It’s just not right

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There is no version of kneeling during the national anthem that is right.  Of course, you have the right to do it, but it is just not right.  I raised my son to know the difference between civil and moral law—to know what you have a right to do—and the right thing to do.

It’s just not right

By Mario Murillo

There is no version of kneeling during the national anthem that is right.  Of course, you have the right to do it, but it is just not right.  I raised my son to know the difference between civil and moral law—to know what you have a right to do—and the right thing to do.

Men, you have the right to leave your wife of 30 years, hook up with a bimbo and ignore your children for the rest of your life.  It’s just not right.  You have the right to look at porn but it’s just not right.  You have the right to drop F bombs in front of women, cut in line, and pass gas in an elevator.  It’s just not right.

You kneelers, in the NFL are clueless about how you look.  You have no idea how deeply you have offended tens of millions of Americans of all races.  You can’t image how impossible it is—for any reasonable, hard-working American—to see you coddled, multi-millionaires, as oppressed victims.

But Mario, I am trying to bring attention to injustice and racism.  For real?  By attacking the very symbol of our fight against those things?  By doing it in front the families whose loved ones  paid with their lives to defend the flag?

You have have not shown how, such a mindless offensive act, advances the cause of racial justice.  The only conversation you have started is about boorish behavior.  Of course, the usual suspects on the left will hail your tantrums.  They want chaos no matter what package it arrives in. 

And of course, you are darlings of the entertainment industry who are so delirious with Trump derangement syndrome that any shot at the president is welcomed. 

Don’t let the current fever fool you.  When it all settles, and God-fearing, patriotic Americans get their say, and reason prevails, you, the cheese will stand alone.  So let me ask you:

-If it is police brutality you are targeting why not kneel in front a police station? 

-If lives are what you care about, how about kneeling in front of a crack house?

-If lives matter then kneel to the reality of devastating black on black violence.

Even the near-sighted can see how many of you “protest” in the bubble of celebrity, and then escape in fine cars to your mansions.

Yes, I give Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys half credit—but his act of kneeling with the players before the anthem is like the parent that says, “I know you are going to smoke, so let’s smoke together on the porch.”

Senator Dan Quayle once compared himself to John F. Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States during a debate with Senator Lloyd Bentsen.  Bentsen replied, “Senator, I served with Jack Kennedy. I knew Jack Kennedy. Jack Kennedy was a friend of mine. Senator, you’re no Jack Kennedy.

I lived in Berkeley in the 70’s I saw true protesters with true courage force the nation to face issues.  They sacrificed.  I knew these protesters and you kneelers…are not those protesters.



  1. free73735

    Well said! Somewhere along the way, hiding behind the 1st amendment and twisting it like a pretzel, it has/is being used to desecrate our nation & it’s flag! Tim Tebow, however was not afforded the “right” to honor God by the NFL leadership & lookie-loo’s.

  2. Ken

    I would kneel. With a bible held in both hands and pray to God to continue his patience and withhold his just judgement from this deserving country.

  3. johnwillis


  4. Hope Gallon

    Thank you, Mario. I was going text to ask what you thought. As person grown up on Berkeley and a business on University Ave, during protests. You are right. I have wondered what Mario Savio
    Would have said about these days.

  5. free73735

    Reblogged this on free73735 and commented:
    Very well stated….

  6. Jim Powell

    Reblogged this on My Father's House and commented:
    Nobody says it straighter than Papa Mario. Thank you.

  7. Carolina

    Yap!…Mario you did it again! The exact right response at the exact right time on the exactly right issue.
    The unfathomable hypocrisy delivered via the NFL/Sport/Football League is beyond astounding, its just plain infuriating. I found myself praying for 2 days straight on this incredulously ridiculous matter asking The Precious Lord of Heaven to shut them down. Shut down the billions of dollars they make off of the back of hard working people who pay astronomical prices just to sit in a seat within their over done over priced stadiums. I asked The King of Glory to defrock those ball club owners where it counts the most, right in their bank account and wallet. I prayed that the American public would TAKE A STAND at last, against the wrongful racial narrative that was brought into this nation because of the prior 8 years of a previous President with an obvious agenda to divide this country and to defeat it. Well it didn’t work completely! And hopefully with the right responses to these over stuffed over paid men, from actual Patriots within this country there may be a fighting chance for many prayers to take hold of this insane situation. I say “BRING EM DOWN LORD!…to taking a real knee in repentant prayer.

  8. Jeri Priest Jenkins

    Amen and spot on!!! Couldn’t have stated this better than you Mario! God bless you and God bless America!

  9. Patricia Kennedy

    I have felt and said the same things on Facebook to anyone who would listen to me. What has come to my mind recently is, it’s about forgiveness. Americans need to forgive one another. Because there has been so much water under that bridge on all sides, we need to forgive the hurts. I realize there are so many more hurts on one side than the others, but forgive we must, and we must identify as Americans. American Indians are still Americans. African Americans are still Americans if they choose to be. A choice needs to be made and if they can forgive, they can make that choice.

  10. Aaron

    I will not watch,buy or listen to,click on, any nfl stuff untill punishments are dolled out league wide period.
    Its rebellion and its a cancer.
    Love ya Mario!
    You nailed it again!

    • Carolina

      that’s exactly the right STAND to take! Jeepers, my prayers are being answered already!
      Thank YOU Jesus….

  11. marbo41


  12. Glen

    They say they are protesting injustice. Is it injustice when someone attacks a police officer and gets shot? I don’t care what color you are – that’s what you get. I say it is injustice when a police officer shoots someone and the reaction to this “injustice” is to break into a shoe store and steal an armload of Nikes. Where is the justice for the store owner? They should try breaking into a police station to steal their guns. That would be a reaction to the police. Leave the innocent store owners alone!

  13. Bob Dooley

    I believe football has a purpose. Some of the players have forgotten their purpose. Watching sports is a de-stressor. Stress is a part of life, and people who enjoy football or any other sport like to watch a good game to forget about their troubles, unwind and de-stress. De-stressing is very important in life. When people focus 100% of their time on serious issues, it’s not good for them physically or mentally. De-stressing and unwinding gives you a fresh start and a fresh outlook on your problems. You’re ready to tackle something serious again after some me-time. Football used to be that FOR THE FANS! Now, when watching a game means that the first thing you see is a bunch of players protesting, you feel like they’ve COMMANDEERED your GAME, your ME-TIME, your DE-STRESSOR and FORCED your focus on what THEY want you to focus on, whether you wanted to go there or not! Your WHOLE REASON FOR COMING HAS BEEN UNDERMINED BY A FEW PLAYERS! People need their me-time! THAT’S what football is supposed to be! Remember the purpose of football, players, and recommit yourselves to the purpose for which you are being paid. You want to protest? Fine! Protest on your own time in an appropriate arena!

  14. Aaron

    I woke up and this was playing on my phone i guess there is only one thing that really matters.

    • Aaron

      Seems random untill you hear the song.
      Ive enjoyed nfl football all my life untill the last few years.
      Im sick of the beer commercials and the lame superbowl halftime shows.
      Also getting my eyes poked out by mostly naked women constantly.
      I know,I know some people can handle it but i feel like i need a spiritual shower after i watch a game.
      Im just being honest the nfl promotes imorality anyway so is it a big suprise that its turning out like this?
      Im just gonna focus on loving God and people.

  15. Terry Wooley

    Mario, you know me well and know that I am an avid Saints fan but today I cancelled my subscription to Sunday NFL ticket and I am boycotting the NFL. I don’t know how much good it will do but I am exercising my right as an American to protest against this ridiculous fake racism claim by the racist left. I’m so sick of this foolish and fake narrative by the party of contradiction. They had fits when Teebow knelt on the sideline to pray but praise kaepernick who takes a knee when out national anthem is played. I’ve really tried to understand the other side but just can’t wrap my head around what makes them tick. Their core belief system just doesn’t make sense. I finally realized that’s because there is no belief system, just chaos. They claim to support the gay community but yet support bringing into this country the very people who want to throw them off buildings or burn them alive. They say they support women’s rights and freedom yet again praise a religion that condones the suppression of every basic human right. They say they support minorities yet in every major city which has a history of longstanding democrats, minorities live in poverty. They say the republican party is the party of racism and bigotry yet the democratic party has a long list of true racists aka George Wallace, Robert Byrd of the KKK, Al Gore Sr. They want to save the trees, save the whales, save the spotted owl, but kill the babies. They say they are the party of tolerance yet when someone from the opposition attempts to make a speech, they respond with violence. Yes, they are the party of contradiction so when they call me racist for having sprigs of raw cotton as part of my décor, I have to just shake my head and remember that a double minded man is unstable in all his ways.

    • Aaron


  16. Sheila Amato

    I’ve never been a big sports fan, but I also never thought I’d see the day that my husband would say he was never watching the NFL again! Oh how I’ve prayed for this day?. Especially now that they have turned into the snowflake social justice warriors. It’s really disturbing to watch these grown men who are supposed to be so tough make such a childish decision. No matter what excuses they try to make for their little childish protest, nothing like this should ever be done at the very moment we should be honoring our Country. They look like fools putting down their own Country. It’s disgraceful! Lord help us!



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