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Easter is not an inspirational analogy.  It is not an anecdote preached in a wispy voice  reminding us “the long winter will gave way to spring.”  That’s like talking about the atomic bomb as if it were a disposable lighter.
Our programs do not make Easter better.  The world can get better entertainment in many other places, under many other banners.  The idea that organizational or stage dazzle can improve the Gospel is pure foolishness.
Easter is not polite.  It won’t be ushered into the harmless category of other religious holidays.
On this day of all days, we must remember what separates the claims of Jesus from all religions on earth.
The difference is laid out in Acts 17: 31 “For he has set a day when he will judge the world with justice by the man he has appointed. He has given proof of this to everyone by raising him from the dead.”
The difference is…He has given proof.  The resurrection of Jesus is an imposing, unmatched event. It didn’t just happen…it is happening.  Its evidence won’t go away. Its power never dissipated.  Its blast radius has yet to be measured.
Opposition only increases its power. The more man tries to bury news of the Resurrection, the more it spreads.   Just when the enemies of the Cross feel secure in debunking Easter, some new wrinkle is found, pushing atheism back to square one.
The Resurrection rips away your excuses.  God has set a day of judgement…a day where everyone reading this, yea every descendant of Adam will stand before God to be judged.  He will do it with JUSTICE.
To do it with justice—to justify such a day, God would first commit an act—an act so undeniable it destroys every excuse for rejecting Christ.
Gospel preachers should never apologize at Easter.  They should proclaim.  The proof demands it!  It calls for all who hear to repent on the spot.  There is nothing to mull over or go home and think about.
The difference is the proof and the proof is the difference.


  1. Tina

    Jesus resurrection made it possible for us to walk in divine health and have all our needs met so we can further the gospel and help others. Stop letting the devil make you think that you have to wait for a word or a feeling or until you’re perfect. Jesus MADE you righteous. Jesus went to hell and took the keys of death and hades from the devil and restored what the devil stole from Adam. You have Jesus’ authority to DO God’s Word! Preach, teach, heal, cast out devils. Mark 16:17-18 DO greater works than Jesus! John 14:12 Not because of your faith. Not because of your good behavior. Not because of your good works. But because Jesus went to the Father. Period.

  2. Sandra Douglas

    Refreshing truth expounded with “now words ” …powerful

  3. Linda J Pontnack

    The Resurrection is proof of God destroying Satan’s kingdom once & for all-time.

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