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Let us tell you why we have hope for America.  As ministers of the Gospel we must take stands that are not popular.  Often, we must warn, correct, and give out bad news.  There is no way around the fact that many things threaten our faith and our freedom.  But there is also hope—hope for America.

We see the mighty hand of God working in wondrous ways—even in this dark time.  When we pray, we feel the fierce love of God for America.  We can hear Him saying, “hold on, I have not yet begun to fight for America.”  We see signs that encourage our faith.  We refuse to let anything steal our joy as we travel this great nation for Christ.  Let us give you the reasons for our hope.

Something supernatural is in our soil.  Michael Medved has identified 16 times America should have been destroyed but was spared at the last moment.  However, it is the way America was saved that is mind-boggling.  Relief literally came out of nowhere.Our hope is that God finishes what He starts.  He established this nation with an impossible victory over Britain.  He has repeated His acts of sovereign mercy again, and again.  Even when things looked much worse than today—and we didn’t deserve it—God turned circumstances in our favor and turned our hearts back to Him.  That is our hope.

Millions are praying for revival.  If Abraham’s math is correct, God would have saved Sodom and Gomorrah if just 12 righteous were found.  Despite the widespread number of lukewarm believers and watered-down preaching—there is a vibrant core of Christians who are claiming our nation through fervent intercession.  In fact, Daniel stood alone in prayer and fasting and forced the heart of King Cyrus to release Israel.  Millions are praying.  That corporate cry is not being ignored.

Extremes in the media and other anti-God agencies are backfiring.  The bias against God has been in the media for decades. The difference now is the towering overreach—the blatant bias—the deranged hatred is so intense they can’t hide it.  Time was, they could shape public opinion and call it news.  In their current melt down, they report banalities and keep reporting them even after they are proven false.  The audience looks on with shock and pity and asks, “where is the truth?”

The young are turning to Christ. The great vacuum created by leftist ideology leaves young souls groping for new life.  We see young souls coming forward from all over the tent.  They come quickly, they come forcefully, they come for nothing less than Jesus.   They dispel the lies Satan is saying about this generation.  When it comes to young people, it doesn’t take long for a small fire to grow into a widespread movement.

Signs, wonders and miracles are appearing in convincing scriptural order.  Miracles are not new.  Healings have been with us all along.  The difference now is they are being demonstrated in greater measure and with stronger Bible based preaching.  This makes them more contagious to the lost and more devastating to the enemy.

There you have it…our great hope for America.  There is no denying it will be a hard battle.  But if God be for us who can be against us?  God bless you, Mario and Mechelle Murillo


  1. Debra

    So grateful for that encouraging word.
    I continue to pray, along with so many others, for revival, protection, unity in the Spirit, humility in office and sin to be exposed…unless judgement is expedient, there is no repentance…
    I have hope?

  2. Sheila

    Amen Mario!
    This Country needs pray especially now❣️

  3. Michael DeWitt

    There has been a nation wide call to prayer for a nation gone astray and the people are answering the call, but we must remain vigilant and unceasing, for never has there been a time in our generation that we fully understand our need for intercession and the importance of understanding we are completely lost without our Lord’s presence in everything we do and everything we are.

  4. Charlotte Smith

    Absolutely true! God always has a remnant,and we are a mighty army. Phineas stood alone in the gap and Israel was saved. As you said,there are many of us praying and doing 2 Chronicles 7:14.

  5. free73735

    Reblogged this on free73735 and commented:
    Another excellent word for the body of Christ “who have ears to hear & eyes to see.”

  6. Cheri Owens

    So great ..they’re so many that love Jesus so much and we’re praying continually for revival in our Country. An awakening for sure. Praying for POTUS. For every leader in this country from great to small… help them Lord Jesus to see where we are at in time.. God Bless keep guide and protect you Mario and Mechelle .



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