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My staff told me we got a call from a doctor in the Midwest, who said I should call him. I called him back. He said he had treated thousands of patients.  He had been a medical doctor and then he added chiropractic training.  He became proficient dealing with muscle/skeletal/ neurological afflictions.  So far so good, but then he said this:
He explained that I might have trouble believing what he was about to tell me.  He said he prays and asks God the Father to reveal the root cause of many conditions.
Here I was on the opposite side of a miracle.  I was my turn to do what I have asked so many in crusades to do:  to open my heart to the moving of the Holy Spirit. But how could I trust a voice over the phone.  I asked God for a sign.
He told me I had two conditions at one time and that was why it was confusing.  First, he focused on my excruciating hip pain.  He told me I had jammed my joint—that I didn’t need a chiropractor but to have my son grab my ankle and give it 3 sharp pulls.  I tried to be respectful.
Next he said, a vertebra near the base of my spine had a slight protrusion and that was the root of my back pain.  My MRI showed this was true.  He told me I would feel much better in my hip, and back but I still had to rest for another 3 weeks to restore my nerve.
Then he said I see a scar from an injury when you were young.  There it was!  I asked God to reveal to this man about what my MRI revealed.  I had broken a bone in my spine from a football injury but I never knew it until the MRI.  My wife and I were rejoicing.  He gave a few more words and then we said goodbye.
I asked my son to do what the doctor ordered.  Michael was scared to do it.  “What if I injure you Dad?”  I told him to believe.  Three swift jerks and my hip was stretched.
No difference.  But I could tell it did not injure me.
In the middle of the night, the voice of the Lord woke me up.  This was the second time this had happened during my ordeal.  The first was when he ordered me to write a blog confessing that God would turn everything around and rescue me.
Well anyway, this time the Lord said read Psalm 31:19 “Oh, how great is your goodness to those who publicly declare that you will rescue them. For you have stored up great blessings for those who trust and reverence you.”  The Father told me that because in the depths of my agony I publicly confessed He would rescue me that I was blessed.”  That was it and I went to sleep
The next morning, I woke up the way I had for weeks: terrified to move.  Only this time, I could move.  Do I dare try to walk with no one there to help me?  I did and I could walk!  The crippling pain had become a dull ache.  Even though I could walk something told me to take it gradually.  Each day I have grown stronger.  I have a ways to go before I can stand in a pulpit…Now I am watching the unfolding of a total miracle.  All glory to God.
This miracle was the result of the prayers of many.  I know that I will leave many out but I must mention fellow warriors Bob and Debbie Searle, Sonny and Linda Lara, Connie Carpenter, Tony and Shirley Scott and the church on Strayer, Sandy Querin, Billye Brim, Tony and Brenda Krukow and all the folks at prayer mountain—and, especially my wife who endured so much in this battle  And who is that doctor?  I will tell you when I have permission.  Again, I say all glory to Jesus Christ.


  1. Christie Verarde

    So glad to know you’re feeling better.

    • Carolina

      I am too Mario “so glad”!! Don’t forget to stay “slowed down” for a while.

  2. Mary Larson

    Praise God from whom all blessings flow…praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost! Hallelujah to the Lamb of God Bro. Murrillo? God continually bless this family, covering them with your blood! I command the Host to surround, pull down every high thing that exalts itself against the living God, smash, bushwhack the enemy and give Isis a crisis in Jesus Name! Your will, your way be done on earth as it is in heaven! ?

  3. Brother Bob

    Sometimes, we actually slow our own miracles because we are supposed to be “more anointed” so we do not get sick, injured, etc. But we are not Jesus. And these earthly bodies do break down. But when the Lord wants to do His work in us and through us – we need a miracle. It is hard, sometimes, for us to accept that as FACT. But when we do – look out – it’s on it’s way! Continue prayers for you!

  4. Paul Spuler

    Amazing testimony!!

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  5. Wally Wood

    And, now, the best to come is at-hand!

  6. Teresa Kauffman

    WOO HOO!! God is GOOD! And He’s where my help comes from! I’m from the Midwest, I’m dying to know if he’s a University of Iowa doctor – PRAYING??!! Whoever he is, God is AWESOME !!

  7. Sheila

    Praise God❣️

  8. breadladyuga .


    David Wilkerson *(1931-2011)* February 27, 2018

    One of the ministries most needed in the Church today is that of consolation — comforting others in their time of trouble and affliction. Many believers simply do not know where to turn when they hurt.

    The apostle Paul was as godly a servant of the Lord as ever walked on the earth, yet he endured suffering so overwhelming and powerful that he was utterly at a loss. In fact, at times he was so distraught that he thought death was at the door. Yet he referred to our heavenly Father as “the Father of mercies and God of all comfort” (2 Corinthians 1:3). He said further in the same chapter, “We were burdened beyond measure, above strength, so that we despaired even of life” (1:8).

    In referring to God as “the Father of mercies,” Paul was showing that he had learned from his sufferings. He was even able to rejoice in all his tribulations because he knew they were a kind of schooling for him. He had learned to say, “God has a purpose in this! People are going to need my influence, my comfort and my consolation.” In his sufferings, Paul had learned the valuable lesson of *drawing consolation from the Lord*.

    When you suffer in your body, you become very patient with others who are suffering. You gain a newfound empathy for others. When you suffer and yet you dearly love the Lord (and are not hiding sin), you no longer look at another’s suffering and say, “I wonder what they did to deserve that.”

    People who have endured suffering and come through faithful to God become strong, mellow and patient. They also possess the gentleness of Christ. It is encouraging to be around such people!

    If you are suffering, trust God to see you through it. People will see you gain victory and consolation through the power of God alone and they will be attracted to what you have.

    On Tue, Feb 27, 2018 at 4:49 AM, Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “My staff told me we got a call from a > doctor in the Midwest, who said I should call him. I called him back. He > said he had treated thousands of patients. He had been a medical doctor > and then he added chiropractic training. He became proficient dealing ” >

  9. Phyllis Falco

    On Tue, 27 Feb 2018 at 11:50 Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “My staff told me we got a call from a > doctor in the Midwest, who said I should call him. I called him back. He > said he had treated thousands of patients. He had been a medical doctor > and then he added chiropractic training. He became proficient dealing ” >

  10. Judy Haga

    Soooooo awesome!!!!!!! I got tears!!

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    • Jeff Wiegand

      Thats Great …. GOD is good

  11. Kelly Fuselier Thompson

    Wow. That’s awesome Mario. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Judy Pink

    Wow! I see a lot of business coming that doctor’s way! LOL

    Your miracle through this doctor is radical, just like you are, Bro Mario. Very fitting. Total victory for you!!!

    Hope you don’t mind a prayer request here on your blog. I don’t usually ask publicly, but my “radical” son, Michael, former military, retired law enforcement, needs an all body miracle! Disabling back problem, even after surgery over 3 years ago, as well as multiple surgeries on both shoulders, both knees. He takes care of his wife, Becky, who was diagnosed with fulminant multiple sclerosis just after his back surgery. Thank you and your readers who feel inclined to pray for Michael.

    Hope my husband and I get to attend one of your meetings in the future. God’s best to you and your family.

  13. David & Valerie Larson

    Glory to God???????

  14. wordnsong8165

    As always, All Glory to Jesus! Rejoicing with you in this victory!

  15. Mary Hinkle

    Hallelujah!!! Thank You, Jesus!!!!

  16. Lynn Reeder

    Praise the Lord!

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  17. Debra

    So grateful for your deliverance!!!!
    Rejoicing with you!!!???

  18. Karen E Sanders

    Such wonderful news!! Such a wonderful God we have!! God is working in you to will and to do His good pleasure!!

  19. Patty Sullivan

    That is so awesome. Had no idea. So glad you are recovering and thankyou for the reminder to say publicly that He will rescue us. So happy for you. He is so totally awesome.

  20. RayandRaycilla Sedillo Martinez

    Hallelujah..the Lord shared with me that it was more of a Chiropractic issue than a Medical One..You will recover quickly Now..Blessings God’s General..

  21. Paula Rohde

    Praise God for what He has done….I have found him to be the best Dr ever…He is our ever present help in time of trouble. Blessings.

    Paula Rohde

  22. tjgwynn

    This is so exciting as people were praying everywhere (Canada) and God has done what was asked for! He is such a faithful Father! Amazing what unity can do among God’s people! We need more of it….we could conquer our nations. Thank you Mario for being bold & courageous & may God bless you even more as you heal totally. Now, some rest for your wife!

  23. Barb Cecil

    To God be the Glory, He is faithful, He is the same yesterday, today and forever, In Him there is no shadow of turning. I am rejoicing with you all, Amen

  24. free73735

    We do indeed have an awesome God! Am happy for you!

  25. Rosemary Zoucha

    I am so happy for you Mario and all of your family and staff that have suffered along with you. God bless you in your recovery, and maintain robust health until the Lord’s return.
    In His Love…

  26. Sandy Hayes

    Rejoicing with you, Pastor Mario!!!❤️

  27. Nelly Smith

    PTL! What an awesome and faithful God we serve! So thrilled to see you getting better, and as always obedient to His leading, you received your miraculous healing! Giving all glory to God! Can’t wait to see what He should do through you now! Blessings

  28. Gayla Van Kaam

    Always have Loved you and your preaching ever since you came to Calvary Assembly when Alex Clattenburg was Pastor. So happy to hear of your touch from God!!

  29. Aaron jackson

    Powerful testimony
    God is always preparing miracles for us!
    Appreciate you!!

  30. marbo41


  31. Vicki L Piebenga

    I somehow missed this when it was first sent to me. Just now read it and I praise God for healing you! Bless God for His miracles and for using people who have a heart to love, care, and heal for others. SO happy you’re healed!



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