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I am in a situation that is rare for me.  After much prayer I knew a statement had to be made.  Most of all, I am making it because it seemed good to the Holy Spirit. This is a special prayer alert to all of our family, friends and partners.  Here’s what happened:
After standing for 4 crusade services back to back—some lasting 3 hours—I felt a strange, and growing tinge of pain in my left leg. After a long flight home it became excruciating.  It centralized around the hip.
My doctor says it is most likely a stress fracture.  That would mean 4-6 weeks of being flat on my back, followed by physical therapy.  However, part of the problem still remains a mystery. 
I told you this is rare because, in 50 years of preaching, I have been blessed with unusual strength in the most strenuous of schedules. I have flown 6 million miles on American Airlines—not including many other airlines.
This is when the devil tries to play with your mind.  I have already missed two precious events—events that meant a lot to me and our mission.  I was to be at Bethel Church in Redding and then at TBN.

Now let me make my strong confession to this crisis, I confess:
There is no version of this where the enemy wins.  I am standing in the confidence that the same power that is so richly present in our meetings will now overshadow me through your prayers. 
I will either spend the time learning new lessons, writing, and getting closer to my beloved Jesus.  Or, I will rise and walk Jesus’ name. In either case, the devil loses big time.  I have peace that I came by this condition honestly— stomping on the devil’s head. 
Your prayers mean everything to me just now.  I want to go so far as to ask you to pray for these specific things:
Prayer for Mechelle: Most of all, I must ask special prayer for my wife who is caring for me during this ordeal.  She is working so hard to manage so many things.  Please pray for strength and for protection of her health.
Healing:  Not so much because I want to be out of pain but because I need to get back to the work of the Lord.
Protection of our momentum:  We are on the cusp of winning untold numbers of young at risk souls.  Beginning in Las Vegas, we believe, we will see a harvest not seen since the Jesus Movement of the 1970’s.  Oh how the devil hates that!
Pray for my staff.  They are swamped by the dizzying changes and all of the potential chaos that can come in these situations.
Finally, missing events costs us vital support but we have always trusted God as our source.  I am most concerned for those around me because I know the warfare this incident has unleashed.   My confession is that combined with your prayers, we will have everything we need and the work will be even stronger than ever.
Please leave word that you are praying.  Your note will strengthen my wife, family and staff.
I close with these words from Paul: “But I want you to know, brethren, that the things which happened to me have actually turned out for the furtherance of the gospel…Philippians 1:12


  1. Phyllis Falco

    Dear Brother, it sounds like an enemy attack and I stand with you in letting him know that in the Name of Jesus you were healed ., Thank you you for letting me shatter in your deliverance m

    • Joyce Baker Housden

      I will continue to pray for you and your wife and ministry.

      • Pat Haaby

        Praying for complete healing and wholeness in Jesus name.

    • Rosemarie Pewitt

      God will turn this around for his GLORY! As soon as I heard about the coming Tent Revival this Spring in LAS VEGAS with Brother Mario, I knew I had to make myself available to help in any way needed as he asked for helpers and I have been praying for this event, especially the Youth! Las Vegas belongs to JESUS, the City known as Sin City, will be known as The Saints City, in the name that is above all names JESUS. Jesus said, if I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me ! Thank you Father for raising up Your servant Brother Mario, heal his body and give him strength that moves mountains! I lift up his wife and ministry workers, give them all the full SHALOM! Thank you Lord.

      PS the thought just came to me that the Lord give you wisdom regarding your health, reminded me when I suffered from leg back and hip pain and was in excruciating pain, I abused my body by pushing it to do work standing on my feet for too long periods of times and lifting items too heavy for me. Went to doctors and specialist to no avail, the meds they gave me made me worst! This was my first healing experience with the Lord back in 1982, my Pastor J Don George prayed for me, “stand on God’s Word”, finally one night I was standing at the back of the church praising God with my hands raised up and the power of God hit my body and I knew he healed me! It lasted three days and then symptoms started to come back, this is where I learned about about healing. The Lord lead me to a good chiropractor and I got turned around in just two weeks! I could’nt believe how quickly this happened and I had suffered for months with pain because I did not know the root cause of the problem. Since that time the Lord has healed me of various muscular disorders and respiratory attacks! Lately, it has been my feet being attacked with a sudden severe pain, I believe those are witchcraft attacks and I command them in Jesus name to leave and they do! Praise his Holy Name! The Lord has given me compassion for the sick and at times I know the gift of healing virtue flows out from my laying hands on the sick. After all, that’s what the Word says, they will lay hands on the sick and they will recover. I pray the Lord’s hand touch you and revive your body with supernatural strength to continue the work of the ministry, in Jesus name I pray, he is our HEALER! Thank you Lord, surely goodness and mercy shall follow you all the days of your life and You will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

      • capturingtheessence

        Bless you as you rest and recovery in the arms of Jesus. May peace, new revelation, wisdom, insight into the kigdom, and the abundant resources of the Father, including Angelic covering be your portion. I pray stength and joy fill your brautiful Bride, that the grace of the Jesus ignite her strength and bring peace to her sleep. May your staff be encouraged and well provided for. Bless you in the name of Jesus.

    • joanne koger

      You are in our heartfelt prayers. We love you, jo <3 My legs could use some healing too. Expecting a glorious recovery for you! By His stripes we are healed.

    • Phyllis and David Nash

      Praying for you and your wife and all involved and speaking against the attacks of the enemy and believing for the breakthrough because of the influx of souls coming into the kingdom and our youth that are going to be set free! Praise God and thank you for your dedication to the Lord. We Bless you and your family!

    • Sherrie Hail-Shea

      My Husband and I will be praying not just for healing but protection…Holy Spirit go before them in every step of their journey..provide healing, strength, comfort, joy, provision, and a testimony to share with other and kick the butt of the enemy…surround them with hold warrior angel that will do battle for them as they get rest and relief from their battle….prompt us with specific needs right when they become apparent…Most of all may You receive all the glory in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ who came in the flesh..Amen….Roger and Sherrie

    • Jana

      Praying for your healing and for your wife and family and your ministry. God is good and he will glorify himself through this and this will be a year of salvations and sons and daughters getting to know their dad. Thank you father ??

    • Sharleen

      Blessed be The Name Of our Lord and Saviour…..our healer, comforter, supplier,our teacher, provider of our all in all, every need met In Jesus Name. There is healing in The Name….our brother is healed, our sisters strength is renewed, our brothers and sisters are not moved in any other way than praise and standing in agreement to every word spoken by and through The Holy Spiirt. The Father’s Word will not be crushed…..but the evils of satan will no longer stand or affect our brother or anyone close to him because Father God has the control he’s the great I am and He has the Final Word. This we pray and believe In JesusName…..Amen….Amen

    • Carolynn

      I’m standing with you and your family and staff, that greater things will come. I speak to the healing that it continues to do a mighty work to the glory of God! I pray that the enemy will not be able to rob, steal , and distroy the work of Jesus, but increase it! Amen! I pray for strength for your wife a double portion of strength! Amen!

  2. Jeremie Hamby

    Praying for you, mighty man of God.

    • Cindy Carrizales

      My God adores you! According to His Word, He will accomplish all that concerns you. Receive & Believe. Above all things, He desires that you prosper and be in good health just as your soul prospers.
      Be healed on tha name of Jesus! Same day, not someday, NOW! Yes & Amen & Thank You Papa.

      • Roseann Brower

        May the Lord strengthen you, your wife and staff in your inner man by Holy Spirit. EP 3:16
        May you go deeper in the Spirit and understand what the Lord is saying to you in this season.
        We declare The Blessing on you all in Jesus Name. Amen!

      • Denise

        Praying for your speedy recovery. And for the strength to run strong your race. Those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength and will mount up on eagle wings in Jesus’s powerful name.

  3. Betty Cone


  4. Glen H. Kippel

    Brother Mario, I have been following your ministry since I saw you at Jesus `76 in Florida. (I was running the sound board at the time.) I will certainly be paying for you. After having two partial hip replacement surgeries, I know how bad these situations can be. I would like special prayer for my finances – I urgently need $2200 to fix up my house so we can sell it and downsize. Thank you.

  5. Sandra Gray

    Praying for you and your staff. Lord, I know you’re going to use this situation Mario finds himself in for YOUR GLORY – either a quick complete healing NOW or a grand time with YOU in the Peace only YOU can bring and drawing him closer to you than he has ever been. Work out all the detail changes that have to be made and be with the staff guiding and directing as they accomplish this work. Bless Mechelle abundantly as she takes care of her husband at this time. We will give YOU all the Glory. Sandy Gray

    • Pastors Jim and Tee Stacy

      Jim and I are praying for all your needs Mario and Mechelle.

  6. Florence Williams

    You are in my prayers and the subject of conversations often.I just told someone yesterday you were an old time Godly man.Let God’s will be done

  7. Irma Robin

    Praying for the wisdom of God in this situation to find out where the root of this pain is, and for your complete healing in Jesus Name; strength to Mechelle and for everything to flow smoothly with your staff as they carry the load while you are healing, most of all for the shalom of Almighty Yehovah to surround all of you!

  8. Jeffrey Wiegand

    The same anointing that was on Moses that was on Jesus when he got baptized and that was on the apostles in the upper room and in infinity mathematically there’s no minus of it!! I pray the anointing that you release the infinity fills the hospital room where you’re at where your wife is at and the workers are multiplies not subtracts if Finity can never be subtracted from it just continues to go on and on and on and on

  9. Linda Diana ( Purdie) Newby

    Evangelist Mario While Reading Your Alert Received A Vision Of Your Exercising On Step Climber Also After Taking A Pinch Of New Cell Growth,Animo Acid.Dont Unconfrontable With Taking This Animo ,Better Those The Stronger Medication.Thank You For Allowing Me To Branch Out In Ministry.!!! I Love You And Your Wife Forever Dear Linda Diana

  10. Michele Rogers

    Thank you for sharing your burden. The word I get is Isaiah 54: 17 I release healing angels to your situation, in Jesus name . I also have a serious prayer request in the area of finances. Large sums of money are being held up in an offshore account because of heavy tax burden that was strung in us unexpectedly. I would appreciate your prayers as I pray for your full recovery Michele

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  11. Evan. Roger Culwell

    Father we just ask that you rich down and touch Bro. Mario right not, for it is written by your stripe’s we are healed, and thou art the God who healeth thee, and if the same Spirit dwell in us that raised Jesus from the dead it will quicken our mortal bodie’s and Father he need, a quickening right now a touch so he can finish the work you called him to do, and we petition the high court’s of heaven on his behalf, before the great and honorable Judge, God all mighty, that Bro. Mario is healed, for it is written in the Law [your word] that he is healed and we declare it, we decree it, in YESHUA HAMASHIACH MIGHTY NAME, for it is written devil he has given us power and authority over scorpion’s and snake’s and ALL the power of the enemy, and we claim it right now, for he can not brake your law, and you also said where any two touch and agree on any one thing, it shall be done and there are more than two touching here, and we declare it done, and we ask that you protect him his wife and family and meet every need, give his wife Mechelle strength to do what she need’s to do and his staff to do what they have to do, meet every need, and heal him so these young people can be saved and we will give you all the honor and glory in the name above all name’s YESHUA HAMASHIACH MIGHTY NAME , we speak the word AMEN, AMEN,AMEN

  12. elisa berry

    I will be praying for you and all! especially God’s will. In the economy of God I wonder if he is asking you to endure this suffering to draw down even greater graces than if you were healed. I can’t imagine that Ol’ Red Legs hates anything worse than redemptive suffering!!! I will continue praying for you and your ministry.
    Thank you and God Bless you for all you do for HIS glory!!!

  13. vickymontiel84

    Father in the mighty name of your son jesus i ask you for total healing in Mario Murrillo leg i thank you father that Mario is healed i thank you father its done Now Amen .

  14. Mary Hinkle

    Praying for you and declaring in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ that you were healed by His stripes, and no weapon formed against you shall prosper!!!! Also, lifting up Mechelle, (as she cares for you and the responsibilities of the ministry), along with your staff, in prayer…that grace, mercy, peace, strength and protection be multiplied to each one. Praise the Lord!!!!

  15. Lynn Reeder

    Praying for your ministry

    Sent from my iPhone


  16. Andrea B Froehle

    Mario…Be extremely careful to seek the LORD in each and every detail of your recovery. Do not let the medical world make any decisions for medications or procedures unless you are certain that the Holy Spirit is in agreement. You absolutely must, at this juncture in your life, be perfectly aligned with the precise leading of the Holy Spirit. Only The Great Physician should be in control of whatever process you will need to go through in order to be strong and whole once again. I am certain it is His will for you to be strong and whole once again, but it may take some patience and trust and obedience on your part. No quick fixes unless it definitely comes from the miraculous intervention of the LORD. Blessings and love to you and your family. You will be lifted up in prayer.

    • Julie Pratt

      Oh sweet Father, You are not only the creator of the universe, but our Abba Daddy who loves us and never leaves us! We can crawl up in Your arms and cry and feel so much comfort knowing this too shall pass, for we know You have plans to prosper us and not to harm us, to give us a hope and a future.
      I praise You that Mario has the Holy Spirit exploding inside of him and Your Words says , by Jesus stripes we are healed, so we thank You that You are the God that healeth him.
      I pray You would rain down extra tender mercies, strength, focus, soft hearts upon all family, staff, and all envolved.
      I pray for the warmth of Your supernatural manifest presence to fall on Mario from the top of his head to the souls of his feet, Father, in Jesus name.
      I thank you no weapon shall prosper in Your name. HE IS MORE THAN A CONQUEROR THROUGH YOU WHO STRENGTHENS HIM.

  17. Colleen

    Praying for your request today, tomorrow I will fast & pray for God’s will to be done & His power to be made known in this crisis..while the church come together in the mighty name of Jesus to pull down every evil assignment that has come against you & your family & your ministry & especialy those that are called by the Holy Spirit to attend these crusades that Jesus Christ be glorified.

  18. Scott Trandel

    Praying! I Peter 2.24

  19. Dottie

    Father I lift my brother and his wife ,family all up before you asking your hand be upon everyone giving them strength and protection in Jesus name !

  20. Lynne Whittington

    Yes, my faithful brother I’m praying for you and your family and ministry. Thank you for what God has done thru you. This is NOT a surprise to God. He’s got this ! Blessings, Lynne W.

  21. scottysearan

    I am praying for you and believe that the best will come out of this situation sometimes we do not know we do not understand the past we must follow and walk but God always leads us along praying for you God bless you

  22. Dee Pruitt

    Praying the peace, comfort and healing that can only come from our zLord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  23. Carolina

    Mr Mario, you bet I’ll be praying for you! There is no case that You cannot face with precious Jesus Grace! ?

  24. tuesday52

    Praying for you Mario! He is the God that heals you even now. ?

    Sent from my iPhone


  25. Susan Shiflett

    Thank you for asking us to pray! This is a privilege to do something for you, your family and staff! I just prayed and will continue to do so! May our Lord strengthen you in every area, areas that you didn’t even know you needed…may His peace and laughter flood your body, mind, spirit, and those around you! Praise the Lord for His every lasting love!

  26. Heather K

    I pray for you, your ministry, your family and your crusade. I will pray even more and specifically for healing. God bless you.

  27. Jim and Donna Sween

    We have been praying for you daily & will continue to pray for a hedge of protection around you & Mechelle and perfect peace and rest & Healing to your bones.
    We know God has an awesome plan for 2018 and the devil doesn’t like it but we know we win.
    Praying that we see you in June in Kennewick, WA.. Excited for what God is going to do.
    Jim and Donna Sween

  28. Barb Cecil

    Brother Mario, Precious wife and staff, I am coming into agreement with you all and standing on the Word of God for your complete healing and deliverance from this attack from hell. He is Jehovah Rapha our healer and he’s the same yesterday today and forever, In him we live and move and have our being. I know as we stand on the his promises his word will not return to him void but accomplish what its sent to do. That by his stripes you are healed. We will continue to ask seek and knock until we see the manifestation of complete and total healing in your body. And we ask it all in Jesus Name, Amen!

  29. theredeemedlifeblog

    You ARE healed it’s already done praise Jesus He took it for you.

  30. Kathy Weddle

    I (we) declare in the Name of Jesus the time will be redeemed beyond 100%. I (we) declare in the Name of Jesus that your health will be fully restored; healing, calcium, magnesium, Vitamin D, etc., all the wonderful nutrients Father God created for our benefit to bring strength and power back to your leg, and increase though out your entire body for the work of the ministry. We lift up Mechelle, staff, and all prayer and financial supporters to be strengthened in the Grace of our Father to continue, maintain, even move forward in the ministry. We declare a financial blessing and that nothing, not one penny, be lost to this attack. We ask Father God’s wisdom and direction for Mechelle and staff, and the unity necessary to bring victory. We bind the enemy and cancel any assignment he or any entity in his authority from further issue in the Name of Jesus. Thank You, and Praise You, Jesus, You alone are worthy to be praised.

  31. karen woodfin

    I will be praying for you Mario and your wife. You know this is an attack to stop you from speaking about Jesus. We all need to cast out this evil spirit that is attacking you. All my love to you both.

    Karen Woodfin

  32. Gerry Aldana

    My prayers for you brother Mario and your wife Mechelle…health and finances in Jesus Name…

  33. Harvey L Wampler

    “God allows some things to happen to us in order to do something in us so He can do something through us.” Prayers my Brother!

  34. Debbie Heitke

    Praying for a victorious outcome and complete healing! Also, may our God who owns EVERYTHING supply you according to His vast abundance!
    Amen and Amen.

    Debbie Heitke

  35. William Roberts

    Praying for you brother and thank you so much for your labors in the Harvest. Remember during this time, don’t worry but rest in the Lord. Psalm 23 says “He makes me to lie down in green pastures. He leadeth me beside the still water He restoreth my soul; He leadeth me in the path of righteousness for His name sake. I don’t know if He caused the injury, I do know that He will use it for His glory and you just may need the rest for the coming days. I love you brother and God bless you, your family and your ministry in Jesus mighty name.

  36. Pedro Valdez

    God bless you man of God no weapon that is formed against you shall prosper the devil is a liar! This is just another assignment of the evil one to hinder you in ministering the gospel but in Jesus name you have the victory interceding for you and your family and Ministry total victory in the mighty name of Jesus!

  37. Carolina

    Mario and Wife,
    While in Prayer, Holy Spirit said, ” He needs to slow down!…if he slows down he can make it for the Las Vegas conference if he doesn’t he won’t, he feels driven.”
    I was immediately reminded by Holy Spirit of an old friend, Kim Clement, who was driven too. Kim used his body, throat, and head pressing too hard in his ministry, traveled too fast. I then received this scripture, ‘The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD, And He delights in his way.’ Psalm 37:23


  38. Elisha

    Praying for you my brother, from Malaysia. Its 5:25am here right now
    Let His healing presence completely restore you and bring a double for every delay and loss during this season. Blessings

  39. Linda Keener

    Praying Mario!!! Love you!

  40. Ron Gerla

    Praying for a complete healing in Jesus Name.

  41. Evelyn Forehand

    I stopped in middle of your email/prayed for you both. I told the Lord we need you/all those dear ones who are winning souls. Praise the Lord in advance for good report!

  42. Wanda

    For you and family and staff, I am praying that through the power of Jesus Christ you will fulfill your God given Destiny.

  43. Debra

    Praying indeed! Recover it all!
    Blessings on you sweet wife, she’s stronger than you think!

  44. Rebekah Watson

    Dear Mechelle and Mario,
    I am praying for God’s grace and Love to cover you in this time.
    Rebekah Watson

  45. Mark

    Standing with you and for you.

  46. Ken Cullum

    There is a secret hiding place in the Lord where the Holy Spirit will tell you what’s up, just go there by fasting and prayer. Your ministry is the Lords ministry and it will not come to an end. Be strong and courageous trusting in the Lord with all your heart and He will make a way..Love you brother and praying for you..Ken

  47. Jennifer Sumner

    Praying for you and your family and staff!!

  48. Ann Lazzeri

    My prayers are with you, your wife and your staff. You have certainly enraged the enemy ! Our God will show Himself strong and mighty in this situation!

  49. Sheila

    I am praying for you and Mechelle! I’m sure this must be very hard for you and your wife and all of your staff, but one thing you can be sure of is that Jesus is with you! I pray for your speedy recovery In Jesus’ name❣️

  50. Andrea Williams

    Praying for y’all! You are right the enemy has not and will not win. He is already a defeated foe.

  51. petergatekeeper

    Praying from Norway Thank You for your Labor Of Love Peter Tkaczyk

    Sent from my iPhone


  52. Cynthia

    Praying for you as you specifically requested! You all will see the demonstration of the Father’s kind and miraculous faithfulness!

  53. Mark Stripling

    Prayers for your healing. I know satan opposes Holy Ghost empowered revival. To God be all glory for answered prayer and His divine interventions, in Jesus name.

  54. Anna Jungert

    Praying for you and your family and ministry.

  55. Karmen

    Praying for your complete restoration, in Jesus’ Name! That God’s will be done and the rules of His Kingdom manifest here in earth for breakthrough in your ministry, wherever you are physically. Perfect health to your family & staff, wisdom & insight, blessings and perfect love be yours!

  56. Teresa

    In Jesus name I command ALL pain to be gone from Marios body in Jesus name!

    I pray Psalms 107:20 over you~He sent His Word and healed them!

    Thank Father God for Your healing touch!

    I pray for Mechelle to be strengthened, I pray for peace for her and wisdom in Jesus name.

  57. Apostle Grace Anderson


  58. Vicki L Piebenga

    I will be praying fervently that you will be healed, and that your wife will be upheld in her strength and fortitude. I will pray that your ministry and all its workers be blessed and further the great work of God!

  59. Cheryl Ray


  60. Randall Lane

    Praying for you, General…God, let it be that You always get the Glory for turning things around for the good in Mario’s life and the lives of all the saints…Let it be that our defeated enemy is always foiled, frustrated and confounded!

  61. Acta Diurna

    May God bless you with Power and Wisdom unto Salvation – you, your family, and all at MarioMurilloMinistries. God is forever and first and foremost with those that love Him and lay down their lives for Him.

  62. Linda Klindt

    I am praying for you, your family and staff. God has this and He WILL be glorified in all.
    Much love to all.

  63. porfiria renteria


  64. Belinda Smithwick

    ‘“The LORD bless you and keep you; the LORD make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; the LORD turn his face toward you and give you peace.

  65. Lynne Young

    Mario & Mechelle:
    I have just prayed for you both. I am confident our Father will hold you both in the palm of His hand during this time. Here in Tulsa, OK (Grace Church, Robb Yandian, my pastor)
    we are holding you up in prayer.
    I personally have followed your ministry for a long time and stand with you in prayer for many souls for the Kingdom of God. God bless you.

  66. Elie Pasion-Caiani

    Thanking Daddy God for His promise to always be with you/us, His sons and daughters. Praising Jesus and Holy Spirit who is ever making intercession for you/us. Indeed He is working ALL THINGS OUT, NO EXCEPTIONS FOR THE GOOD. I speak Peace, strength and endurance to you wife and ministry staff. Psalms 103 declares that You Father, forgave all my iniquities and healed all my diseases. We don’t deny facts, but we choose to focus on a higher reality: God’s TRUTH. Be it unto Mario as You have said. In Jesus Matchless Name.

  67. peter and kay hammill

    Brother mario. I have come into agreement with your prayer for you, your wife , ministry and the work GOD has called you to. I also declare in the name of JESUS CHRIST you are covered by HIS PRECIOUS BLOOD and by HIS STRIPES you were healed. The devil has been overcome by the BLOOD OF THE LAMB OF GOD. he is under our feet as children of GOD who are raised up and seated in Heavenly places in CHRIST JESUS. Num 6:24-26, Matt 26:28. Thank the LORD HE got you to pray for me and my wife at ICFM convention in Qld 3 years ago.

  68. Eileen Dillman

    It sounds like a sciatic nerve. Very painful. Praying for diagnosis and healing; reduced pain.

  69. Marta Altheide

    Father, we pray for Your Provision, Protection, and Patience be on Our Brother Mario. He
    Knows Your will is perfect, so we ask Your Divine healing arms wrap him in healing and
    Perfect Peace as this healing happens. Give his wife all she needs to do all things.
    Set a watch before them and all who serve in this ministry. Show Your Supernatural power and wisdom in all of this. We know we serve a faithful and merciful Father. In Jesus Name Amen.

  70. Ruby Bibbs

    I will be praying for the glory of God to come into every area of your life and surround all the events in an enormous way. Your anointing be upon the replacement speaker and that God will increase every work!

  71. Tammy

    Praying a and believing with you and that a new level of intimacy with God will over take your life and ministry will flow at a new level from that place!

  72. Cheryl-Ann Needham

    You are a role model to me! Thank you so much for letting us in on your personal/ministry challenge to agree with you in prayer. Im also sensitive to the demands on your wife having been a care taker for my husband awhile back. Yes! Yes! Yes! I will pray!

  73. Pamela Stewart

    I remember watching you many years ago on television, and always respected your honesty and how you spoke the truth without apology. Certainly, you have labored in the Lord’s fields mightily, to the glory of God! I definitely want to pray for you, but first, I am concerned that you may be overlooking something that you may not have stopped to consider. Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, yes, but it is also physical, and if you abuse it, it will not serve you well. Standing for up to 3 hrs for one service, followed by three more services, comes under the category of “abusing your body” while presuming upon the grace of God to “fix it” if it breaks. He doesn’t want you to do that. He wants you to use wisdom to take care of yourself, so he can use you for His Glory. Why did He seem to say, “enough, Mario” when you have been stressing yourself many times before? Because he does not want you to continue to abuse your body while presuming upon His Grace. if you find this has any merit, acknowledge it to God and repent. I am praying God heals you completely in Jesus’ name.

  74. Kimberly

    Father your Word says that truly the Harvest is great but the laborers are few. I thank you for my brother Mario’s willingness and sacrifice to labor in your fields. Lord we rebuke the devourer in Jesus name from hindering the Harvest in any way! We ask for healing through the stripes that you bore. I ask for supernatural strength, provision and anointing on Mechelle and all of the staff. We thank you even now for answered prayers and good reports. In the mighty name of Jesus I pray. Amen and Amen. ??

    • Maggie and Joe Ingram

      Mario, Joe and I are going to pray continually for you until the devil is laid flat on his back And you rise up! Praying that the spirit of Jesus that lives in you will rise up in healing power and heal you quickly and completely! We pray for your precious wife and staff that the Lord will equip them with Everything they need to manage the ministry and carry on if you have to be out! We pray that The Holy Spirit will give you comfort, strength, joy and peace until you see the full healing! We do especially pray for Mechelle that Jesus will strengthen her, keep her in good health and fill her with peace in all she’ll be doing! We love and miss you!
      Joe and Maggie Ingram

  75. tjgwynn

    Prayers from Canada for supernatural healing in Jesus’ name! Of course prayer for your wife & staff. Every need is met in Jesus’ name! You will overcome by the blood of the Lamb & the word of your testimony.

  76. Michael DeWitt

    Prayers are with you and your Family Mario!

    Romans 8:28
    ” And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”

  77. Anita

    Sorry to hear of your situation . . . so grateful for the Lord’s long arms that catches us and holds us; heals us and encourages us. Grace and peace to you as your body heals. I’m in agreement with you and your family. I will look forward to seeing you at Bethel Redding soon. Blessings.

  78. Margo Hayes

    Praying in the Spirit for you, Mechelle, and your staff. Jesus is Lord and the same Spirit that rose Jesus from the dead will raise you up totally healed and strengthened to run the race you are called to! The devil has been standing at the door we have been called to go through, but the Lion that is roaring inside you is none other than the Great I AM (Jesus Christ, El Olam)!

  79. Toni Mcfadden

    Praying and believing

  80. Erlinda Paz

    He was crushed, bruised for our iniquities. You have crushed the head of the serpent. Bruising takes some time to heal but you already victorious.

  81. Tom Peterson

    The devil is defeated in Jesus’ Name! Praying and believing for swift and complete healing, strength, and wisdom. The gates of hell will NOT prevail. Father strengthen Mario, his team and his wife that this ministry will continue and flourish even greater than anticipated in the Name of Jesus!

  82. DanaeM

    Thanking the Lord for a speedy and full recovery in Jesus Name! Isaiah 58:8. The Lord is able and willing and devil is defeated and underneath our feet!

  83. Carole Smith

    Praying in faith for you, your wife and all participating in your ministry. I declare that no weapon formed against you by the enemy will prosper and believe God will restore you to perfect health in Jesus mighty name.

  84. Corkie Swalm

    Praying for you and your wife during this time of challenge. Healing, rest and provision. I have followed your ministry since you first appeared on TBN. It still brings a smile to my face every time my mind remembers you telling Paul and Jan Crouch about was it “snake”? who “rattled” his approval? I believe you were in Oakland, CA. I live in Oakhurst, CA near Yosemite and north of Fresno.

  85. Ted &Judy Garrick

    Bro Mario and Mechelle,
    We love you all, Ted and I will be in much prayer.
    You have been a wonderful servant, also your Mechelle.
    He will hear all prayers and show you His favor.
    Love and Blessings for all!!!????

  86. Jeanie Griggs

    I am praying Mario! I have had this happen and happen again in ministry.. Bless you your health and your ministry. In Christ purpose and destiny is fulfilled.

  87. Robert Watson

    I am praying for you, your wife and ministry. We are all in this together!

  88. Marjorie Biggs


  89. sueclarkwrites

    God bless you as you heal and God bless your family and stuff as they revise, refine and redefine. Now where’s the donate button…

  90. Patricia Davis

    I agree with you in the name of Jesus that no matter what the devil loses big time! Praying strength and all needs met for you, your wife, family and ministry. God is faithful!

  91. Wilton Ledkins

    Morris Cerullo tells the story of how he became deathly sick at the moment his motorcade was on the way to a meeting in Haiti. He told the driver to take him back to the hotel ~ all the dignitaries were waiting at the stadium crusade. It made no sense. He struggled to the elevator, broke out in a sweat, got to his room and collapsed on his knees. He cried out to the Lord “Am I going to die??” The Lord said “No…..I just wanted to talk to you”. What followed was a REVELATION that there were 10 witch doctors waiting for him who had all taken vows to kill him. God revealed exactly where they were seated, and Morris was able to call them out during the service. Later the miracles of God broke out and many were saved and healed. The untimely “sickness” Morris experienced disappeared. Father, we come into agreement with your servant for an great ADVANCE in the ministry, along with a NEW REVELATION from Your throne for him. Thank you for his humility and leadership. BLESS HIM going forward, in Jesus’ name.

  92. Lynne Wertz

    Praying for you (complete restoration and vindication)and your family and staff!!

  93. Sharon

    You will arise and glorify the Lord, the strength of His Holy Spirit is mighty in you!

  94. Gloria Gleadow

    Mario, I stand in agreement with His Word that you are healed in Jesus Name. I declare, health, healing,deliverance,restoration in all areas of your body, mind and spirit, as well as prayers of peace, strength and wisdom for your family and staff. Blessings Brother as He is so are you.

  95. adelfe

    Two more praying in agreement with your requests.

  96. Daniel Debellis

    Dear Lord Jesus, we thank you for the healing that had taken place in Brother Mario’s leg and hip area which was labeled by the doctor a stress fratcture. we thank you Jesus for the knowledge and closeness to you that was gained. in Jesus name! and we Thank you for enabling Pastor Mario’s health to continue to do YOUR KINGDOM Work in Jesus Name! Praise GOD amen hallelujah

  97. Daniel Debellis

    Also i pray for a hedge of protection and supernatural strength for your team and wife, along with a peace and joy beyond our understanding in our LORD JESUS name!

  98. Kathy

    I too am experiencing these symptoms after taking a spill in my home. In praying for you, I believe that the healing power of the Lord is being released and we are receiving accelerated restoration! In Jesus’ mighty name! Amen!??

  99. Bob and Joan eckert

    We are praying for total restoration for you your wife,and your staff,in Jesus name,AMEN

  100. Luke LaRoya

    Standing in agreement with you, brother. Thank you for being who God created you to be!

  101. johnwillis

    Prayers for you my friend!

  102. nan

    I know missing 2 events can cause $$ woes, but missing Bethel and TBN may be good. God is moving on, go with His cloud and fire. This is a message with much respect to you, as I have listen to you since the 70’s.

    • Carolina

      Nan, I agree!…the minute I saw that Mario was scheduled to appear on TBN after Bethel, I felt a strong witness that was NOT Christ’s current place for this warrior of God to be.
      “BEHOLD,” Christ The King is “making all things NEW!”

  103. Amy Gurski

    Joining my prayers with yours and confident They will be answered speedily. Mercy, peace and love be multiplied to you.

  104. Kathy

    This too shall pass in Jesus name!! Bless God!!

  105. Carol Bryson

    Mario, I saw this yesterday and felt that THE LORD was speaking, I went to look up what I heard HIM say and then I couldn’t find your post again. So, here I am again, I found you. I heard THE LORD say one word…it was KNIT. I went to the scriptures to find where HE was leading. EPH. 4:16, from Christian Standard Bible,…..”From HIM the whole body, fitted and KNIT together by EVERY SUPPORTING LIGAMENT, PROMOTES THE GROWTH OF THE BODY FOR BUILDING UP ITSELF IN LOVE BY THE PROPER WORKING OF EACH INDIVIDUAL PART. This scripture, I believe speaks concerning two things: first, SPEAK GODS WORD TO THE LIGAMENTS AND THE BONES OF YOUR BODY, THEY WILL OBEY THE WORD OF GOD, THEY WILL COME INTO ALIGNMENT AND PROPER POSITION AND TENSION, THE BONE WILL KNIT FORCEFULLY AND COMPLETLY; SECONDLY: YOUR calling out for prayer began the fitting and knitting of HIS body, we are the SUPPORTING LIGAMENTS and as we come together, United, it PROMOTES our growth, because HIS LOVE begins to WORK thru US, for the PROPER WORKING OF EACH INDIVIDUAL part. I believe that the prayer covering you have now must be extended out, it must grow, keep all of us in the loop, so we can all grow ….respectfully, in love. One of YOUR many sisters in the faith. PS, NO, I DIDN’T FORGET…, GOD IS GIVING FREELY OF HIS SPIRIT TO YOUR WIFE AND STAFF…YOU ALL CAN’T IMAGINE WHAT STRENGTH, WISDOM, KNOWLEDGE AND POWER IS BEGINNING TO MANIFEST, ALL TO HIS GLORY….THANK YOU JESUS. AMEN

  106. Patty Bowling

    The Spirit of GOD who raised JESUS from the dead dwells in you, Mario, & He will also give life (resurrect, restore, raise you up) by His Spirit that dwells in you. I’ve always loved & appreciated your ministry. I will be in prayer believing for a quick manifestation of what JESUS has done for you so you can fulfill your calling. LORD bless you.

  107. Delma


  108. Judy Pearson

    Hi Mario, love your ministry for a long time, bless you and your family and I am praying for you. Friends just loaned me this book: A More Excellent Way, Be In Health by Henry W Wright. (Spiritual Roots of Disease – Pathways to Wholeness). Honestly, I was a little apprehensive, but got into it last night with some results. As I looked up pain in the hips, there was a testimony from him of various symptoms from childhood resulting in fear and also self hatred which both seems to be the cause of many symptoms as I read. Anyway, it combines with stress as well. Either, or, praying fast healing.

  109. Leesa

    Just saw the prayer alert and am in my car praying now. Declaring strength and healing in your bones. Full restoration. Strength and grace over your wife and staff and continued momentum and acceleration over your ministry.

  110. Cloresa

    We are in a Season of Spiritual Warfare. The Atmosphere is Shifting and there is a War in the Heavenly. The Lord is taking you to New Levels in your Ministry and with New Levels comes New Devils, New Wisdom, New Desires, New Knowledge, New Power, New Grace, New Favor, New Authority, New Challenges, New Changes, New Protections, New Growth, New Strength, New Revelation & New Attacks. There is a Spiritual Attack on the Body of Christ but God. I Pray that you take this time to Rest your Body, Commune with God & Strategically Plan your Worship to Confuse the Enemy. I Pray that you take Comfort in Knowing that the Holy Spirit has your Back & the Joy of the Lord is your Strength & Peace. In Jesus Holy Name be Healed, Delivered, Revived, & Set Free. Amen…

  111. Hans

    easy we will pray, but seeing all you have done, be open for a new season and new things and beginnings. I believe God is doing something new, and He needs your attention… we all sometimes need to slow down. But pray we will

  112. Lisa Schuler

    Such a good position on this Mario! May His blessings overtake you all and the enemy be made a footstool under the feet of our beloved, victorious king Jesus in this process!!

  113. Ricky McKee

    Prayers for Mario Murillo!!! His teaching and his faithfulness has enriched me in so many ways to God’s Word and His plan. I agree with Bro. Mario for total healing in her name of Jesus!!! He instills such Godly insight when he has come to our church in shreveport, L.A Word Of Life!!!!!!

  114. free73735

    Adding my prayer in agreement with all who are seeking Jesus on your behalf.

  115. Arleen Stuart

    My husband and I are praying for you, Mechelle and the team. I believe that if you won’t be able to go back on the road immediately, when you do the blessing of healing and salvation will be greater still. God is good!

    On Feb 7, 2018 11:47 AM, “Mario Murillo Ministries” wrote:

    > mariomurilloministries posted: “I am in a situation that is rare for me. > After much prayer I knew a statement had to be made. Most of all, I am > making it because it seemed good to the Holy Spirit. This is a special > prayer alert to all of our family, friends and partners. Here’s what ” >

  116. Aaron jackson

    When you come out of this God is going to use you to shake things up!
    Gonna be a whole lot of shakin goin on!

  117. Mollie Thompson

    It’s THE SHIFT. Get ready. Use this time to get new downloads, new perspectives, new ideas, and sharpened discernment from our Lord. May you, your wife, and your staff dream dreams and pay attention to them. And isn’t it funny that this should manifest in your hip. Dare to wrestle with God, to wrestle out of Him what you’re really contending for. May your vision get so much bigger, so much keener than what it presently is. Dare to shift gears, Mario. Prepare to enter into the best time of your life. It’s gonna be/get better than you can possibly hope or imagine. But don’t take my word for it. Ask Him. Ha! And isn’t funny He has you in a place of forced rest. Heb.4. That’s where we’re so powerful. Blessings.

  118. songsfromtheriver

    All of God’s goodness, more than you can think or imagine, to you and Mechelle and your entire team. Be healed. Again, God’s best to you all. I know we don’t know each other personally, but you are greatly loved.

  119. Catherine Webster

    Praying for you and your family. You are such a victorious one as it is written in the book of life. May the power and blessings you have prayed for others return to you 100 fold. Rest in His power mighty warrior!

  120. Kim

    Healing belongs to you brother! By the stripes of Jesus Christ you were healed he took your sickness and your pains

  121. marbo41

    I hear you, brother; and God does, too! For you, your wife, and staff.

  122. Shane

    My wife I are praying for all of your requests Bro. Mario. We love you and are standing with you and eagerly awaiting the good report!!!

  123. Garrett

    In the name of Jesus, we come against the spirit of infirmity in your leg and sever and cancel it’s assignment over you. We loosen healing and wholeness into your left leg, in Jesus name and declare you healthy, energized, prospering and acclimated.



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