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Special note: We fully expect to extract an entire generation of young people out of addiction and violence to turn America back to Jesus.  I am imploring you to pray for my team and me as we make this historic inroad to the youth culture in the places where they are being enslaved and killed. 

What is about to happen in Bakersfield matters to us all.  It marks our entry into the inner cities of America with mass healing miracle rallies called Living Proof.  The gigantic step of faith we are taking in Bakersfield will echo into cities across our nation.

At the very least you can pray.  If you live within a hundred miles of Bakersfield, please join our cause.  The most important way for you to be involved is to bring someone to this epic event.

There are multiple ways for you to be involved.  The first step is to call 661 322 4673 right now! 

Below is the press release about Living Proof Bakersfield.


Moving Bakersfield beyond violence and division

Mario Murillo and Manuel Carrizales are teaming up to move Bakersfield beyond violence and division.  They intend to prove this at an exciting 3-day event in the Harvey Auditorium.

Some say that their claims of moving Bakersfield past violence and division would take a miracle.  That is exactly what Mario and Manuel are expecting: A miracle.   Here’s why you should take them seriously:

Manuel Carrizales:  Since 1991,  Manuel Carrizales and Stay Focused Ministries have seen miracles all over Bakersfield.   The city sees his powerful television show several times a day.  Every week he leads as many as 24 assemblies in the public schools that are famous for their lasting impact on students.   His after school mentoring program is considered one of the most effective in the nation.  His ministry won the 2016 Nonprofit of the year award from the 34th Congressional district of the State of California.

Through seemingly impossible odds Manuel and Liz Carrizales were used by God to build this amazing ministry.   Now they expect an even greater miracle.

Mario Murillo: Mario Murillo rose from poverty in the Mission District of San Francisco.  After being revolutionized by Christ, he felt a call to the University of California at Berkeley.

His attempts to communicate were repeatedly rejected.  This led him to pray a prayer that would define the rest of his life.  “If you called me to this campus, you must help me.” The help arrived in stages.  It began with words—a way of saying things that were different than audiences were accustomed to—that seemed to tumble out of his mouth.  A small group of students quickly grew to a regular crowd of hundreds.

Then something else happened: students began to report healings.  They would testify, that in the Name of Jesus, their sickness had vanished.  Now thousands began to attend his rallies.

His international ministry was launched after a 4-day conference in San Jose California extended for 6 months with a total attendance of nearly 250,000 people.  Since then Mario’s voice has been heard by millions around the world, bringing a message that zeroes in on the hurts of society.

Witness living proof of the power of God to break addiction, violence, and sickness.  





  1. tjgwynn

    I am a Canadian living in western Canada who has a great love for California – not sure why except that God placed it there. My husband & I have travelled through this beautiful state many times from north to south, east to west and it never ceases to amaze me at the diverse beauty in this amazing state. We love to travel to San Francisco on our motorcycle and have done so a few times. All that to say, I will be praying for the power of God to show up mightly among these young people. Bless you for ministering to the next generation! FYI…I found your blog through a recommendation of Lance Wallnau.

    • mariomurilloministries

      Thank you for the kind words and the prayers! Lance has been a great help to us! Mario

  2. Bob Searle

    Wherever Mario goes he goes with The Lord. God speaks thru Mario and gives him the word of knowledge, where God heals people at the meetings and advises Mario of the healings!

  3. Linda J Pontnack

    I AM praying for your harvest of Souls for youths. Love Linda

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  4. John

    Looking forward to the fire of God to fall upon this nation and throughout the world God will pour out His Spirit like never before

  5. Linda Garmon

    God has been speaking to me about helping you ever since I heard you on Trunews. My prayers will go before you and i will begin a monthly financial offering this month. I believe this is good ground. I believe that there are many young people that are just like Saul of Tarsus. When they meet the true living God , they will realize that they are blind and need Him to open their eyes to the Truth/Jesus.



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