long time to realize that it is not my effort that will make the change in this world. It is not my strength that takes back that which the enemy has stolen. It is not my power that turns the tide of the enemy. To learn this truth comes at great cost at times, and many tears of feeling like a failure at times. But it is that very weakness that allows the Holy Spirit room to work and flow through us for when we are weak, it is Christ Jesus that has the opportunity to flow through us if we allow Him and it is His strength and might that gives us the victory. We must have faith in God and the truth of His Word that came to earth, was sacrificed for our sins, died and took the keys from the enemy, rising again in victory, glory! It is a victory that He gave to all of us if we receive Him and believe all that He said is available to us. It is the finished work on the cross that restored that which was lost in the garden, that one on one relationship with our God and our Creator. Hallelujah! Thank you for sharing what you have with us. To God be the glory. Let us redeem the time and the things the enemy has stolen for His glory, knowing it is to be here on earth as it is in Heaven. Thy Kingdom come, Holy One, They Kingdom come…

  4. Lynn Reeb

    Thank you Pastor Mario. I pray for you daily. I love your blogs and often use them in my intercession. I too am appalled at the apathy in the church and we all need a big kick in the butt! Keep going. You are sounding the alarm and many are awakening.

    • Margo Hayes

      So encouraged by your writing! Thank you for encouraging us!

  5. Nelly Smith

    Yes! Amen! To take our places in the heavenlies! All for His glory and Kingdom!

  6. Jeanie Ruprecht

    Dear Brother Mario…

    It’s always heartening to read your message and encourage one another while it’s still called Day.
    It’s no fun to be in pain and on your back all the time. . .but God has a plan! YOU are part of that plan in these Last Days we live.
    To be sure this is what the Lord said: “I will build my church and the gates of Hell will not prevail against it.” Matthew 16:18
    Jesus spoke this knowing that Nero would persecute Christians in a cruel and evil fashion, making them live torches through out the city of Rome. He spoke this knowing that Communism would take over Russia as they threw Christians into the Gulag to torture them to death (remember Pastor Warmbrand?) Then there was Chairmen Mao wiping all Christians off the face of China. Now currently thugs like ISIS massively killing Christians (and any one else that they held suspect)
    But does all that horrible opposition stop the Gospel from being preached?
    NO! Long after Mao, the Iron Curtain and ISIS have disappeared…Christianity is stronger than ever!
    To put a chink in the armor of thugs like ISIS and Islam, the Lord (not Obama) saw fit to send refugees HERE to America (Sacramento, CA.,) in my neck of the woods! WHAT AN OPPORTUNITY TO PREACH THE GOOD NEWS as we can be Christ to those people.
    Relatively speaking, we’ve got it good over here in America (for now) although the evil we’ve seen rising over the decades is extremely disturbing, we know that these things will take place according to prophecy.
    The Lord knew some of His kids in the church would fall asleep. Keep in mind the parable of the Ten Virgins.
    The point: God is Sovereign and is still in control…Even though we don’t understand certain things – He wants us to PRAY through in faith, to intercede, to wear the full armor, to NOT compromise with the world, to understand the issues,, but not get caught up in them,, but rather forgive, fast and pray for each other, our children, neighbors, the lost, our president and our country. (Not forgetting our brothers and sisters who are hurting in other countries.)
    Your physical thorn in the flesh will improve for you soon, my brother…even though it seems like a life time to be in pain and not be able to get around to do what you feel God is calling you to do – but for right now you are in God’s holding pattern, being baptized with sorrow, you will soon be released with even more power than ever before, from the Lord.
    God knows your heart for Him and the lost. He’s released you to pray and intercede, but make no mistake, you ARE preaching the Gospel and this out of your pain. These blog messages are being circulated.

    Peace and Agape

  7. Catherine Strazzeri

    Amen! I know it was the Holy Spirit that led me to your blog when you wrote that powerful post and gave the battle cry to beat back the powers of hell that were trying to keep you silent. I was and still am in the same prone position unable to walk hardly at all. As I agonized over this and sought the Lord with all my heart and soul, wanting to be serving Him, He reminded me of the very things you are speaking of. To go above and beyond my normal prayer list and requests. I began to realize that I had allowed myself to be lulled and neutralized to do serious battle. Well, I’m thankful to say your posts were conformation to my heart cry, and helped me to act on what Holy Spirit had revealed to me. It’s not my physical condition that hinders me for it is in this very weakness that He shows Himself mighty and strong. So from my room I rise to the battle again and stand with you and all who are joining faith in prayer to beat back the forces of hell in the mighty name of Jesus, for His glory.
    God Bless you and continue to strengthen you physically as He is spiritually. Thank you for your love of Jesus Christ and your obedience.

  8. Diane M Linn

    while reading my spirit was brought to prayer in Holy Spirit and the hunger increased in me to be effective in prayer…humbly, that is what is missing in the body who actually do battle…His power, His authority, His mighty working to save and release ….people in deep darkness and pawns of the evil powers that work in the streets all around us…how to be effective and walk according to Almighty God’s purpose and will as individuals. sorry for rambling. Personally I am so very alone surrounded at times with other persons who claim to be believers , yet walk as blind….I am just an old woman without a home.

  9. prodigal48

    This is why you are one of my favorite writer/speakers. This kind of powerful message is what we need much more of.

  10. John Hubbard

    Amen Brother stand fast be bold fear not because the church has been powerless to long preach it preach it and preach it LOUD and CLEAR



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