Is God doing a secret work in you?

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Mario Murillo says, “Many Christians are fed up with the world system—especially the way it operates in the church.  They leave church thinking, ‘this is not it, there’s something bad wrong here.’  They can’t stomach the glitzy entertainment centers anymore…”


by Mario Murillo

Many Christians are fed up with the world system—especially the way it operates in the church.  They leave church thinking, “this is not it, there’s something bad wrong here.”  They can’t stomach the glitzy entertainment centers anymore.

They are angry at ego-centric pastors with grandiose, expense and carnal visions.  They accuse them of being distracted—even derailed from their first love.   Disciples are abandoning attraction churches—something revolutionary is happening inside them.  God has started a secret work in them.

Many honest Pastors are also in divine turmoil.  The enemy condemned them for having a smaller church.   After years of blood sweat and tears their churches were battered, broken and diminished because they can’t compete with mega-mania.

And why can’t they compete? It’s because they keep their integrity!   When they see large crowds and big money pour effortlessly into churches that either hide or pervert the Gospel…it’s easy to feel like a fool for staying true.  The Bible says, “Surely I have cleansed my heart in vain, And washed my hands in innocence. For all day long I have been plagued, and chastened every morning.” Psalm 73:13,14.

However, our friend in Psalm 73 came to a great conclusion. After being bull-dozed by the success of the wicked he took action “16 When I thought how to understand this, It was too painful for me—17 Until I went into the sanctuary of God; Then I understood their end.”  Many pastor’s  hearts are crying out for more—for a miracle they can’t even describe.

When he entered the sanctuary exhausted and discouraged, the greatness of God began to overtake him.  He saw that there is no version of this battle where Satan wins.  This is a part of the secret work God is doing in pastors!

A growing number of hungry hearts agree—with all its money and crowds—the compromised church did nothing to rebuke America’s sin.  The seeker model was a house of cards against the onslaught on the unborn and marriage.  While men slept, we had millions of abortions and marriage was destroyed.  The last 10 years we have lost battle after battle in government, education and the media.  We are a hopelessly divided nation—to a large extent the pulpit is to blame.

Charles Finney said, “If there is a decay of conscience, the pulpit is responsible for it. If the public press lacks moral discernment, the pulpit is responsible for it. If the church is degenerate and worldly, the pulpit is responsible for it. If the world loses its interest in Christianity, the pulpit is responsible for it. If Satan rules in our halls of legislation, the pulpit is responsible for it. If our politics become so corrupt that the very foundations of our government are ready to fall away, the pulpit is responsible for it.”

Deep, deep in my soul where the real knowing happens—I know God is doing something new.  Every atom of my being tells me that God is doing a secret work in His people.  God is finished with hirelings.  He is drawing a remnant out of corruption and into a special, supernatural nearness to Him.  They will empty themselves of everything, every ambition will be burned out but one…to love and please Christ.

Is God doing a secret work in you?  Has God closed you in and stripped you of all enjoyment of lesser things?  Are you in divine frustration because you are going to be a part of something only God can do?

What if millions of Americans get so miserable that they cry out to God in total desperation?  What if their cry is too deep and their hunger is too great to ever be happy in a lukewarm church?  This is why the Holy Spirit is recruiting a new breed…a breed that can be trusted in an awakening.

God is doing a secret work!  He is pulling a remnant to Himself.  He is taking the prophetic core and communing with them—training them—empowering them—preparing them for one last mighty blast of power.  The Holy Spirit sees that our nation hangs by a thread.  The death-rattle is in America’s throat.   Before God allows destruction—He is going to do one last massive miracle.  What will that look like?

-People no one’s ever heard of will come to the forefront.  They will arrive with awesome power and piercing messages.  Not all of them will be regular ministers.  In fact, the majority will not leave their secular careers as God is using them.  Some will be children!

-Strange locations will house massive outpourings.  Churches that have been small for years will become ground zero of God’s presence.   People will flock in from everywhere to these centers of fire and glory.  Stunning signs and wonders will rock entire communities.  These churches will be forced to stay open 24 hours a day.

God is doing a secret work in you.  He is making you miserable to make you into a miracle.  

A.C. Valdez was a child at Azusa Street who later became an evangelist.  God showed him the future and here is what he said:  “All the electrifying adjectives in the dictionary shaken together, pressed down and running over will not begin to describe the soon-to-come, greatest outpouring of the Holy Spirit of all times-what the Bible calls “the latter rain.”  You are going to see lay members carry out an amazing ministry through gifts of the Holy Spirit.  There will be wholesale cures of “incurable” conditions, healings of the blind, deaf, dumb, and handicapped, and creative miracles that will strain the imagination.  For those born without eyes ears, fingers arms or legs-or those who have lost them through disease or accidents- God will make new ones. Many astonishing miracle swill happen to bring on an international Christian breakthrough.”  I believe A.C. Valdez is not talking about a time far off in the future.. he is talking about now because, my friend it is now or never.




  2. Steven Anderson

    I totally agree with this. But I can tell you the secreted remnant is about to be put in the open. The restoration of the City set on a hill which cannot be hidden!

    • Julia

      BROTHER..have you been told you’re chosen to bring in the harvest?? I was!! ?

      Our Lord God is speaking to His true children, audibly. He will instruct us in these end days.

      We are in the days of Noah.

      Watch, fast and pray. Seek Him and Share Jesus as best you know how.

      This word below was given on May 22, the same date as the Manchester bombing. And now a 2nd attack on June 4. Barely a week apart.

      This word and the others on this channel bear witness with my spirit and line up with a word recently given to Tania and I via Tania at (my spiritual twin sister lol)

  3. stevenjamesministry

    This is what I have heard from God today, and in fact is the key to what Mario Murillo has posted here. This is the unending cry from the heart of God to the born again man or woman concerning your hearts cry for true revival to sweep or nation :

    And the Lord overwhelmingly responded with his answer. I’ve heard my creations crys, you ask me Lord why are my prayers unanswered? He says: This is what I want from you, nothing less than absolute surrender and confidence in God.
    By placing absolute Faith, in my son Christ Jesus and the finished work of the cross. This is the prescribed order of victory over the world, the flesh and the devil.
    God is saying:
    I tell you a truth: No man or woman can come to Me except he comes to me firstly through Faith exclusively, in the cross of my son Christ Jesus… Denying all earthly intellect and reasoning placing your Faith, and Faith alone, in the cross of Christ my only son. This is my son Christ Jesus hear ye him alone. The old works were done away with, when he cryed on the cross “It Is Finished”. Rest in that finished work.

    In this you will fulfil the law and the prophets.

    It will take an
    ABSOLUTE TRUST on your part when you pray that God is already working out the answer for which you seek.

    So when God puts us through a time of trouble as in the fire, to be tried and refined as pure gold, do not ever think in your heart, God is wanting to know if I can be trusted.

    No! rather He wants YOU To know, that YOU can trust yourself, enough to know that you are trusting God through it all.

    2nd Corinthians 1:3
    All praise to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. God is our merciful Father and the source of all comfort.

    As sometimes we have doubts in our ability of heart to trust in God.

    God already knows who you are. He wants YOU to know, who you are.
    And that you have absolute trust in God, and not in your own abilities. Walking in the spirit mean denying earthly reason, and intellect, and any access to the flesh.
    Earthly Intellectual reasoning will always stop The word of God from working out the answers to our prayers.

    The word Faith means — The Absence of Worry…
    “Have Faith in God”…

    This Is Steven James
    And Now You Know
    The Rest Of The Story…
    Good Day

  4. Sandra Douglas

    amen and amen

  5. johnwillis

    Needed this today. Awesome word Mario! So sick of church as usual, desperate for his presence..

  6. Nyla Norris

    I believe this. Preaching whole heartedly! Over 30 years ago, I dreamt about soldiers coming into the church to destroy the people, I escaped and went outside and found Myself in bliss and knew God was with me, I was safe. Even though it scared me about getting out of the Big church and Running for my life, thinking I was somehow abandoning Jesus. After I got outside, I knew that I was put there by God and yes, I barely escaped the slaying soldiers, who I now know were demons. I never knew what that dream really meant until now, this teaching. lays it out. We must follow God and obey his instructions especially when they don’t make sense in the natural. I had this dream years ago before I fully committed to God, Trust me, He has brought me to the bottom of my love for anything worldly and into complete devotion and dependence on Him.
    Now, I understand my suffering, and it has been hard, now seems insignificant compared to what He has in mind for me. I am not worthy except by Jesus, who first loved me and chose me! Glory to God!

    • Jonathan DuPar

      I read your article from last week titled; “What if God chooses to go it alone” and thought about it many times. I didn’t respond with my thoughts, but this article answers any question the previous article poses.

      The Bible has many stories where God has enlisted the help of a single person to help change the outcome of a lawless sinful society. I believe that he has a plan to use his children at an appointed time and I hope it is soon.

      I have been on an amazing walk of faith for the past 10 years and during the most difficult times it was sometimes hard to wait on the answers, but he always came through and it seemed like he was telling me to wait on his timing for his plans and ways are always greater than anything I could come up with.

      I know that there are an army of believers waiting to act upon his command. They have been tested in the fiery furnace and have stayed faithful through very tough times. They are waiting patiently for their purpose and ministry and they will know when the time is right for he will equip them properly for their mission.

      • Julia

        Yes!! Re the army .. his golden army. We will be released soon! I think some already have been. He is calling, preparing and training us up for “a great outpouring of the holy spirit on the multitudes” (from a word I received). This is global. The Lord told me It is soon. We must ready. See the yt channel Praise Jesus King and Savior for many confirming words from God. The Lord brought me to this video/word and is a channel I’d not seen before. This word confirmed the first word I received:

        I received this word also, the day after I was delivered from 11 years of postpartum rage (“mental illness”) – during the last bout I was attacked by thoughts of wanting to die.

        I hope anyone who hears these words will Take comfort:

    • spw

      Amen Nyla! I totally understand and have experienced the same as you. God is calling His people out of her so His people will not take part in her wickedness and suffer her plagues. May we listen and follow our Shepherd as He leads us through the wilderness back home.

  7. Julia

    Hi Mario
    Ryan from Ryan Johnson Ministries had a roach (demon) dream and a big house clean coming. You are right.
    I had a roach dream and shining a light on a bug infestation (under motel mattress) 2 days before God showed me Ryan’s article. Many have had similar dreams.

    And yes! God has been teaching me the last 6 months about falsehood in and out of the church, it’s everywhere. He kept telling me in my head to “come out of her” and I often returned to the pagan origins of xmas and easter. I finally clicked and knew He was calling me out of churches which teach the traditions of men which are an abomination to Him- they disgust Him!

    All glory to Him

    New Zealand

    • spw

      I too have been called out of her. God told me that she is wicked and has many lovers and has left her First Love. She has fallen away into darkness. That was 5 years ago and I’ve never looked back. I feared if I went back, I would be no different than Lots wife. Not only because of paganism, but also scripture twisting and teaching false doctrine, ignoring the poor and hireling being honored as though they are God. Its very sad indeed, but yet the Lord has drawn near to me even more than I asked or expected.

      • Julia

        Bless you!! I’m hearing more and more testimonies where God is speaking to his true church. He is preparing us for an outpouring of His Spirit.. to bring in the harvest.

        We are in the days of Noah.

        Watch, fast and pray. Seek Him and Share Jesus as best you know how.

        This word below was given on May 22, the same date as the Manchester bombing. And now a 2nd attack on June 4. Barely a week apart.

        This word and the others on this channel bear witness with my spirit and line up with a word recently given to Tania and I via Tania at (my spiritual twin sister lol)

  8. Stephanie

    Thank You So much for being such a faithful vessel to the Holy Spirit! Email after email is my husband and I’s heartcry as we contend in this city against religious hypocrisy and mega churches. We lead a house of prayer, burning for Awakening, true Holy Spirit outpouring and preaching raw Words of Jesus and His gospel everywhere we go!
    Recently God’s led us to a transition and waiting period. This city is driven by a false gospel, mega church and it frustrates and fuels our righteous anger for true Christianity to come forth. We feel so alone at times but we Know God is with us and leading us!

    This email has struck my heart like no other you have written, and there have been Many Powerful Ones!! It brought me to tears and relief in my heart that God Truly Is Faithful to His Word! EVERYTHING You Wrote here, I KNOW by the leading of the Holy Spirit, is EVERYTHING my husband’s been saying and God has been speaking to us! WE ARE SO DESPERATE FOR GOD WE WILL DO Anything!! I Really Believe everything you said is Coming, it’s Here! Things are so close to breaking out in the nations and spiritually, the church stuck in normal is going to be So lost!! Persecution is going to come to this land and thousands are not ready for it, maybe even millions. But God Knows His People, His remnant, HIS REAL ONES AND THEY ARE GOING TO SHINE FORTH! It’s an honor to run with God in this hour, for He is going to do Great things, before the End Time plan unfolds! We Must be Ready!
    God Bless You Man of God and This ministry!
    Until He Comes,
    Stephanie Brinker

    • mariomurilloministries

      Stephanie, Your thoughtful response really moved me. I share your deep frustration, faith and yearning for the FIRE! Thank you for taking the time to fire me up even more. God bless you both!
      Mario Murillo

    • spw

      Bless you Stephanie!
      Your heart and desire for God is as pure as Living Water. I completely understand and am in the wilderness with Jesus also. May God grant you wisdom and power to overcome in the midst of darkness that is all around. Keep your oil filled so that your lamp burns as bright as a beacon in the night. You are not alone, there are many of us that God is calling His remnant to Himself and away from the counterfeit that is destroying what was meant for good. Take courage, your journey will be brighter than ever

  9. Michael Brinker

    WOW! I am in awe right now and trembling Mario! This is exactly what is going on in my life RIGHT NOW at this VERY MOMENT! The Holy Spirit knows! He is about to pour out like NEVER BEFORE! He is making TRUE connections with TRUE humble servants of The Lord! These ones will come together to take down mighty strongholds because they are not comparing themselves one to another! All they want is Jesus and His will! They don’t care about crowds and being seen by man! This is amazing! My wife also recently left you a comment before mine earlier today. Today is the day I read this and also this day I was reading Psalm 25 which in verse 14 it says, “The SECRET of the LORD is with those who fear Him, And He will show them His covenant.” -‭‭Psalms‬ ‭25:14‬ ‭NKJV‬‬. WOW! I pray The Lord will connect us soon and that His will be done! Thank you Mario! In Christ, Love Michael Brinker

    • Sandra Douglas

      Amen and amen….beautiful the responses of the hearts of all these abiding in the Vine of our Lord Jesus Christ ..staying fruitful in the Spirit by obedience and prayer and fortifying the Kingdom by Wisdom that comes from Faith in Jesus …the Author and Finisher of our Faith … His Words of Promise are tangible ….His Love inexhaustible….thank you Mario for your faithful commitment to your Divine Commission

  10. Nellie

    Here are some that I cannot fully disagree. If we are living in the last days, Paul warned of the great falling away. The Greek word was apostasia, coming from apostasion, which means “divorced from truth.” Bringing people into said “church” (especially American) within its modern version, is what is causing such problems today. We are filled with entertainment, we are filled with programs, we are filled with graceless music, when we should be analyzing our own faith to see why the power of God has not infiltrated our churches in America.
    We have lifeless, Spirit-less churches that strive more on entertainment and “new cross theory” (see A. W. Tozer) while neglected the much-needed parts of Scripture of sin, repentance, holiness and mortifying the flesh. We live like we aren’t going to hell but are not striving for eternal life.
    Would I long to see revival? In a heartbeat. Leonard Ravenhill said America doesn’t want revival because it is content where we are now. Most American churches have the form of godliness but deny its power. The church needs revival, not the world. Only through the purging of this Laodicean church can we be a great light to the world.
    There is so much the old time churches did that we no longer do. We no longer go prostrate or kneel in prayer before our God. Our services are so short, and we need to feel confortable in church, especially in sin. We use fast pased music to usher in adrenaline pumped worship, mistaken it for the Spirit, and leave drained and back to the world.
    Until the church changes, those coming in will see no need to change and be separate from the world and sacrifice all to be with Christ.

  11. lleahz

    Great article! Thank you for posting this. God bless you! -Lyn Leahz

  12. Lyn Leahz

    Great article! I truly appreciate your posting this. A lot of good information. God bless you!

  13. Nyla Norris

    Nellie, I agree with you about the entertainment being important to the church instead of the much needed biblical truths and guidance to the life God would have us live.
    I know that it brought many into the church that may have never came and that is a good thing. It’s time for growth in the true Teaching of Jesus, those who call on the. Lord and fear Him will be drawn out of the wrong churches and some of them will be the ones who went for the entertainment initially. God works in mysterious ways!



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