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Why Branson?  Why would God do this?  Most people who come to Branson love America.  They come to escape the sadness of our decaying nation.  They come in search of an America they once knew—an America that was stolen and they wonder, “Who took away my country?”

They take in the shows and the attractions, but eventually they must go home.  That is when the loss of their nation is most keenly felt.

Why would I come to Branson?  I remember my reaction when local leaders invited me.  My first thought was “no way!” And, “how do I put this delicately?”  So, I explained to them, my ministry is to places where drugs and violence ravage young people.  And furthermore, we were using neutral buildings not churches.  So, that was that.

Then I prayed.  His unmistakable voice said, “You are coming to Branson in August and my Glory will be revealed.”   So as Peter once said, “who was I that I could withstand God?”

It was only after I agreed to come that I heard an amazing prophecy about this place.  Corrie Ten Boom was flying over Missouri.  She looked down and did not know the city that was below her.  Gary Smalley the author heard her ask what town that was below her—it was Branson.  Then he heard her say, “The Glory of God is going to go forth to the world from this place.”

It was 2 years ago this month that I began to preach in Branson.

 The fuse was the healing of two women on Sunday Morning, August 23rd.  I asked one of them to place their hand on the back of the neck of the other.  I told them that there was a vertebra bulging.  Then the neck bulge flattened.  Then both were healed.  Now the audience burst forth in praise.

Word spreads.  That night the audience doubled.  Then something happened in the people.  It would become the trademark of Living Proof Branson.  Hundreds of hearts become one beating heart—a heart with unending passion for Jesus.

The audience itself became the great witness.  Yes, there were healings. The preaching hit lost souls.  None of this matched the power of the people’s hunger.  Their worship was so pure that it removed all resistance to the anointing.Within days, crowds began forming as early as 4:30 every night get seats.  Reports of divine healings, and dramatic conversions replace local gossip over lunch counters, in stores, and at schools.

There is a moment when the power of God can stun an audience into silence—a moment when people give each other a knowing look, a look that says, “this is not going to fade with time, no one will ever be able to talk me out of what I just saw.”  That moment came and never left.

Why am I telling you all of this?  Because now after a long gap, God has ordered me back to Branson.

On Sunday night August 27th, I will join revivalists from all over the Midwest.  People will bring the unchurched—they will bring the sick and addicted to receive miracles.  They will come full of expectation for something—not of this earth—to happen.

This will be a night of towering glory and power—not because of me, but because of prophecy.

You see, the thing about true prophecy is that it can come in waves.  It can surge and them seemingly vanish…but, just when you think it’s over, it can rage up in even bigger flames.  Nothing can stop the Word of God from its appointed goal

If you are supposed to be there don’t let anything stop you.  If you are quickened to pray for this night do not hesitate.  Most of all, bring a soul that needs Christ!  Be on the front row when God visits us in great power and glory.





  1. petergatekeeper

    I Pray that you be Overwhelmed by Gods Goodness so much that they see Him in You at all times and be Transformed by His Love and the Power of the Blood of Jesus that was shed. Thank You for being a testimony in Gods hand Peter Norway

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    • Billie Sullivan


  2. kingskid48

    If it was possible, I’d come and I’d drag my husband there, if I had to drag him by his ear.

  3. Kathy Schmidt (Kitty)

    Awesome! Jim Bakker said Corrie Tenboom was flying in an airplane and pointed down and said God’s going to bring a Revival right here. Jim Bakker said that place is right where he’s at in Branson. She asked the pilot to land the plane, but there wasn’t a airport to land at. But they did find a dirt landing strip to land on. Blessings to you, your wife, staff and the people in Branson❤️?

  4. Kathy Schmidt (Kitty)

    May the fire of His Love consume The whole community. May It become a place, where God’s People become a habitation of His Presence!!!

  5. Carolina

    I understand your initial thoughts regarding Branson Mario, because after living in Kansas City, MO for a decade, traveling to Branson MO was like going to a second home for most midwesterners. It’s also filled with biblical preachers, as well as bible belt stuff. So kinda seems like why would a salvation fire preacher such as YOU be needed there. I’m a Southwestern born girl never was a midwestern woman, but learned marvelous things about the midwest people when I lived there. One thing I did learn is this, no matter how many churches are on every corner of every block, or how many strong preachers there are in that American area, there are hundreds upon hundreds of souls that still don’t know JESUS in a personal way. The most fruitful days of repentant preaching I ever did were right there in that area. Whole households had there come to Jesus moment, just because I was there and available.
    YOU Mario will draw thousands!

  6. johnwillis

    Aug the 27th? Two years to the day that I received a miracle of healing from severe diabetes and other health issues in Branson under your ministry. Still true and medically validated. Aug 27th..two years to the day…coincidence?

    • mariomurilloministries

      That is why you need to come to this meeting and testify again!

      • johnwillis

        It would be a great honor to do so! Blessings Mario

  7. johnwillis

    Ps. “Why Branson” It is a city on a hill which cannot be hid… the most visible and most visited vacation destination in the world likely. I see foxes tied tail to tail on fire running through harvest fields. I see the city completely ungulfed in the flames of revival, visible across the nation and around the world.

  8. Claudia Bonfante

    I am coming from Gilroy, CA. I am praying even now for this timely event. Brother, Mario the Lord is about to pour Himself out through you!



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