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Should a preacher be an outspoken critic of government and politicians?  Should soul winners take sides the political arena?  When I first began doing it, the unanimous verdict was no.  Now let me tell you an amazing story…

In 2011, I knew the greatest threat to America and the Gospel was going to come from Washington D.C. and Sacramento CA.  The Holy Spirit led me to begin a blog and arm people with truth and Scriptural knowledge to combat the iron curtain that I saw coming down on our nation.

You would not believe the threats I got.  Not just from left wing wackos, but from Christians.  Church folk thought I was violating my calling and the left wingers said they were going to sick the IRS on me.  Some leaders I really trusted blasted me for even thinking of doing this.

Seeking God about doing this blog, put me through unimaginable torment.  I had to be sure I was right.  My heroes, Billy Graham, Oral Roberts, Kathyrn Kuhlman, and David Wilkerson would have struggled with my decision.  Then something really important dawned on me: Preachers must discern the times they live in.

Everyone one of my heroes did just that.  They did things that had never been done before and they were brutally criticized for it. David Wilkerson for being photographed at a criminal trial for delinquents, Oral for going on television, Kathyrn for being a woman preacher…all of them broke new ground.

Then God gave me understanding of the time I lived in, and the ground I had to break.  Let me explain it this way:  say you are barbecuing in your back yard.  There’s a fence between you and your neighbor.  One day, after years of peaceful coexistence, your neighbor jumps the fence, and with a crazed look, charges your wife.  He means harm.  What do you do? Tell yourself it is unloving to attack the crazed neighbor?

Obama jumped the fence and went after the church.   Now, the left never stays in their own yard.  They continually attack our freedom of religion, and speech.  Then I heard a life-changing phrase in my spirit: Christianity will survive without America, but America will never survive without Christianity.  Now I knew my mission was to help spare America from disaster.

I also concluded that my spiritual heroes lived in an era when the church was respected, and there was civil discourse between political parties.  I needed models of preachers who preached at the dawn of tyranny in their nation.   I needed Dietrich Bonhoeffer from Hitler’s Germany and Watchman Nee in Mao’s china.  It became undeniable what I had to do.  I had total peace and confidence and began writing.  However, my anxiety was only beginning.

In the first month, May 2011, only 58 people read it, by the end of the year only 2,200 people had read it.  The enemy laughed at me, and told me it was a miserable failure, and the only thing I had done was to close the doors of churches.  Somehow I kept trying.

The blog didn’t just face rejection from the church, it was going against the headwinds of technology.  America’s attention span was shrinking fast.  Experts told me I had no hope of success because no one reads long articles.  If I wanted to be heard, I had to do short snappy videos.  The Holy Spirit said no.  I had to write the blog.  Often, they’d be over a thousand words. Somehow, against all odds, I held on.

Now it was 2012 and something amazing started.  By December, 300,000 people read the blog.  Not only that, preachers took heart from my posts and began to boldly proclaim truth and speak out.  Some of my harshest critics admitted they attacked me out of their own fear to speak out.  The foundation of a new understanding, began to emerge.  It turned into a groundswell.

Everywhere I traveled, people would come up to me, and tell me how much the blog meant to them.  Copies appeared in the most surprising places.  The heads of a large denomination gave it to their executives.  It was quoted on television, radio, referred to in books, read from pulpits and even mentioned in Washington.  Since then, it has been viewed in 224 nations and territories.   Then at midnight last night it happened…

The blog reached 3 million views.  Think of that!  3 million people have read it!   This little blog, which had no chance of surviving is now the mouse that roared.  Thank you to all my regular readers—some who have stood with me since the beginning—for doing something historic!  And, the best is yet to come.
The only way it succeeded was because God was in it.  He is the only reason it broke through all the barriers.  All the glory goes to God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ


  1. Vivian Zuniga

    This is so awesome! Congratulations! Stand strong brother!!!

    • Susan

      Praise God for this insight. Of course l, it makes complete sense. I will begin reading those two end work and others who went through times such as these. So sad but true, “Christianity will survive America. America cannot survive without Christianity” in history every great nation has fallen after 200 to 300 years because of there debautchery and fall from God. I pray there’s an intervention for America. It’s people need to bring God back, pray and repent.

  2. Evan. Roger Culwell

    Amen brother, I don’t see any difference in us in the Spirit, I totally agree with you, this is a big preacher who I thought was with me when I started but, the truth made some mad, and now it just me all by myself, and the Lord showed me in a vision that most of the church has turned on me now, but if the preacher’s don’t stand we are going to lose all freedom and our live’s before to long, why do they thing they want our gun’s, all these shooting’s are set up, when Mr. Trump won, I was telling what bama was doing, and the dad after I think the election, that night I saw bama going behind Mr. Trump’s back, with a red patch with white star’s and he was still trying to run thing’s, there behind the gun take and a lot of other thing’s, and if we as the body of Christ don’t take our stand we are going to lose every thing. WE MUST STAND God Bless brother, we have sit back way to long, we are just giving this nation away to people who hate Christian’s most of all, my Spirit won’t let me shut up, and if other’s were really right there’s would speak out too, we need the FIRE BACK LORD LET IT RAIN, OPEN THE FLOOD GATE’S OF HEAVEN AND BAPTIZE US WITH FIRE AGAIN, COMPLETELY HEAL HI M LORD.

  3. free73735

    I sooo, needed to hear this today! Thank you Mr Murillo..

  4. petergatekeeper

    Bless You for your Obedience

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  5. Nelly Smith

    Absolutely marvelous! 3 million souls impacted by His truth! Keep it going brother, keep it going full of His fire!

  6. Beth

    Dear Sir Mario,

    Bless you sir for this and the previous post on Eagles vs Turkeys. I read with tears rolling down my face as you put into words what I had lived – an unquenchable fire in me to speak truth in love, to warn of the dangers before us, only to be ignored, accused & rejected. I cannot thank you enough for these words, as well as “Fresh Fire” which changed my life in 1993.

    I had the joy of meeting you when you came to Jentzen’s church in Gainesville, Georgia back in the 1990s, where you signed my bedraggled copy of “Fresh Fire” to my two children. Thank you for investing in the Kingdom, its people & doing so with unwavering obedience. May we all follow suit.

    In the service of our King,

    Beth Holland Athens, GA


  7. Judy Pearson

    Mario, your tapes on Armed and Dangerous was my food for many years! You stayed over in Boise, Idaho and kept us fired up. Thank you for your dedication and sharpness and discerning of the times! Thank you for staying the course!

    God does receive the Glory!

  8. Margo Hayes

    Truth! Bless you!

  9. Yolie

    God bless you brother. You are in my prayers.

  10. James Wesley Schroff

    Mario, I have admired you since the first time I heard you at Melodyland Christian Center in the 70’s. You have always had a solid word from God. I see you as an example of a Strong Warrior every time i hear you. You inspire, correct and encourage all who have a ear to hear. Love you man of God.
    Pastor James W. Schroff.

  11. Glen H. Kippel

    Good for you, Brother Mario! in colonial times, it was the preachers who were the “news anchors” that informed the public. It wasn’t until Lyndon Johnson came up with his legislation that really made pastors scared to speak on “political” issues. Of course, you are right about the “church growth movement” making preachers afraid that by boldly speaking out they would offend somebody.

    With the new tax law doubling the amount of the standard income tax deduction, many people may just forgo the Schedule A and use the standard deduction. In that case, it may be advantageous for churches and ministries such as yours to forgo the 501(c)(3) exemption and throw off those government shackles.

    As 1 Peter 4:11 says, “If any man speaks, let him speak as the oracles of God.” You have been given God’s message – don’t stop speaking it!!!

  12. Rosemary Zoucha

    Thank God He provided the direction, faith and grace for you to begin and to continue; how I wish I had known about your blog since 2011! However, forgetting what lies behind, I press on to the high calling, because of leadership like yours.
    I am so grateful to you for your courage and obedience, Mario, God bless and continued healing to you. May 2018 show the awesome fruit of your travail.
    Happy Palm Sunday to you, Glory!

  13. Gavin Poultney

    You will never stand alone MM.

  14. Marge

    I just recently started reading your blogs, and I am getting great insights from them. I am praying for your complete healing. God bless. Marge

  15. Natalie

    If it wasn’t for your revival in 82, I may never have been brought out of being raised in darkness in my home. I was brought to Calvary church at Jesus’ prompting. And I received salvation and know Him today. He saved my life and He used u mightily. He brought me church families that took me in and gave me a place to begin to heal. Came across this blog after my pastor here spoke your name after so many years ago. We just want u to come back to Austin after you are completely healed, fully recovered. We need revival here. Much prayers Natalie

  16. Kevan

    Mario, you’ve always spoken the the power of tWord in love…and in he Spirit. Thanks.

  17. Judy Haga

    This is awesome!!!!!

    Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

  18. gerald woytus

    And may the gates of hell not prevail against this blog! To the risen Christ, be all glory, honor, and praise!



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