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God has called me to build an army out the forgotten souls in America’s inner cities.  Up from graves in America’s forgotten communities, they will rise to become Satan’s worst nightmare.  I can prove it! 
Today’s victims will be tomorrow’s treasure.  The people no church wants will become the people every church wants.
Today they stick needles in their arms—tomorrow, they will be filled with the Holy Ghost, and the hand of God extended.  Today, they sell their bodies in grinding despair—tomorrow they will be shining temples of God.  Today, they scavenge dumpsters for food—tomorrow they will walk in dignity, boldness and prosperity.  Society’s rejects are about to become royalty.
They will turn the heart of many Americans back to God.  Their testimony will expose the lie of secular progressivism.  The leftist media will have no weapon against them. 
The Lazarus Generation cannot be bought off, seduced away, or distracted from their appointed goal. 
Yesterday, the powers of darkness panicked over news out of Reno Nevada.  A plan that was hidden in the heart of God—a powerful weapon that was forged before the foundation of the earth—came into existence.

Because of this, you will now see awe-inspiring soul winning events.  The poor are going to get food, shelter, clothing—and yes—jobs.  Gang members, addicts and the homeless will be drawn in record numbers to atmospheres of open heaven right where they live.
The first rumblings of this massive lightning storm, came in Modesto last week.  Star of David Ministries hosted Mario Murillo Ministries and Frank Saldana of Inner City Action to do a tent meeting in the hood. 

Pastor Frank & Kim Saldana

Since 1996, Pastor Frank And Kim Saldana have served on a full-time basis. Having began their ministry work in Manteca, CA, the impact of their love for people has touched thousands over the past 20 years of service in the community.

Pastor Frank & Kim have been married over 20 years. They founded Inner City Action Inc to meet the needs of those that are often, ignored, neglected and forgotten. They are passionate about bringing awareness, education and change. They are dedicated to reaching and restoring our struggling communities.

We all had the strange and wonderful sense that this was a rehearsal for something gigantic.  The gifts of MMM and Inner City Action blended effortlessly.  The gaping holes in our outreach were filled dramatically by their expertise.  It was simply meant to be.

MMM received an amazing gift from Rick Wiles and TRUNEWS.  Rick donated a brand-new tent and 1,000 luxury folding chairs—he even paid for 2 semi-trucks to haul it from Vero Beach to Reno. 

Here we sat with a huge gift we did not know how to use.  Frank and Inner-City Impact have a tent crew!  The chairs were stuffed into a storage area that wiped out our storage.  Frank has a 20,000-square foot warehouse!   You can see where this is all heading.
So, we met in Reno to formalize the obvious.  We needed to team up, combine forces and touch cities across America.  We will provide a Living Proof Crusade.  They will provide the mechanics of transporting the tent, set up and take down.   We will recruit and train soul winners to join us in each city.  They will bring trained workers to go door to door giving the poor food, and many other basic needs.  
After we nailed down 8 Cities for the next 12 months, Frank and his crew loaded our new tent and chairs and took them to Stockton. 
Never, and I mean never have I seen a vision whose inevitable outcome is revival—national revival. 
Both ministries remain independent ministries with unique callings but for these tent invasions we will unite hearts, and pool our gifts, talents and resources to have an overwhelming impact on many cities.
I have no doubt that days of massive harvest, towering signs and wonders, and revival are just ahead.  Stay tuned we are about to announce Merced, and Fresno California!


  1. Fred

    All I can say is WOW!!! Something wonderful is on the horizon.

  2. Donielle

    We need this in st Louis, mo!! Heroin runs this city! So many are lost everyday here everyday. We need revival.

  3. Carol & Ali Shafi

    This is the tent I envision 2 1/2 years ago maybe three. I told you about this vision of the tent At Dream House/Martinez. Praise God .

  4. marbo41

    I had just been angered by a letter to the editor by a left winger who claims that there is a collective attack against every one who is NOT white, Christian fundamentalist, straight, Republican, sober, adequately housed, and employed.

    From where I stand, it seems to me that the most hated and persecuted ARE whites, Christians, straights, and Republicans. Nobody seems to want the homeless, unemployed winos and druggies in his/her neighborhood!

    Apparently, my small city in northern California, in the wine country, has the highest per capita “homeless” population in the country. Locals are arguing as to what to do with these people—house them, run them out, or nothing.

    I just happened to read Mario Murillo’s “The Lazarus Generation” after I finished “letting off steam” toward “Mr. Collective Attack” and it hit me, in my aloofness, “What am I doing to help these outcasts?”

    God is going to use them!

    Now, we have to find a way to get the “transients” to Mario Murillo.

  5. Lisa

    We need this in Dayton Ohio drugs everywhere around

  6. Al Zurowski

    Washington state desperately needs a fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit. The spiritual oppression over this state and the leftist ideology has really taken a toll on the people here. I pray for a revival , we would love to see a movement such as this here. Lord , please use me to .



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