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Good morning America how are you?  Don’t you know me I’m your native son?  The answer for the homeless is no, America doesn’t know you.  And many of our leaders are heaping an insult on you worse than your cold nights on the streets.
Many people believe that America wants to give aid to others rather than their own.
A growing number of Americans have these things to say: “If you are illegal in California, and other sanctuary states, you essentially have more rights than natural born citizens.  You can get healthcare before disoriented veterans who lost limbs fighting for our freedom.   Why?  Because they don’t know how to play the system.”
“Homeless citizens don’t have the advocacy groups you do.  No one is protesting for homeless Americans—especially homeless children.  You can commit crimes that would put Americans in jail.  The proof came when Los Angeles authorities helped shield convicted felons who were here illegally until ICE was finally able to arrest 221 of them.  They do not offer that buffer to homeless Americans.”
“Our children must pay for college you get it free.  Democrats will make sure you get a driver’s license.”
“In Silicon Valley, laid off Americans are forced to train their foreign replacements—yes, that’s right—the ones who are taking their jobs.”

“We take billions away from hard working Americans, and pay for all of this for you.  Then sit back and watch many of you protest, screaming at us, waving the flag of your nation—the nation that abandoned you—in our face, and call us intolerant, and racist.”  Average cost is 84 billion a year.
“How can Americans bear to look at Nancy Pelosi, Jorge Ramos or the gaggle of leftist activists?  They favor those who broke the law to get here above those who were born here.”

No nation can victimize their own this way and long survive. These verses portend our doom: Lamentations 5: 1 “Remember, O Lord, what has come upon us; Look, and behold our reproach! 2 Our inheritance has been turned over to aliens, And our houses to foreigners. 3 We have become orphans and waifs; our mothers are like widows.”
Famous pastors—under the influence of some zany theology—side with illegals against their own.  There is nothing righteous about opening our borders without securing it against those who come to steal, rape, murder.  There is nothing noble about letting them sneak back in time and again.

This year, Mario Murillo Ministries allied with Inner City Action, will be flooding the homeless with basic necessities.
Beware you do not make false assumptions about MMM.  While I unapologetically decry the wrong done to homeless American citizens, we do not make any distinction when we are on the streets giving out food and clothing.  We don’t talk about citizenship.  We talk about Christ.  We see every life as a soul for which Jesus died—and that is all we see.
Should people come to America and find opportunity? YES!  Should we put basic demands on them and let them flow through a system of naturalization.  Again Yes!  But without law and order we will destroy hope for those who are born here and for those who are going through proper channels to become Americans.
Sanctuary cities are monsters that kill the hope for both homeless citizens and demoralizes legal immigrants who spent years to become citizens.   We should never have punished innocent people to perpetuate a left wing state.
I am warning lukewarm Christians—silent, comfortable, and with strained necks, looking the other way—this growing menace will touch your life.
This injustice screams to God from the ground.  His eyes are a nation that has chosen to declare war on its own.  The billions squandered buying new votes for the Democratic Party could have cleaned the streets, emptied the homeless camps, hospitalized war vets, and saved children.

For heaven’s sake can you, Mr. and Mrs. Christian form an opinion, brave a conviction and—Lord help us—find a voice?!  Get off the fence!
Remember this Fall, what the Democratic Party has said loud and clear to all Americans: WE CARE ABOUT OTHERS MORE THAN AMERICANS.  Punish the evil doers.  Throw them out of office.  Enough is enough!
The next time you kneel before God, try explaining to Him why you have chosen to be neutral about your own children’s future.  Yes, that’s right…someone is taking their inheritance and giving it to another.
This is where I am supposed to redeem myself with some positive, chicken soup, cuddly closing that comforts you.  The only comfort should come from the fact that you shook off your fear and compromise and rose up  to do the right thing.


  1. Pamela

    Totally agree I am interceding for our nation !

  2. Sandra Douglas

    Amen and a standing ovation to this elequently poignant truth bearing message to shake off the complacency that has fogged our vision and our common sense . Praise God for your courageous ministry …faithful to the kingdom principles of the Word and the gospel of Jesus Christ in action and in Love ….you are in our prayers ….carry on !!

  3. Sheila

    Amen Mario! You nailed it once again! Praise God!

  4. Judy Pink

    Mario Murrillo…did I ever say…THANK YOU??? Yes, I did. But, I’m saying it again. I just don’t understand how Christians can be so quiet.

  5. Hillary

    Yes, God move our hearts to serve our legal citizens and sustain the laws and order os the USA.
    Bless all people wisdom.

  6. Rosemary Zoucha

    Simply put, I could never have said it better myself, thank you, Mario for saying it for so many of us.
    I pray for an opening for you at CNN:)

  7. Carolina

    YES, YES, YES, Mario! I live in a border state, our city has been overtaken in many areas where we who were born here used to go safely to shop, to engage, to do life as an American in my city & state…but NO more. We are now overrun with entire areas that are hazardous to travel through let alone stop in. In our once safe and lovely streets now if you stop long enough you’ll find needles strewn lying on the sidewalks from Heroin abuse. Inclusively, I have an 85 year old Mother who desperately needs medicade supplemental insurance along with SNAP Senior food stamp program and she struggles to receive her benefits here due to an over abundance of alien foreign nationals who they now put first? My entire family are not only generational Americans but many of whom received purple hearts in tour duty and high ranking officers within the military with honors. They wrote stories about my grandpa who served on D-Day in special forces! But my mother who worked and paid extravagant Taxes all her life, struggles to eat (and we take up that $$ slack constantly and honorably) due to immigration OVERLOAD! Christians wake up!



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