The violence is coming from only one side

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The violence is coming from only one side.  The shooting of a Republican politician is a horrifying development but not surprising.  The call to tone down the rhetoric on both sides sounds rational but it is wholly misguided because it assumes there is equal blame on the right and left.

Here is the news:

  James Hodgkinson, 66, died in hospital after being shot by Capitol Police at the baseball field in Virginia 

  He was a staunch Democrat who documented his hatred for President Trump on social media pages

  Hodgkinson moved from his home in Illinois to Virginia two months ago and had been living out of his car

  He has a long criminal history which includes punching a woman in the face in 2006 and disrupting police 

  Steve Scalise, the House Majority Whip, is in a critical condition after being shot by the gunman at 7am

  He was taking part in a GOP practice session with other politicians when Hodgkinson opened fire on them 

  Two Capitol Police officers who were there to protect Scalise bravely returned fire on the gunman 

  They were injured along with lobbyist Matt Mika and congressional staffer Zachary Barth but all are expected to recover

I ask you…are conservatives rioting, burning threatening or shooting Democratic politicians?  Do you see widespread civil unrest fomenting among Trump supporters?  Do conservative comedians hold up bloody heads of Hillary or cheer plays that depict the assassination of Obama?
The left wants to destroy civil discourse.  Democratic leaders use F-bombs in their speeches help win voters.  What kind of mind are you appealing to?  “Hey, I want to vote for that party, they cuss.”
The main reason conservatives don’t cuss or make violent remarks is because of their convictions.  The other big reason is that, unlike the left, they will not get away with anything.  The media runs cover for all incendiary speech from the left.
A liberal can say or do almost anything—and they have.  Madonna said she wants to blow up the White House.  Not one liberal leader condemned her.  Violence, rioting and hate speech is the domain of the left.
Yet, the most innocent remark from a conservative is dissected, reformulated and reworded to be racist, homophobic, islamophobic and all the other labels we are sick of hearing.
To suggest that the shooting was the result of rhetoric on both sides is like telling a rape victim, “you shouldn’t have dressed provocatively.”   Unless we admit that one side is being unfairly targeted, censored and persecuted there will be no justice and violence will escalate.
Look righteously at the situation:  One side can say and do almost anything they want because movies stars, the media, and celebrities don’t like the beliefs of the other side.  That’s not the America our founders had in mind.
The media—if it still had the capacity—should be ashamed.  You don’t exercise a freedom to destroy another freedom.  Freedom of the press is not a club to destroy freedom of speech.  The Democratic party and the media’s tacit approval of dictatorial colleges, riots, and threats of violence is causing this escalation.
Our president is being crucified for things for which there is zero evidence of wrong doing.  The left does not care about the harm it is doing to freedom—the end justifies their means.  All God-fearing people should speak out and be in fervent prayer for this monster to be exposed.


  1. mariaholm

    It’s so true what you say here. How I wish it will come out to many people

  2. Becky

    I agree 100%.

    Please refer to it as the DEMOCRAT party, not Democratic. It is not democratic as we know it. It is a repressive, socialist/communist political party using every means available to silence opposition. They are of one mind and one spirit with Islam and Satan.

    • Milt Baker

      That is an important distinction that I have tried to observe in my speech. Good comment!

  3. Judy Pink

    Truth! Thank you for speaking out loud.
    Where are the church leaders who could come together in mass unison, use their authority, call for and lead a march of millions on Washington? They could show the nation a better way, rebuke the devil and demand that this evil be stopped in it’s tracks. Oh. There I go…dreaming again.

  4. Sandy

    He said everything that is wrong with this country now. Obama started the decline of this country and the rest of the democrats followed. He’ right! President Trump isnt to blame for a lot of things. Media has helped spread false news and they dont care. Reporters are supposed to give us the right news. That is what GOOD reporters do. Now they are so lazy that they dont research the news they hear to see if it is true?? They dont care about getting it right. They are to blame also for false words because some people believe the media. Thats the way it used to be when i was growing up!!! What ever happened to true!!?? Reporters dont care about truth, tv and radio reporters dont care about truth???? Do all of you love the killing , beatings etc that are going on at rallys. Burning buildings, homes, etc. What Mario said is exactly what is going. The democrats are too mean or stupid not to speak up when things go wrong. If anyone had brought a bloody head of Obama or tried to shot Obsma you would raise HELL to all republicans. You or the papers would not stand for this
    WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO THIS COUNTRY In 8 short years?? We need to look at ourselves and realize what our country has turned into. God Bless Our Country!

  5. Michael Ramirez

    What I see coming from the left is demonic. There is no other explanation. I didn’t like the last eight years under Obama but, I prayed for him. I didn’t riot or protest. I lived with it.

    • Mike Seibert

      Another “Demoncratic” James T. Hodgkinson [Identified As Shooter of GOP Lawmakers] at it again! He is the new face of the democrat ick party. Can you feel the Bernie yet, Comrades? The Demos will go straight to disarming us, James T. Hodgkinson, is one of the ‘tolerant left’; it is their globalist UN small arms agenda, just watch the media and Demo spin. Most important is, he became the programmed, he fired 60 or so rounds, all his stooge supporters are circling their little ‘red’ wagons defend and spin it and surround him blaming Pres. Trump for inciting violence, when the media and the left portray the assassination and/or murder of our President. Katie Griffin is just one example of the sickness on the left, that appears to be the effect of long-term exposure to mass media MK Ultra type propaganda.

  6. Mike Seibert

    Deep state coup d’état! Re: President Trump is under siegePompeo called Julian Assange a ‘narcissist’, that is unfortunate; it shows CIA director’s total love of the globalist agenda while having absolutely no Tolerance and even contempt for whistleblowers that do the right thing and expose corruption and totalitarianism! Pompeo’s Saul Alinsky name-calling attack came straight out of rules for radicals; marginalizing humiliating and discrediting. Julian Assange has lived in exile, completely away from his family and friends for over six years. Assange exposed the corruption in the diabolic nature of the DNC and John Podesta. What we also had confirmed and learned in greater detail, is that how terrifyingly far our government had gone to illegally spy on US citizens; for their political views why while covering for Islamic operatives inside the agency. We as citizens have learned, that Obama administration was spying on us while his DOJ stooge Loretto Lynch threatened us “that if we said anything bad about Islam ” after the ‘religion of peace’ murders scores of our citizens, we would be prosecuted. Then we learned our presidential candidate was spied on also. We have learned that our electronic devices have been used to actually spy on us and for NSA /CIA to earn the motto, “NSA the only government agency that actually listens; so while you are sleeping we are peeping.” And Pompeo wants to tell us ‘what a bad guy’ in Julian Assange is, really? The arrogance of these people in the intelligence community is almost unfathomable.
    They truly think that we have not learned who and what they are up to they do not have the best interest of the American people or America itself.
    Thanks to Julian, we now have a chance to undo what Obama had the intelligence community spying on Christians US citizens snooping about our thoughts, our speech and even in our homes, even invading our bedrooms.
    We learned how the DNC conspired even against their own candidate, Bernie Sanders to place a stooge globalist in power another Clinton. It was not Pompeo the CIA that stopped the insanity that is the Clinton Cabal, it was Wikileaks! Julian Assange may have saved America and very well save the country from a globalist agenda and the disaster of a Clinton cabal presidency. He deserves the “medal of freedom” and a presidential pardon. The political information that he relates to the public did not come from the Russian, it came from Hon. people inside the Central Intelligence Agency, that were upholding our Constitution and the oath they took; an oath to defend against all enemies domestic and foreign and some from Mr. Rich.
    If CIA director Pompeo was on the level and he would ask that Julian Assange be given immunity for him to help prevent a breach of security of the Central Intelligence Agency and to aid in a Congressional investigation of how our intelligence community became so globally fixated that they attacked America and Americans; WikiLeaks and Julian Assange have suffered greatly to expose the corruption of the DNC, John Podesta and the improper use of our technological intelligence agencies against our own citizens. I for one am very grateful for the truth and the opposition to tyranny seeing the light of day!
    Please share you if you agree and mail your representatives requesting a pardon and immunity for Julian Assange.
    Thank you, for what you did, I understand; to do the right thing is never the wrong thing but the cost is very high for truth. Being the one that delivers the truth, is many times, it is very costly.
    God Bless you and I am sorry for the lack of people’s understanding of the true service. Julian, please start publically start pushing for transactional immunity and the same for your CIA whistleblowers, [ if that becomes necessary] that have helped to save America. That would be in exchange for testimony about this “Demoncratic’s” aka media’ BS ‘that Russia hacked the election’ total BS. If you start the process, The RINO’s and DNC stooges would have a brain aneurysm… Also seek a pardon too. If you made that offer the corrupt DC elitist aka the “SWAMP” would have a nervous breakdown!

    On Jun 15, 2017, at 7:01 AM, Newt Gingrich, former Speaker wrote:

  7. Ron

    When will common sense ever be a way of thinking again in this country??
    The press will demonize a TeaParty Ralley as a bunch of of gun toteing right wingers who hate every thing about the Constitution, then turn around and praise the the evil things the left are doing to burn down that very same Constitution.



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