The moment we’ve waited for is here

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I asked you to pray.  God sent the answer!  The moment we’ve waited for is here—something I have waited for all my life is here.  It was a dream hidden in the deep recesses of my soul.  It could not have arrived at a more pivotal moment.  It is our turning point. 

OUR NEW TENT IS GOING UP IN FRESNO!  Mario Murillo Ministries along with Frank Saldana and Inner-City Action and many local ministries are coming to Fresno.  We are setting up our tent on October 18th and it will be up until at least October 24th.

Our message to Fresno is bold!  “America can’t solve addiction, violence, poverty, and injustice.  Only one thing can heal us.  Jesus proved He was the Son of God by doing the things no one has ever done. Let us prove His miracle can still happen to you.  Start the life you’ve always wanted.”

The entire spectrum of human need will be touched.  Food and clothing for the needy.  Tangible opportunities for freedom from poverty and addiction.  The Holy Spirit will heal and deliver all who need miracles. 

Not only this but a revival fire with engulf the church.   Everything is set.  We have the tent.  We have the provisions.  The only thing left to do is decide on the exact tent location.  We have three options.  We will know within two days.

The miracle began to unfold while I was with Rick Wiles on the global news network TRUNEWS.   We had just finished a poignant and controversial radio interview.  He looked at me and asked, “Is there anything your ministry needs?”

Before I could answer, he asked, “Can you use a tent?”  He might has well have asked, “Can nitro use glycerin?”  He had no idea—only God and my wife had any idea how I ached for a tent.  Why a tent?

Rick Wiles did not just give us a tent—he gave us a brand new 10,000-square foot tent cathedral.  And—can you believe it—he threw in 1,000 plush folding chairs that came out of the sky boxes of an NFL stadium.  I couldn’t breathe because of the excitement I felt.

Rick and TRUNEWS also began sending us monthly sacrificial gifts toward our million-dollar goal.  Then they hired two 60-foot semis to transport the tent and chairs all the way from Vero Beach, Florida to Reno, Nevada.

This is the moment we have been waiting for: To connect hearts with pastors and leaders in a desperate city—to have the tent and equipment to take to that city—to secure the ground needed for an extended invasion—to gather an army from across America to help us apply the healing balm of the Gospel to an open wound. 

It is with epic excitement that we announce our first Living Proof Crusade in our new tent!

Fink White Neighborhood Center 535 South Trinity Street Fresno CA 9370

OCT 22-23-24  SUN 5 PM   MON 7 PM  TUES 7 PM

This is no light thing.  This is a major spiritual invasion.  I am asking everyone to pray and for everyone who can to get involved.  Call us at 775 238 3473 or go to


  1. free73735

    Reblogged this on free73735 and commented:
    Attention to all who live in the Fresno area. If possible, be a body on the ground assisting. The rest, pray & intercede for the mighty work of Jesus to be accomplished here.

  2. Lisa

    That is Awsome Julie and I want to come I will pass the word and bring more people to Help

  3. Mary kemp

    It’s time for a new Move of God! Transforming lives and souls into the Kingdom! Mario can get it done! Signs and wonders and miracles! So excited about this!

  4. Carolina

    Mario, this is WONDERFUL!
    A REAL revival of epic proportions can move from this effort! Every fabulous “tent” meeting and or revivalist evangelist already in heaven is applauding right now.
    Now this is the kind of stuff miracles are made of.

    A phrase from our generation…”Keep on keeping on!”

  5. marbo41

    “America can’t solve addiction, violence, poverty, and injustice. Only one thing can heal us. Jesus……..” Enough said?

    Tent meetings out of the past will lead us to the future! Amen

  6. Jeff

    The spirit of God will never lead you, where his Grace can not keep you. BE BOLD, STAY STRONG.
    ” GOD BLESS “

  7. Randall

    Let the explosion begin! Across America! In Jesus’s name!



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