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Evangelical leaders hailed Trump as a type of King Cyrus.  Now they are bailing on him because they can’t take the heat.   Just when he needs the church the most they abandon ship.

Fellow preachers, do we need to be reminded about the miracle we saw on election night?  For weeks, we were told he had no chance to win.  Have you forgotten how close we came to a nuclear winter called Hillary?

Do we need to be reintroduced to the obvious?  Look at who hates him, and you will find every reason to stand with him.  The same people that hate Israel, hate Trump.  The same people who want to kill Trump, want to kill the unborn.  The same people that want to silence Trump, want to silence the church.

Pastor, his enemies are your enemies.  Those who want to stop his policies, also want to stop your vision.

He tweets.  Get over it!  When virtually every news outlet lies about him…how else will he get the truth out?

He is rough and crude.  So, what?  Draining the swamp in Washington is not the job for your breathy voiced yoga instructor.   Trump is the strong medicine God chose.

He has enraged all the usual suspects:  Teacher’s unions, socialist hippies, gas bag college professors, and all the cuckoo caucuses infesting our halls of government.

I want to remind my esteemed yet timid colleagues our children are getting a nutty education.  Life doesn’t hand out participation trophies.  Life won’t let you retreat to your safe place.  Do you honestly believe that the drivel doled by leftists in the name of “education” will teach hard work, perseverance, and character?

Trump’s determination to make us strong in a hostile world is condemned as “nationalism.”  His campaign to make education rational is condemned as “out of date.”  Only drug addled moonbeams can find fault with common sense.

Our morally bankrupt leaders don’t know how to solve problems.  My generation put a man on the moon—this generation put a man in the girl’s bathroom.   I am not attacking transgender people. I am illustrating how—when it comes to priorities—liberalism rots the brain.  With the life-threatening problems we face they focus on this?

In the next 90 days we will see the most blatant attack—in our history—on everything we value as believers.

The last thing President Trump should feel right now is that he is alone.  He must feel the fervent prayers of the Body of Christ.  He must hear your voice supporting his valiant moves to unwind the snake Obama wrapped around the throat of our democracy.

Dear preacher did you support Trump because of a fad fever?  Are you silent because of the backlash?  If you believe Trump is a miracle, and a type of King Cyrus, then act like it!  Seize this divine opportunity to stand with policies that best reflect our values.  Don’t chicken out now that the heat is on.

I never voted for Trump because I heard some goose-bump prophecy.  I came to my decision in prayer.  I studied history.  I saw us sinking into the same quicksand that ended prior nations.  I looked at our choices and it was crystal clear that Trump was not just the best choice—he was the only choice.  He still is.


  1. Bob Dooley

    Amen! Look at how badly King David failed, but God didn’t turn His back on him. The point I’m making is not that Trump has failed, but that many of the people in
    King David’s time turned their backs on him when times got tough, but He was still God’s choice. ALWAYS look for God’s choice, NOT man’s choice. No matter how much noise the left makes, don’t fear them! Fear God! Jeremiah chose to fear God and speak what God told him to speak when those in power didn’t want to hear it. They threw him in to a pit but he still stood for God! You preachers who are turning your backs on Trump aren’t anywhere near being thrown in to a pit, but you’re caving in to the pressure. When did you become more afraid of man’s opinion than you did of God’s? God tests people every day. Don’t fail the test!

  2. Anthony/Tony Hernandez

    He is the Best and By Far the Greatest President that has faced every obstacle that has been thrown at him .It is only by God’s Mighty hand upon him that all the plans to exterminate him so far has not prevailed Pray for him and his family ,He did not need this job He knew he was the only answer and God Called him and chose him and even anointed him. Pray for this Nation and this Civil War Coup. Do you not know that Christians are hated and it is going to come faster than you think Because the surveillance society knows everything about you if you are an on fire Christian and wonder why things go wrong. Do you remember what you read Well we have arrived folks that the world would think what is evil is good and good is evil!! I believe in Pre Tribulation Catching away( Rapture) but what ever it is whether it is Pre or mid or post we are signed up for this thing. How many have a real prayer life How many attend a prayer meeting at a large church and nobody knows about it because it is not in your bulletin or you do not ask about it we need to pray to escape these things and as we go through them that we will not be shaken do you want signs and wonders in your life well if you do not have personal home ministry through Holy Spirit to Jesus and our Father through a solid prayer life and a real understanding of the word you will have no public Ministry. Signs and wonders will follow believers but believers are not to follow signs and wonders quit going to see preachers who have a counterfeit anointing people are chasing after weird stuff. And I am not naming names and if you are mature and know the word you know who they are , Pray that they get saved and quit leading people off the path. It is time for the church to be the church and assemble, and Pray for this Nation and Israel and for our Military and people with positions of Authority and your Pastors and teachers. I only hear a few Men of God that are really called and teaching where we are in time and Bible prophecy and get off the fence or stop being Luke warm and y if you are your salvation is at risk!! It is time yo pray like we never prayed before and to where much was given much more is required and not monetarily but Spiritually love and obedience and gifting s. Please pray for our President and nation and yes he is my President and yours even if you did not vote for him. and for the Church of Jesus Christ and missionaries and Pastors and for one another the time is getting late and remember what the word says “The path is wide to destruction and many are on it” and that is not the unsaved that is you and me who profess to be a Christian” “and the path is narrow and the gate is narrow and only a FEW will find it. Please pray like you never had before. Pray also for the Lord of the Harvest will send more laborers in to the Vineyard. God Bless you all!!

    • Susan Gough

      YES YES YES!!!!

  3. Anthony Yaklich

    Thank U thank U thank U, Brother Mario! Your words are so right on & encouraging! To those who are bailing or getting ready to bail, I would suggest this: Exercise your courage today. It’s getting a little flabby.

  4. Snn

    AMEN!!! Pastor Murillo, AMEN!!!
    I pray they will listen to WISE council…

  5. Ralph Rechnitz

    Amen, Mario!

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  6. Carolina

    My husband & I laughed out loud with absolute clarity of purpose, at the honesty and wisdom of your statements! AMEN. We wondered if you’d been listening in on our conversations at home?
    It’s all out now in the open for everyone’s viewing disgust, It was always the Deep State bunch, the Clintonesque regime that were the REAL collusion with Russia operators all along, as they projected their determined sin and deception upon Donald Trump and the American public as a ruse and a cover.
    Dearest Lord of heaven and earth, are the beloved of God in Jesus, actually going to just close their eyes and ears to that revealed fact? The heartbreak alone of hearing Ex-President George W Bush say that he was ” just a brother from another mother,” in league with Bill Clinton for all this time! That made me cry & sad for weeks. NO…we’ve got to STAND therefore, having done all to stand we must STAND therefore.
    The problem is that we’re all getting weary of the battle, it is “battle fatigue syndrome.” I can honestly say defending President Trump day & night has been exhausting. This is because of how HARD the spiritual warfare has actually been. BUT we cannot give in nor let go, we must hang onto that which we have. Pres. Donald Trump is a REPRIEVE for the Body of Christ, this I was told by Holy Spirit way back in early 2016.
    Beloved Body of Christ, KEEP ON FIGHTING the Good FIGHT of Faith, knowing that King Jesus is our victory, and we must support the Washington Sledge Hammer Christ assigned to help us, his name is Donald J Trump.
    As for me and my house we will serve THE LORD–and stand by His servant.

  7. Phyllis Vertrees

    Absolutely!!! I too STAND FOR PRES TRUMP! God bless America and God bless our President! Let’s wake up and smell the roses before they blow away/before they are gone!!!

  8. James P Kucera

    Stay the course! Stand firm!
    Bail…but..we can never abandon
    Ship! Keep praying..Ask our heavenly
    Father to be with our president…to
    Hold him up…to strengthen him…to
    Give him courage…to protect him
    From the evil one…to draw him closer
    To You Lord…to fill him with Your Holy
    Spirit….That he may be used by you
    To turn our nation around for your
    Glory!! SO BE IT!!

  9. Carlos

    I’m not a politician but trump shows more respect to our Lord Christ, and that’s why I have been praying for him to keep him more fearful to Jesus, so he will fight for him.

  10. Susan Shiflett

    Wow!! Amen! I maybe just a little ole homeschooling momma, but I can pray, I can cry out to the Lord for President Trump! I have, we have and we will continue to pray for him, his family, Vice President Pence and family and all those closest to him! I feel so bad for him! May our Lord continue to strengthen him, giving him perfect timing with God’s wisdom and decernment! Thank you for your outstanding ministry!!!! May the Lord bless you also!!!!!!!

  11. Gene

    Trump is a great president, kept from doing things that must be done only by so many fighting him on every issue.
    If we don’t support him the future bleak if cannot clean the swamp.

    I liked George Bush but he is no comparison to Donald Trump.

    Wake up, pray for & support the best & wisest & tough president in our lifetime.

  12. Aaron

    Flemming begay,one of the navajo code talkers at the white house last week was at the whitehouse and i know his pastor.
    His pastor explained to me what happened behind the scenes at the white house that day most people would never guess.

    Trump is a very smart and strategic guy who cares about people.

    • royaltymind1me

      Please share Aaron! I can only imagine, President Trump is growing despite the worlds opinions! GOD BLESS HIM!

  13. Michael DeWitt

    The Single greatest Evil Christianity faces today is Globalism, it is Satan’s end game. Contrary to secular opinion, Nationalism is a Christians best worldly friend, A Nationalist America defeated Hitler. Who can oppose a Hitler type leader in a one world government? every president we have had for 30+ years has been on a crash course towards a one world Government. Trump opposes This and it’s why the World Hates him. If this isn’t enough to convince someone refer to many other reasons including Israel.

    • Kathy

      Bingo. The accurate terms are not really “liberalism” and”conservatism” to describe the diametrically opposing views. It is “globalism” and “nationalism.” A tool I believe the Lord gave me to help cope with the Trump bashing is this prayer, “Lord, may every attack against and persecution of President Trump serve to lift him higher, give him a greater platform from which to implement Your agenda, and have the ultimate effect of making him more successful.” It puts the evil one in a Catch-22–either the persecution eases, or it makes the President more effective. Praise God!

  14. Glen H. Kippel

    Mario, I am sure a lot of people will criticize you for being too “political.” Don’t give up! Just because Trump isn’t perfect (who is?) doesn’t mean God can’t use him.

  15. Anna Jungert

    I live in a tiny town of 400. I hike up a mountain almost daily to do spiritual warfare over all the issues we are seeing. I am just a tiny speck on the map of the United States but as I release the Word through declarations and release angels to Go and take care of business, I know I don’t stand alone. I am with all of you and together we usher in the Making America great again.

    • Liam Johnston

      A tiny speck you may be! For sure a shining star in heaven

  16. vickymontiel84

    Mario.ive been following you for a long time .You.keep preaching what God has called you to do and I voted for Trump and I’m proud I did and everyone is praying for him God bless you Vicky

  17. Jill

    It was an easy decision. In fact, there was no decision to make. It was clearly black and white. Either for or against abortion. For or against homosexuality and same sex marriage. For or against Israel. Either for or against morals or immorality. Trump was clearly the only choice for anyone who claims to be a Christian.

  18. Lorraine

    Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. God has got this.But He does need us to keep praying and declaring His will and His Kingdom into the earth. Keep praying and declaring Gods word over President Donald Trump who is Gods choice to be the President of USA for such a time as this .Be encouraged Mario Murillo and all our brothers and sisters in the Lord in America for The Lord has many many of us around the world (I live in New Zealand) interceding for your President and your country and Israel too. In my case he laid Donald Trump on my heart just before he was nominated to run for president back in 2016 against Hillary Clinton. As the rhetoric against him gets louder we keep declaring theres more for him than against him and God didn”t bring him out this far to take him back again.keep praying for whatever lies and hidden agenders be revealed against the President and what’s in the dark be brought into the light.Praise God we see that happenning right now.So keep declaring Gods word of wisdom and strength and protection and the angels around him and we plead the blood of Jesus over him,his family Vice President Pence and all those who stand for righteousness truth and justice around The President and in his party..It is being said he doesn’t act very presidential and “christians” say he’s not a christian because of his tweeting and language. He is exactly who God needed for this hour for your country. Even we could see America was being weakened by the previous Goverment. God needed somebody who is tough but has a good and honest heart and is a disrupter of this world system.Isaiah 55.8 For your thoughts are not my thoughts nor are your ways My ways says the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth,So are My ways higher than your ways,And My thoughts than your thoughts. Isaiah 54 17 No weapon formed against Donald Trump shall prosper and every tongue risen up against him in judgement You shall condemn…This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord,And their righteiusnesd is from Me says the Lord. So be encoraged saints and keep speaking Gods word.Bless you all from New Zealand.

  19. Brakes Mountain

    The Prophet pointed his finger in the Rich man’s face and said to him” You are the man.” Accusing this king of taking a poor man’s only LAMB and preparing it for another man. Was restitution made? Oh No, instead this Rich man known as the king, LEFT BEHIND a truly loyal man to be murdered by his enemies. WHO WILL STAND WITH URIAH? Too much,Too little, Too Late. Caiaphas the High Priest(the PRESIDENT of a religious country club) MANIPULATED GOD’S PEOPLE to reject JESUS and demand He be crucified.So did Judas betray the SON of GOD for the LOVE of MONEY. WHO WILL STAND WITH JESUS? Because you can’t serve two masters.

  20. Mary

    Donald Trump is not letting the devil walk all over him, He is standing and believing that the Lord will work through him and he is standing firm

  21. kingskid48

    Thank you so much for your firm stance and wisdom, Pastor Mario, for being discerning and listening to the Lord. You are so needed at this time, when at least half of this country is deceived, and sadly, much of the Church. I voted for President Trump, am proud and happy that I did, and will vote for him again. The more that we hear the heathen rage, the more certain we can be that we did the right thing, made the right choice.

  22. S. Cromley

    Yes!!! Thank you, Brother Mario!




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