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When the healing properties of sleep is most precious to me, I am awakened by the Lord to pen a warning.  Search what I have written over the years.  You will see that I rarely, if ever, write this way.  Something has happened in the heavens.

A grace period has ended for you false and carnal preachers.  You will be purified or replaced.  The time when God winked at your compromise is over.  You thought God didn’t see: Psalm 73: 11 And they say, “How does God know? And is there knowledge
in the Most High?”

Worse yet, you thought because He delayed your discipline, He gave you license for drunkenness and materialism.

Public confession of sin is coming.  Malachi 3:3 says, “He will sit as a refiner and a purifier of silver; He will purify the sons of Levi, And purge them as gold and silver, That they may offer to the Lord An offering in righteousness.” Not everyone who is disciplined will make the cut.

Look for tragic downfalls—you who have fattened yourselves at the expense of the sheep and left them weak and unprotected.  God told you to resist the wicked winds of political change.  Instead, you hid behind a lame excuse that you didn’t want to be political.

The wicked devices of the left that wrecked marriage, and continue to kill the unborn, are but a few of the evils it was your duty to oppose.  Instead, you self-righteously said you were above politics.

Meanwhile, those political policies oppressed the sheep of God. Godless laws got them fired for being Christian.  You said nothing. Political correctness got their children suspended from school. You looked the other way.   Godless laws bankrupted Bakers and other Christian small businesses.  You were silent.

In your silence, you are taking other people down with you.   You are damaging your audience by only saying what they want to hear. You have not led them forward; you have not removed them danger.  Worse yet, when you finally speak out it is misguided.  Man of

You were silent when Obama worked his destruction.  But now you oppose a president who is doing more for the sheep of God than you. Man of God: Tell the truth.


Out a dead sleep God said “it is time to fulfill my promise” and He showed me Jeremiah 3:15 “And I will give you shepherds according to My heart, who will feed you with knowledge and understanding.”

Satan is not impressed with your billion-dollar empire. He mocks it.  It has no power where it matters.  R.A. Torrey said, “The Devil is perfectly willing that the church should multiply its organizations and its deftly contrived machinery for the conquest of the world for Christ, if it will only give up praying…The Devil is not afraid of machinery; he is only afraid of God. And machinery without prayer is machinery without God.”

Then God told me how He has come to despise the word “Activate.”  He is rebuking the signs and wonders crowd who cheapening the gifts of the Spirit by promising instant activation of gifts.  God is opposed to the message that promises gifts without a relationship to the Heart of the Father.

He will only grant gifts to those who surrender to intimacy with Christ.  It is not an overnight deal—it is a grueling journey, it is the furnace of affliction, and a season of preparation.

Instantism is bringing the prophetic movement down.  Repent or find your movement in the museum of failed revivals.  The enterprise of doling out daily words of prophecy grieves God.  He deems it a horoscope reading.  Worst of all it, has driven the sheep away from the Bible.  All of this prophesying has not led to national awakening.  Consider:

“I have not sent these prophets, yet they ran. I have not spoken to them, yet they prophesied.  But if they had stood in My counsel, And had caused My people to hear My words, Then they would have turned them from their evil way And from the evil of their doings.” -Jeremiah 23: 21,22

We are the cusp of a golden era of soul winning.  God sees the harvest is ripe.  Beware of God most, when He sees the lost searching for Him.  That is when He cleans house. That is when He says, I am going to save the lost—you can let me purify you for service, or get out of my way.”


  1. Joseph Tenorio

    Amen . amen . no other comment needed.

    • Maureen Sanders


      • Victor

        This what the Lord has been speaking to me .We need to humble ourselves or God will humble us .Time to fellow Jesus our example Romans 12:1-2 walk in holiness be not confirmed to this world

  2. Carolina

    Our God is a consuming fire!

  3. James

    Wow what a word of revelation

    • George West

      I was a staff pastor of a 5000 member church, living in adultery. The Lord exposed me and I lost everything. After repentance and forgiveness, 10 years later I have peace and a love for God as never before.

  4. Sheila

    Very true Mario!

  5. Evan. Roger Culwell

    Big amen sir, he gave me part of this also. God Bless Bro. Mario

  6. tjgwynn

    Thank you Mario for being bold & courageous. The majority of church leaders in Canada will reap the same as they have stood silent while our country has declined so morally. Declaring healing from the top of your head to the soles of your feet, in Jesus’ name. Supernatural strength for your wife as she is dealing with so much. Every need met in Jesus’ name!

  7. Doug Blaylock

    I love this guy.

  8. Shirley

    I have trusted your preaching. Thank you, the millions given to spread the gospel has been used to line the pockets of false pastors and evangelists. What a price they will pay…. .

  9. Judy Haga

    Thank you Mario!!!!

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  10. Jeremy Ruiz

    Sin is only silent for a season, then it will be shouted from the housetops.

  11. Joey Hughes

    Hallelujah hallelujah that’s a man of men need thousands like him hallelujah God bless this man

  12. Michael Sahai

    Yes, we are at the brink of the last moves of God as the multitudes upon multitudes are at the Valley of Decision even now.
    1 Peter 4:17 – For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?

  13. Linda Wolford

    Thank You, Father, for men like Mario.True revival will wash over “YOUR AMERICA” because of Warrior Soldiers like him. The Harvest is UPON us.

  14. Ramon Granados

    Amen! Doctrina sana y Evangelio puro.

  15. Pam Young

    I agree and I am praying ? for you Mario . The attacks are relentless, when you speak the truth ! But The gates of hell shall not prevail against the church !!!!!!! You are on the front lines , and I am interceding for you !!!!!! Love in Christ Pamela

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    • Surfcourier

      Many Pastors are in desparate need. Those who have been placed over a church have been undergoing an onslaught that only those in leadership can understand. Men of God need fellowship with other Men of God.

      Mario, it’s time to have major gatherings of Pastors in facilities that are large enough to hold a great number of them. These should be closed door meetings for Pastors Only where they can come and receive a Word that will address every issue of their personal lives that only God knows about. The Lord wants to deal with every Pastor’s heart and bring about healing, deliverance, repentance, restoration, refreshing, rejuvenation, and a renewel of vision and purpose. You have the Message and the Anointing for this endeavor, Mario.

      Perhaps these Pastors Only meetings could be at facilities in various major cities across the Nation. And I believe God will make a way for this. He wants so much to speak a Word into the hearts of His Pastors… a transforming Word, and to pour out His Spirit upon them, and send them back to His Flocks to feed them the good Word of God. And this time, to stand up for Jesus Christ and what is right. And think of the great benefit and blessing the churches will receive as a result.

      Let the call be given to Pastors to do whatever they can to get to these crucial meetings! It’s now or never.

      • Frank Mack

        Yes, indeed. There is a time for rebuke, and to point out the problem as coming from a Preacher to a Preacher. The sheep know when something is wrong in their Pastor and pray for him to get it straight and back in line. Nevertheless, that Pastor is hurting or misguided and needs another Man of God he can confide in. Pastors cannot stand on moral high ground if they have fallen. They certainly cannot stand up and speak out effectively for what is good and righteous while pointing out what is wrong in Government and society if they have been partially blinded by their own failures in their personal life. Sinning wilfully has a blinding effect!

        Now where is that Man of God who after rebuking is now ready to embrace the brother Pastor and pour in some oil and wine and restore him? Who also has the ways and means to gather up the Pastors and speak a healing Word and deposit in their spirit the keys to winning their towns and cities and who are now strong enough to wage a good warfare and speak out for God and righteousness.

        Yes, I agree. And I will pray a restoration comes to all true Pastors who are in need of help. As sure as I am tapping my keyboard right now, I predict there will be a Pastors Conference (and more than one) taking place this year 2019 in the US.

  16. Alice

    Thank you for seeking God and then being willing to be one of His empty pipes He can flow thru unhindered.
    Praying for you brother.

  17. Jeremy Ruiz

    God needs to purify the homes as well

  18. Barbara A Ronne

    Amen! A right NOW— Word of the LORD!!!

  19. Jenn Eze

    I did a video with this same message back in May, it’s the truth. God has had enough of the corruption.

  20. Barbara A Ronne

    Thank you for being a mighty voice for God!

  21. Adianis Morales-Robles

    Please continue being a voice and a mentor to those believers and pastors that find themselves trapped between false indoctrination, lack of knowledge, mental conditioning and as you well say here lack of intimacy with our Lord. I worked with pastors last year with a program Heal America where we (pastors) will call our peers to ask to come and speak to the church about the importance of Voting According to Your Biblical Values. Needless to say, almost every night I went to sleep heartbroken seeing my fellow peers more concern about loosing membership instead of teching and confronting their sheep to vote according to our Constitutional Book. Keep pressing on and being that voice❣️

  22. carol riddick


  23. Bob

    Thank you Lord!

  24. Matthew Schuman

    Just like Pharaoh, I believe that God uses everybody, whether they are saved or not, to complete HIS end time purposes; I do not believe that anybody is in Gods way, God can use all things for HIS end time purposes, including manipulating the wickedness of man’s heart, people who willfully rebel against HIM, to orchestrate HIS divine purpose of restoring all things back to HIM through our blessed Savior Jesus Christ; although, I believe it is a good thing to clean out the house of God, and replace Wayward shepherds with Shepherds who have the first love of God in their hearts; In that sense, then the words from God,’Get out of my way,’is divinely appropriate; God is a Holy God; His Body is also Holy; HE demands Holiness; Replacements are coming, That I believe, in the House of God; Thank you ; Pastor, Prophet, teacher, evangelist, Apostle Murillo; Grace to the ministry, and peace be multiplied, Matthew;

  25. Matthew

    Another thing to remember is that we all must stand before the Judgement seat of God, that each one may receive the things done in the body, according to what each one has done, whether good or bad; In the end, there will be no person without excuse; Although the wayward Shepherd is responsible for the sheep, they are also responsible for their own salvation , as we all are; In the old testament, the only way for people to hear from God was through a select few, who God chose to speak through; Today, everyone can hear the voice of God for themselves, and in and through Gods love for other people; We have an open door to God’s throne by and through the blood of Jesus ; We have an opportunity to draw close to God in intimacy, a living relationship; In the old testament, there was no chance for a relationship with people, except Gods chosen vessels; So ya see, there is no excuse for disobedience to God; Although, having a ministry with leadership filled with Holy Ghost and fire definitely fits the character of Gods purpose and Holiness, and also will increases the sheep’s desire to also have the desire for God to build in them a Holy Spirit revival fire, which in the Great commission is power and love to witness, to proclaim the Kingdom of HIS SON through the demonstration and power of the Holy Ghost, word and power, faith working through love’;

  26. Brigitte Scherer Jenkins

    Thank you so much for sharing God’s heart. God bless you!



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