Is Donald Trump mentally ill?

by | May 8, 2017 | Christianity Today | 12 comments

Is Donald Trump mentally ill? Is he a malignant narcissist…like Hitler was?  Hundreds of mental health professionals put together an organization called Duty To Warn.  Psychologist John Gartner, the founder of Duty To Warn said: “If you take President Trump’s words literally, you have no choice but to conclude that he is psychotic.”  Imagine what the media would do if anyone said that about Obama?

Let me me clear the air on my opinion.  Not only is President Trump sane–he is the sanity that we have been waiting for.   He is crazy like a fox.

What is going on here should enrage you.  It is something born out of total desperation. It is a  much darker and vicious threat to our freedom than you know.  More on that later.

Gartner goes on to say, “We believe that just as we are ethically and legally obligated to break confidentiality to warn a potential victim of violence, our duty to warn the public trumps all other considerations.”

Here is their diagnosis of our president: “His narcissism is evident in his “grandiose sense of self-importance … without commensurate achievements.” From viewing cable news, he knows “more about ISIS than the generals” and believes that among all human beings on the planet, “I alone can fix it.” His “repeated lying,” “disregard for and violation of the rights of others” (Trump University fraud and multiple sexual assault allegations) and “lack of remorse” meet the clinical criteria for anti-social personality. His bizarre conspiracy theories, false sense of victimization, and demonization of the press, minorities and anyone who opposes him are textbook paranoia. Like most sadists, Trump has been a bully since childhood, and his thousands of vicious tweets make him perhaps the most prolific cyber bully in history.”

Here is their goal: “Trump should be removed under the 25th Amendment because he is too mentally ill to competently serve.”  To this end, they will stage a nationwide march on October 7th.

Look closely at their final warning: psychiatrist Robert Jay Lifton warned against creeping “malignant normality.” Under a malignantly narcissistic leader, alternate facts, conspiracy theories, racism, science denial and delegitimization of the press become not only acceptable but also the new normal. If we do not confront this evil, it will consume us.”  Their multicity March for Sanity on Oct. 7 to “make America sane again.” “Hope to see you there, he says, “assuming we’re all still here.”

If Trump stays in office we will not know truth from falsehood?  We will deny science?  The Press will be delegitimized?  The world will end?  Okay, I ask you, who are the real psychotics?  And where was their mental health integrity during Obama’s reign of terror?

Narcissist?  Obama said of his presidency “this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.”

Alternate facts?  In Beaverton Oregon, Obama said he visited all 57 states.

Bully?  When Obama knew that Americans were being tortured and killed in Benghazi, he and Hillary hatched a lie to protect his reelection.  Then he went to bed and slept soundly.

Psychotic anti-social behavior?  In the United Nations General Assembly on 25 September 2012 Obama said, “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”  What makes this sick is the way liberals defend that statement.  They say it was among a list of other things that should also have no future.  One of the things on that list is the killing of Coptic Christians.   Obama conflates words against Mohammed to murder.  This is pure Sharia.

It should be no surprise that is also the credo of the antifascists who are destroying free speech on campus: “your viewpoint equals violence, so I am right to riot.”

Conspiracy theories?  The Russians hacked and won the presidency for Trump.  Where’s the evidence?

Global warming of the brain: When noted meteorologist Anthony J. Sadar suggested this:Attacks on skeptics do a disservice to scientists and their profession.”  We was met by a truly unscientific and psychotic firestorm.

The press destroyed themselves.  It wasn’t Trump.  Long before anyone knew who the Republican candidate for president would be they were busy colluding to elect Hillary Clinton, tossing all journalistic integrity out the window.

Of course Trump Tweets.  When 89% of the press has sworn to run you out of office by lying, cheating and slandering…how else do you tell your side of the story?

The real mental condition of today: Trump derangement syndrome: A irrational hatred that negates facts, rational thinking, and emotional balance.  It must become lewd (Stephen Colbert).  It must become delusional—“I lost because of the FBI and misogyny.” -Hillary Clinton.  It must become violent, “I have thought about blowing up the White House”-Madonna.

Now in an act of total desperation a group of mental health workers take it to the next and most dangerous level.  Here it is unvarnished:  If Donald Trump is mentally ill because he opposes our politics.  Conflating mental illness with disagreeing on policy is the stuff of Nazism…the very thing they claim to be against.

The most chilling phrase is “you have no choice but to conclude.”  You must agree with us or you are nuts.  They are taking us down the road to a day when mental illness is simply disagreeing with them.  God help us if the government ever gets behind this.

Remember, this is desperation.  The left is running out of options.  By any means necessary they must get Trump out of office.  It’s like the argument in the school yard.  When the one guy had no more ammunition he would just say, ‘aw, you’re crazy.”

No matter how you cut it.  These “workers” ignore psychosis when it advances their cause.  And who are these people anyway?  Every one of these shrinks are loyal Democrats.  The article was printed in USA Today—a mouthpiece of the Hillary Campaign.  Enough said.


  1. Frances Barrera

    Brilliant incisive concise courageous – thank you

  2. Phyllis Falco

    I live in Israel but I pray and believe with you for the power of the Holy Spirit to have His way ,God bless you
    Phyllis Falco
    I am believing for two of my daughters to be delivered out of homosexuality .
    I love them very much and they were saved and baptized in the Holy Spirit at one time ,

    • Vicki

      If it is how you say.. Phylllis, Believe. At some point they will decide and know that there is neither male or female in heaven. You are going to be messed up if when you get there, you think sexuality plays any part in your eternal life.

  3. Debbie L

    Praise God for you Mario!!! We need someone SANE to help set the record straight. This is indeed scary that they have such an all out “resistance” movement going. We LOVE President Donald Trump! We held our tongues and respected the office of the Presidency while we saw obama tear apart our country. He divided it racially whereas people thought he would unite us; he removed sanity from the bathrooms of America by agreeing men could use the women’s restrooms; obama care was a DISASTER – remember how the website crashed and millions of Federal workers sensitive data was stolen due to lack of cyber security; families were financially devoted due to unemployment (and our son in law was one so affected); welfare became the norm; created TOTAL lack of respect for our men and women in blue; riots in all major cities; I could go on and on but really it all boils down to one of his Ambassadors dying along with three other BRAVE men in Benghazi and the coverup as the most treasonous action of all!
    Dear Heavenly Father – We thank you for President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, their families and staff. Please have mercy and keep them strong and continue to guide them both as we seek to see America restored to the once Great Nation it was – where family values reigned, where safety and security were the mission of our government and it was succeeding, people were proud to work and pay their own way, while we had compassion and did all we could to help the poor and downtrodden!

  4. stephen patton

    It is so obvious the enemy is extremely nervous at this moment. He had had it so easy for the past 8 years. Now we’ve had religious freedom restored by our awesome President. And that does horrify the enemy. Now we need to seize this opportunity and use everything at our disposal to get the truth out

  5. Gloria Garrett

    We are praying for our President Trump…trusting Almighty God to direct and guide him as well as all the staff. The people that are two
    faced be removed. The people around President Trump will be loyal n trustworthy….


    Thank God for you Mario our true watchman on the wall to keep us apprised if the real insanity that stalks the truth …and fails because God gives Wisdom to those who seek it and ask for it as you do …thank you for being faithful to your calling and know we are holding you up in prayer as you carry on …taking the high. Ground for Jesus Christ and His Kingdom

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Aaron jackson

      Liberalism is a mental disorder

  7. Barbara Patrick

    A path to the One World Order

  8. Mick Tulk

    There is no power but from God.the Bible.

  9. Mick Tulk

    Romans 13:1

  10. Luisa

    No Donald Trump is very sane. Finally we have a sane president after eight years.




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