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Many of the most pivotal moments in history were not appreciated at the time.  We are at such a moment and we do not even realize it.  Something is taking place that seems routine.  It is actually monumental—an earthquake is shifting the spirit in Washington.


By Mario Murillo

Billy Graham will lie in state in the Capitol Rotunda.  Mario, that is as it should be.  Billy Graham is a legendary American.  Of course he is, but are you forgetting what Washington is?
Barack Obama would never allow this tribute to Billy Graham.  Neither would Hillary Clinton—who ran on the progressive, anti-church platform of Obama.
Washington moved so far to the left under Obama that we are still weeding out the deep state sleeper cells in many government agencies—especially the FBI.  Under Obama, their hubris was as much against the church as it was Trump. (See this link to my blog on how Obama was the most biblically hostile president ever.)   https://wp.me/p1vrzp-3DQ
Did you know 9 presidents in a row welcomed Billy Graham to the White House?  Obama did not.
Obama made a token visit to Montreat N.C to visit Billy Graham.  But, when Graham endorsed Mitt Romney, Obama ordered the IRS to suspend the nonprofit status of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.
The swamp people in D.C. are seething and boiling today.  Their dream of a Godless America has taken a massive hit.  A man of God will be honored in a highly visible way.  A spirit has been broken.  The unwritten code that Christian faith is not welcome in Washington has been shattered.

Where are the voices that stopped Manger scenes and insisted we have a holiday tree?  Where are the gas bags who screamed for separation of church and state, and sued every time they found an iota of faith expressed in a government setting?  Silenced and properly rebuked, they mutter in the crevices of Washington today.
Like everything else about Billy Graham’s life the timing of his death is divine.  He held out until some key things happened.  One of the most important was the election of Donald Trump.
Trump loved Billy Graham.  Our president is not a perfect man but he is under the influence of the Holy Spirit, and that influence grows because of the prayers of millions of believers.  Trump championed the cause of our faith in government.
Everything within me says this is just the beginning.  As Billy Graham lies in state, words of faith once banned, will be freely spoken—not only in by formal speakers but by the rank and file in restaurants, schools, and every hall of power.  The subject of the Gospel of Jesus Christ—Billy Graham’s passion—will be recounted by more in D.C. than if He was doing a crusade at the Washington Redskins football stadium.
The nation will stop and honor a man of God…but I believe, a rebirth of Christian faith in America will start.  Glory to God in the highest!



  1. John L Escalante

    Great insight!

  2. Ann

    Wow! My thoughts exactly……especially about God’s timing in taking Billy Graham home! “For such a time as this”. I feel the Spirit is moving mightily in our land!

  3. Doug Wurster

    Where does it say in scripture that we are to be political?

      • Doug Wurster

        Ok, show me in Jesus’ teachings where we are to be this political.

        • mariomurilloministries

          Doug, So you want to make a distinction between the Bible and the teachings of Jesus? Jesus didn’t, he said it is written three times in quoting scripture to the devil. The Sadducees and Pharisees were political leaders and if anything we are being mild in our rebuke of the current crop of these. And what did He condemn? Injustice, abuse of public funds, of growing rich off the backs of the poor and perverting the laws of God. By that standard, I am not nearly vocal enough about the Democratic Party which claims to be the moral guardian of the poor.

    • Sheila

      Read Isaiah 9:6
      The government rests on Jesus’ shoulders and God is the ultimate Judge❣️

      • godsdots

        Thanks, Sheila, for your concise answer to Doug Wurster’s long winded monologue! I’m afraid I got tired of wading through his commentary. You, on the other hand, did the job in a fraction of the time! Congratulations.

  4. Mary Hinkle

    Mario, my husband was looking for an article concerning something you wrote in your above article, and hasn’t been able to find one. You mentioned, “But, when Graham endorsed Mitt Romney, Obama ordered the IRS to suspend the nonprofit status of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.” Could you tell me where we can find information concerning this statement? Thank you!!

    • mariomurilloministries

      Mary Here is the article about the IRS attack on Billy Graham. Look for my comment afterwards

      Internal Revenue Service agents targeted the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and its offshoot Samaritan’s Purse for extra scrutiny, says Franklin Graham, son of the organization’s founder.

      Politico reports that Graham sent a letter to President Barack Obama on Tuesday. In it, Graham said he believes the audits were part of the IRS’s admitted practice of targeting conservative and pro-Israel groups that came to light on Friday.

      Graham says the organization, headquartered in North Carolina, ran statewide ads supporting a traditional marriage amendment in the state.

      In the fall, the ministry ran newspaper ads asking voters to “cast our ballots for candidates who base their decisions on biblical principles and support the nation of Israel.” The ad concluded, “Vote for biblical values this November 6, and pray with me (Billy Graham) that America will remain one nation under God.”

      Franklin Graham’s letter says the ads were bought with funds donated specifically for that purpose.

      After seeing news reports of IRS agents seeking additional information from groups with “tea party” and “conservative” in their names — or groups that support Israel or seek “to make America a better place to live” — Graham said he believes the audits of his organizations were not a coincidence or justifiable.

      Graham said that after the election he received word that both organizations would be allowed to keep their tax-exempt status. But in the meantime the agents wasted taxpayers’ money on the audits, and the ministry wasted donated funds during the time and effort staff spent assisting the agents.

      Graham said he believes someone in the administration was trying to intimidate the ministry. He called the actions “morally wrong and unethical,” adding that “some would call it “un-American.'”

      Mary, during this entire time the IRS held their status was held in suspense pending their decision…in other words until the IRS finished their investigation they were not a non-profit. God bless

  5. godsdots

    God moving in mysterious ways His wonders to perform! And to those that would remove the word ‘God’ on the back of the dollar bill, the people are speaking their truth. In God we most definitely TRUST. God bless Billy Graham’s blessed soul. May he rest in long, beautiful peace. Amen.

  6. marbo41

    I am still finding it hard to believe that a Christian evangelist’s body will lie in state in the Capitol Rotunda. The door has been opened for something great!

  7. Terri

    Not one time in all the years of Billy Grahams preaching did he ever ask a dime . BUT …all the others did.
    What really upsets me is the fact that the Clinton’s have a FALSE Foundation….and Obama’s took do many trips…entertained and paid themselves extra monies ….upsets me that people like them walk away Scott free and the Samaritians Purse was under scurtney.

  8. Cecil & Elsie Daniels

    Wonderful thoughts of those above. I hope those thoughts become reality.
    J. Cecil Daniels
    Macon GA



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