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This is a new prayer alert.  We are asking prayer for Mario Murillo.  We are facing a fresh challenge.  As we have reported to you, he was improving, but something happened two days ago.
The pain reappeared—not by any accident, but mysteriously—even though Mario followed a strict regimen required for recovery.  The cause is unknown to doctors but not to God.  That is why we are appealing to all of the friends of this ministry for fervent prayer.  We need a miracle.
We will never give glory to the enemy but we do recognize when he attacks.  Paul said in 1 Thessalonians 2: 18: “We wanted to come to you—I, Paul, tried over and over again—and Satan stopped us.”
This is a vicious attack to stop soul winning.  In this dark time for our nation, Satan is fully aware of the historic doors to win the lost that have opened to Mario Murillo Ministries.  Just as our voice was about to heard, he attacked.
We are asking for you to pray specifically.  Mario is keen on finding the root cause of his condition so that he can prevent it in the future.  If it is to be through a doctor—pray, we find the right doctor.  We need a physician who is not focused on injections and surgery but on a wider understanding of the spine and hip.
Ask for an instantaneous healing so that God may be glorified in the immediate restoration of our momentum to win the lost.
We need special prayer for Mechelle Murillo.  The constant care of her husband can be exhausting.  We do not need the evil one to create anymore health issues.  Pray for her strength.  Pray protection over her.  Pray she is able to rest.
Ministries that preach the Gospel with signs and wonders are often hesitant to report illness.  That has never been Mario’s style.  He believes in total transparency.  If you can trust us to tell you the truth about attacks, you can also trust us when we tell you about miracles.  After all, we are in a war and the Bible says, “we have this treasure in earthen vessels.”
Mario’s spirit is not broken.  In fact, this attack is building a fire in his soul to take even greater vengeance on the devil by winning even more souls and seeing more miracles of healing.
Your prayers are far more urgent than you know.  Paul said, “For I know that this will turn out for my deliverance through your prayer and the supply of the Spirit of Jesus Christ.” –    Philippians 1:19.   Through your prayers knitted with ours, we shall see a miracle.  Thank you for praying and for sharing this alert with others.  God bless you!  -MMM


  1. Frances Barrera

    Thank you ??

    • Gina grosse

      Dr Wallach he is one of best natural paticic he can help him his minerals prolly down low

      • Gina grosse

        Natural Dr minerals are low pure vitamins and minerals

    • Carolina

      STRESS…is a number 1 culprit.
      Mario and Family, when I first heard of your physical battle in prayer it was revealed to me that Mario must rest, “slow down” in order to achieve the best result for his body by the time of the Las Vegas trip. I posted on your blog what I went through for 2 and half years with my spine, left leg, hip and brain. Mario you responded to my blog & received my miracle testimony as applying also for you. GOOD!…please also receive this, Once your spinal nerve root system is inflamed it directly impacts your hip, R or L, it can be excruciating, immobilizing but the worst ongoing offense comes from generalized STRESS. This has nothing to do with anxiety or mind problems, it is physical. Remember this Pain rolls and builds, as it eminates from the brain centers & nerve roots you must STOP the effects of inflammation and rolling pain through out your nervous system. If you rest and don’t stress with ‘some’ meds you’ll pass through this & make it to Las Vegas. AMEN. And to wife Mechelle, my husband went through this as you are and it is frightening & disturbing for the mate plus a lot of extra work, but I promise you YOU can do it & it will pass just keep your spiritual equilibrium. In Jesus Name. ??

      • mariomurilloministries

        Carolina, Wonderful advice! I am sharing this with Mechelle.

  2. Laura Collins

    I will designate a day of fasting and prayer for Mario’s healing in Jesus name.

  3. Susan Shiflett

    I’m praying and believing!! We love you and all your dedication! Did they check your BLOOD?

    • Linda Nelson

      Keeping you in my prayers Mario. Declaring the angelic hosts of Heaven to? Block every fiery dart of the evil one in Jesus name.
      New health, and healing and strength? In your body.

  4. Thomas Albrecht

    I am praying daily for you and Mechelle and the ministry, I will be leading Christ’s Church of the Rockies in prayer tonight. The church I pastor knows of your ministry and impact on my life personally so they feel an extra passion to pray. I have been in prayer for you and will continue to pray so long as God gives me breath. You are a God sent fire to my Spirit, may God heal and make you whole. With the home-going of Dr. Billy Graham, we need you now more than ever. God has used you to inspire me to seek God more passionately and to preach the gospel with out compromise.

    May God bless and make you whole
    Pastor Tom Albrecht and the Christ’s Church of the Rockies body

  5. Russell lindamood

    Vegas. In Jesus name. Darkness and evil is at work to do what it thinks it can do .JESUS THE BLOOD YOU SHED .for this . We stand strong against. Be Healed in the name above all name. Principalities be loosed from your asignedment we bind you. On earth as it is in Heaven.

  6. April Miller

    I pray in agreement. Thanking God that He bore every sickness and disease in His body, on the cross and by His stripes Mario Murillo is healed. I believe it is done and sealed with the Holy Spirit. Your miracle is at hand. BE BLESSED!

  7. Mary Hinkle

    Continuing in prayer for you, Mechelle, and your staff!

  8. breadladyuga .

    Please call this ministry. I was healed through it and TENS of THOUSANDS have been healed. They understand the roots of attacks and getting it gone for GOOD.

    The ministry is The Living Savior Ministries, http://www.tlsm.org, 940-242-2106

    You can hear his testimony of raising his granddaughter from the dead at the link, below. He’s the real deal and EXACTLY what you are praying for: someone who understands the roots of attacks (if the Drs can’t find an organic reason, then it IS spiritual!) AND walks in a POWERFUL anointing to get those roots REMOVED. When it’s gone, healing comes, EVERY SINGLE TIME!!

    Please do NOT miss calling them!! They WILL Help. They have a prayer line, but if Mario calls and lets them know he’s a minister, I’m sure Thurman will speak to him, personally.

    Here’s his testimony about his granddaughter:


    Blessings and STANDING with Mario, who changed my life.

    In Messiah,

    Beth Holland Athens, GA

    On Thu, Feb 22, 2018 at 8:55 AM, Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “This is a new prayer alert. We are asking > prayer for Mario Murillo. We are facing a fresh challenge. As we have > reported to you, he was improving, but something happened two days ago. The > pain reappeared—not by any accident, but mysteriously—even thou” >

  9. Lynn Reeder


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  10. Mercy William Efetevbia

    God the great Physian said by His stripes he has been healed, this is the enemy’s plot to distract him from the good work he’s doing for the LORD.
    Whenever the enemy comes after us like this there’s definitely something very unique and wonderful he wants to stop us from.
    I would advise he drives the devil mad by not stopping at any point if he can because the LORD is with him and he sees everything and He’s working everything for his good and favor. It may also be a call from the LORD for him to try and rest more in between ministrations.
    Whatever this is I know God is aware and in control.

  11. Natalie Foos

    Jesus we praise your Holy name. We stand together with all who are praying for Mario and family and ministry. We claim victory with them over this attack on Mario, in Jesus’ name. We pray Lord for a miracle in your name for complete healing on every aspect of Mario and his family and team: spiritually physically mentally and emotionally. We ask that you provide the spiritual and therapeutic knowledge to those healing hands that are layed upon Mario. We pray for knowledge to prevent this in the future. We lift up Mechelle for strength as she ministers to Mario and for her and the ministry team as they move forward in faith. We pray that pastor Mario and this family and ministry team will be sharpened and fortified as they stand in Jesus name against Satan. May they glorify You Lord leading, ministering thru the Holy Spirit to those you bring to them.. Lord please use them to bring the miracle of the cross to all the souls u are bringing forward to be saved at every revival ahead. We praise you and thank you Father. In your will, Lord. In Jesus name, Natalie and Rick.

  12. John L Escalante

    Jehovah Rapha extend a special touch of healing virtue to your servant. And give strength to his family. Amen! Isaiah 57:15

  13. Rosie


  14. Arleen Stuart

    My husband and I are praying for you,!ecjelle, and the team. God bless you.

  15. Rose Florist

    praying for you brother Mario and you Michelle and the whole Ministry complete healing and restoration I plead the blood of Jesus over you my husband was just healed of stage 4 cancer and the Lord is no respecter of persons I know I truly believe he’s in the process of healing you brother we will continue to pray for you for complete restoration and Recovery we love you and your ministry God bless

  16. Kathy Robinson

    Bio-care hospital in Tijuana, Mexico.
    Google it.. you can call directly and talk w Dr. and get more info.
    My brother and I were saved 1979, in Ft. Walton beach FL under his ministry in an out door stadium! 2 years ago I ran into him in Branson w Billye Brim!!
    Love you Mario.. prayers for total healing!!!

  17. Lee Norton


  18. Marilyn Braswell

    Praying and standing for a full recovery. Wisdom for doctors and knowing healing belongs to us in Jesus name…….

  19. vickymontiel84

    Praying for total healing

  20. Michele Titsworth

    I would love to help out at tent revival and I’ll for sure be praying for Mario’s healing. For Satan is a liar…. and we take authority in Jesus Name. We cancel all attacks, For when two or more are gathered in his name, he is in the midst of them. In Jesus Name Amen

  21. Andrea B Froehle

    At the risk of stating the obvious, it seems to me to be like Jacob wrestling with the Angel of the LORD. I can’t imagine any doctor being able to diagnose that condition, no matter how expert he or she may be. “Now when He saw that He did not prevail against him, He touched the socket of his hip; and the socket of Jacob’s hip was out of joint as He wrestled with him.” The result of Jacob’s determination not to give up was of epic proportions. We want God to be able to say of Mario: “…you have struggled with God and with men, and have prevailed.” And so I think that all who understand need to continue holding him up, just as Aaron and Hur held up the hands of Moses. “And Aaron and Hur supported his hands, one on one side, and the other on the other side; and his hands were steady until the going down of the sun.” And though Mario may be “sifted like wheat” right now, our Great High Priest “always lives to make intercession.” That is the most comforting thought of all!!

  22. Mark and Carolyn Hinton

    We are praying !!!

    SUGGESTION: Network chiropractic.

    I do this in Rochester NY; very effective

    Please tell Mario to try it; its an effective science for the unwinding of the nervous system

    Blessings, Carolyn Hinton


  23. Dianne Eure


  24. Carole Hughes Miller

    Praying for you and everyone involved. Thank God for you Brother Mario!

  25. Sheils

    Even though we might not understand what’s happening at the time, I truly believe there is a reason for everything and I know God is with you! I’m praying and fasting for a healing for Mario and wisdom in the doctors to find the root cause of the pain, and for peace and strength for Mechelle in Jesus name!

  26. Mike Rainey

    Prayers for you and your family! God will receive the glory and you will receive the healing!

    On Thu, Feb 22, 2018 at 8:55 AM Mario Murillo Ministries wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “This is a new prayer alert. We are asking > prayer for Mario Murillo. We are facing a fresh challenge. As we have > reported to you, he was improving, but something happened two days ago. The > pain reappeared—not by any accident, but mysteriously—even thou” >

  27. Heather K

    Absolutely! To God be the glory and may His mercy reach you in your time of need.

  28. Az native

    By his stripes we are healed. The bible says:

    “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”
    King James Version (KJV) Romans 8:28

  29. Az native

    “He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities; oh surely He bore our sorrow, and by His stripes we are healed.”.

  30. Joe Sweet

    Dear Mario, Praying for you. I do believe that this will all turn out for good. Thanking God for you. God bless Joe Sweet

    Sent from my iPhone


  31. RayandRaycilla Sedillo Martinez

    Blessings God’s General..Blessings and Strength to Your Family. The Enemy’s Timing can be very cunning, But God’s Timing is Perfect. We walk by Faith and not by Sight…I suggest you seek out a very Reputable Christian Chiropractor..I was in the Fire Service, Pulled by Back during a Fire fight, Workmans Comp sent me to Medical Doctors who just treated my pain, not the Root of the Problem, Finally after several Failed attempts, I requested to be sent to a chiropractor, they agreed, and it was a Christian Chiropractor that ended up healing me, not a Medical Doctor…You will be healed..Blessings..

  32. Nia Carter

    I am praying in agreement with and for Brother Mario and Mechelle – for wisdom and revelation, for healing to come forth speedily,for relief from the pain, inflammation and infection; for realignment of his spine and every organ, gland, cell and all tissue and that he knows that he knows exactly who he should seek out for treatment and exactly what he should take by way of oral treatments (drugs or supplements) and that he not be led by fear or confusion down a path that prolongs this. By His stripes you ARE healed!



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