Don’t blame Trump. You are doing this to yourselves.

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Right now, the media, universities, and the Democratic Party’s credibility is imploding. They yearn to blame Trump.  The truth is, they are doing it to themselves.  Tragically, they are basking in their self-inflicted wounds.

Don’t blame Trump.  You are doing this to yourselves.

By Mario Murillo

Right now, the media, universities, and the Democratic Party’s credibility is imploding.  The press is crying foul.  They claim the president’s attacks erode democracy. The truth is, they are doing it to themselves.  Tragically, they are not only missing the point, they are basking in their self-inflicted wounds.

Secular progressives from all of these institutions have gone off the rails.  Old Democratic Party leftists will not even consider self-examination.  They are the aging actress still trying to get free meals off her looks.   The damage is now clear!   Unable to take anymore, many mainstream liberals are quietly excusing themselves …quietly because of the left’s slander-terror campaign against any liberal who openly disagrees.

The exasperating—over-the-top—leftist behavior has given the base combat fatigue.  Not to mention the fact they look and sound just plain loony.  The new radical left is trapped in a twilight zone.  They are too big to be an insane asylum and too small to be a national movement.  They are merely an elite, out of touch group of bullies who—for the moment at least—hold the microphone.

It’s a fact of life: the public will hold you accountable even when you don’t hold yourself accountable.

It’s a fact of life: silencing people does not convert them.

The Trump excuse has worn thin and now the left must pay the piper.  They told the lies.  They colluded to elect Hillary Clinton.  They own the narrative that is spewing venom.  They are the ones who look unhinged.


Here’s an all points left wing loon bulletin:

The University of Michigan has banned whiteboards in the dorms to cut down on hurtful words.

From the Devolving, Democratic Congress:  Maxine Waters calls the entire Trump Cabinet “scumbags.”

From the fading CNN Bunker:  A father asks Chris Cuomo, “what if my twelve-year-old daughter doesn’t want to see male genitalia in the girl’s locker room?”  His answer, “her overprotective father should teach her tolerance.”

A terror group in the Bay Area who call themselves By Any Means Necessary say that they break windows, set buildings on fire and beat people to silence speakers on campus.  Oh, and not on just any campus but Sproul Plaza at Cal Berkeley: the birthplace of the free speech movement.   They said, “Our violence is an act of self-defense.”

When you scream that the enemy is white male Christians—when you use violence to stop free speech—when you say gender is not scientific—you not only sound crazy, but you show the public that the real racism, sexism, and hate is coming from.

You are driving folks to conservatism.  You are the early committee to reelect Trump.  You are alienating America.  A part of me doesn’t want to tell you this.  Napoleon said, “never interfere with your enemy when he is making a mistake.”


  1. John Dooley

    We need to be praying for our local Congressmen. I just heard on the news that some of them are wavering over ending Obamacare because of the protests.

    • Aaron jackson

      Why are there not more trump supporters showing up at these town halls?
      1,apethy,them same spiritual disfunction of the christian religious world to affluent for desperation.
      2,ignorance,someone else will do it so we never get off the couch and the lawn tractor.
      3,No sense of urgency,What ever happens,happens.
      Never be too radical is the montra of the preachers.
      Always remember your getting religious when you define someone who loves Jesus more than you as a fanatic.

      • Michael Mestas

        Reason there is not a response is, President Trump is doing all he said he would do. Why take a class if you have all the answers? It wastes our time.

        Our representatives are moving at a slow pace but our president is not. He is moving and shaking and meeting all the people he can.

      • marbo41

        Aaron Jackson: We don’t have town hall meetings where I live in California. Liberals far outnumber conservatives. Going to a meeting would be extremely dangerous! Besides, all elected officials are “dems”. The average person does not want to be beaten or have his/her vehicle or home burned!

        Fear could be a factor!

  2. marbo41

    Good work! Amen!

    • Aaron jackson

      If there are no town hall meetings in our city the point is mute,obviously.

    • Aaron jackson

      Want to quote mario here from the fake news article
      “A man or woman of honor will never withhold truth because of personal consequence. Claire Delacroix said, “No man of honor avoided what needed to be done, simply because it might not proceed in his favor.” Honor has become cheap. Honor is not hospitality or flattery. It means courage and loyalty to the truth in the face of great personal cost.”

  3. fictionbypalmer

    I believe it is an issue of layers.

    Doesn’t it ‘seem’ as if the hard core left only wants to kill, maim, and destroy? If it isn’t their idea, then it is wrong – and they speak about intolerance. If they would stop a moment, grab a Bible, and take a walk with our Lord, they might find a verse like this.

    10 The thief,(devil), comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I,( Jesus), have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

    See the layer here? One side wants to steal, kill, and destroy. The other side is trying to rebuild, find new life, and live it to the full. The scriptures, of course, mean this in spiritual terms. But one can’t escape the contrast.

    I might have talked to a few people about their caring nature about spiritual issues. By doing so, I’ve found a common denominator, anger. At first it comes across as a don’t care attitude. When pressed a bit, that don’t care becomes – get outta my face with that. It’s a growing minority that will someday be a majority. They don’t go to church, don’t talk or think about spiritual issues, but the next layer is there. It’s sort of an insulation to stay in darkness. “If I ignore God, he’ll go away and leave me be.” Just keep my government check comin’!
    That’s the next layer. “No, I can’t,(excuse, excuse), work full time, never have, you know, sort of lost the wife an’ kids a ways back, (layer, layer), about all I got is ‘nough for beer money, or a joint or two.”

    You see the layers of insulation. It isn’t Trump.
    No way! It is a self determination to kill, maim, and destroy and vote in those who do also.

    That, my friend, is going to be the new voter base. Whoever taps this anger market, if he or she doesn’t get shot for the effort, can tap that anger all the way to D.C.

    • Aaron jackson

      Hezakiah had the same issues as he was building the walls.

      • Aaron jackson

        Sorry nehimiah

  4. Leland Pollock

    What the devil meant for evil, God will make it right.

  5. Charlene Martinez

    I am having trouble with all the “How Do You Think Our President is doing?” He won. If he has the men of God around him like it has been posted, he should trust God not my like button. Why all the “Twitter” where there is no fuel the fire ceases. YES? The Angrey Liberals truly are showing the abundance of there hearts, we need to pray for God to interviene in the deception and end this. But not my will Father, but Your will be done, I cannot comprehend Your Orchestration of the Univerese.

    • Elaine Garcia

      Will said Thank You !! Amen



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