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Are you experiencing the greatest attack of Satan in your body, emotions, or your family?   Don’t just lay there and take it.  Now is the time for decisive action.
Even though I am fighting my way back from the most grueling health issue of my life…I have learned how to turn this attack from Satan into an attack on Satan.
Anyone who knows me can’t imagine me lying in bed for weeks.  Being bedridden is the perfect torment for me.  In the dark of night, Satan tried to torture me with thoughts of paralysis and even death.
Then the Holy Spirit instructed me to boomerang the attack onto Satan.  How do I do that, I wondered?  What I heard next was extremely difficult to accept in my condition—then the presence of God overshadowed me.  Here are the truths God worked into me through this test:
Fact: Satan attacks you because he is mentally deranged.  His attacks are impulsive and not well thought out.  He risks more than we can imagine when he touches a child of God.  His life story is nothing but a string of attacks that backfire.
That is not a comfort when you are facing the cruelest attack ever.  I am certainly not going to trivialize suffering and loss.  Believe me, I have a deep respect for the havoc he can raise, and the pain he can cause.
Fact: By following the Holy Spirit’s instructions we can make the devil’s attack on us an attack on him.   The message Bible has a good rendering of Philippians 1: 12 “I want to report to you, friends, that my imprisonment here has had the opposite of its intended effect. Instead of being squelched, the Message has actually prospered.”
Look again at this phrase: “the opposite of its intended effect.”  How can that mean anything but the attack on Paul turned into an attack on Satan.
When that prison door slammed behind Paul, it was a dark moment.  He had no idea how long he would suffer.  He didn’t know if he’d ever get out alive.  Knowing Paul’s heart, his greatest agony was watching this ordeal shut down the ministry.
You can well imagine what images ran through my mind having to stop about our tent meetings and so many other things we are doing.
Here is what the Holy Spirit taught me to do:
1. I gathered up all of my strength, pointed at Satan and rebuked Him.  I said, “this attack is now an attack on you!”  I confessed that God now owned the situation.  I declared that I was being healed no matter what my circumstances said.
2. Next, I confessed to God that my season of being healed—no matter how long it took—would be a tool of the Holy Spirit for growth, strength, and a greater fighting spirit.
3. But it was the last lesson I learned that was the most significant.  I learned to seek my Father for no other reason other than He is my Father.   I had no idea how much of my past praying was dominated by requests for greater power, or more provision, or for revival.  Noble requests all, but now, in the presence that flooded my room, they seemed so secondary.   Being near to Him meant everything.
Now, in the midst of all of this,  I live in a level of trust, power and clarity I never would have gained except through this great test.  The devil will pay, for the rest of my life, with the lessons I will have learned in this difficult season.  That is why I say with Paul…” I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.”  -Romans 8:18



  1. Debra

    This has encouraged me greatly!
    “Let our praises rise like a weapon in Your hand!”


  2. Mark Stripling

    I have experienced pain in my left hip and knee for several years. Hip replacement had been in my thoughts. After pastoring most of my adult life, I have worked as a contractor during the week since 2007 (with much physical labor involved). This enables me to travel weekends in ministry and to be involved in prison crusades for which there is expense and, naturally, no offerings. Hundreds of prisoners have come to Christ. Each day I work I thank God for more resources for ministry. Hip surgery would end that. Several days ago I was prayed for and the Lord touched my body, It seems like a dream to be pain free! I read your emails each time you send one out, and am greatly challenged, motivated, and encourage to persevere in Kingdom ministry. Thank the Lord for His healing power. Praying for your complete restoration, and the vengance of God upon your adversary for the affliction he has brought upon you. If God be for us, who can be against us! All things are working together for our good!

  3. Barbara

    Oh Mario… thanks for sharing.. im in that exact spot your in !! your Post confirms exactly what Gods saying to me.. God speaks more clearly to us when we are with him in the sound of silence !! The attack on us to be still can be reversed on that lying Devil. God can turn our little space we find ourselves in into Holy Ground..

  4. Nancy Kelly

    He wants us more than anything. His love for us is amazing. He reminds us when we leave our first love and calls us to himself This is a great word Mario. Praying for your healing.

  5. John L Escalante

    Shouting Amen! Right now!!! Halellujah and glory to God in the highest.

  6. Luis Bernal

    Mario would you pray for my healing in my right hip I am battling to have hip replacement

      • Luis Bernal

        In Jesus name it shall be done . Thank you for the praying Mario

  7. Andrea B Froehle

    This is more than lovely! I have spent the past year recovering from a stroke. Only ten percent of all of those who have a stroke recover completely. I refuse to be in any of the other possible categories, which include debilitating disabilities for life, death, or somewhat manageable disabilities. None are acceptable. Only full restoration is acceptable. I now consider that stroke to be a blessing. It forced me to come to the exact conclusions that Mario has outlined in this article. My relationship with the LORD is so near and so dear that I would not trade it for anything I had before the stroke. After a year of great struggle, I am doing well. I still need to rest far more than I want to, but I have become clay in the Hands of my Maker once again. I am happily on the wheel at the Potter’s House!

  8. Anna Jungert

    In sports, each person such as in boxing, studies the opponents weaknesses because that is where to take them down. What is our enemy Satan’s weakness? Pride. Pride got him kicked out of Heaven. Paul said he gloried in his weaknesses because he was made STRONG. Satan is confused by this, he doesn’t get it. He takes our weaknesses and tries to shame us with them but they are something to boast about for in Him we are made strong. One of the most powerful tools of spiritual warfare is to totally depend on Jesus for every breathe we take! It’s powerful and beyond Satan’s grasp!

  9. Carolina

    Mario you will recover!…Holy Spirit whispered so to me after prayer when this 1st happened.
    Hang onto what you’ve got it won’t be long.

  10. Connie

    Thank you so much for sharing! It is a time of great warfare for me physically and emotionally. There is not one part of my life that is not under attack. I pray mostly weep. Please pray for my left hip and back. I have pain and difficulty sleeping. My son needs strength and wisdom raising his boys . We are together. Loving prayers for you and your ministry and precious family. Thank you!

  11. Larry D. Shankle

    This is one of the best posts I’ve read in a long time. A couple of years ago, I went through a very difficult health issue. For a while, it seemed that my life might not get back to normal and that I might not ever preach or pastor again. God helped me with his grace and taught me so many lessons through that problem. This post flooded my memory with all the things God spoke to my heart during that time. I’m so glad I found your blog. Thanks again for the encouragement!

  12. Brianna

    Thank you for this Word Jesus!

  13. Joseph Tenorio

    Amen Relationship ,

    is the most important thing .



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